Political Cowardice: An Ohio Problem, A National Epidemic

Well, the headline pretty much says it all, doesn’t it?

Most Ohioans support medical marijuana, pollsters say, but state lawmakers shy away
via The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Ohioans of all races, income levels, educational backgrounds and ideologies tell pollsters that they support allowing Ohio doctors to prescribe marijuana to their patients.

But Gov. Ted Strickland and most Ohio lawmakers don’t.

So a medical marijuana bill introduced last week by Rep. Kenny Yuko and a handful of House Democrats has pretty much already gone up in smoke, despite what most Ohioans may think.

Let’s review, shall we?

Last week House lawmakers introduced HB 478, the Ohio Medical Compassion Act, which would allow state-authorized patients to possess and cultivate cannabis for therapeutic purposes.

This week, a statewide poll conducted by the Institute for Policy Research at the University of Cincinnati, found that 73 percent of Ohio adults favor the measure.  This survey result comes on the heels of a nationwide ABC News/Washington Post poll showing that 81 percent of all Americans support legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Nevertheless, lawmakers have made it clear that they are willing to buck this public opinion out of some inexplicable fear that to not do so is “political suicide.”

Excuse me, but since when is it ‘political suicide’ to endorse a measure that over seven out of ten of your constituents say they support?

Virtually every state and national poll on record shows that an overwhelming majority of Americans back legalizing medical marijuana, and several recent polls indicate that a slight majority of voters also support broader legalization for personal use.  Yet a majority of politicians still believe that it is a viable position to oppose such reforms on the antiquated notion that to not do so would invite a ‘public backlash.’

Well, it is time to tell these ‘flat Earthers’ that they are wrong.

I’ve said it before but it bears repeating — now more than ever: Marijuana law reform no longer a political liability; it’s a political opportunity. If your politicians aren’t getting the message then it is time to spell it out to them — in the only language they know: votes.

It is time to let them know that opposing sensible marijuana reform is political suicide, and not the other way around.

So why not visit NORML’s ‘Take Action Center’ and tell them!

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  1. i am a cancer survivor,and pot made chemo bearable.also valum is obsolete.65year old THAT VOTES please write a letter to polaticons do listen to MAIL.

  2. Longtime Puffer is an idiot. I don’t care if Holland is Socialist or not,(which i know it is). This is America, and NOT Holland. We should set an example, and LEGALIZE now..admit that this over costly war on drugs is Failed and show the rest of the world that we can admit our own mistakes. Why prosecute those smoking a plant that comes from the earth…much like tobacco. Just seems stupid to argue to keep it illegal, and wastes money tried to influence people to think its wrong. Ohio is a butt assed backwards state. I know, i live here for now…but i promise i’m moving to a pot friendly state, and will gladly give my tax dollars to that state and watch as EVERYTHING starts falling apart..all at the hands of that drunk incompetent Strickland and his followers. Who knows i just may see them all as i pass by the unemployment office on my way out of the state. Hope so. They DO NOT have the right to force their personal beliefs on me, or my family. The state has made its mind up and wants a mmj compassion act in place, and yet time and time again these crones just shoot it down. So boycott…boycott anything these people do, vote them out, their programs, adjendas, or whatever they want, regaurdless of what it is. Boycott those companies that support keeping it illegal, just one day of profit loss would set those people straight and then its done. But Longtime Puffer, don’t you dare even speak about how Socialism is great, that’s NOT American, and frankly any VET that fought to keep your rights established would be ashamed of you for speaking that, Socialism is NOT something to even try to embrass, confuse as a good thing, weather it’s for legalizing or not. America will Legalize, it’s coming soon, i just can’t see why this cash strapped state can’t legalize and tax it to turn us around, unless they want us all to fail for some bigger reason, but that would just be plain evil. Much like those dictators that force SOCIALISM. I don’t believe they are evil, just useless and old, and need to be replaced. To those that are just going to focus on the Socialism thing, get a clue please, if you think that it’s great and can give examples great glad you learned history and were paying attention in class, me I’m an America which stands for freedom, the right to persue happiness…all of it…good and the bad…
    happy 420 all, peace….

  3. Just another comment to Longtime Puffer. SS is bankrupt. It was established by a man that believed in Socialism, as well as the Postal Service. Which is bust as well. Again, Socialism doesn’t work and we shouldn’t use Legalizing as a platform to push tolerence of this type of dictatorship.

    LEGALIZE, TAX and reap the benefits!!!!

  4. 50 Longtime Puffer

    Thanks for the confirmation.

    Actually I’m a Individualist, which means…”God bless you for whatever you would choose to be.” I was not being missive Puffer. Go well into your world. Peace be with you.


  5. Governor Strickland has publicly said he would sign legalization bills into law, with out question, should the legislature pass any such bill. Ohio could benefit unbelievable from taxing and regulating marijuana. Designate southeastern and northwestern counties as state growing areas, permit a license to grow. Cannabis could save the lives and futures of many Ohioans.

  6. When politicians pay no attention to the people majority and we have exhausted peacful means, it becomes a time to take up arms and fight.

    It makes me sick to when I hear people say we live in a free country. Just exactly free to do what?

  7. i was in a car reck in november 2004. i was hit in the rear by a truck go 60 mph.i too have bipolar,depression,and anixity.i m a mess.i start smoking arond november 2003(weed).by the spring 2004 i stopped all meds for bipolar.felt great got side jobs life was looking up.in november the reck.the whole progress start over.i felt different i want to live.the weed give me what i need to recover from both problem but to its a new issue.my dr. know i smoked weed.in aug. i was let go from my dr of 10+ years .no pain meds to come off of .he dropped me cold turckey.i had to go to the streets to get meds the way ohio law reads now.its sucks.he said he would lose liscens.can t found a dr that will tough me with a dirty pee test.hope it changes.

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