NORML SHOW LIVE visits with actor Hal B. Klein and director Tao Ruspoli

Join us this weekend on Saturday at 6pm Pacific for another episode of NORML SHOW LIVE! ( We’re going to the movies, or at least a small part of the movies is coming to us. Actor Hal B. Klein from independent films “Nobel Son”, “Killer Movie”, and “Bottle Shock” joins us to talk about (what else?) cooking! Hold on, there’s a 420 angle to his recipes that will definitely add some flavor to our first hour.
In our second hour, writer/director Tao Ruspoli is our guest. His new movie, “Fix”, is a race-against-time thriller that stars Ruspoli, Olivia Wilde, and Shawn Andrews traversing Los Angeles to get to a rehab before missing a deadline sends Andrews’ character back to prison. We’ll explore the realities of addiction and Los Angeles life that serve as the backdrop of his film.
We’ve also got the week’s top news stories with Cannabis Karri, debunking and opinion by “Radical” Russ, and your calls live at 347-994-1810. Call in and give your thanks for this holiday weekend.

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  1. There’s a whole lotta thanks for what you do NORML but there’s no thanks in any other regard because I still can’t consume cannabis. Sorry …..

  2. This is what I was trying to get into the chat lines last night:
    There are two important rules the voters must remember if they want to avoid the type of government they have in Washington today. First: the guy with the massive war chest is always owned by the money barons. Don’t vote for him or her—ever. Whether you are a Democrat, a Republican or an independent; or whether you a liberal, a moderate or a conservative, that candidate’s agenda is already carved in stone by the bankers, industrialists and barons of business who bought him.
    Did you think people donate money to candidates because they’re patriots? They donate money because they’re greedy…and they expect more money in return—your money! Second, regardless what the independent candidates says, or the emerging third party advocates say, or how much sense it makes, we have a two party system. That means that one of the two primary party candidates is always going to win: the Democrat or the Republican. There have only been two third party candidates in the 20th century who received double digit percentages of the popular vote.
    No third party candidate (or rather, 99.999% of them) have never won, nor can they. The way the electoral system was set up makes it impossible for third party candidates to win because the laws were slanted against them. It is, after all, a two-party system.
    Third party candidates are not in the race to win the election. They’re in the race to win matching funds. And it takes 5% of the vote to get matching funds. No conservative has ever won matching funds. (Don’t be confused by Pat Buchanan who got matching funds when he won the Reform Party nomination. The funds he got were actually earned by Ross Perot.)
    Since 1864 our election laws have been structured to give all of the election advantages to the two major parties in order to guarantee that only one of those two candidates can, and will, prevail on election day. The candidate who wins every multi-candidate race is always bought and paid for by party bosses regardless if he calls himself a Democrat, a Republican or an Independent. The third party candidates who calls himself a Progressive, an independent, a Constitutionalist or a Libertarian never wins because third party candidates are the designated spoilers who are allowed to run only to drain votes from the candidate the party bosses do not want elected.
    [Russ responds: Coke/Pepsi. McDonald’s/Burger King. Walmart/Target. Mac/PC. Sometimes it seems like everywhere you look in America there is a duopoly at work.
    For some interesting reading about how we could solve the Republican / Democrat / no third party dilemma, check out

  3. great show! loved the interview with David Nutt..!!
    i have a question – before there was a ‘default player’ link so i could listen without the web player – where did that go?

  4. And we the people will continue to sit back and watch this tyranny govern us all. Y? Because we are a society with no balls. Im sorry Norml, but if you sincerely think the government is EVER going to change their stance on marijuana I think you’ll be wrong. I am glad you guys are working hard though! Just remember they are the violent ones, we are not. What do you think they’ll do to us in the end? THERE IS NO PEACEFUL SOLUTION!! Lets fight these bastards harder then we ever did before!! Preferably before they decide to kill us. We are heading straight towards a Nazi Germany-style society and because the people are doing NOTHING the government is winning. When they are at their peak they will kill us all, and there wont be a damn thing we can do about it because we thought we could win the battle with love. Did love destroy the nazi? No, we did. Now they are making a comeback. We vote them out of power, and if they will not step down then we must force them out of power. This is America, my home for which I stand. I serve my country not its corrupt leaders. Give me liberty or give me death!!!
    [Editor’s note: Please take the anti-government, the country is heading Nazism, let’s storm the barricades with pitchforks rant somewhere else.
    The government is the people.
    Do the people elect pro-cannabis reform candidates? Unfortunately, they largely do not. However, that does not mean that government is the failure.
    You’re incorrect that the government does not reform cannabis laws. While not to the entire satisfaction of NORML, state governments in NM, RI, NV and VT have recently passed pro-reform legislation into law.
    All cannabis law reform has been, is and must be peaceful in nature. No violence please.
    When the citizens of the US stop electing policymakers who support cannabis prohibition is most likely the time (and impetus needed) when government changes antiquated laws.]

  5. the guy in washington state had 9 felonies and was able too scoot 4 copsbut reefer is still not legal whats the story?

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