New Strain Of Medicinal Marijuana Announced

First Unveiling of New Strain To Redefine The Medical Cannabis Industry
New Released Scientific Data Supports Medicinal Value, U.S. Government Ignores Scientific Data
Next week’s Patients Out of Time (P.O.T.) conference in Rhode Island features numerous speakers and interesting topics, but the announcement by Harborside Health Center of the development a new Cannabidol-centric strain of cannabis I suspect will be of great interest to patients, medical providers and cultivators.
I think it also a shining example of why the Drug Enforcement Administration should not bust and harass laboratories contracted or operated by cannabis wellness centers that test and analyze cannabis that is sold into the medical collective for the very reason that these forensic labs provide necessary patient information regarding potency, purity and medicinal effects based on plant strain.

Oakland, CA – The availability of a new type of medical cannabis strain will be presented for the first time by Steve DeAngelo, who has been featured on CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune Magazine, and The New York Times as Executive Director of one of the nation’s top model and non-profit medical cannabis dispensaries, Harborside Health Center in Oakland, California.
DeAngelo will announce the availability of this type of non-psychoactive cannabis that has been lab tested with California strains with CBD (Cannabidol) at the 6th Annual National Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics on Friday, April 16th at 12PM Noon at The Crown Plaza Hotel, 801 Greenwich Avenue, Warwick, Rhode Island.
Conference information can be found at:
For three decades, DeAngelo has been an engaging speaker as he cuts through the stigma, and delivers the true facts about cannabis. His exciting and important presentation will include results of the first large scale analytical study of California’s medical cannabis supply, which revealed that one of the most medically efficacious cannabinoids—CBD—has been bred out of plants grown primarily for psychoactive effect. Only within the past year have CBD-rich cannabis varieties been identified, thanks to an analytical chemistry lab that DeAngelo helped launch.
Recent research has demonstrated that CBD is effective in slowing or reversing a number of different types of cancer; as well as other serious illnesses. In response to the shortage of CBD rich cannabis varieties, Harborside has initiated a program to identify such strains, and encourage growers to propagate them. Because CBD modulates the psycho activity of THC, some patients respond better to varieties of cannabis which couple low THC levels with high CBD levels, because they enhance medical efficacy while reducing or eliminating psycho activity. This is particularly true for cannabis-naïve patients, who have no prior experience with it, prior to receiving a recommendation from their doctor. “Ultimately, there will be greater demand for CBD-rich cannabis, than there is for cannabis that just gets you high” predicts DeAngelo. “Only a small percentage of people enjoy the psycho activity of cannabis, but almost everybody can benefit from its medical properties”.
The 6th Annual Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics is the only one of its kind in the United States for health professional to learn about the many benefits of cannabis therapeutics. Medical professionals can receive their CME (Continuing Education) credits for attending this forum through the University of California, San Francisco.
The New York Times: “Harborside Health Center, a nonprofit medical marijuana dispensary in Oakland, Calif., is looked upon as a model of how others could operate.”
Contact : Gaynell Rogers/Media Relations

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  1. I’m aghast and amazed at some commentary here.

    I would agree that not everyone enjoys or particularly needs the astronomical amounts of THC found in some of the “medical” strains now being produced. There are many people out there that are “sensitive” for lack of a better word, to that aspect of cannabis and seem to do well on what most people call Mexican dirt weed and the like. It isn’t that they lack access to these other highly cultured strains mind you. They simply dont need that high a content.

    One of the reasons for creating these new strains was to reduce travel weight and give higher bang for the buck etc. Sure there is benefit in using less to get the effect needed, but with vaporizers, edibles, etc. this does not factor in much. Open access to lower content strains would make the super strains more like the top shelf hard alcohols of today. Pricey indulgences. Not necessarily the preferred choice.

    What I have encountered in the culture surrounding this aspect of the argument is similar to that of having helped run a bar: some people prefer beer, some people drink 151.

    Seriously folks, the argument that all strains need to produce such a high concentration is not right for all people and their needs. Some people do “pingers” and are happy. Others seem to think you need to consume an OZ a day. Simply put I there is a lot of abuse that is driven mostly by greed along these lines. Bars push the same concepts to drive up sales. People over indulging means great profits.

    I’ve met people who partake of alcohol that cannot tolerate hard drinks and are perfectly happy with a couple of beers. They even get rather “smashed” if they have three of them. I also seem to find people whose tolerances for harder alcohol seem to be a mixture of genetics and built up tolerance. They can polish off a liter or more without much ill effect. Something that would put the beer drinking crowd in hospital pretty darn quick.

    Everyone hates the parallels with recreational use of alcohol but it is similar in enough ways to be relevant. Specifically, one glass of red wine a day more or less can get you some benefit from the anti-oxidants involved. However over time it has some health impacts. Most notably empty calories and dehydration effects on the body. I think the same arguments for cannabis start to come into play here at some point.

    As others have mentioned, this is just news because a lab specifically got an older strain to come back to life and revealed it in a report. It is not super science or significant GMO. How the heck do you think people have bred these super strains you covet so much? God’s will?

    Simply put, regardless of some fringe concerns this shows the public that cannabis is not all about THC and that the plant has much more diversity in the medical arena. Dont start breaking out the tinfoil hat arguments about grand conspiracy as it causes a recoil from the logical agreements that can be made. If you scream the sky is falling, eventually it will. This is good news. Try using it to support a new future.

  2. Marijuana is not always indicated in patients where it may been seen as therapeutic.

    How can a marijuana prescription be scientific if the metabolites vary from plant to plant? You can not accurately prescribe x mg of (any) plant, and have a patient receive an exact level of therapeutic, inactive, or harmful metabolites. How could you control the dosing? Subjective dosing causes a problem in the use of marijuana in epilepsy. While some of the off gasses and particulates from the plant have anticonvulsant properties, the metabolites from off-gasses and particulates vary from each ‘batch’ (from plant to plant of marijuana grown, and after then removing seeds and stems). This will vary the therapeutic (and other) metabolites. A prescription of x grams of marijuana does not mean that grams of nb x is available. Each patient absorbs the metabolites differently. Marijuana causes sensory perversion, and it causes euphoria, both of which are abnormal. It causes sensory integration problems, and interferes with executive functioning. In treating epilepsy, or in any indication, the patient may seek the euphoria over the therapeutic. In epilepsy, – THC TRIGGERS – seizures. Perhaps it may also be a problem in other indications. There is no one level of THC treats all. THC is a part of the therapy in treating many people.

    For some, such as myself, I do not want to go around constantly high, with my senses screwed up, memory and time dysfunctions, some of the confusion that you get when you get a really good high, acting and feeling goofy. Enjoying a high is a personal choice. It is not always the best choice, depending on YOUR medical indication for taking marijuana.

    If taken PRN, THC causes a special problem in epilepsy. Clinical use of drobinol shows that THC triggers seizures. Drugs (available in Canada) which are made from the marijuana plant itself, and do contain THC, also triggers seizures. A problem with biologics is that the metabolites vary. As a therapeutic drug, I do not want ‘abnormal’ side effects. I would like a ‘normalized’ drug (that is, the therapeutic metabolites are consistent gram / gram). It would make dosing easier. This may be possible. Testing the levels of the therapeutic metabolite(s) and the metabolites that may cause harm for that patient, by acre, they might blend the variants to normalize the drug. I had heard (rumor) that when heated, THC is released at a higher temp. than some of the other metabolites. I don’t know if this is true, but for myself it seemed to be true. If you don’t want to get high, you might be able to use marijana by subjective judgement – stop before you feel euphoria. For this same reason, I would not want to buy Kush, (what you want is up to you).

    There has been much said about the factual or alleged psychological problems that may be caused by marijuana use. Some of the “no it can’t harm you” claim is influenced by wanting to make it legal. In fact, it may or may not cause psychological harm, depending upon that patient. I believe that each patient should be monitored while taking marijuana. Someone taking it for a neurological problem should be followed by a neurologist, and by a NeuroPsychiatrist
    (they specialise in memory and sensory integration – usually for stroke victims or in anyone else with an problem with brain function). Each patient should also be followed by a psychiatrist because it can not NOT affect mental health – both epilepsy and mental health are electrochemical imbalances in the same brain.
    I want to be treated by domain required.

    I no longer use marijuana, I had tried it to see if it would work – it was amazingly effective. I would like to have it available – if I needed it – but without the high, and with my doctors knowlege. It is illegal where I had used it, but the police never bothered me (they have better things to do than arrest someone who has epilepsy, cancer, AIDS, or MS).
    One of the problems with Marijauna as medicine is that there is too small a body of knowlege for doctors to judge so as to treat their patients. In speaking to many doctors, F.P., and specialists, they don’t want to prescribe it because they don’t know enough about it. Please send me your feedback, I am on Facebook (please no ads and no inflamatory comments – I want a serious discussion).

    Thank You.

    Robin Salmansohn

  3. It seems like people are getting scared of never being able to smoke or eat some high THC plants again.I know that is a scary scary thing to think about but in our time they will never take the plants we have now away.I think this is awesome and it needs to be done, and people need to hear it.Thank you researchers!Im a 2-day-oaksta dam-ann arbor,Mi att I’m in love and hope a good spirit takes over our PA legislators.It all seems kinda crazy at times-

  4. “Only a small percentage of people enjoy the psycho activity of cannabis, but almost everybody can benefit from its medical properties”.

    MOST PEOPLE are not interviewed and do not take part in these surveys and polls, nor do they get the chance to do so. They just use their weed with a big middle finger to the government, like me and most people i know. So these statements are HIGHLY inaccurate and very unreliable so how the hell can they justify stating about what percentage likes what and wants what without complete and honest evidence?

    I presonally love the psychoactive effects from eating cannabis in all sorts of recipes, so what about the people like me?

    I use cannabis because helps me sleep during stressful times. And trust me, i get really stressed from time and time which leads to insomnia and depression. The effects from oral thc actually prevents my depression and insomnia if i have a small amount once a week.

    I would like to continue my life comfortably, happy and well rested WITHOUT having the guilty conscience of being seen as a criminal. I dont believe i should be punished or jailed for just wanting to live a happy life stress free.

  5. I would like to try this weed just to see if it is true that I wont get high if I smoke it.

    I have a feeling it is not that true.

    One thing to consider is that THC and CBD work better together to fight cancer than either one alone.

  6. John, several ppl had told me that eating MJ never made you high, only smoke/vaporized weed would cause a high. Is that true? They sell hemp seed/protein powder/ and hemp oil. As far as I know these legal hemp ‘foods’ do not make you high. As far as I know thse legal hemp products do not have any NON THC, or THC therapeutic effects.
    It is an expensive protein supplement which has some problems; it breaks down when heated high enough to do some serious cooking. It does have a lot of protein, but all of it can be absorbed by humans.
    Does anyone have experience using (legal) hemp seed oil?

  7. Excuse me. Correction: not all of hemp protein can be utilized by humans. Birds, on the other hand absorb most of it. I wonder (serious question) If Cows could utilize a lot of the protein, what would happen if you drank the milk from a hemp feed cow?

  8. Frustrating isn’t it.. A simple plant that NEVER hurt anyone, in fact cures cancer & other disease, is taboo.
    Some people CHOOSE cannabis, some don’t..
    Given the CHOICE between chemotherapy, radiotherapy or Hemp Cannabis Oil for cancer, I’d CHOOSE Cannabis Oil. Without that CHOICE I’d rather die without treatment.

    There are 63 Delta9 THC compounds in cannabis, not just two & they all work together to heal you and make you think & feel better. Ever felt bad after consuming cannabis?.. No of course not, only better!


  9. The argument that the big drug company cartel does not want marijuana is false. They would love to sell it to you. The big drug companies hold much of the herbal products on the shelf. Profit!!! MJ would sell and make the most expensive Rx only drug on the market seem like cat litter profit.

  10. @Robin Salmansohn: citations, please?

    Re: “Correction: not all of hemp protein can be utilized by humans.”

    Like this, for example:

    “The seed, a hard-shelled nut contain protein, carbohydrates, fibre and a number of vitamins and minerals, is one of the highest sources of essential fatty acids (EFAs). EFAs are essential in our diets for the proper growths and function in our diets for the body. They aid in fat transport and metabolism and are necessary for the formal function of the reproductive system, for hormone regulations and for breakings up cholesterol deposits in the arteries. Hempseed contains 40% fat in form of a very well-balanced mixture of EFA, which is produced by cold-pressing the hempseed. It can be eaten on its own, blended into other food and body care products (shampoo, soaps, creams, lotions) or used as a lubricant. Various industry have sprung up making hemp into clothing, paper and many other commercial products.

    Recent evidence also suggests that people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis (MS), attention deficit disorder (ADD) and depression may benefit from a properly balanced EFA intake. Deficiencies in EFAs can lead to changes in the cell structure, resulting in slowed growth and other disorders such as brittle or dull hair, nail problems, dandruff, allergies, dermatitis and eczema. In his book “Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill”, Udo Erasmus called hempseed the “most perfectly balanced, natural EFA-rich oil available…nature’s most perfectly balance oil. Health guru Dr. Andrew Weil calls hempseed oil the number one vegetable oil, ahead of flaxseed oil and other more popular cold-pressed edible oil. Hempseed oil is also low in saturated fatty acids (SFA), one of the primary factors which increase blood cholesterol levels. This oil contains the highest total amount of the essential polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) of both the omega-6 (LA = linolenic acid and GLA = gamma linolenic acid) and the omega-3 (ALA = alpha linolenic acid). Neither of these EFAs can be synthesized by the body and must therefore be obtained from the diet. Hempseed oil beats out flaxseed oil, evening primrose oil and every known plant source of EFAs. A 100-gram serving of hempseed oil contains more than 36 grams of EFAs.

    Hempseed is also 31% protein, making it second only to soybeans as a plant protein source. Yet hempseed triumphs again because it contains “edestin” protein, a superior protein to that found in soy. Edestin does not inhibit absorption of protein or any other nutrient. Edestin is also a complete protein because it contains all eight essential amino acids.

    The hemp seed has a multitude of uses in food. The meat of the hemp seed is also highly nutritious and versatile for preparing a number of foods. The hempseed oil is very fragile and should be refrigerated in a airtight container to preserve its freshness and nutrient value. The oil is best used raw unheated. Among the foods products from the hempseeds are health snack bars, cookies, porridge, nut butter, chips, pastas, tortillas, humus, cheese, ice cream, burgers, flour, breads, cereals, pretzels, chocolate and more. Hempseed nuts can be mixed into salads and soups. Hemp oil actually tastes good to most people. It has a nutty taste reminiscent of walnuts and can be added to baked potatoes, salads, soups and other foods. The oil is ideal for salads, dips, pesto sauces, shakes and smoothies. Hemp oil reaches beyond its usefulness as a food and has . . .”



  11. Jose. Thanks for all of the info. The part that people can not digest is the hull. When they tested the marijuana seeds for protein, they included the hull.
    There is about 21 percent available protein available in hemp. Some of this you may not be able to use, perhaps, because of the fiber. The hemp oil, is different. Either way, it is an excellent food. It is also expensive (for me, yams, peas, and some chicken are cheaper).

  12. Look what the government did to tobacco. They took a simple plant and turned it into poison. Why is there always an ass hole, tring to mess with a good thing. This idea sucks, it’s not good to mess with mother nature!

  13. O.K.. This may be controversial, but I think that there may be merit to my comment. I believe that a part of the reason that the medical marijuana has not been approved is because a negative impression caused by NORML. Excuse me for blaming NORML, but it reflects an apperance of something that just seems wrong about medical arguments. The problem, IMHO, is how NORML has named things. For example, Patients Out of Time spells “POT”. If you want to convince someone who thinks that perhaps ‘they’ really want to claim that the ‘so called medical use is really just an excuse to get high’, please, make it seem more medical (for example), “Compassionate Medical Care”. It just sounds more convincing. Take “The Pothead” out of medicine _image_. It doesn’t really belong. If THC is in the medical mix, then it is. If you want to get stoned, no one else’s opinion will change your life. Please, do not insert an image in to my medical care. If you disagree, please tell me here. This is a discussion, I would like your input.

    [Editor’s note: Patients Out of Time (POT) is not, like dozens of other drug policy reform organizations, controlled by NORML and are independent groups. If you don’t like their acronym, complain to them.]

  14. I apologize for slighting NORML, or anyone else.

    I have some medical questions about medical marijuana, and KUSH. Most medicines have a therapeutic range. Does THC have a toxic level (for each indication, and by each patient)? Are the levels of THC in KUSH to high for your medical care? Kush will certainly give you a good, and a long high with a small amount. But this level of THC be harmful? If you had smoked a pound of KUSH it would likely be fatal. But at what level of THC might it be harmful in treating your medical condition? Is too much of a plesant thing, a terrible thing?

    [Paul Armentano responds: Cannabinoids are uniquely non-toxic and incapable of fatal overdose. There are several therapeutically active components in the marijuana plant — not just THC.



    Since these compounds have different therapeutic effects, it is better to identify which strains are higher in the compounds best related to your symptoms or disease.]

  15. It is NOT against FDA guidelines to put plant matter products in an FDA approved Rx drug, or in an FDA approved OTC remedy. Corn starch is found in some pills/caplets. It is used as a binder. Sugar is also in some of these medications, as well in some liquid medications. Sugar, in form of glucose, is used to treat Diabetes.

  16. Correction, moderator, it is the THC that can OD on. Pls correct my post.

    [Editor’s note: THC overdose? NORML’s not aware of any scientific literature that supports your claim of THC causing death.]

  17. You are correct. It is amazing. There is no LD on THC, but there is on smoking MJ. When you smoke MJ from a joint, you are inhaling Carbon Monoxide, and ammonia.

    Something in me says that there is nothing on the planet that has no lethal dose. Even water consumed, an not drowning, is lethal. The cells in your body must have an equal pressure inside of the cell to the outside of the cell. Too much water bursts the cell. (Called water saturation, gulping a lot of water too rapidly will cause cellular. People can get high by drink a lot of water in a short period of time. This had happened to me. I wasn’t trying to get high. I was very thirsty. I downed a gallon of iced tea in 11 min.. I was ‘floating around’, and then I stared to have a million seizures. In the E.R. the doctors were convinced that I was doing drugs – I had a psych visit me. “No, I only drank iced tea” made the neurologist litteraly jump out his chair. I was lucky, in that he was not a recentlt trained M.D.. He had been trained before the invention of the EEG.. Then, the “Gold Standard” test for epilepsy was to induce a water saturation seizure. Water saturation will trigger seizures in anyone. But an epilptic is more prone to having a seizure than an otherwise healthy person. They would time how long it took before the patient seized.
    Nice test, ANYONE taking the test will have permanant brain damage. From this we take, avoid guzzeling or gulping what you drink. Beer, anyone?


    It is also been contraindicated in breast feeding.

    One citation had said that MJ was used mostly as an hallucinogen. I suppose, in a round about way it might be considered that, assuming that you were to define euphoria as hallucinating.

    chocolate milkshake from a stoned cow?

    I didn’t say this:

    MJ ‘Bake’. in MJ therapy? Would it make medicinal use less expensive or more effective? Your opinion.

  19. Contraindicated? For what, exactly? Cushy jobs for thugs with badges and guns? Pork-laden bills with barely disclosed windfalls for private prison contracting firms?

    Bake this: Drug war IS crime. Are cannabis and cannabinoids _lawfully_ listed in Schedule I, having “no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States and a lack of accepted safety for use under medical supervision”?

    from the supplied references:

    For centuries Cannabis sativa and cannabis extracts have been used in natural medicine. Delta(9)-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the main active ingredient of Cannabis. THC seems to be responsible for most of the pharmacological and therapeutic actions of cannabis. In a few countries THC extracts (i.e. Sativex) or THC derivatives such as nabilone, and dronabinol are used in the clinic for the treatment of several pathological conditions like chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting, multiple sclerosis and glaucoma. On the other hand the severe side effects and the high abuse liability of these agents represent a serious limitation in their medical use. In addition, diversion in the use of these active ingredients for recreational purpose is a concern.


    The selective blockade of CB1 receptors by SR 141716 impaired the perception of the appetitive value of positive reinforcers (food, cocaine, morphine) and reduced the motivation for sucrose, beer and alcohol consumption, indicating that positive incentive and/or motivational processes could be under a permissive control of CB1-related mechanisms. There is little evidence that cannabinoid systems are activated under basal conditions. However, by using SR 141716 as a tool, a tonic involvement of a CB1-mediated cannabinoid link has been demonstrated, notably in animals suffering from chronic pain, faced with anxiogenic stimuli or highly motivational reinforcers.


    Contraindicated is a medical term.

    In the case of medical marujana high TCH levels trigger seizures. Low or no THC marijuana is indicated.

    In some patients, notably in patients with an balance disorder, or in patients who have impaired fine motor skills, high levels of THC may cause problems for the patient.

    THC is not advised for use by pregnant or in lactating women.

  21. Waring gangs love money so much that they are willing to kill for each ton of KUSH. I’d rather have no pot than have today’s drug murders. My high is not worth your death.

  22. man just imagine if it where legal you could use this beautiful god given plant with out any worry of being harrased and have a legitimate social lubricant that doesnt make people clumbsy, careless, sick, throwup,hungover, diseased and has no negative after effects. i kind of think the short term memory thing is a myth and users mistake natural incidences of forgeting something for having something to do with their cannibas consumption. i believe this is such a demonized and shunned substance we are not even quite yet capable of understanding all the possibilties and positives this wonderful herb beholds. this is one of those issues where alot of us still believe the world is flat and we need to inform people more on what this stuff actually is rather then just labeling it a “drug”.

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