It's Ladies Night at NORML SHOW LIVE as we discuss "Women & Marijuana"

This weekend on NORML SHOW LIVE, we take a look at the rising influence of women in the movement to end adult marijuana prohibition. In 2009, the Gallup poll found the support for legalization of marijuana among women rose by a whopping 12% in just four years! We’ll examine the trends that are causing women in greater numbers than ever before to support marijuana law reform.
Medical marijuana has certainly been part of the trend. We’ll visit with Dr. Julie Holland, author of the New York Times bestseller “Weekends at Bellevue”, her tale of nine years working in the psychiatric emergency room of the famous New York Hospital. Dr. Holland has been an effective advocate for medical marijuana recently on the NBC Today show.
Then we speak to Mieko Hester-Perez, a recent guest of Diane Sawyer’s on Good Morning America. Ms. Hester-Perez talks about the miracle medical marijuana has provided for her severely autistic son and the complications of treating him with a very controversial medicine.
We continue the discussions, looking beyond medical marijuana and into the so-called “Stiletto Stoner” phenomenon of young professional women who prefer marijuana over martinis when it comes to socializing and relaxing. We also cover the increasing number of mothers who are calling for an end to prohibition as a means of protecting their children from the harms of an unregulated black market.
Our panel of NORML Women from coast to coast includes:

These accomplished women will tell us why they’ve decided to join NORML and why other women should, too.

You can hear the show live this Saturday night, from 6pm-8pm Pacific Time (9pm-11pm Eastern) by visiting or by clicking this player. You can also listen on your mobile phone and ask your questions to the panel by calling 347-994-1810.

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  1. Now that more closet tokers are coming forward,the polls say over 1/2 of the American public favor legalization,not decriminalization but legalization of marijuana. I believe that the number of tokers in this country is actually much higher than even the government estimates,which could be propaganda or some of their skewed statistics they are famous for. I’m sure the ONDCP wouldn’t want Americans knowing if the majority of Americans already smoke pot. It is going to tear up their budget when they lose marijuana as their whipping post.

  2. seemed to be a decent interview. we need lots of those decent reviews about regular, normal people who use canabis responsibly. thanks to the people of norml for continuing to step out for the cause!

  3. Hey NORML i was discussing the whole stilletto stoner topic with my wife and we believe more accomplished intelligennt women need to sound off. So my proposal is this: my wife is EXTREMLY hot. Im not just sayin that either im literally the envy of my friends. (hella smart and a good mother too.) so if norml will fly us and pay for hotel you guys can take as many pro-marijuana bikini pics you want. (if i can talk her into some topless ones thatd be good for our cause too.) Golden skin, beautiful eyes, perfect body and very well read! The beer guys sell WAY more beer with their hotties and we can sway many minds with a fine honey holdin a bong and a legalize it sign. Think about it…..
    [Russ responds: Tell ya what, General, send in a few non-topless pics to stash ‘at’ and we’ll post your better half as Marijuana Mom of the Month. 😉 ]

  4. The more people have the courage to step forward and say “I’m a responsible user,” the more likely it is that the stigma associated with marijuana use by responsible adults will be eliminated. Our behavior proves the plant is non-toxic and a boon.

  5. Hey I love this article it brings a new light onto pot smoking in general. I’m not a business woman or anything like that,but none the less I am a woman that loves to smoke at the end of the day. I think the next venture should be mothers that smoke. Dealing with the kids, cleaning the house, making dinner, tending to thier husband, just the everyday things that most mothers do. I think it would be a great piece that a lot of other women would enjoy.

  6. I absolutely love the idea of marijuana mom of the month. How many candidates do you have so far? An online video interview would be great. They could explain why they think it is so important to repeal cannabis prohibition. The more of these intelligent, honest and wonderful women we here from the better.

  7. Really excited to hear Mieko. Her story took a piece of my heart when I heard it awhile back. Wonderful news for her son and on the other hand better news for her. Can anyone who doesn’t have an autistic child imagine the relief and loss of stress now in her life?

  8. Lots of gals smoke weed, but I have to admit that the general sterotype of a stoner is usually male.
    I think it’s great that NORML is sexing it up a bit. The aphrodisiac qualities of pot should be noted more often. After my gal got busted and couldn’t smoke anymore, our sex life went to shit!
    Everything’s better with a bag of weed!

  9. @ general jake: pro cannabis activists may want to not over-sexualize the movement. We only need to change the minds of Conservatives to push this over the edge. Why dont we show off your wifes sexy brain, since im sure she is a bright successful lady who is probably typical of the average Cannabis user: productive, well balanced, and happy.

  10. cannabis for autism sufferers only makes sense to me. a friend that i work with has an autistic son and, he goes through some real hard shit. has to keep him strapped in the chair or he would be flippin like a fish. he screams alot and has been very combatative. this boy at fifteen is very strong.cannabis would be perfect for this young man. its quality of life for him and the people around him. no one can tell me that our government does not know the calming effects of cannabis. yet, they want to pump syn. shit into everyone with issues of the mind.its not mind numbing, it just seems to slows thoughts enough to put into perspective some. i know with a.d.d., my mind races until i get a couple hits from the pyrex and, it all changes. it is a great utility for me and that shows thru mieko and, her son.

  11. @Matterofliberty: You have a very strong point. And she is way smart. (Loves art and psychology) But my friend shes also super hot and just like any work from Van Gogh or any other should it not be admired? As for over-sexualizing yes we dont want to go to far but iv been in this world long enough to see that one pretty girl can change minds entirely! I was at a party here a coupla days ago and me and about 10 male freinds were rippin on our friend for a lame CD he brought to jam with. As we were laughing a very pretty female freind of ours came in and instantly squealed how much she loved the music playin. Long story short: We all suddenly started liking said lame band. This can work with weed to.

  12. @MatterOfLiberty: As with most of your comments i totally agree. Shes very productive, happy and smart. (loves art and psychology. And after ten year together we hardly ever argue.) But my friend shes also super hot and just like any work from Van Gogh or any other should it not be admired? As for over-sexualizing yes we dont want to go to far but iv been in this world long enough to see that one pretty girl can change minds entirely! I was at a party here a coupla days ago and me and about 10 male freinds were rippin on our friend for a lame CD he brought to jam with. As we were laughing a very pretty female freind of ours came in and instantly squealed how much she loved the music playin. Long story short: We all suddenly started liking said lame band. This can work with weed to.

  13. Russ and National NORML
    Ohio Patient Network OPN/OPAN , Ohio NORML and sub chapters want to say Happy Hempy Holidays and Thank you for giving us a voice and a platform…
    You all came and put your arms around us and told us It’ll be ok when when things got tough. God bless you guys and gals ..2010 Will be our year in Ohio. because ohio medical marijuana Patients who are voters are tired of being ignored and punished for trying to better their quality of life. IMHO Cannabis is used as a medicine even by recreational users at some point.
    Judge Schockett who was a Speaker/Judge who became a new friend of mine a year or so before she passed away. This woman should be honored.I was her driver when she came to Ohio to speak to a Kettering Ohio group of lawmakers.
    The one comment she said that has stayed with me was…”Cannabis is the 21st century aspirin” And what I thought immediately was and “its safer”

  14. Yes, we wouldn’t want to “make a party out of lovin’…”
    …but, giving the hint to some of these old conservatives that a little weed might help them get a boner might lead them to try it…and we all know how trying it can change a person’s opinion of it.

  15. @15. Im glad you didnt take offense. And as far as SALES are concerned I dont think you could be more on it. (Im in marketing too so Im not just blowin smoke on this one 🙂 ) But unfortunatly we’re still in a policy change phase, where people who AREN’T really affected by these laws are still having a say so about how we should live. And while I certainly agree that having pretty spokes people WILL help the cause, keeping a conservative appearance will keep the target audience of discussion. Which in my simple opinion is the Conservative Republican group. Good example: Sarah Palin (while I dont personaly like her) she managed to draw voters that never would have considered voting for the Republican party because she IS a good looking, seemingly well spoken,seemingly average American. But ask yourself how many more people would have voted against her if she did a nude/semi-nude Playboy or Maxim spread right before the election along with her political view points? Now Im sure she would have sold some magazine$ but I dont know that she would have effectivly got her political view points across to the 25-85 year old women and men who make up the total voting pool… Im sure you can get your wife and many other pretty women to get in front of a camera with few clothes and a Cannabis plant or something but it will come at a cost of marginalizing their voices.(Just my opinion, Im sure Ill still buy the mens magazine that features all norml moms for a month but then again Im pretty much already sold on Legalization like alot of these readers)

  16. BTW, awesome video. I just loved how she referrred to cannabis as, well, cannabis. I also loved how she said that it needs to be normalized (no pun intended). It’s just another sign that times, they are a changin’. I guess with the current change in attitudes about the plant happening so rapidly, and gaining speed every day, the media is realizing more and more that this topic really does sell. This video shows more than a simple viewpoint, though. It’s yet another glimpse at America’s awakening.

  17. I realize that hot bikini-clad women are popular with the fellas, but I think we are missing the point here in the comments. We need to bring more successful women into the game, and gamechangers like Madeline Martinez and Mikki Norris are the ones bringing the women up to the podium to speak their minds and get conservatives to reconsider the issue. Sex may sell marijuana (and every other product on the market) but we are trying to sell reform, and that comes from hard work and intelligent conversations, not cleavage and “hot milfs”. The movement already has an army of gorgeous young women taking up the cause. They have been in HIGH TIMES since the beginning. To bring in the women voters, you have to appeal to soccer moms who are afraid that legalization might make their kids less safe. Those are the voters we need to appeal to, they are the ones who can get the laws to change with their votes. As evidenced here, many women will pose with a bong for the cause, but we need them to talk at schools and meetings and churches and political events. We need them to feel welcomed at NORML’s table.

  18. Sorry i was the anonymous guy above. i had technical difficulties. But ya MatterOfLiberty i agree dude.

  19. Let’s all face it women are ten times more convincing then the smartest well spoken man. Sarah Palin wouldn’t be getting any air time if she wasn’t good looking. Men aren’t listening to her because of her intelligence thats for sure. When a women talks most people listen. How many viewers does Oprah have? Maybe we could get her to join our fight for cannabis freedom.

  20. This is regarding the Ad on TV that shows some guys smoking Cannabis as they’re exiting a drive up window at a fast food restaurant .
    While they are about to merge onto the Street they plow down a little kid on his bicycle ……well , OK its cut a second short of him actually being plowed down .
    The Producer(s) of this ad are intentionally trying to make you believe through DECEPTION …. if you smoke marijuana you’ll run over little Children .
    Although i am not advocating medicating while driving this is highly unlikely to occur solely from Cannabis use .It would more likely occur if a person was D.U.I. or drunk driving . So , in reality it’s exactly the opposite of what they are attempting to portray or make you believe .
    Ads like this are undoubtably produced by Alcohol or Drug Companies or both to deter you from using Cannabis so you’ll use their drugs instead .
    They want you drinking or using prescription pills in lieu of using Marijuana with all its benefits .
    Using innocent Children in a life threatening situation ( and we don’t know what happened to this Child ) for the purpose of profiting money through deception just shows you how low these scumbags are .
    This Ad in itself is a form of Child abuse and they should be prosecuting to the fullest extent of the
    Law .
    I rest my case .

  21. You know, I would stand out on the streets with a sandwich board to the world that I smoke marijuana,if getting rid of some inconvenient stigma were all there was to it. But a)It’s illegal and I could be sent to jail and b)because it’s illegal I have no grounds to stand up for my privacy rights when it comes to employment drug testing. Either a or b and I could probably lose my house and hence where do I send my pets, Humane Society?
    As for stoner moms, I think that’s great. There needs to be some scientific research on the subject to answer the argument that pot smokers can’t be good parents. I grew up around adults that drank alcohol at family gatherings. I didn’t grow up to be a heavy drinker, like some of my relatives were, but I have a comfortable extremely moderate relationship with alcohol. So why would pot be any different, except safer? To tell the truth, I’d be less upset to see my teenager experiment with marijuana than with alcohol or cigarettes.
    The one part I didn’t like was where Matt Lauer alludes to a “darker side,” implicit but unexplained (yet tacitly accepted by the majority) and seemingly out of place in the context of what the women are saying about marijuana.

  22. re-legalize already. in 1700 it was legal. in 1800 it was legal. in 1900 it was legal. suddenly in 1937 it became a pandemic worthy of government intervention? great idea lets have violence and murder and corruption and deception and waste billions of dollars and police lives. this is an awesome idea.

  23. Even the ONE man that was responsible for prohibition begged, cried, and pleaded for relief of his pain while he was dying from cancer. The doctor told him the only medicine that could help him is unattainable, Harry Anslinger who was only able to get morphine to ease the pain of his prostate cancer ask the doctor to help him, they told him he is the reason he couldn’t be helped.
    As Anslinger realize what he did, he soon discovered that he was the most hated person in the history of the USA in those times.
    People would come to the hospital and his house just to laugh to his face and mock him. Some spit on him, some would light up a joint in his view and he would be too weak to do anything about it. Here is a wildly unknown Fact to many, Harry Anslinger is today responsible for claiming more American lives than the Vietnam war, but on his own soil, that’s the sad part. Let’s support John Wilson before he is Anslingers’ next victim.

  24. # 16 Tonya ,
    Excellent article . I read it in its entirety .
    Marijuana is America’s 21st Century aspirin is right on . It almost instantly gets rid of headaches .
    Maybe somebody will believe me now that the ” Drug testing Kit ” was made by the Devil ( D.A.T. ) to deceive you for one reason = D.A.T. ‘s lust & greed for money . It’s a farce . If only i could get this though to everyone . Cannabis users can funtion and are just as productive as the most productive people
    anywhere …………..Usually better .
    The campaign here in Cali. to legalize Cannabis has already begun by the opposition . New Beer , Wine & hard liquor ads are suddenly popping up all over . D.A.T. will be doing everything it can to defeat this measure . They will use lies and deception will be their biggest tool
    in defeating this proposition .

  25. Have to agree with #21 Karri. Let’s wait until we have a better foot hold of the situation then all you people who want to live out of your reproductive chakra can go bananas with the sex stuff.
    Julie Holland is awesome and commands respect and has my respect MatterofLiberty. What a fine and intelligent example she is.

  26. Here is how the oppressor’s will view hot pics of “Our Ladies of Our Liberties “. It will prove beyond a shadow of doubt that cannabis loosens up a woman’s inhibitions and makes her a slave to sex or whatever their preaching nowadays. I say keep it clean, keep it respectable. Back in high school, they had every one go to Assembly, and you had to take a “test”. This was the information survey to find out who was stupid enough to “RAT” on themselves about their drug use. I lied. So did a lot of other kids. There are way more “users/not losers” out their who are ninja tokers than we will ever know exist. We are a “silent” invisible majority, unbeknownst to all. Sarah Palin should see what mmj/mmc could do for her child baby with autism, Tripp Palin.

  27. i am a nineteen year old male in rural nebraska and i am finding that many more people are opening up to the idea of re-legalization than i thought before. i was recently put on probation for a MIP charge and when they asked if i had ever experimented with drugs i laughed at my probation officer and asked her who still called pot a drug? i dont understand the close mindedness of those that find our solace and our comftorability with marijuana to be so disturbing. i view it like alcohol, either do it or dont but dont bash those that do. on the topic of women tokers, one of the smartest most musicaly inclined people i know smokes and she is only 15/16. she still has her dreams and ambitions. she shows up to school early for music theory lessons and stays after school to practice her music more, does this look like it is making her a lesser person? this drug war was started long ago by people long dead so i say we let the old generation go and embrace the future as it is, green.

  28. on a small side note zero tolerance is bullshit. it makes every american a criminal before the police even arrive. if you want to determine if stoners are still functional positive parts of our society i dare u to run this nation without us. your fast food, convenience stores, legal system, and everything else in this country that requires multiple people will fall into disarray because we are more numerous than even we can imagine. if i could make a guess i would say 2/3 of Americans are pot smokers. and i would say that only about 1/6 of us are the hard-core everyday smokers like myself. do we deserve to be discriminated against and held back because we smoke? my cigarettes and booze will kill me and mine long before marijuana ever brings me to my knees. we say we are in the land of the free and of the brave so lets be brave and free and stand up to our tyrannical governing leaders. not necessarily violently, situations will determine on individual basis wether violence is called for, but with massive legal reforms and basically just the government removing their hands from our homes and our lives when we have requested it as a people not just a clique.

  29. I am a young mom, who had a rough time in the beginning of my new chapter in life. I am a stay at home mom, but I also am in college full time taking online and night courses, as well as working on the weekends. My doctors wanted me to give antidepressants a try, but I would rather not be on those. I smoked before I got pregnant so I figured I would pick it up again and sure enough I have not needed any happy pills to this day. I think more people need to smoke now a days. If marijuana was legalized I also think there would be a major difference in our economy.
    When do you ever see a person fighting because they got too high, or getting in a car accident because they were high, or cheating on a spouse because they were high…NEVER!

  30. I have been a high school teacher for quite a few years. I smoked back in the late 60’s and early 70’s, then I quit for quite a while. Now I have started to smoke again. It used to bother me that Americans tended to do over kill on smoking and wasted so much good pot. We would take a couple of hits and they would be rolling again and smoking all night long. I like taking a couple of hits and I’m done for the evening. Maybe some just need more. However, one clarification Palin’s baby has Down’s Syndrome, not autism. Big difference. But I don’t like Palin (airhead and liar) or any politician who smoked in their youth and then says but I didn’t enjoy it or inhale, or did but deny it. Yeah, right. Now she wants to have you locked up for it. I would always tell the parents that complained about their kids smoking pot,that I have been around drunks and stoners, I had rather be with the stoners than the drunks. There are more people behind bars for alcohol related crimes than any other drug. I was always very honest with my students and admin, as well as parents. I won’t lie about what I did, and while I think high school kids should not use pot, I would rather them learn to be responsible with it than drink anytime. I have worked with high school kids with behavior and emotional problems for many years. I loved it and the truth is I had rather have them smoke pot responsibly, (not be the stereotypical stoner)but a couple of times a day,rather than the pharmaceutical drugs they’re put on that does more harm than good most of the time. I consider myself a smart articulate educated woman and attractive. However, sorry guys, sex is not going to sell the conservatives, perhaps, maybe the conservative men for the aphrodisiac qualities of the plant, but they are known only to do these kind of things outside of the marriage in secret, and then come back and fight those people or things that would destroy the “moral fabric” of this society. And yes, we all enjoy the aprodisiac part of it. (heh, heh, heh) But it is going to take more than sex. You just have to be honest and speak out to let people know that you use it and no you’re not a mental case or criminal. You are a productive intelligent and moral person who happens to use pot when you choose and don’t make a big deal of it. That speaks volumes.

  31. I am so very pleased to have seen this video, and to read your posts. I am also a recreational smoker. I am 23 y/o, I am in college, and I am already working my field. I don’t consider myself lazy or the stereotypical pot-smoker. I don’t enjoy the side affects of alcohol, and after a long day or on the wkends I enjoy a joint to unwind. I don’t even smoke the whole thing, I take a couple of hits until, and once I get my calming feeling, i’m done. I don’t lay up and smoke all day. I don’t have the time for that, and it doesn’t take that much anyway.

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