NORML SHOW LIVE from Cannabis Café with Ryan Tracy & Steve Bloom

Join us this and every Saturday night as we come to you at 6pm Pacific with our new live studio audience at the world famous Oregon NORML Cannabis Café! We stream live at for two hours and we feature interesting guests, the latest marijuana news, entertaining audio clips, and 420-friendly advertisers in a live talk radio show made by, for, and about responsible adult cannabis consumers. You can join the conversation by calling 347-994-1810 or by logging in to our live chat window.

Our guest for the first hour is Ryan Tracy, who founded in 1998.  Ryan has recently been embroiled in a battle over the website with Live Nation as they are now sponsoring the Cheech & Chong: Get It Legal tour, and he’ll talk about his side of the story from the perspective of a longtime loyal fan.  We’ll also talk about his new site,
In our second hour, we visit with the co-author of Pot Culture: the A-to-Z Guide to Stoner Language and Life, Steve Bloom, and his work on the entertainment news site,  Steve will also preview is upcoming book on stoner movies and discuss PayPal dropping his site, California NORML, and others for accepting advertisement from legal medical marijuana businesses.
We’ve also got new specials for holiday advertisers on the live show (10,000 downloads a month), our daily podcasts (50,000 downloads a month), and the Stash blog (100,000 hits per month).  You can focus your advertising dollars on a very specific, well-educated niche of marijuana supporters who are very loyal to brands that support NORML.  Email us at for details.

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  1. Looks like they lost the battle, because the website you posted is returning a generic Network Solutions placeholder page.

  2. Peter Dale Scott—Oil,Drugs, and the Future of Afghanistan.
    YouTube that one,guys. Peter will explain it all…..or most of it

  3. Wow, when I read this article, it was 5:59 PM, pacific time! Obviously I felt compelled to tune in. Sounds like they arrange a prominent panel of speakers.

  4. I choose to endulge once in a while and have since i was about 16. Now the main fact that i have just stated is that “I Choose to partake in the use of Marijuana”. The freedom to make choices is what we are really prosuing. How can a government make decisions for me? Are we not all “FREE”? I never knew truly what free is, and neither does any other middle or lower class american in todays society. The state has been making many decisions for us since before we were born. This subject touches so many, WHY DONT WE DO SOMTHING REAL ABOUT IT? If all of us (1/2 or more of the US population)go down to your local court house and turn ourselves in for possession of this “devil” plant(lol)(YEAH, GO AHEAD AND ARREST US ALL). Then we would see thing change quickly. But that will never happen. To many people FEAR their government. That is not rite! If Presedent Obama was to have been arrested during his youth for possession of cannibus, would he be our presedent today? Probably not. Is that rite? NO. I get he feeling that things are changing, but slowly,I have written The Presedent, all US Congressman, and every representive and legislator (for the state of Indiana). I have written litterally hundrededs of letters and E-mails in the last 2 months and prob thousands over the last year. Yet to today I have only received responce from 3 Indiana representatives and absolutly no responce from Mr. Obama (or any kind of address from his office).
    Remember in the comming years that the people who have made much needed changes in our government were not the people who stood by and let things happen, but by those whom gave their time and attention to the subject, those who sacrficed their freedom and sometimes their lives to fight for what they know was rite. This is what it will take, an all out assalt on our governments current policys. So what I suggest is for everyone that reads this is to take a little time out a day every week and write our “elected officials” with our concerns about the nearly 1 million americans that become POW’s in this war on drugs every year. And if you (like me)are a casulity of this war, offer only one statement in court (as said by Patrick Henry 1775) “GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH” or maybe suggest that if it is that serious of an offence, Maybe we should just shoot offeders of this “crime” on the spot.
    Unless we all do somthing like march on washington (which with the current state of things, may be very successful) we will never get our point accross. As we all know the politians that we are dealing with are stubborn and set in their ways. Again I will continue to write officials DAILY, but everyone must invovle themselves in order for us to get the changes established quickly.
    NORML set a date to march and Ill be camped out on the White House Lawn!
    Just look for me I will be smoken a joint.

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