NORML, Slightly Stoopid and Cypress Hill: Bring Attention to California’s Initiative to Regulate and Tax Marijuana for November Ballot

Video Contest: NORML Teams With Slightly Stoopid & Cypress Hill For Internet Contest In Support of Proposition 19

August 9th, 2010 New York, NY – The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), a Washington DC-based marijuana advocacy group, has partnered with jam-based dub rock heavyweights Slightly Stoopid and hip-hop juggernauts Cypress Hill on the Legalize It 2010 tour for a YouTube based video contest to raise awareness for California’s Prop 19, the initiative to regulate and tax marijuana. The initiative will be on the California ballot November 2nd, 2010 and its passage would be a historic step forward in the fight to end marijuana prohibition and legalize marijuana nationwide.

NORML, Slightly Stoopid, and Cypress Hill invite US residents to create 30-60 second videos of themselves answering the question, “What could California do with the revenue generated from taxing marijuana?” Participants are to upload their entries to YouTube with the tag “YesOnProp19.” Members of both bands and representatives from NORML will personally pick one grand prize winner and two runner-ups from a selection of the most viewed, rated, and commented upon videos.

Prizes include a personal phone call from B-Real, a limited edition Slightly Stoopid vaporizer, a framed autographed tour poster, a free one-year membership to NORML, plus more. Winners’ videos will be shared on all the partners’ social network profiles. For official contest rules visit here.

Proposition 19, the Regulate, Control, and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010, will give local governments the ability to tax the sale of up to one ounce of marijuana for recreational purposes to adults age 21 and older. According to the Board of Equalization (BOE), California’s tax regulator, controlling and taxing marijuana in California could generate $1.4 billion in much needed revenue each year. These funds could go towards jobs, public safety, health care, parks, transportation, education and more.

According to research conducted by the California chapter of NORML, the sale of marijuana could save over $200 million in law enforcement costs, generate $12-18 billion annually from spin-off industries (similar to the CA wine industry) and create between 60,000 and 110,000 new jobs, generating $2.5 -3.5 billion in wages for workers each year. NORML also reports numerous public safety benefits such as putting drug cartels out of business and refocusing police efforts on violent crime. Says Miles from Slightly Stoopid, “I think the whole negative outlook [on pot] is silly. You can go to the store and buy as much booze as you want, and it gets taxed. I think that’s way worse than marijuana. If they passed that bill and taxed (marijuana), it would generate a lot of money for the state and help cut into the deficit faced by the state of California. If I was a politician or a judge running California, I would have passed this a long, long time ago.”

Slightly Stoopid and Cypress Hill, along with Collie Buddz are currently on a nationwide 22 date tour called Legalize It 2010. Local NORML chapters have booths set up at stops along the tour, where interested parties can learn more about their mission, the contest and how to get involved in marijuana law reform.


NORML, also known as the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, is a Washington DC based non-profit founded in 1970, serves as the oldest and largest marijuana law reform organization in the US. With 135 state and local chapters and a legal committee consisting of over 500 lawyers, the organization has a large, volunteer-based grassroots network supporting victims and activists nationwide. NORML advocates for the right of adults to consume marijuana responsibly, both for medical and recreational purposes and supports the elimination of all penalties associated with its possession or use. NORML also supports establishing a legally regulated market where consumers can buy marijuana in a safe and secure environment. NORML’s sister organization, the NORML Foundation is a not for profit 501(c)3 foundation established in 1997 to better educate the public about marijuana and marijuana policy options, and to assist victims of the current laws. NORML holds an annual national conference and two annual CLE-accredited legal seminars.

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  1. myy..gggod…they just dont have a clue just how many people drive after consuming a small quanity of herb. i personally find a better focus and im more attentive about speed limits…i dont need to huff a bunch of it…seems like a waist unless your on vaction in the mountians hangin around the shanty..i absolutly will NOT drink knowing i got to drive.screw that. you know, it just may help if more people could speak up for herb… i speak of it freely at work..their are many who will not for fear.if more people knew how many people responsibly use cannabis and, work beside them, travel hundreds of miles on our highways..(heh) beside the folks with a reasonable buzz and were just as safe as the church folk in the far right……they cant know that maybe their neighbor is a consumer and may be the greatest neighbor a neighbor could have.WE GOT TO BE HONEST WITH PEOPLE DAMMIT, if we dont stand up an be counted their may never be any civil rest…i dont feel bad anymore about anyone knowin how i feel bout cannabis.i feel safer consuming the remedy rather then sloppy ole alcohol…shit will destroy your life. i try to be a good example of someone who trys to do the right things in life an be good to people and still go home an git a couple belts off the pipe and be enhanced rather then stupid wobbly drinker dude….those of you who fear…stand the fuck up…your making a responsible decision by huffin rather then guzzlin. be honest to those who dont understand…its how we will get the right votes so it will become legal an i can finally, along with bunches of others, get on with governing my own life….peace to you all……..

    [Russ responds: Know this – you are NOT a better driver stoned than when you are sober. There are plenty of reliable studies showing reduced motor coordination, perception problems, and memory deficits when you are actively high.

    The question is, how dangerous is that? We accept elderly drivers, teenage drivers, drivers with small amounts of alcohol in their system, people using prescriptions driving*, and my wife driving (*rimshot*). How dangerous are the pot drivers in comparison?

    We tolerate bars with parking lots. A place for people to park their cars while they use a substance that impairs their ability to drive. We educate them about drunk driving and encourage having a designated driver, but plenty of people are leaving a bar or restaurant after a glass of wine or a beer or two and driving their cars out of that parking lot.

    If we accept that, I’m not too concerned about the pot smoking driver. Let me know when the bars have mandatory valet service that only releases your keys to you when you pass a breathalyzer.

    * “Don’t drive or operate heavy machinery until you know how Marinol will affect you”… after that, go ahead and drive? That’s a standard warning on many debilitating pharmaceuticals, not just 100% potent synthetic THC pills.]

  2. If I were to enter this contest,I would suggest California use 1% of the tax to fund “friendly” politicians in anti-cannabis states. Just a thought.

  3. Good job ALLEN!!! This is the kind of Press that will make a difference. Keep up the great work. Great IDEA!!!

  4. This is a great idea!

    In the info-blurb about NORML at the end I couldn’t tell which seminars people got credit for and which not at the convention. That is if that was when the courses were. It’s great lawyers and LEO’s can get continuing education credit and credits that count toward a possible pay rise if on a gov’t salary schedule. (District attorneys encouraged to go pro-legalization!)

    I looked at how to form a NORML chapter but problem is you don’t know who to ask to be the members of NORML to sit on the exec committee because many people aren’t up to the task and others aren’t exactly jumping out and shouting here I am. Are there any outreach programs where someone authorized from national to have a list of all members in the area sponsors a weekend seminar for members to show up, smoke free I suppose since it might also attract law enforcement spies? In the closet tokers would NOT have to admit anything to avoid losing their license (to practice law) or drivers license and stuff along those lines.

    This might speed up the grassroots momentum toward legalization, and the nation needs the revenue now more than ever before. Proof is in the news daily.

    I don’t like to give in this way, but those who want to keep all or at least some of the tax cuts for the rich (I guess that’s mostly R’s) should start negotiating that now in exchange for a piece of the pie their way. Arianna pointed out the signs America could become a 3rd world nation.

    [Russ responds: If you would like to form a NORML Chapter, email me at chapters at norml dot org. But you’re right, it’s hard to find five people willing to put their names on a public document saying they’re pro-marijuana.]

  5. Most of the visitors to this site probably have an opinion about marijuana legalization. What they MIGHT not have done is register so that they can vote in November. Let’s take every opportunity to spread this recommendation to take a constructive ACTION:

    Californians: register to vote at Just fill out the form and mail it in!

    Other states: Google your state name and “voter registration” to find out how to register!

    If you have access to a college newspaper (letter to the editor, for example), that would be a great place to post this link.

    Just sayin.

  6. NORML are you kidding me? Slightly Stoopid? Cypress Hill? You make the cannabis community look just as dumbed-down as “HIGH TIMES” makes the growing community seem.

    [Russ responds: Cypress Hill and Slightly Stoopid have donated more to NORML and to ending marijuana prohibition in general than you have, sir, I guarantee it.

    The crucial need in passing Prop 19 this November is the youth vote. Slightly Stoopid has been working with NORML to have our local chapters get a free table spot and concert tickets to both raise money for the chapter and educate the concert-goers, most of whom are that 18-29 age group we so desperately need to turn out at the polls.

    Hip-Hop and dub-rock may not be your thing, I get that. Let me know when you can find us some jazz groups to allow NORML tabling at their concerts (it’s not like they don’t smoke some weed…) and donate to NORML money, time, merchandise, and music to help us in our mission.]

  7. russ says: “Know this – you are NOT a better driver stoned than when you are sober. There are plenty of reliable studies showing reduced motor coordination, perception problems, and memory deficits when you are actively high.”

    i know what you mean but stoned vs sober is not an especially accurate divide, especially for those of us who have been toking since the sixties.

    experienced tokers over 40 everywhere know what im talking about. we do everything better stoned. (is that a smirk?)

    have i driven better on broadway and 42nd manhattan stoned outta my friggin gourd. of course, the stone is the fun part. la too.

    yes im the old f@rt who has never been in an accident or gotten a speeding ticket. (knock wood) tap tap yes i drive plenty

    the way it works is very simple: go with the flo and keep on truckin

    sorry russ but you need to rethink your position. start wearing your pop’s love beads for one.

    [Russ responds: I am an experienced toker over the age of forty. You may be a fantastic driver. But double-blind, peer-reviewed, placebo-controlled research says that your reflexes, reaction times, judgment, and memory are worse – even for you – when you are stoned vs. when you are sober.

    That said, the important point here is how much worse and is that level of “worse” any danger to me? That’s what I think you’re getting at, which is something I think many experienced tokers over forty feel, and that is that you’re a good enough driver stoned, certainly no worse a driver than a teenage boy, an elderly grandma, or a driver after two beers at the ball game.

    This leads to a fascinating discussion of absolute vs. relative impairment. Should we judge highway safety based on an absolute standard (you perform better than an objective standard and it doesn’t matter whether you can achieve that sober, stoned, or drunk) or a relative standard (you must perform to the best of your possible ability).

    If we really cared about safety, we’d grade driving on the absolute standard, like a fixed letter grade in school. An “A” is a 90% or better, period. If you worked three months on the essay or you crammed it the night before, if it’s an “A”, it’s an “A”. Some people are smart and creative, some are slow and dull, and they all have to get a 90 or better on their essay to get an “A”. We’ll pass everyone who gets a 70 – a “C” – or better.

    But instead we grade our road safety on the curve. If a forgetful 4’9″ grandma who can barely see over the wheel merges into freeway traffic at 20 MPH, but she’s sober, we give her an “A” because she’s driving to the best of her abilities. If you drive perfectly, but are caught with a lit joint, we give you an “F” and lock you up, because you are allegedly impaired compared to the best of your abilities, even though stoned you’re still a better driver than granny.

    What I’m saying is that you may be an “A” driver stoned, but you’d be an “A+” driver sober. What you’re saying is driving stoned is no big deal, because you keep getting “A’s”.]

  8. russ

    thanks for your lengthy informed response.

    i am willing to acknowledge that a couple of legit studies were conducted indicating decreased whatever vs straight. tho if i were inclined i could likely shoot many holes in the studies.

    and howzabout those cannabinoid receptors in our brains? are they there only for when you take your suit off?

    my lifetime impression is that performance IS enhanced when high. ever play chess when stoned? how ’bout texas hold’em? playing the piano? how bout when dancing or making lufff? olympic competitve swimming? drawing a picture or writing poetry? or when responding on a norm blog? u catch my drift.

    as an old steve miller song goes: “when they get high they can see for miles, miles aaannnnnnd miiiiiiiiles.” the beatles really were on to something and still r.

    basketball is conducive to playing high as any street baller will prove. the nba is an interesting study. except there isn’t much info. so ….

    my educated guess/intuition is that give me two nba teams of approximate equal talent (always somewhat subjective). let my team toke before the game, during time outs a joint or seventeen of grade A organic hawaiian, and we will kick major arse holmes. call me coach.

    chess, bridge, poker, scrabble so forth stoners are competitive.

    the driver thing as fear issue is another delay tactic by the fascists.

    keep up the good work. we are winning finally.

    legalize the righteous herb yesterday.

    yes of course i am blitzed outta my gourd on A organic hawaiian NOW.


  9. russ

    thanks for the response. not sure if an earlier post got thru as name was blank (just like my brain occasionally) so if an anonynous makes the cut …….

    cannabis is an enhancer. if you can play awesome music when high, you can drive a car safely. simple as that.

    try playing chess when high. good experience or bad? golf much?

    [Russ responds: I know a chess master in Wisconsin who is devastatingly good when stoned. I’d still prefer he didn’t smoke and drive.]

  10. WAKE UP!!! No on PROP 19. It’s a LIE. Vote for CCHH 2012, the Jack Herrer legislation. The blind, deaf, ignorant public is being deceived yet once again by the mass media giants that want you to believ you’re doing something good. READ THE FINE PRINT! Or does anyone read anymore? The Californis Cannabis Hemp and Health Initiative scheduled for 2012 will have the positive effects that prop 19 has without the hidden corporate agenda to keep the public from being in control of their own medicine. Please visit the website and read the legislation for yourselves. If you vote for CROCK 19, it wouldn’t be the first time the the ignorant public has voted for something they didn’t fully read. Then you wonder, ‘Where did my rights go?’ Don’t tell us who are awake to the tyranny! We will digustedly say, “WE TOLD YOU SO!”
    WAKE UP!

    1. So, to summarize, Humboldt Activist wants you to vote no to an initiative on the ballot now that legalizes your possession of an ounce and ability to grow a 5’x5′ garden.

      Instead, you should stay a criminal for two years and then vote for the Jack Herer Initiative that has been proposed by many such Humboldt Activists and has not made the ballot in three decades if it makes the ballot in 2012.

      This time it’s the “mass media giants”, huh? At least the “hidden corporate agenda” is in there. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the idea that giving individuals the right to possess and grow cannabis and localities the right to decide whether to allow commercialization of cannabis is meant to “keep the public from being in control of their own medicine”… ahhhh “medicine”, I get it. “I Gots Mine”.

      So riddle me this, Humboldt Activist… let’s say your worst nightmare scenario comes true. Prop 19 gets passed, completely guts Prop 215, and California turns into Florida with respect to marijuana. How would this change your advocacy for people to vote for the Jack Herer Initiative in 2012? I mean, CCHH 2012 would supersede Prop 215, right? So how would it not supersede the nightmare Prop 19 you imagine? Especially if it turned out as bad as you predict, wouldn’t the furious Prop 215 patients who lost their rights and the Prop 19 voters who felt duped turn out in droves to support CCHH 2012?

      Ah, but then patients like you would face law enforcement sanction for using marijuana over the next two years waiting for CCHH 2012… just like you’re asking us to do by voting no on Prop 19. So tell me again why I should vote no, and understand I am not a Prop 215 patient and won’t deceive a doctor for permission to use cannabis. Tell me why I should vote no on this bird in my hand and wait til 2012 for your two in a bush?

  11. [Russ responds: I know a chess master in Wisconsin who is devastatingly good when stoned. I’d still prefer he didn’t smoke and drive.]

    you make my point.

    your preference for the behaviors of a stoned chess master isn’t very scientific heh heh. bet he drives great

    if you can create a work of art stoned you can dang sure drive a car. and generally if you can create a work of art stoned there you go.

    show me a study that says experienced stoners can’t handle driving as well stoned.

  12. @ !3

    the people behind prop 19 are good people. richard lee is terrific.

    humboldt will be different after legalization and will do just fine.

  13. russ,thank you for your, i wish to ask….these tests that have been done…is their information regarding any length of time that those tested have used cannabis or are they just picked,made to huff the fatty an stuck in a car to do their best…..(grin) if that is the case then…of course the results will be we all remember the first or second time we inhaled?.those that speak from the seasoned point of view are reasonable..can you tell me sir that as a seasoned consumer of cannabis, you have felt unconfident in your driving skills?many of us who have been active in consumption (30 yrs for me)can say with all honesty that a more caring attentive, kinder and patient driver can be my peticular position, when sober an in a two hour traffic jam an im late for a function of some type,i am uptight, irritated an selfish about giving some leway to the folks who want to squeeze in along with entertaining the thought of choking the shit out of the selfish assholes that do the stupid…a daily occurance where i travel…after a consuming a little herb it all changes…i find patience,focus, comfort and kindness…along with confidence. im just saying that their is reason to feel the way we do…no one in their right mind wants to take lives into their own hands while impaired.i find that with alcohol hence, i dont drive while consuming such and ive have been using that about the same number of years except, much less of it….just food for thought..thank you for your time and peace to all.

  14. I need pot/Marijuana to keep a steady base and not be another sick prick addicted to greed. GATEWAY drug YES thanks to the govmt, they are drug testing at jobs and pot stays in about 3 – 4 weeks. In 1999 i was in a domestic violence class and there I learned that the people in my class had all started doing meth or cocain or pills because they got out of your system in 3 days, what a bunch of shit. SO we have 85% of all burgleries due to meth but the people I know that do meth do it because its out in 3 days – I know alot of people doing pills because of the same reason. BLAME THE GOVMT – an entity not a person – READ GENESIS – got made all seed bearing plants and saw that they were GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! what who is the GOVMT to say they are bad – what like it was made ilegal because some kid hacked his parents with an axe in the 50’s and yet he was PHYSCO – but yet did they ever think that if he wasnt smoking pot he could have killed more or sooner and now they are loking at videos on YOUTUBE to go against SALVIA = WTF – My mother worked at VANDERBUILT HOSPITAL in NASHVILLE and she said in 30 YEARS of working the ER she never once saw anybody come in with JUST Marijuana it was always in combo withy alcohol – sorry we cant all make a profit like the Kennedy’s Fucking hypocrites- GOVMT is going to get what is coming to them – with the muslem buildings being built in MT. JULIET TN and New York – Get ready casue the secret was Legalizing Marijuana would cut down crime by 75% but who cares Fu@@ing DEA makes money and makes a living letting drugs in the country …. WHAT ? are you an idiot? LOL – thats like any drug the FDA approves and then later it turns out it KILLS people – then the people sue the company and not the FDA – stand up for yourselves I am coming and you dont need to say a word cause I know what this country has been through, oh and if you want to be a legal drug dealer just pay about $200,000 or more and go to college and you become a legal drug dealer OOOPS sorry I mean a doctor – I have heard many doctors refer to thier patients as CUSTOMERS – you know why LOL- dumb F$$$ GOVMT- I can tell you of all sorts of professionals that take percocets or meth ONLY because they can pass a drug test and it is NOT funny think of the kids that are getting doctors on pills – what like 3 billion people are on prescriptions – I do not like drug deallers OOPs sorry again doctors – they go to school at one collecge but yet have 200 different opinions WTF – contact me – I want to run for president serious and I do not smoke because it is illegal but i do smoke salvia to get close but the other choice is XANAX but i like my liver LOL – thank the govmt and the what Prohabition – that shouldve been a clear sign to make alcohol ILLEGAL – not give up what a weak country and we are getting weaker by the MEN in OUR GOVMT you guys elected some beautys – just like the senator that voted against the majority of the people of the state of GA – thats what they are in there to do is speak for us – WHERE TF is your backbone –

  15. just pay someone to transport the drugs for drugdealers and trap the trunks of the cars without the drivers knowing it – I promise the cops wont be checking trunks no more

  16. PARANOID – well let me tell you — if you are driving a car and you smoked 7 hours ago ( smokers know you are not effected ) and a kid runs in front of your car and you hit them – WELL you are FURKED cause Marijuana stays in your system for about 30 days so 2 people 2 kids hit – one smoked pot 7 hours ago and one didnt – one is charged with VEHICLUAR MANSLUAGHTER and the other accident – guess which one –

  17. I do have cancer but nobody knows – what do i do move to CA with no job and no money and my wife she doesnt know but I dont want her to – THIS IS MY LIFE – just becasue some rich prick named kennedy didnt feel like it was cool to smoke at the age of 60 and it was beter to drink – comon pot sounds bad and it has been given a bad wrap for 100 years – please how can I make a difference fo rthe people that need one in thier lives

  18. sorry i dont mean to sound HARSH but I started drinking again after 8 years because it is legal – can you guess that i have been drinking – I do not like it but it is legal and my wife doesnt like causing but dang alcohol is what 100% fine SPIRITS – i can tell you they are evil spirits – do you want to joke – I am not laughing – in 1998 there was a murder on one side of town and a naked man running through NASHBORO village in NASHVILLE TN on the other when my girlfriend and i heard it on her scanner we went outside her apt in NASHBORO village – guess what – there was about 20 cars – you know why cause most of them were more comfortable going to a streaker than a killer – go figure and I do know police officers too that do COCAIN and anything besides Marijuana, what do you do – last time a friend of mine was arrested and mentioned a police officer in nashville he was taken to a cell and threatened by his life and i have been at partys where cops are doing cocain and other cops doing nothing are asking why is everybody going to the bathroom and sweating – what a F%%%$%$ING genuis

  19. you do know edgar allen poe was snorting the hell out of cocain – doesnt add to my fire but maybe you can understand that people are being pushed after they are busted – and comon people do you think people are paying $20 a gram for incense LMAO – it is salvia which does do the same – i have smoked salvia and I can promise wake up sober and smoke 2 bowls and you will be high and feeling good JUST LIKE THE COL. and MAJ. in USAF i played golf with in LA –


    [Editor’s note: Ugh. Please. NO ALL CAPS!]

  21. Prop 19 better pass!!! Cause aint nothing like getting a lil blazed at a Slightly Stoopid show!!!!

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