White House Press Secretary thinks “professional left” who criticize Obama “ought to be drug tested”

Washington political news outlet The Hill reports on the recent “professional left” remarks made by the Obama White House’s press secretary Robert Gibbs.  Gibbs was expressing frustration at progressive activists who are complaining that the president hasn’t lived up to campaign promises on a number of issues.

The press secretary dismissed the “professional left” in terms very similar to those used by their opponents on the ideological right, saying, “They will be satisfied when we have Canadian healthcare and we’ve eliminated the Pentagon. That’s not reality.”

“I hear these people saying he’s like George Bush. Those people ought to be drug tested,” Gibbs said. “I mean, it’s crazy.”

I don’t disagree that comparing Obama to Bush is crazy; Bush could push the exact bill he wanted through Congress and Obama can pronounce “nuclear”.  It’s the “drug users are crazy” slur, the “drug test” variant of the “what have you been smoking?” that offends me.  It’s that joking about these drug tests that ruin thousands of lives is a response from an official addressing the disappointment in the president felt by the people who voted for him.  Considering the vast majority of people who use “drugs” are using cannabis and the tests for “drugs” most often find cannabis metabolites, he’s talking about us, the 22 million* Americans who will use cannabis this year.

Full disclosure: I am one of the “professional left”** and attended that Netroots Nation conference Gibbs is obliquely referencing, representing NORML on a marijuana policy panel.

But NORML is a non-partisan organization, just as arresting marijuana consumers is a bi-partisan shame (4.9 million under Clinton, 6.2 million under Bush, but Clinton’s overall increase in the annual rate was +90% from beginning to end of his term while Bush’s was +17% between 2001 and 2008; we still await the 2009 final year arrest numbers which chronicle the marijuana arrests from the year before… think of the graph as “arrests up to 2009”, not “arrests up to and including 2009”.)

Gibbs said the professional left is not representative of the progressives who organized, campaigned, raised money and ultimately voted for Obama.

Well, we know what President Obama and Robert Gibbs think of those of us who “ought to be drug tested”, especially us online activists in the “professional left” who helped get him elected.  We’re chuckled at when we suggest legalizing marijuana (see videos below), even as more than half of America on some polls – not just Left Blogsylvania – are beginning to think it is a damn good idea and California is voting on the issue this November.

Legalization is more popular than the Congress and the President – who once, like us, was just one bust away from being “Barry the Drug Criminal” for life – so maybe equating our criticisms of government to drug-induced psychosis isn’t the smartest political move.

This is not to ignore the millions of cannabis consumers who find themselves on the right side of the aisle, the Libertarians and true small government, personal responsibility, states rights Republicans, who we count as our ideological allies in ending adult marijuana prohibition.  There are 102 million of us who’ve tried cannabis, including the last three presidents and eight of fifteen of the last major party candidates for president and vice president.***  Right now, our issue is the only thing on which members of the Tea Party and the Netroots Nation can agree on.  Somebody is going to get wise and start courting our votes.

* Remember these are numbers from a government-sponsored survey where an anonymous pollster surveys random strangers by telephone to ask whether they currently are violating state and federal law… so you might want to adjust upward a bit.  For comparison’s sake, there are more adults in America who will smoke pot this year than there are adult African-Americans in this country.

** And yes, I would be satisfied with Canadian health care, thank you very much!  My insurance premiums went up 24% this year!

*** The admitted / strongly suspected (Danforth, we’re looking your way…) marijuana users are italicized:

1992 Clinton / Gore vs. Bush / Quayle
1996 Clinton / Gore vs. Dole / Kemp
2000 Bush / Cheney vs. Gore / Lieberman
2004 Bush / Cheney vs. Kerry / Edwards
2008 Obama / Biden vs. McCain / Palin

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  1. republicans are 1,000 % against ending prohibition.
    (evil, arrogant, win-at-any-cost, ass holes and closet queens, who drink heavily to be able to live with themselves)
    (their symbol should not be a elephant, it should be two GIANT BALLS !!)

    democrats may be on our side in theory,
    but THEY WILL NOT DO IT !!
    they have NO BALLS !!
    (their symbol should not be a donkey, it should be a PUSSY !!)

    So, where does that leave US ??


    GREEN PARTY has been against prohibition for years, and “GREEN” is very popular now.

    in the minds of the public, green equals good health, a clean environment, renewable resources, reducing waste and pollution, plants and trees growing and making oxygen, sustainable agriculture, etc.
    all of these are 100% compatable with legalizing marijuana.

    (the fact that even big polluters are trying to “green” their image shows green is a very good / positive image)


    even 15% will be enough to wake up the democrats, and force their hand.

    of eligible voters;
    only 20% vote dem.
    only 20% vote rep.

    since the 40% is split 20% dem. / 20% rep.,
    we outnumber them three to one !! (3 x 20 = 60)

    so tell me why it is impossible for 60% to get a mere 15% to force their hands, or 21% to win.

    oh, yeah, i remember, “we would be wasting our votes”.
    BULLSH!T !!!

    GO GREEN !!!

  2. Ticker: Obama aide under fire


    Look at the article, it’s the brief version of the story. Look at Gibbs actually stick his tongue out in a clownish, distracting way.

    This is a distraction tactic that puts heat on an aide and not the president. It distracts from the main point.

    And Gibbs’ distraction serves what purpose? It is better than saying that Obama can’t keep campaign promises because he simply does not have the power to do so. The germane question is: Why is Mr. Obama not choosing not to follow through with certain promises to his fellow Americans?

    It’s not all concern about reelection.

    The day he arrived at the White House, he was told how things are and who answers to whom. They did this to JFK too

    [Russ responds: Somebody has been listening to the late great Bill Hicks…]

  3. @Matt W #43 – I like what you have to say! But in this forum, the people you really want this message to go out to probably won’t ever be aware of it. You should send this message straight to the Senate, Congress, and to President Obama himself. I’ve done that a few times and, of course, have got no response. But, if enough people do just that, I don’t think they can just continue to ignore all of us…

  4. Isn’t it amazing how the President and so many Officials can admit to using marijuana and a few years down the road, BOOM, they support busting people for the same thing they choose.


  5. Here’s hoping California legalizes weed and tosses more sand into the gears of prohibition.

  6. he says that marijuana should not be legalized

    he meant its up to the states to determine the legalization/decriminalization of cannabis

    notice all the medical marijuana dispensaries opening up in the east coast

  7. president obama wants people to stand up from their lazy couches and fight the power.

    “change” will be done as long as the people demand it.

    get out there in the streets and scream your lungs out for the righteous.

  8. I’m with # 50. Nothing scares the DNC as much as liberals saying thier voting Green this time around. Hold the Dems feet to the fire, but do so aware of the repucusions, MJ reform will lose ground under the next Repub regime, You know it, I know it, and the american people know it.
    One other thing though, imagine you were at a friends house and their 4 year old little girl was crying and you asked her why. Because ,,sob,,,sob,,, last year someone laughed at me.
    Wouldn’t you tell this angelic little one, most deserving of compassion. ” Dear worse things are gonna happen, your gonna need a little thicker skin.
    I know, I know, this comment will probably be censored.

  9. The 200,000-member United Food and Commercial Workers, Western States Council, on Wednesday announced its support for Proposition 19, the initiative to legalize marijuana in California.

    “The Western States Council is endorsing Proposition 19 based upon our previous support of the medical cannabis initiative, 1996’s Proposition 215,” George Landers, the council’s executive director, said in a statement. “We view Proposition 19 as an enhanced version of the previous proposition, that creates taxable revenue and produces jobs in agriculture, health care, retail and possibly textile. We further believe that the proposition will deprive narcotics traffickers of a significant source of criminal revenue.”

    Ron Lind, international president of the union, and Dan Rush of its Local 5 also spoke out in favor of Proposition 19.

    “The marriage of the cannabis-hemp industry and UFCW is a natural one,” said Rush. “We are an agriculture, food-processing and retail union, as is this industry.”

    The council is the political arm of UFCW in several Western states. It comprises the UFCW local unions in the states it covers.

  10. Lima’s in Eureka robbed for OxyContin

    ** these same Pharmacys in , Eureka have ” DRUG TESTING KITS ” for marijuana .They want you to believe marijuana is bad so you’ll buy and take their ” safe ” drugs Go figure .**

    Lima’s Professional Pharmacy in Eureka was robbed at gunpoint for the powerful narcotic OxyContin on Tuesday morning, underscoring a trend seen throughout the state.

    Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a report of an armed robbery shortly after 10 a.m. Tuesday and arrived on scene within minutes, but were unable to locate the armed suspect, who made off with more than $2,000 worth of the pills.

    According to employees, the suspect walked in, brandished his handgun and demanded OxyContin, a powerful and highly addictive pain medication. He was polite, however, according to Ramona Lima, who owns the pharmacy.

    ”He actually apologized when he left, and said he didn’t want to scare anybody,” Lima said. “He was very polite.”

    Lima — who wasn’t there at the time of the robbery but spoke extensively with employees who were — described the suspect as standing about 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighing about 160 pounds, with blondish brown hair and blue eyes. She said he looked to be in his 20s.

    A Sheriff’s press release said the suspect wore a black hat with a white Nike Michael Jordan logo, a black sweatshirt and dark jeans, and covered his face with a white material during the robbery

  11. When people say Obama is like Bush, they are just saying that not much has changed and I will agree with that. To be fair, Obama took over after the worst president ever dished out all manner of irresponsible tax cuts to the supremely wealthy, sent America to war based on WMD lies, allowed wire-tapping of Americans without a warrant to become normal practice, and established a way for the president to imprison any person, any person, as an “enemy combatant” and lock them up in secret prisons. There were no-bid contracts for friends paid to clean up the mess after leveling Iraq.

    Obama is not like that in that sense. But he is like many other politicians who aren’t following through with their promises. A person’s word is important and we need to trust our leaders (elected officials). I think Obama has integrity and wants to keep his word, I just don’t understand why he has so far quickly dismissed the issue, won’t even comment in detail about it. Is he so afraid what happened to Carter’s decriminalization plan will happen again? Especially since his health care plan is a quasi defeat as when the Clintons tried.

    Nevertheless Guantanamo is still open, he’s wishy-washy on the civil rights of gays regarding marriage and the military.

  12. Good! Let’s start with the Clinton Administration and end with the Obama Administyration. “Drug Tested.” He who lives in a glass housr – shouldn’t throw stones.

  13. MEET THE NEW BOSS, SAME AS THE OLD BOSS!!! We really need to push Obama and his administration to keep good on his promise to look at the failed war on drugs with a common sense attitude. The time has come for someone with real political clout to show America the truth. There are countless new studies raffirming the medicinal benefits that all major print and TV news companies fail to bring to light, yet you always hear about the “study that shows a link to schizophrenia or some other false negative symptom.” If the TEA PARTY believes in states rights so much why aren’t they standing up to the continued prosecution of law abiding citizens in states with medicinal laws. I am SOOOOO frustrated as a professional, productive member of society that I have to live in fear of outdated, misinformed, and racist laws. PLEASE WAKE UP AMERICA AND VOTE VOTE VOTE. The reason all these ridiculous laws are passed is those who support them tend to get a better turn out at the polls. ( CA prop 8 ) THE MAJORITY DOESN’T COUNT UNLESS THEY GET OUT AND VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I was driving to work this morning listening to the “Classic Rewind” channel on XM Radio and they played a 1969 song from Thungerclap Newman called “Something in the air”. It’s a nice song and I think you will appreciate the lyrics:

    Call out the instigators
    Because there’s something in the air
    We’ve got to get together sooner or later
    Because the revolution’s here,

    and you know it’s right
    And you know that it’s right

    We have got to get it together
    We have got to get it together now

    Lock up the streets and houses
    Because there’s something in the air
    We’ve got to get together sooner or later
    Because the revolution’s here,

    and you know it’s right
    And you know that it’s right

    We have got to get it together
    We have got to get it together now

    Hand out the arms and ammo
    We’re going to blast our way through here
    We’ve got to get together sooner or later
    Because the revolution’s here,

    and you know it’s right
    And you know that it’s right

    We have got to get it together
    We have got to get it together now

    Disclaimer: Please do not start handing out arms and ammo.

    Smoke On!

  15. Re: #40

    Nick, I hear you pal. I too believe the GOPers are and have historically proven themselves to be worse on this issue. That’s not to say that the Dems haven’t had their share of idiots. But GOPers can’t help themselves on some issues–and MJ by and large is just another of them.

    The good people at NORML do their best, I believe, to remain neutral on this subject, though lately, it seems, we see more examples on their part of transgressions by Dems. (Perhaps this is their effort to “balance” out the argument, I don’t know.) But I’m guessing they could find at least as many examples of GOP transgressions when it comes to MJ prohibition. I doubt they would have to look far beyond the borders of most Southern states–GOP red meat territory–to find examples.

  16. Russ,

    Re: Responds to 33. masterkyiron.

    If you do not think for a moment there is a whole host of individuals and organizations with vested interests in controlling every facet of the lives of every human on this planet, willing and able to do anything and everything to make that happen, you might want to check the fine print on your bingo card.

    [Russ responds: The host of individuals and organizations may have all the intent in the world, but controlling every facet of the lives of every human on the planet is just plain impossible. The effects of entropy and chaos alone are enough to shatter the godlike delusions of the most powerful.

    This is a big planet and 6.5 billion are a lot of people. There are also many very powerful individuals and organizations and governments with competing agenda and interests that would make “One World Order” impossible to achieve.

    Sorry, I just don’t buy the Masons / Bilderbergers / Tri-Lateral Commission / Illuminati paranoid conspiracy theories. We did land on the moon. Oswald killed Kennedy all by himself. 19 religious fanatics with box-cutters organized by a CIA-trained Saudi billionaire hijacked planes that took down the Twin Towers (isn’t that conspiracy enough?)

    I cringe every time I see the “New World Order” conspiracy nuts posting that craziness here on the NORML board. We fight day after day for legitimacy in the mainstream debate, trying to educate people about the very real conspiracies to keep cannabis prohibited, then the “New World Order” commenters allow our opponents to lump us in with the fake moon landing people.

    Let’s suppose the NWO conspiracies are correct. If so, what is the point of resisting? These guys have the governments of the world and all the billionaire industrialists on their side. They can fake moon landings, kill presidents, and terrify America with impunity. What’s the point of fighting that? Do you think if you educate enough people, the NWO will finally be unmasked? Then what? Then they get on TV and say, “Yup, it’s true, we’re the Illuminati and we own you all. What are you going to do about it?”

    Once upon a time, the president who brought us the War on Drugs engaged in a conspiracy at the highest levels of government to burglarize the hotel headquarters of the opposition party in order to fix the re-election for the president. They couldn’t even cover-up a break-in at the Watergate… and they’re going to control every facet of every person’s life on the planet?

    (“No, man, they flubbed Watergate on purpose, so that we’d think they aren’t capable of their true plans. Don’t you see? It’s just like how they planted all that fake moon landing conspiracy shit to make us look crazy! Have you ever looked at a dollar bill, man? Have you ever looked at it… on weeeeeeed?”)]

  17. The message is that if you speak out, they will desire to “out you” as a consumer of cannabis. We must show that we will not be silenced and we take these statements as threats to freedom of speech and not “jokes”. A campaign of rebuttals to all the Obama negative statements regarding marijuana should be made. Show these statements for what they really are, threats!

  18. While Neo-Liberals and Neo-Conservatives are different wings of the same rapturous bird of prey, there are great candidates on both side of the ‘aisle’ and in 3rd party groups like libertarian and green, that are pro-personal freedoms. I will vote for Ron Paul, Ralph Nader, Dennis Kuchinich, Andrew Napalitano, Tom Woods, Gary Johnson, or anyone else with the same integrity at every chance I can get.

    I will NEVER vote for a status quo mainstream Neo-Conservative/Neo-Liberal, including Obomber of course.

    If there are no decent choices, ALWAYS vote against the incumbent. At least let them know that their representation is not a career, especially if they do not represent their constituents. Even if you have to vote for an anti-incumbent who is no better than the incumbent, it will at least send that message, and I believe that is the best road to pave for honest candidates running for the office in the subsequent election.

  19. How can they say it wont create jobs? here is a list of potential jobs.
    1. Farming- the money for farming eqipment, and the plant can produce oxygen for humans and animals to breath at the same time.
    2. Transportaion- truck drivers, boat captians, airline pilots, and the mail industry.
    3. Retail- Open more of a job market for store managers, sale representatives, cashiers.
    4. Fuel – you can create Bio-Fuels from seed oils for the car industry, boost car sales for salesmen, and the oil companies for processing.
    5. clothing – create clothing for the stores like walmart, gordmans, all the shopes at the mall’s and more of a variety.
    6. paper- instead of chopping down trees, it produces paper for the local newspapers, offices for the copiers and at the same time it protects the enviorment.
    7. Cigars- creates more different flavores of smoking and is Alot healthier than tobacco. At the same time it saves lives. So, in other words, I encourage everyone to grow, vote, and legalize a 100% natural plant that is better, safer, and healthier than anything. Peace and not war.

  20. 65. Longtime Puffer

    Prohibs are not only against the bud, they’re against alcohol, tobacco, and most likely Rx drugs because the teen population is excessively hooked on Rx drugs now. I am just as concerned about our youth as anyone else, perhaps even more so. Perhaps we sould think about better parenting skills instead of blaming the bud. Oh! I know – tempers are rising as some or all read this – but – the truth is the truth.

  21. Agree with Nick #40 and Longtime #65– Russ’s chart show Republican voters over 20 points more anti-legalization than Dems and this doubtless represents what the Rep. pols are feeding them. Obama to survive has to borrow the States’ Rights idea from the Conservatives, which means so far the Holder declaration that the Feds don’t interfere if cannabis users are following State guidelines with Medical and all. If California voters say Yes on 19 his ass is covered and he need do nothing that will get him shot by the Big 2WackGo oligarchs.

    I agree strongly with the Green guy, the problem being that Green votes draw more from Dems than from Reps and the voting system is CORRUPT in that we have a Captive Primary System, with voters forced to declare their party preference and you can’t influence the outcome of the election by voting Green in a primary.

    It’s time to yell and scream and fund the Greens but, for the time being, vote AGAINST everything Republican which may mean FOR the Dems. (And if you aren’t in California send more money to drown opposition to 19 as the Internet uniquely drowned McCain in ’08.)

    Also, the best way to help the Green Party is to campaign for Electoral Reform, among the options being Instant Runoff.

    The Gorilla in the Room against cannabis legalization is Big 2WackGo, not just because 100 million families raising their own cannabis will “undersell” its
    toxic niggotine tobackgo, but because if there really is such a thing as new more powerful modern “one-toke” skunkweed, the practice of cannabis users serving 25-mg. single tokes in a one-hitter or a vaporizer will kill off the greatest industrial disaster of the last 10,000 years, the 6,000,000-deaths-per-year cash cow 700-mg. hot burning overdose $igarette format which is the basis of their profit margin, due to tobackgo addicts getting wise and imitating the cannabinists and taking up dosage management equipment.

    Check the recent Alternet story mentioning John Boehner’s “close associate” John Fish, described as an “in-house lobbyist for R. J. Reynolds”, to get an idea who will be in charge after November 2 and what will happen to riefer legalization if we play around and fail to defeat every Republican within reach, especially Congressional candidates, just because of anger at Gibbs or whatever.

    [Russ responds: You’re right about Democratic vs. Republican voters support of legalization. My point was that the party politicians are about equal in opposing legalization. Remember, “legalization” isn’t even in the Democratic president’s vocabulary.

    If you really want Greens, Libs, and other third parties to have a chance, the problem is the math. Our winner-take-all system mathematically ensures that we will always be two-party, whether that’s Dem/GOP or Yangs/Kohms or Federation/Klingon.

    Instant run-off was suggested, but it has most the same mathematical issues as winner-take-all. The best hope for third (fourth, fifth!) parties is a system called Range Voting (rangevoting.org).

    In this system, you score candidates like an ice skating judge in the Olympics (minus the collusion and fraud). You vote or don’t vote for each candidate on a scale (say 1-10). Say it’s 2000 and your choices are Bush, Gore, Nader. You want Nader, but you know in your state a Nader vote equals a vote lost for Gore and a state won for Bush. If you vote your conscience, the guy you least want (Bush) wins. If you vote strategically for Gore, both the guy you hated and the guy you wanted lose.

    We also continue to get Dems whose strategy (with respect to gays, environmentalists, cannabis consumers, and others on the Left) and Repubs whose strategy (with respect to pro-lifers, religious conservatives, small gov’t Libs, and others on the Right) seems to be “Well, you’re not going to vote for the other guy, now, are you?”

    With the Range Voting in 2000, you could have voted Nader=10, Gore=9, Bush=1. Everyone’s vote scores are summed, but even if you were the only guy to give Nader anything over a 5, you didn’t hand the election to Bush, because your 9 helped Gore eventually win.

    The math of Range Voting guarantees that the most acceptable candidate to the greatest number of voters is selected. It is the math nature uses to help honeybees pick the best location for a hive and ants pick the best location for their nest. It has been chosen by evolutionary pressure as the best way for a multitude of individuals to make the choice that best predicts the survival of the group.

    Which is why we’ll never have it. Makes too much sense, is scientifically and mathematically valid, and requires people to think too much. Some people couldn’t handle a butterfly ballot in West Palm Beach in 2000… and I want them to make multiple numerical choices on every candidate on the ballot?]

  22. Oh , Oh…..here it comes . The Radio ads are heating up out here in Cali. As usual ” it’s about the kids ” crap and this morning i heard that if Marijuana is legalized this November there will be more work place accidents and employees will be coming to work stoned . Legalizing won’t change anything since employers required drug testing before you can even be hired most anywhere nowadays . Getting stoned on the job is like saying getting drunk on the job .If it impairs you – you won’t do it & why aren’t people coming to work stoned now ? Nothing will change except the State getting more & more in tax revenue . Helping to get Drunk drivers off the road . Decreasing health care costs to the State . Decreased criminal costs . All combined saving the State billions .

    Nice try , Drug & alcohol Companies !!!

  23. Note ; the children ( child ) they bring into the video while there is absolutely nothing being said about pharmaceuticals or anyone standing in line with legal drugs or Alcohol . This is such B.S. it makes me want to puke in anger .

  24. The more i think about these ads the more comes to mind & so i got to make another comment . Two mornings ago i heard on National Radio talk show ( i won’t mention the Drunk’s name )that if Marijuana is legalized then child abuse will increase .This is the most stupidist thing i ever heard .Family and spousal abuse starts with
    Alcohol .Marijuana is the last thing to cause this or any kind of violence . These ads are nothing more than lies so you’ll keep drinking your Jack and taking those readily available drugs at your local Pharmacy .

  25. Let’s see Obama Forcefully Backs Mosque Plan Near Ground Zero Site but hmmmmmmm snickers and laughs about YOUR FREEDOM when it come’s to what u want to smoke soooooo u can smoke people fight a ten year war over the people smoking in the end you can cross the line with church and state but no freedom to smoke pot

  26. re; # 58;
    a “4 year old little girl was crying and you asked her why. Because ,,sob,,,sob,,, last year someone laughed at me.”

    BULLSH!T !!!

    #1. WE (the pot smokers) put him there (donations, campaigning, and voting) BECAUSE he PROMISED to REFORM the law, moving to a health-based system, instead of the current criminal system.
    if all pot smokers had voted against him, he would have LOST.

    #2. HE FUC*ED US, and by laughing at us, he was ADMITTING that HE PLAYED US FOR FOOLS, and has no intention to even LISTEN to us anymore.
    i thought we were finally past the ‘stoner’ jokes and laughing, and on to SERIOUS DISCUSSION of the OBVIOUS FACTS.
    he attempts to push us out of the mainstream, and back into the ‘lunatic fringe’ with his laughter.

    #3 if you paid in full for a car, and they never delivered it, and just laughed at you instead, how long would you stay angry ??
    our rights are WAY more valuable than a car.

    re; #33; [Russ responds: *sigh* If only I had my conspiracy theory bingo card ready, I would have just won.]

    just so you know;
    Dwight David “Ike” Eisenhower
    warned us about the “military-industrial complex” conspiracy, decades ago, and it has never ended, only grown more powerfull. ($500 toilet seats, billion dollar jets, etc.)

    re; #50; [Russ responds: (don’t know what Kissinger has to do with it, though)

    he has been ‘advisor’ / ‘power behind the throne’ / ‘shadow govt.’ for decades, while presidents come and go, he is always there.

  27. Alright worthless stoners, listen up. So you want to smoke weed huh…then grow it. You stoner druggie idiots are buying it and your money goes to fund drug cartels you MORONS!!! I don’t care if you smoke or not, just quit being idiots and buying the stuff making dangerous criminals rich.

    So stupid, you would rather risk someone else’s neck by giving the dangerous people your money and running away while they go kill some other innocent person with YOUR MONEY, instead of growing your own and keeping the money out of their hands.

    Do I support legalization, yes. But every single life that is negatively effected is YOUR FAULT. We have laws in this country that are hard to change, we know this. But thats no excuse for being a coward and buying weed from DANGEROUS criminals that kill and rape people, and then to turn around and blame it on someone else. He Stoners,…..WHO’S MONEY BOUGHT THOSE DANGEROUS CARTELS THEIR WEAPONS?! It was YOUR MONEY YOU DUMMIES!!!

    If you won’t grow it, then don’t smoke it. Otherwise it doens’t matter how you spin it….the blood is on YOUR HANDS.

    [Editor’s note: You support cannabis legalization? Really?! That would be hard to recognize amongst your lies and misrepresentations.

    The cannabis I consume was grown right down the street from me by a friend. How is that helping foreign cartels? In fact, when Americans buy (and grow) American cannabis, they’re fighting both cartels and international terrorism by choking off their funding supply.

    Fight Terrorism…Grow and Buy Domestic!!

    Re your laments about cartels, smuggled weapons and bloody hands…the cartels, guns and bloody hands are 100% a function of the US government’s (along with the Mexican government’s) hapless 73-year-old federal cannabis prohibition–not cannabis consumers caught in the unfortunate crossfire of prohibition.]

  28. re; #40; Nick Says;
    Republicans support increased drug penalties and disbanded the federal medical marijuana program.
    [Russ responds: Democrats brought us the mandatory minimum sentencing and the drug czar’s office.

    you’re BOTH RIGHT !!


    you’re BOTH WRONG !!

    please, please, pretty please, think in terms of
    ‘RICH AND POWERFULL’ v/s ‘poor and powerless’.

    –instead of ‘democrats v/s republicans’ (repugnant-cans)

    OF COURSE the soul-less, self-serving reppies (cold-blooded republican reptiles) / GOP (gay old perverts) are a greater evil than the do-nothing-o-crats, (demo-pussies),
    -(who, if it was a football game, and they advanced 10 yards, would be so happy with such ‘significant progress’, they would decline their own first down and give the ball back to the reppies.)


    (alcohol, tobacco, pharm., prison-industrial complex, PIG UNIONS, oil and coal and timber and cotton and plastics, etc.)

    –not ‘WE THE PEOPLE’

    since the GREEN PARTY supposedly ‘can’t win’,
    –there was no need to BUY THEM OFF !!!



    read their platform, they address many of the problems we face.

    -(they CANNOT be called a ‘one issue party’ that ‘just wants to smoke pot’)

    -so VOTE GREEN, dammit !!!-

    thanx !

  29. re; #81; 81; Stop buying the stuff Says:
    your money goes to fund drug cartels… just quit making dangerous criminals rich. grow it (yourself)

    sure !!! NO PROBLEM !!!

    –just legalize it, first, please, or let me use YOUR BACKYARD.

    re; “worthless stoners”, “idiots”, “MORONS and “stoner druggie idiots”

    —you are a TROLL !!!

  30. @#81

    “Worthless stoners”? Whose ignorance of the facts are fueling those cartels? Quit with the lies! Listen up #81 go research before you start lumping everyone into the same category. Worthless can describe the other view as well. By choosing to completely ignore the truth that cannabis is an extremely valuable commodity that is far less toxic than alcohol, tobacco and pharms. Which are legal upon meeting certain criteria. To which was placed as a schedule 1 drug so big business and big government could reap the rewards of it’s supposed worthlessness. Worthless? Falsifying/Manipulating facts to control the minds of millions? Quit manipulating the masses! Stoners support the cartels? Do tell? I don’t support anything they stand for. At the same time I won’t support the outright ignorance/propaganda that some wielding the power for “change”, of the controlling persuasion, exhibit on a daily basis. See the disconnect here? It brings me no comfort in knowing that there are people out there who will back this government no matter how they respond to serious and life threatening issues. All for what? Because in their minds they think everyone should be controlled/lead? You would think someone, somewhere in that group of elites would say, “The people are right and have been for a long time.” What do we get for bringing a serious issue to the table? Scorned, ridiculed and innuendo from the propaganda/elitist machine. It will stop at nothing to send us all back to our closets and consume in secrecy. We’re past that. I’m looking ahead and it doesn’t involve me going backwards. I’m going forward.

  31. From the beginning of time until 1937 cannabis was legal. That’s quite a track record. Here is an even better track record. From the beginning of time until this very day there has never been a recorded death from its use. NO DEATH PROFILE. Who or what can compare their track record with that? So! it appears that God was correct in his creation of it – and – it makes perfectly good sense that God would also create a endo-cannnabinid system to go with it.

    God made cannabis and man made alcohol and tobacco. Who do you trust?

  32. #82

    I actually agree with most of what you say. Dems are too pussified, and GOPer are just plain evil.

    Poll after poll shows that rank-and-file Dems and Libs support legalization far more than independents; GOPers are on another planet altogether–the huge majority of them support prohibition!

    Therefore, Dem voters are being betrayed by and large by our “leadership.” GOP politicos are merely following the prohibitionist wishes of the majority of their constituents.

    I wish I could say Indies are far ahead of the Dems on this issue, but the polls say they are behind! (Come on, Indies, instead of ragging the Dems, maybe you should spend more time talking to your Indie pals!!)

    So, what to do? As has been suggested many times on these boards, vote for individuals who support legalization (though you cannot of course throw out the rest of your beliefs for this single issue!).

    I still believe time is on our side. As the age demographics change, legalization will become more and more likely–until it’s inevitable. In the meantime, here’s hoping beautiful California gets it jump-started!

  33. @From Los Angeles:

    The point is that alcohol is legal, but people still don’t show up to work drunk or they’d get fired. And that’s a good point, and I see you brought it up. But I don’t see how drug testing should even continue to hold up if MJ ends up legalized. Drug testing mostly targets weed, which is used by a huge amount of people and has a wide window of detection, whereas the hard drugs are not used by as many people and have a much narrower window of use. What is the point of drug testing for employment if weed is legal? Are private businesses going to be permitted to deny employment to people who test positive for having smoked some weed at some point in the past, despite weed being legal, and how legal will that be for them to do? Won’t it just amount to keeping weed illegal, since you are allowing private business to withhold subsistence unless the people submit to monitoring and control of perfectly legal aspects of their private lives? And since the targetting of weed by drug testing has the effect of encouraging people to try the harder drugs that are less detectable–or some that they don’t even test for–what is the point of even continuing that at all?

    I speak as someone who does not drink, smoke (anything), or do any drugs. I just know the facts about the Drug War and the violation/scam that is drug testing, and I support Prop 19 as one of the most important things that we can pass in this country. It needs to pass and it needs to spread.

    BTW, Moron @81, take note of this. Not everyone who supports Prop 19 does any kind of drugs–that’s not the only reason to support it! And on top of that, the whole idea behind legalization is to de-fang the Drug Cartels. If people can grow it themselves without being tossed in jail or having a record, do you think they’re going to go to the extent of buying from the dealers? Who the hell would do that when they can grow their own for free and know exactly what’s in it, and if they run out they can buy or borrow from their friends gardens? Or if they can buy it from a licensed source that is regulated and taxed, so they again know exactly what is in the product? If you legalize it, that doesn’t mean that the dealers are going to have a field day, because that will still be illegal. It just means that it will be licensed and regulated, and that private citizens will be able to grow their own for personal use.

    I realize 81 is a stupid troll, but I spell it out for the benefit of any lurkers, I guess.

  34. 1. Re voting: Russ has done more research than I did (see no. 71) and offers the intriguing Range Vote approach where you give each candidate up to ten points based on gradation of preference, definitely a greater voter empowerment than merely listing First, Second, Third etc. in order of preference which I’ve seen in Instant Runoff schemes. Surely this, in a computer age, is also compatible with a single voting round which avoids voter fatigue (or low turn-outs in primaries).

    But– are voters too stupid for Range Vote? Here’s where we should grab the bull—- by the horns and promote the idea that we riefervapers are MORE IMAGINATIVE, quicker to investigate and master new systems, moreover we are publicspirited and ready to help educate everybody.

    2. 88Demon: the drug tests mainly pertain to “jobs” which (a) pay more money and (b) are boringly concentrated on watching and guarding, mistake-avoidance etc. If it is true that riefer (Americanized spelling; briefers are individuals who instruct the White House Resident) makes us imaginative, then we should be capable of inventing our own jobs instead of taking what drugtest “employers” hand out to us.

    It starts with inventing ways to avoid spending money so you don’t have to “earn” as much– use scraps and discards instead of walking in the front door and “buying” new stuff etc.

    Ironic, that even on this forum one encounters persons who say their use of cannabis is in the evening to “relax” or “mellow out” (and combined with ethanol, junk food, entertainment etc.) after a day of slave drudge obedience to some “conventional” jobmaster. Try turning that upside down: have your main tokes at 5:55 a.m., then use the next four fasting hours for clipping and harvesting deadwood in the nearest garden, parks, woods, railroad embankment etc.; gathering scrap boards, metal, wire, not for “recycling” but for making shelving sets, birdhouses, education toys, music instruments etc. The profusion of shapes provided by growth and accident of nature and previous partial human use will suggest to you widest Ranges of products you can “invent” and immediately make.

    Associate with others based on joint interest in handwork and product marketing. Visit flea (alias free) markets instead of corporate chain stores, and contribute to the Improvisational
    Economy. (Personal note: best thing that ever happened to me, about the time I first encountered cannabis, was getting hitched to a maker of “junk jewelry” for which I started to go out and find the materials. You too can be a Junk Jew.)

  35. re; post #66;
    [Russ responds:
    Sorry, I just don’t buy the Masons / Bilderbergers / Tri-Lateral Commission / Illuminati paranoid conspiracy theories. I cringe every time I see the “New World Order” conspiracy nuts posting that craziness.

    you do know the u.s. went to war against sadam hussien?
    –a man who;
    1, had no W.M.D.’s
    2. had nothing to do with attacking us.
    3. was absolutely no threat to us.
    4. was disarmed in the previous war.
    5. was selling oil @ $20-$25 a barrel, thus keeping prices low worldwide.
    (price spiked to $125 after we attacked him, and never went back to $25)

    so why would we go to war against him?
    we would not,
    -but THEY WOULD.
    (grab resources and land, expand their empire)
    (make $$$ selling us the war machinery, make $$$ on no-bid contracts, rebuilding what they distroyed)
    (and war is the ultimate justification for raising taxes)

    and i guess it is just a co-incidence we are also in afganistan, where 90% of the world’s opium is, when most of the ’19 men with boxcutters’ were saudis.

    either makes no sense, or makes perfect sense, depending on your perspective.

    and; [Russ responds:
    We fight day after day for legitimacy in the mainstream debate, trying to educate people about the very real conspiracies to keep cannabis prohibited.

    -so those guys that conspire to keep cannabis prohibited, could not possibly conspire about anything else ???
    (like causing people to lose 50% to 75% of their life savings in a financial crash ??? )

    and; [Russ responds:
    Do you think if you educate enough people, the NWO will finally be unmasked? Then what? Then they get on TV and say, “Yup, it’s true, we’re the Illuminati and we own you all. What are you going to do about it?”

    -once they admit it, people will no longer have the warm, fuzzy, comfy blanket of denial to hide behind.
    then we will either willingly accept them as our slave masters, or NOT, but we can’t make that choice untill we know the truth.
    (the truth will set you free)
    (the first step in avoiding a trap, or a deception, is knowing that it exists)

  36. If you don’t stand up for your rights and be willing to fall where you stand, in defense of those rights – you can bend over, grab your ankles, and kiss your free ass [rights] goodbye. If you don’t think your vote counts, take a good look at where we were, and where we’ve brought our agenda to today. There’s no more free ride. If you’re not a part of the solution -you are a part of the problem.

    By the way – the American Policy eliminates governmental prior competeing interests. Enough said!

  37. The video with Robert Gibbs, he seemed to not really to have an understanding on Obama’s political or econmic point of views on the issue of legalzing what-so-ever. So he kept repeating himself and what Obama mentioned, which WE ALL ALREADY KNEW what Obama’s response was, he was too dumb-minded to answer any intelligent questions.

    When you want to ask a question about a specific person you don’t go to ask the friends for the actual facts. Isn’t it better to just ask the actual person who has the opinion?

    And one more point to point out, persident Obama doesn’t “THINK” it is the best path to go but he does NOT “know” that it is, and why? why does he not know weather it is a good or bad path? Has he even looked at the facts? Has Robert Gibbs, who could only repeat things like an old computer?

    Why did Obama even ask the United States to ask questions if all he was planning on doing is answewring them!!!!!!????

    We need a president with some fucking balls to step and and acturally CHANGE what he says he will do!

    Obama did a damn good job on the “Change” campaign he simmulated for the country into duping us into yet another worthless president. and by the way my college has only gotten more expensive so what change is he intending on achieving in a whole grand 4 years!!??

    -An American citezen losing faith and patriotism in the American way

  38. re; # 90:

    “The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.”
    -J. Edgar Hoover, former head of the FBI.

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