A Couple Of Recent Studies The Mainstream Media Forgot To Mention

Investigators and pundits alike are fond of calling for ‘more research’ into the safety and efficacy of marijuana and its active compounds. Ironically, when such calls are heeded and new research is published, nobody wants to talk about it.

For example, researchers at the State University of New York (SUNY), Upstate Medical University in Syracuse published data in the June issue of the journal Pharmacology concluding that the administration of the plant cannabinoids delta-8-THC and delta-9-THC halted cellular respiration and tumor growth in human oral cancer cells. Specifically, investigators reported that cannabinoids were a “potent inhibitor” of Tu183 human cancer cells, a notoriously difficult to treat type of oral cancer.

Of course, this is hardly the first time that pot’s compounds have been demonstrated to possess anti-cancer properties. As has been widely reported here and elsewhere, US government researchers were first aware of this finding over 35 years ago, and today there exist published scientific studies demonstrating that cannabinoids can inhibit the proliferation of a wide range of cancers — including brain cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, pancreatic cancer, biliary tract cancer, and lymphoma. Nonetheless, abstract prohibitionist concerns regarding marijuana’s supposed cancer risk continue to dominate the headlines while actual scientific studies debunking these allegations tend to go unnoticed.

Similarly, preclinical data published online last week in the journal Cell Communication and Signaling reported that the administration of the non-psychoactive cannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD) increases adult neurogenesis (the active production of new neurons) in laboratory animals. Authors speculated that cannabis’ pro-neurogenic effects may explain why the plant appears to be useful in the treatment of certain neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s disease or ALS.

As I wrote last week, to date there are now over 20,000 published studies or reviews in the scientific literature pertaining to marijuana and its active compounds — making marijuana the most studied plant on Earth. But what’s the point in further research if nobody even bothers to pay attention to the research that’s already been done?

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  1. @14 Del Rabia””I will say this though, if they can show how it can be safely administered and it can cure cancer, I am all for it.””

    Question: If cannabis doesn’t cure cancer do you still support the continued assault on medical and non medical users by law enforcement and society as a whole? If so what’s your rational for keeping people from using it freely?

    This strikes me as pure insanity. We’re discussing a non-toxic, fairly safe substance that can possibly shrink tumors and it’s illegal in most states to even study.

  2. @36 Paul Revere – Your theory is interesting! But I don’t think you’ve come to a correct conclusion. I don’t think that people smoking marijuana prior to prohibition significantly reduced cancer – although I do believe that in today’s world it may help to prevent it. What I believe has caused cancer victim’s number to take a giant jump in the last few decades is because of radioactive fallout from nuclear testing… All Government approved!

  3. Studies have proven that using marijuana regularly, smoking a single joint a day, can suppress the immune system dramatically. Not only does it cause damage within the lungs by damaging the cells that protect the lungs from harmful organisms we breathe in, but it also is an immunosuppressant in all systems of the body which lowers our resistance to organisms that attack the cells of our body and cause illnesses.

    [Paul Armentano responds: False. The latest clinical trial on this subject establishes that inhaled cannabis does NOT compromise the immune system — even in subjects who are already immuno-compromised.


    “Effects of Medicinal Cannabis on CD4 Immunity in AIDS”

    Rachel Schrier, Ph.D., University of California, San Diego

    The aim of this study was to determine if cannabis might suppress the immune system in individuals with HIv. This is an important question since already fragile immunity is characteristic of AIDS and other serious illness where cannabis might be used.

    Results of the study are being prepared for publication. Briefly, immune system cells (CD4+ white blood cells) obtained from 15 individuals with AIDS participating in another study were exposed to three concentrations of THC in tests of their functional “competence.” There was no evidence of acute impair- ment of immune function at concentrations achievable in living humans. These results parallel other research showing that short-term cannabis administration does not diminish the circulating number of this white blood cell essential for immunity.]

  4. There are some real issues with our current government. What has happened to following the constitution?

  5. Also, if we want to go on strike, I think that everyone who supports Marijuana if possible should move to California. Maybe there could be some huge strikes, you could easily rally supporters because if it became legal you could actually go door to door and ask if there are people who smoke marijuana that would like to join your campaign without being arrested (as long as you did not go on someone’s private property).

  6. What we have here is a real complicated problem, Newspaper mediums, Synthetic Medicine, Fossil Fuels, all incorporated into a countless number of obsolete innovations when the crippling fact of creative destruction fell upon the ears of early industrialists. The intellectual property that came out of the side stepping the local, accessible and more sustainable driven resources have hindered the ability for an entrepreneur to observe market conditions and implement efficient means decentralized to a local scale and formulated around a positive social standard naturally forced by through market dynamics. The problem like I said is complicated, it is an economic system of fractional reserve banking which substitutes gold for taxes in backing currency…………The problem has an origin around the Federal Reserve, the derivatives have accumulated and a disease has manifested on this planet, a disease that formed in the mass conscious of powers that be when first recognizing the power of commerce.

    The solution is simple and easy, one word… Permaculture.

  7. by the way…. be very careful on supporting George Soros… he is the hedge for tobacco and big oil to introduce cannabis to industrialization and steer it away from local producers. George Soros is a very powerful elite and a hard advocate of SDR (world currency)

  8. so i would guess our wonderful government kept some interesting records of these folks lucky enough to recieve quite a surplus of the remedy…..wonder how all of these folks are doing these days..where can we go to get that information.of course,i probably would not believe much of it if it came from our wonderful, trusting government.it probably would be just the oppisite of any independent testing.i will enjoy reading irvins book. thank you for the heads up an thank all yall who step out for the right to self medicate. peace to yas…

  9. the media focuses on celebrities and sports. the war is hardly ever mentioned of and never mind marijuana research. the only thing the govt wants you to know about is what silly thing paris hilton has done lately. i for one am baffled in society for not standing up and saying something. i have attention deficit disorder and believe it or not but inhalation of mj smoke helps me so much it’s just funny. all i’m saying is speak up, stand up, and stop the abuse of govt power. seriously, ever heard of anyone die from smoking pot? Great article.

  10. Paul Armentano DESTROYING another brainwashed zombie.

    You can’t suppress the FACTS and the TRUTH. Suppressing it is just making us stronger.

  11. There is a way for us to stop this once and for all. It’s called JURY NULLIFICATION. It’s a legal term..

    Alcohol prohibition ended partly because jurers refused to convict people charged with drinking, possession..etc

    You see, as American citizens we have more than one vote. We have the ballot box, every two or four years..and the jury “box”.

    You have a constitutional right to judge the facts of the case AND the law..When you go through the jury selection process, according to the 1974 supreme court ruling, judges and attorney are not oligated to inform jurers of the right of nullification.

    Please go to You Tube or google and look for “Jury Nullificatiion”. We need to stand outside of the court buildings of America, in our cities, counties and inform those who about to serve on a jury, of their right to nullify / aquit.

    All it takes is ONE jurer, to hang a jury. “Hung Jury”..just one enlighten jurer can save his or her fellow Americans from being destroyed by the government for possessing a plant.

    The defendant can be “guilty” as sin..doesn’t matter.The law is wrong, it’s immoral, unconstitutional, hence defendant goes free.

    Can you imagine what would happen if the government was unable to get a conviction on any “Marijuana” related case? END OF PROHIBITION.

    We need to add this to our arsenal and not just rely on the ballot box.


  12. its all about the money, not the weed. until people get that thru their heads, weed will never be legal. yall gotta fight for it, just like the drinkers did.

  13. http://www.examiner.com/x-29881-Philadelphia-NORML-Examiner~y2010m7d8-NJ-Cannabis-scientist-will-address-medical-marijuana-group

    NJ: Cannabis scientist will address medical marijuana group
    July 8, 12:06 AM · Chris Goldstein – Philadelphia NORML Examiner

    Cannabinoid Scientist Jahan Marcu

    Jahan Marcu is performing cutting edge research at Temple University into the unique chemical components of the marijuana plant called cannabinoids. Marcu will be a featured speaker on Tuesday July 13th at The Coalition for Medical Marijuana New Jersey (CMMNJ) monthly meeting.

    Cannabinoids are what give cannabis its medically beneficial capabilities. Different breeds of modern marijuana contain fairly predictable levels of various cannabinoids.

    Delta-9 THC is a molecule created by the cannabis plant that creates the euphoric effect or ‘high’ when ingested. THC is just one of the dozens of cannabinoids so far discovered.

    What makes these substances so unique is that we have a built in cannabinoid receptor system. Our body produces its own types of endocannabinoids and marijuana is the only plant that produces exogenous cannabinoids.

    Researchers know that many of the cannabinoids in marijuana have powerful medical properties. Some like cannabidiol or CBD have no euphoric effect. Because of federal prohibition, intensive research into the clinical uses of these substances is difficult.

    Marcu is one of the few cannabinoid scientists in the country. This year he published a landmark paper on how cannabis can inhibit brain cancers. LINK http://cannabination.com/2010/01/12/published-study-shows-how-cannabis-inhibits-brain-cancer-asa-blog/

    Previously, Jahan investigated cannabinoid synergy at the California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute. He also lectured on the subject of cannabinoids at Cannabis Cooperatives and at New College of California. At San Francisco State University, he investigated the therapeutic applicability of whole plant cannabinoid ratios, correlating these ratios to effects reported by medical cannabis patients and in clinical trials.

  14. I have a question and you guys are much better about answering comments than e-mails… this isn’t directly related to the article, BUT

    If the federal government wins its lawsuit with Arizona (which states Arizona can’t pass an immigration law because there is a federal immigration law and it is the federal government’s job to enforce it not the state), does that then mean we can file lawsuits against states for having drug possession laws when it is clearly the federal government who should be prosecuting it? Doesn’t this, plus the historical act of NY ending alcohol prohibition 10 years early, take away the argument that cali can’t legalize because federal law supersedes state law?

    [Editor’s note: Immigration laws and Controlled Substances Act are not related at all. States choose to adopt the CSA guidelines…immigration is squarely a federal duty, since no state has ever legalized a federally-banned drug (NY during alcohol prohibition cease to enforce the laws and deferred to the federal agents, but Gov. Al Smith didn’t re-legalize alcohol), only appellate and Supreme Court decisions will tell us in the future if a state can lawfully deviate from federal policies.]

  15. http://www.californiaprogressreport.com/site/?q=node/7935

    By Margaret Dooley-Sammuli
    Drug Policy Alliance

    Many of us don’t remember a time before the drug war. It’s hard to imagine a world in which hundreds of thousands of Americans were not arrested, and many of them incarcerated, every year for simple drug possession. It’s hard to imagine, too, a world in which funding for drug treatment flowed as readily as funding for prisons currently does.

  16. http://marijuanabusinessreporter.com/?p=376

    “Arguably one of the least pretentious artistic endeavors to originate in France, La Vie en Verte commits to video an unprecedented take on the American marijuana collective experience. This low-budget enterprise guides its audience through the story of WAMM, the Wo/Men’s Alliance for Medical Marijuana, with disarming simplicity: Sick people ingest cannabis and get better, until conflict with a contentious outside world brings them to fight.”

  17. We all know marijuana has great medicinal properties and has effects on a large spectrum of diseases. However, why would the government allow a natural plant to destroy what pharmaceutical companies have been working so hard for. Marijuana is not harmful to humans, it’s harmful to big business like the pharmaceutical industry

  18. Pretty much all people involved in the reform movement are aware of the abysmal job the MSM has done on it’s reporting concerning the failed drug war.After just having watched yet another hit job by MSNBC I am frustrated and I think it’s about time for an organized and focused effort to call them out on this.
    MSNBC just aired a less than one minute report that the legalization initiative in California’s “pot” initiative is “going up in smoke” because of a poll that puts it at 48% oppose and 44% support.Funny,I didn’t see any coverage when the polls showed 53% support After that they aired a story,including a report from a correspondent that lasted about 5 minutes on some person named Meg Chapman and her marriage to a Russian citizen.Who???…Why???…is this urgent news that is more important than California doing something to help their financial crisis??
    Many liberals like alot of what MSNBC does but as far as their coverage of the failed drug war they are at the same level as William Randolph Hearst’s yellow journalism campaign against the evil hemp…er,I mean MARIHUANA.
    I think it’s time to target this one network and call them out for supporting the prohibitionist propaganda.Almost every personality on MSNBC including Olbermann, Maddow and Dylan Ratigan have given lopsided time to prohibitionists like Barry “the liar” McCaffrey while being incapable of even airing a piece about industrial hemp without the obligatory lame Cheech and Chong joke.
    I am asking that an organized write-in campaign be conducted with the help of reform groups.Sure we can call for a boycott of MSNBC but not many people would participate and how would we even know if it had any effect.But maybe if people voiced their concern they would at least seriously report on the Industrial Hemp Farming Act which has languished in congress for years.Maybe they would consider questioning democrats who want to get their faces on the tube to call for alternative energy sources and new green jobs about how they are killing H.R. 1866 in committee.
    I have written to Rachel Maddow,Chris Matthews,Dylan Ratigan and Ed Shultz about this but I am only one person,we need to band together and let them know that they are alienating a big part of their viewing base with their behavior on this issue.I don’t want to pick on MSNBC but I think a focused effort on one network who claims to come down on the liberal side of the issues would be the most effective way to try to bring change to the way this issue is covered…or should I say not covered.

    Thanks for all you do

  19. we are in a war not of our own choosing. act accordingly.

    remember, that an army of lovers can’t be whupped.

    & keep firing yo cannabinoid receptors.


  20. The marijuana band started because of rumors about immigrants who happened to smoke weed went on a some killing spree and they blamed the weed. Legalizing marijuana would definitely help our economy. There would be countless nationwide jobs available and less crime if weed was legalized. The Government makes to much money on fines and could still make just as much or more by taxing legal marijuana like they do cigarettes. Do you know of anybody that would shoot someone for a pound of cigarettes????

  21. They should ban cigarettes and legalize marijuana but then the population would grow too much and too fast because not enough people would die from lung cancer. China Throws their children (girls) into the river so they don’t have to pay additional taxes to the government to keep population down. This is how our government keeps the us population numbers lower.

  22. I totally agree with mntnman444 when she writes of the abysmal coverage by the MSM. They are supposed to report the news – not influence policy. But influence policy they do (I think knowingly so) by choosing what to report and who to interview. It’s just not right! But then the various law enforcement agencies do the same thing. They are supposed to enforce the law, but they pick and choose which ones to enforce. I think they’d rather bust a peaceful marijuana smoker instead of going after someone who has committed identity theft (especially when it means that doing so could mean many thousands of federal dollars will come their way if they bust enough of us). So, it’s pretty disgusting the way things work in this country. That’s also why this is such a hard battle to win. We all donate what we can to help the cause, but compared to what the Feds have to work with (our tax dollars), our funds are puny by comparison.
    Let’s all continue doing what we can. Let’s not give up. Write to our leaders expressing your concerns. Write to the news agencies expressing same… Participate in the numerous marijuana related blogs that are out there (just do a google news search with marijuana as the key word and you’ll find plenty). I find that typically when I go to these blogs, they are almost always 90% plus pro-marijuana legalization. I’m sure President Obama finds this humorous – he doesn’t seem to think much of the internet community!
    I think it would be great of NORML could provide all of us with a list of people in the Govt and News that should be contacted. I’m talking about names, emails, addresses, who they are and why they should be contacted… etc… That just might make a difference.

    One more thing, like Matt (post #65), I have not got responses to questions I have emailed to NORML. In particular, I would like to know about NORML’s membership numbers. How many members are there currently and how many have there been in previous years? Is this a secret? I haven’t been able to find the answer. I’m curious to know if we are a large group or a small group in the eyes of our Govt.
    Thank you for helping this cause and for considering my ideas.

    [Paul Armentano responds: “I think it would be great of NORML could provide all of us with a list of people in the Govt and News that should be contacted. I’m talking about names, emails, addresses, who they are and why they should be contacted… etc… That just might make a difference.”

    NORML already provides this information. You can contact your individual state and federal representatives, as well as local media here:
    NORML also posts specific action alerts at this same link.]

  23. I’m 60 years old. My experience with smoking MJ began after returning from Vietnam in 1971. Since that time, In my varied career, I have been exposed to countless materials that are known to be cancer causing. I have had dozens and dozens of severe sunburns troughtout my 30 years of going to the California desert.

    Yet, I have no cancers of any kind to date. I attribute this to my use of MJ. I too agree that our politians bear responsibility for the thousands of people who may have been helped if only they had known about its medical value.

    The feds should read their history books. Alchohol prohibition was ended because of the huge amount of tax money the feds lost during that time.

  24. whatever happened to the promises? how did we ever get to the way life is?
    whatever happened to America? how did we ever get to the way things are?
    you lied to me girl, all the things you said we could be ya! you changed on meeeee and baby that was just cold, it’s like your made of stone

  25. Girl of stone

    you stand there on your pedistel looking fine as you can be but all you know is what there telling you as the puppet masters pull their strings. you stand there looking so pretty, far as the eyes can see, but all you want is my money as your heart is filled with greed how can you tell me of the things we can have, how can you tell me we have half a chance, you lied to me your like a girl of stone, it’s like your made of coal. your 80% made of copper, you say you have a heart of gold but as the puppet masters pull their strings now it seems your blood is made of oil. you talk about life and liberty and persute of happiness, all I have to do is change my life and conform to your ways. you talk about unfair labor relations and people can have good jobs but thats only if I conform to your ways and follow all of your rules.you lied to me girl all the things you said we could be ya, you changed on meee and baby that was just cold, it’s like your made of stone how can you tell me all the things we can have, how can you tell me we have half a chance, you lied to me , your like a girl of stone, it’s like your made of coal, with the blood of oil! now whatever happened to life liberty and persute of happiness as long as you don’t hurt the rights of others you can follow all of your dreams, your 80% made of copper you say you have
    a heart of gold but you lied too me cause your heart’s been sold! oh oh oh oh oh wohwohwhowoh

    this plant is far more than just for medicine!
    as an intelligent society we need to look honestly and seriously at all we can do with this plant. I feel our parents and grandparents have been snubbed by our government with the highest decree of retort, this law against cannabis hemp is a farce because it was made up of lies and mis informations to get ride of the petroleum competition but our lives are at stake here !! we need unity and precision to educate of the true facts of this plants potential and cut their green strings
    we need cash flow and a annually renewable natural resource to create competition to the dirty ways of the day( fossil fuel) create jobs and keep americans that have jobs working this plant can do all that and far more. I am 55 and I also feel 34 inside and have never been seriously sick a day in my life only thing I am sick about is where is america!!!

  26. to #77-lb dude
    ive been at it for bout thirty years.never had any real issues with my skin until after i was forced to quit consuming cannabis through drug testing. (16 months) in the last 4 months…my skin is changing alot. ill be goin to a specialist soon to see whats up. ive always felt a couple hits a day or two days have been a benefit to me health wise…..as well as improve my quality of mind through mental peace…something else that has been missing….sucks that people who dont use it dont understand…….

  27. It’s not enough!
    to simply say “God created cannabis.” It is however enough to prove that statement true by referencing it in the scriptures of every religion. Of course, the proof will be easily rejected by atheists, agnostics, seculars [its relation to God], and denounced by those of faith who do not accept the scriptures [as written], or who [alter] the word of God to suit their own interpretation. But – when all is said and done –
    “There it is in Genesis I:29, 30, 31.” In the end it makes no difference what anybody [not a single soul] says – it’s a matter of individual faith which is trust and belief.

    Then too, ther are those who do not realize that God also created a endo-cannabinoid system. Pray tell – what for – if not to go hand in hand with God’s plant and sacrament. Finally, God’s creation includes “the entire package” – the plant /sacrament, the endo-cannabinoid system, and the physical production of anandamide. Whether by God or nature – what more proof does one want. God even gave us the set of instructions in the scriptures – Genesis I;29, 30 ,31 as proof positive of God’s intent. Jesus was even baptized/anointed with kaneh bosm.

    God bless you, keep you well, and stay sted-fast in your belief system.

  28. Not so much a full out cure for cancer, more of a preventative medicine against it. a preventative medicine that the government denies us access to because of stupid propaganda and convention. The DEA is killing people.

  29. It seems that pot has this quality of opening people’s thinking to new ideas. Can’t have that going on in this country; if legal consumption is permitted, it might lead to outbreaks of freedom and other such prohibited acts.

  30. Im diabetic 43 yrs old and after reding several medical reports started I taking notes on my own consumption of marijuana. If i smoke it most the time it has no effect on my sugar but if I eat it in a cookies or brownie I have to consume OJ Funny huh eat a brownie sugar level goes down I think we need more studies and less condemnation!!!!!!!

  31. I don’t think the government wants a cure for cancer, or any other life threatening disease, because they are trying to thin us out as it is!! Why would they want to help us live longer???
    The “home of the free” has been falling apart.
    I’m up for the fight!

  32. We just got to keep putting it in their faces. The FACTS cannot be ignored forever and by everyone. The number of American’s using or have used cannabis is at times staggering. Perhaps if we all marched on Washington..Perhaps we would be dowsed with water hoses and simply brushed aside as hippies. But none the less we must keep fighting the fight. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

  33. I think its bullshit that the government thinks its okay to lie to us….. Cannabis will change the world for the better u want peace u will never come more close 2 peace then obviously legalizing pot. Yes their r positives and negatives but i bet the positives out weigh the negatives by a whole hell of allot… Go on u pansies try it end our recession, create, jobs help the sick stop being pricks.

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