DC police kill grandmother’s dog while serving drug warrant

Please take a moment to sign the petition at http://CopsSayLegalizeDrugs.com/animals to protest the cruelty of the unnecessary killing of pet dogs by police during encounters with citizens.

Today’s story of police canicide comes to us by way of the Associated Press (click to watch the video). A 62-year-old grandmother in Washington, DC tells AP that police came to her home serving a drug warrant for her 28-year-old grandson. The grandma asks to put her dog in the back yard or the bathroom. The cops tell her the bathroom would be fine. Later, the cops open the bathroom door, claim this 13-year-old dog named “Wrinkles” attacked them, and they shoot it multiple times. By the way, the grandson hasn’t lived in the home for a dozen years and the only drugs cops found were what they claimed was “drug residue” on some baggies, which the grandma contends is the residue of fortune cookies.

There was another heartbreaking dog killing by police in Lagrange, Missouri, caught on video that you can view on our NORML Stash Blog. This incident did not involve a drug warrant, however. Instead it was a report of an aggressive dog, who on video appeared to be quite calm and friendly, shot to death by an officer after the officer had it fully restrained by chain, noose, and pole.

If we can get the signatures on the signatures on the LEAP petition over 1,000, supermodel Joanna Krupa has agreed to deliver the petition to both PETA and the Humane Society to increase the exposure of this all-too-common police procedure of killing family pets unnecessarily. (For more coverage of police dog killings in drug raids, check our Dog Shooting category at the NORML Stash Blog.)

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  1. @ 48 and how exactly was the Cold War waged? I guess since Détente was in effect, the mutual assured destruction bit, that the other means used were pointless? Not the best example, but many conflicts of the past were not labeled wars because there was no mutual bloodshed. Thanks to some gang bangers and the more organized crime syndicates we get to see an exchange now and again. That’s one of the few reasons to continue even considering this a war.

    One of the most successful ways of winning some old wars was the simplicity of starvation by cutting their resources without using violence. Hungry soldiers are likely to quit and walk off. Stealing their payments also worked well. The other was to keep on the move, hence not being a target they could keep chasing indefinitely. Either way direct conflict with a more organized force is futile and in the long term basically a suicide pact.

    I still see it as war, but I’m not aiming to die in a futile gesture. My money and my voice extend far beyond what could be reached with a bullet.

    Too much instant gratification underlies the motivations of people who would be our allies. People are lazy and honestly dont care for the stress of being active. Who needs more stress in this stress oriented society we’ve built up? It may not be what is right, but people are not all equipped to be soldiers. Regardless of the method.

  2. @ 51:

    I think I get what you are saying, but drones were created as a way to avoid direct conflict.

    I can’t think of a more effective way to cut off the DEA’s food supply. Everything else we have tried has failed.

    Any ideas?

  3. Police say they found residue. So that’s their answer in justifies the dog killing? They’re really bad at this.

  4. I’ve posted links to dog killings on Facebook and peoples only reply to them is “But Pot makes you lazy.” Most lazy stoners I’ve known were lazy before they smoked pot. Which is more harmful, being slightly less motivated, or having your dog shot. When the laws become more harmful than the harms they were supposed to prevent, it is time to change the laws.

  5. Attention.

    Cops love to shoot dogs. It’s probobly standard operating procedure. How much longer is this going to be tolerated? It’s up to you.

  6. I discovered this morning, that I’m getting sicker at a MUCH faster rate.. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE grab a copy of this video and post it all over the place..
    Thanks in advance…!!

  7. I believe our police forces need more rigorous training in how to serve warrants and i believe there are to many murderers,robbers,rappist,and real drug dealers and drugies to chase other than the average joe that has been injured serveing his country,or any other person for that matter that smokes alittle marijauna, to have to worry about haveing one of his beloved animals or heaven forbid one of his family members to be shot over some peoples views of marijauna.It is sad that someone filling beter by smokeing a joint has such reprecutions as our country has!!!

  8. First the Missouri incident and now this one where an animal was shot and killed. Why do police have a fetish for killing animals? Where the F is PETA when you need them….PETA likes to jump on everyone else for animal torture, but when cops shoot a dog PETA is no where to be found…weird.

  9. I like all these comments where people say…If a cop did that to me I would……

    Shaadduuuuup….you wouldn’t do nothin’ (except get mad and hop on your computer LOL!

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