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Ken Wolski from Coalition for Medical Marijuana New Jersey joins us to discuss trying to get medical marijuana passed before Gov. Corzine leaves office next week.
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  1. I LOVE HEMP! Legalize cannabis in Oregon during 2010! Support the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act!

  2. NORML,
    How about a shoutout for It’s a great resource for basic info like sativa vs. indica, resource links, quality videos and more.
    [Russ responds: CannabisTV, how about placing an advertisement on The NORML Stash Blog and on NORML SHOW LIVE? Check out We’ve got rates for every budget.]

  3. I am from Boise, Id. My mother had a brain tumor removed about 3 years ago. Since, she has been most closely diagnosed to epilepsy. She has had many issues with pills prescribed to regulate mood, appetite, concentration, depression, ect… I heard a rumor that if she has a medical card from another state that it could be honored here. Could you point me in the right direction? I would love nothing more than to see my mom have the liberty to try something more natural.
    Please send info to
    Although I look forward to listening every day; I would greatly appreciate direct follow up, just in case. 🙂
    [Russ responds: Hi Christine. I am from Boise, Idaho, too, and while I feel for your mother, I can assure you Idaho police and courts will not recognize a medical marijuana card from any state. If you lived just 50-miles away in Ontario, Oregon, you’d be OK. In fact, all the states that border Idaho except Utah would recognize your mother’s right to use cannabis. It’s why I moved to Portland and left all my family and previous career behind in Boise.]

  4. i just got a letter from my state rep. she is looking into the 2929the act to regulare and taz marijuana.i hope she agrees with us.her husband is a town cop.

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