New Year's Eve NORML SHOW LIVE from Cannabis Café

Join us for the last show of the 2000’s! It’s our New Year’s Eve Celebration of 2009, the best year ever in marijuana law reform!

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  1. Happy New Year everyone. Let’s make this year one to remember when it comes to cannabis reform. Get your friends and family involved by having them watch some videos at or
    Education and awareness will be a major factor in how voters will make their decisions on these issues.

  2. It’s not really New Year’s…
    Check this out sometime:
    I think we all should be aware of the 13-moon calendar, and the shortcomings of the Gregorian Calendar that most people use now. It takes some research, but it’s fun!
    The real New Year’s day is ultimately up to you! But, the ones of the past were July 25th, or Oct. 31st, or even the Winter Solstice! Do the research, and pick a REAL New Year’s day!

  3. Good show,and now for a possible project for NORML and all the other supporting orgs.
    We need a good,peaceful,protest system set up. Since the present economy is so unsettled,it would be hard on people to try to all show up in DC,not too mention that if we all showed up,it would scare the DC cops to death and might cause a violent reaction. But,maybe a local protest,in every town in America,on the same day at exactly the same time,,,say 4/20/10 @ 4:20pm est,on your county courthouse lawn.
    There might not be but 5 or 10 people show up in the small towns,but in the cities
    there would be thousands and the small towns would see those protests from the major city TV news,and understand that it is not just a few local nuts carrying signs
    and that we are a serious political lobby.
    It might also show America that we are not just numbers in a news story or government statistic or any different than them.
    “Marijuana is addictive to people the same way sex is,anything that good needs repeating!”

  4. happy new year to you all. lets hope this is the last year we will have to deal with this insanity…seeins im not allowd to partake of the remedy, someone, please get you a nice big hoober for me ok?

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