NORML SHOW LIVE coverage of HIGH TIMES 1st Medical Cannabis Cup in San Francisco

If you’re unable to make it to the first ever HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup in San Francisco, you can still catch NORML SHOW LIVE’s coverage of Saturday and Sunday’s events live streaming on the web.

Just visit between Noon and 10pm Pacific this weekend. We’ll have coverage grow seminars by Nico Escondido, Danny Danko, and Jorge Cervantes plus all of the speakers and performers. At 2:30pm both days we’ll be bringing you a condensed version of NORML SHOW LIVE, with federal medical marijuana patient Irv Rosenfeld as our guest Saturday and medical marijuana pioneer Dr. Frank Lucido as our guest on Sunday.

NORML Founder Keith Stroup and NORML Outreach Coordinator Russ Belville will be there tabling for NORML as well. Stop by our live stream, create yourself a Stickam account, and ask your questions of our host and guests. It’s the next best thing to being there!

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  1. With all the freedom of marijuana now, how could it NOT be legalized in California this November?

  2. For all of you guys outside of California . Keep your earings & bellbottoms at home . Yeah , i know your trying to look cool & it’s really hip where your from but earings went out of style here in 1990 . Bellbottoms in the 80’s . You’ll just be identified as an outsider or tourist trying to look ridiculous rather than cool .

  3. Hey… #3 poster… why can’t I dress the way I want to? 🙁

    Maybe next you’ll tell me I can’t smoke weed??

  4. New york new york new york new york new york new york new york new york new york new york new york new york new york new york new york, we smoke way more here and we approve support marijuana legalization. 70% to be exact. what about new york ?

  5. here ill be the first to post a related video

    check out this debate its one of the best i have seen

    also poster #3 who cares what people wear. why do you care so much about it ? are you a stylist or something ? anyways i think people should wear whatever they want and i personally wear stuff that makes me look lame just because im uncool like that and your not.

  6. In The End

    When you wonder about your tax dollar

    When you wonder about your gift

    Cannabis and Emancipation

    It is time to think about The New World

    Do you want to become a citizen?

  7. Let me just say that i hope you will forewarn me before going back – east or elsewhere outside of California if i were to visit your State wearing an Hawaiian shirt with blue jeans and wasn’t wearing earrings or super ultra baggy pants or bellbottoms . Likewise ; i would look like a foreigner too or like some weird person from another planet .
    I never said you can’t dress liuke you want nor did i say ” you can’t smoke weed ” .

  8. “Radley Balko of Reason magazine says more than a hundred police SWAT raids are conducted every day. Does the use of illicit drugs really justify the militarization of the police, the violent disregard for our civil liberties and the overpopulation of our prisons?”

    why is this still happening?

  9. Thank You Mr. Obvious for posting those videos. That one person in the audience had a great question (which the opponent position dodged with the vet card): Why did the federal government need a constitutional amendment to prohibit alcohol from 1920 to 1933, and not for the rest of currently prohibited drugs?

    See The Harrison Act.

  10. 1 Tennesse Activist

    Rebel with a Cause has got it absolutely right.

    1 to 3

    That’s where we should take the fight – Health and Human Services. Make them prove what they claim. We should demand proof that it is a schedule I substance. It has never been a schedule I substance, it is not now a schedule I substance, and it will never be a schedule I substance. Anyone who claims that it is has bats in their bellfree.

  11. Mr Anonymous, post #3. I loged on to read about the cup and what the people there thought. what makes you think, I would want to fool people into thinking I’m a local. Tennesseean’s are just cool, we don’t need your input,as to our actions, or dress.

    I would go for decrim which looks like it’s ready to happen. But the Feds may not let your law stand. I guess we’ll see. I have been waiting on this day since 1969. I was in Or. in 1973.

    Tommy no one can tell you what to do unless you let them

    Great cup guys and thanks for the video

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