L.A. Times: Some Facts For The Drug Czar — Marijuana’s Social Costs Are Far Less Than Those Of Legal Intoxicants

Last week I posted a brief response to the Los Angeles Times commentary authored by Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske (along with five previous drug czars) condemning California’s Prop. 19.

Today the Los Angeles Times has posted my full rebuttal, which I’ve excerpted below.

Some marijuana tax revenue is better than none
via The Los Angeles Times

… Kerlikowske’s opposition to Proposition 19 … is a fairly common one. Kerlikowske et al argue that, if legalized, marijuana’s perceived social costs would outweigh the economic benefits reaped by regulation. They base this allegation largely on the premise that present taxes on alcohol and cigarettes fail to adequately pay for the societal costs associated with those drugs’ use and abuse. True enough, but here’s why this sound bite is irrelevant to the present marijuana debate.

Marijuana is safer than alcohol.

Alcohol is toxic to healthy cells and organs, a side effect that results directly in about 35,000 deaths a year. … By contrast, the active compounds in marijuana … are remarkably non-toxic. Unlike alcohol, marijuana is incapable of causing a fatal overdose, and its use is inversely associated with aggression and injury. In fact, the recently released Rand Corp. report found that in 2008, there were fewer than 200 “admissions to hospitals in which marijuana abuse or dependence was listed as the primary reason for the hospitalization.” By comparison, there are more than 70,000 hospitalizations in California annually related to the use of alcohol.

Marijuana is far safer than tobacco.

According to a 2009 report by the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse, health-related costs per user are eight times higher for drinkers than they are for those who use cannabis, and are more than 40 times higher for tobacco smokers. It states: “In terms of (health-related) costs per user: tobacco-related health costs are over $800 per user, alcohol-related health costs are much lower at $165 per user, and cannabis-related health costs are the lowest at $20 per user.”

Some tax revenue is better than no tax revenue.

According to a 2007 George Mason University study, U.S. citizens each year spend about $113 billion on marijuana. Under prohibition, all of this spending is directed toward an underground economy and goes untaxed. That means state and local governments are presently collecting zero dollars to offset societal and health costs related to recreational marijuana use. Therefore, the imposition of any retail tax or excise fee would be an improvement over the current situation.

In short, the drug czars’ assessment that present taxes on alcohol and tobacco — two deadly products — do not raise sufficient funding to offset their related social costs is not an argument in favor of maintaining the status quo, particularly when one recognizes that the social and health costs related to cannabis use are far less than those associated with the use of other intoxicants.

You can read my full commentary here. (You can also comment on it here.)

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  1. As usual, Paul Armentano’s points make a lot of sense. What a wonderful world this could be if only our countries leaders and lawmakers showed as much sense! I only recently learned that the Drug Czar’s job requires him (or her) to do everything possible to keep marijuana illegal including lying and trying to stop research. They (the DEA) lock people up, take away their right to vote,take their property, even take away their right to free speech – all to keep marijuana illegal. This is unbelievable! But, nevertheless true!

    I’ve said this before, and on other blogs, but I’ll say it again: The creation of the DEA was a HUGE mistake! It has been nothing but an incredible waste of resources, and is responsible for ruining more lives than all the wars this country has ever fought (assuming being locked up, losing your job, family, education, and some possessions is considered as ruining your life). The DEA should just be removed. All of the money that is being used to harass and harm people would be much better used in drug treatment when necessary (not just because a judge says its needed…).

  2. Not only are they missing out on the tax revenue, just look at how much they would save in revenue by people not being jailed an the cost of court time. It’s ridiculous the amounts they spend trying to stamp out something that is not harmful to society.

  3. Last night i watched from , El Paso ” Cops ” on TV .. I saw of group of about 8 – beer bellied swat members go after a man & woman who possessed pot . They apparently had a ” no knock ” warrrant . These thugs used a battering ram to smash open the front door only to realize the door was already open ( unlocked ) . They stormed in with their billie clubs , handguns , machine guns like they were about to encounter some violent Drug pushers . Well , they found the gentleman & his wife calmly watching TV as these thugs burst into the living room . The couple complied 100 % with the swat team putting up absolutely no resistance . They did not fight or anything . They were completely compliant . In the next scene i saw the gentleman and his wife sitting in the back of a Police car . Law enforcement created violence here & no one else . They were the brutes in this case . I was saddened to see how these Law enforcement ( with all due respect to you , Sirs )officials could even think of arresting these people because of unjust Laws in a State that is run by oil money . Hemp can create oil & again these Corporations are paying the Politicians for this ridiculousness which does nothing more then ruin peoples lives . I looked back at this video & tears almost swelled in my eyes at what’s happening in Texas & it’s all over money .These Corporations surely have taken the side of Satan with their lust for money , power and greed over the Earth .

  4. I find the alcohol and cigeratte comparison irrelevant simply because enforcing prohibiton on these substances would cost more then the current health costs..

    So, yes the tax revenue may be less then the societial costs, however the societal costs AND the dollar amount was more under prohibition..

  5. CONSISTANCY! Its just plain inconsistant governing that cannabis isnt regulated like alchohol. Any other blatant inconsistancy such as this would have been rectified years ago if politicians were just put on the spot about it!

  6. this is all nice, but there is sort of a bigger issue i don’t think many people emphasize enough: and that is that people are being put in jail and relegated for it.

    How is putting people in jail and guaranteeing they will never make above minimum wage a viable solution to uncertainty over whether or not they will be able to pay their hospital bills? I’ve yet to hear a single decent argument against this: assuming it is bad for you, assuming it is morally questionable, assuming it is everything the media claims it to be, how is worth putting people in jail for it?

    Even if there were a fine involved, that would make some sense if you were to believe the media, but relegation and incarceration actually functions contrary to the intent that prohibitionists claim. You don’t give people a better chance at a wholesome puritan life by sending them to jail.

  7. I don’t blame the members of Swat for their obvious agressiveness to arrest this non violent couple . In fact , Law enforcement & in this case , ” Swat ” does an excellent job & will put their lives on the line to save one of us . These are fine , highly skilled individuals .They did exactly what they were told to do .

    I blame the BIG Corporations and the politicians for accepting bribes of huge sums of money for these
    things . They have taken the side of the Devil the great SATAN rather than that of GOD .

  8. It is fairly obvious that those who believe that Alcohol and Tobacco should be legal, but not Cannabis are either ill-informed or completely hypocritical.

    I don’t drink alcohol at all. I think it is a dangerous and addictive drug. But I would NEVER want someone to go to jail for having a drink in the privacy of their own home. Why should someone who responsibly enjoys a drug that is far safer than alcohol have to fear legal repercussions?

  9. It is a crime against humanity and a travesty of democracy to have a little Caesar dictator “czar,” who was not elected to even a mayoral position, calling all the shots for everyone else. The DEA is a microcosm of fascism and paternalism, made up of failed boy scouts who didn’t get enough love from mum and think that regurgitating DEA lies will get them that, some day. People point to China over here, claiming “human rights violation! over there!” and it is a just a distraction from the breathtaking stupidity called “prohibition” over here.

  10. It is obvious that it would save money: everyone knows that, even the politicians. So why aren’t they doing it? Quite simply, it would save our money, which they are not interested in doing. They are interested in their own money, which is supplied by those who continue to make a profit off of prohibition. The common sense approach of stating the obvious (that it would be profitable for the state) doesn’t phase the politicians. Their instinctive response is “so, what’s in it for me?” Of course, they would never say this out loud, instead they make something up that sounds more politically correct.

    My question is: who is it that is rich enough to pay all these politicians to cover for them?

  11. prohibition creates jobs for people in government. all those court cases are feeding that industry. lawyers write the laws. why would they put themselves out of work?

  12. Paul, please continue increasing your pressure in support of truth and sanity! There are too many folks out there without your talent for expressing reason and justice, and theirs are not the voices which need to be heard.

    You are one of only a few who are gifted with such articulation and you deserve to occupy the soapboxes currently owned by the likes of Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin. We hear from those, um, folks on a daily basis, while most of your words travel beyond the choir loft only too rarely.

    You make me proud to be a NORML member.

  13. This is the same old argument over and over again…of course there is never the mention of thousands upon thousands of jobs that would be created not only for recreational cannabis but for industrial use also…imagine all the trees that would be saved just by using hemp for building materials, what about oil, fuel, cattle feed, cosmetics, textiles – the list goes on AND all those products are taxed are they not? These puppets are all focused on people getting high and cannot see beyond their noses all the great things this plant can give us…make your votes count all across the country to get these idiots with their heads up their ass out of office.

  14. The SS DRUG STORMTROOPERS DEA (DEAD END ATROCITIES) are the biggest human rights violaters on the planet. They have the green light to raid your home-confiscate your property whether you have marijuana on your property or you don’t have it-put terror into the mainstream of family life and even shoot fido on top of that. You don’t hear anything from the animal activists with complaints to the government. I guess fido rights as an animal go hand in hand with human rights, down the tube. We want taxation with representation to make marijuana legal, but the feds, all they want to do is stomp out the light at the end of the tunnel to keep the masses under control and deny people their freedom from want. The social cost of spending billions of our tax dollars on marijuana prohibition and have to ruin the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in this country every year over a plant that has a social medicinal value. Our bodies have built in natural receptors that fit like glove in our brains to process cannnaboids. The social value of over 2.3 million people in the prison system that cost the taxpayer billions of dollars every year. The social value of using the children as scapegoats to keep the drug war going and the social value of the
    Federal overlords of the marijuana inquisition to violate our rights as AMERICANS. 420 ALL THE WAY!

  15. I’m at a loss here. If 40% of the population shows up somewhere and says here I am arrest me or make my crime legal. If 60% think I should go to jail for this form of an after work beer start building them jails. Whould you really expect 60% of this population to pay the jail costs for 30% of the population? I dont remember the numbers but we are already a huge % of our population that is in jail.

    Would be cool if some of these states that are already way ahead in this fight would come help some of these states that aren’t. Some of our states are losing the battle for THC and not doin much about it.

    Just saw GB hold up the Constitution. Isnt that made on hemp. The men that founded this country believed in using this plant. How are we so much better than men who fought for this country’s independence, invented amazing things we still use, and included our right for the “Pursuit of Happiness”.

  16. The drug czar is a serious hinderance to the cannabis cause. I believe that as much effort as is logistically possible should be used in working with (or if need be, against) this Gil Kerlikowske to either create dialogue with him and get his job description changed or to remove him and his position. If he contractually must be against all illegal drugs, why don’t we see him rallying against experimental pharma drugs? If they aren’t FDA approved, wouldn’t that make them illegal as well? Where is his commentary on those drugs? Why do we only hear him speaking out about cannabis? His job description literally requires him to create propaganda! Type it in wiki if you don’t believe me. How can such a title be ethical?

  17. “According to a 2007 George Mason University study, U.S. citizens each year spend about $113 billion on marijuana.”

    It’s likely that legal marijuana will eventually cost much less than illegal marijuana (perhaps only 10-20% of current black market prices), so most of the $113 billion being spent now will be freed up to spend elsewhere in the legal economy. One could, for example, legally buy (or home grow) the same amount of pot and be able to buy an HD TV with the money saved. And that TV purchase would include the usual taxes. Anyway one looks at it, unless one is a prohibitionist, legal marijuana will be a big boost to our economy and quality of life.

  18. Kerlikowske really should know better. For years he oversaw Hempfest in Seattle where the incredible social BENEFITS of hemp are peacefully displayed.

  19. The prohibitionists will roll out all kinds propoganda. None of that will count if enough just-say-yes people turn out to vote. Do a google search for “voter registration” and your state name.

    If you’re a college student, get this kind of info into your student newspaper; voter registration drives are a well-accepted public service on campuses.

    The propaganda for both sides has pretty well had its effect. People’s minds are more or less made up. Now is the time to get like minded people registered and to the polls, including the early-vote option in a lot of states.

    Here are the voter registration links for a few states:

    All of these are the usual h t t p : / / w w w prefix:
    California voters can go online to register to vote:
    or to vote by mail

    South Dakota:

    Voter info:



    Other states: Google your state name and “voter registration.” It takes 5 minutes to change the world.

    —– Original Message —–
    From: “Bob Wentworth”
    To: “bwentworth”
    Sent: Friday, August 20, 2010 12:00:21 PM
    Subject: California Arizona South Dakota Michigan Oregon voter registration ballot information

    California voters can go online to register to vote:
    http://www.sos.ca.gov/elections/elections_vr.htm or to vote by mail

    South Dakota:

    Voter info:



    Other states: Google your state name and “voter registration.” It takes
    5 minutes to change the world.
    Right now, you can make a difference, this very minute.

    Share the links. Register. Vote. Change things.

  20. It is difficult to believe that either Gil Kerlikowske, Ms. Leonhart, AG Eric Holder, or President Obama actually believe that cannabis is somehow more harmful to the individual and society than either alcohol or tobacco. Alcohol claims 10’s of thousands, tobacco claims 100’s of thousands of USA lives every year, and cannabis claims ZERO lives every year, excepting of course for LEO activities.

    Cannabis has been used for thousands of years as a religious and medical sacrament, right up to its USA prohibition in 1937. The first government-sponsored scientific study of cannabis, the La Guardia Commission, recommended decriminalizing cannabis — which was ignored. When Nixon kicked off the War on Drugs in 1971, he was targeting minorities, the anti-war & counter-culture movements. Nixon initiated the Schafer Commission to study cannabis effects, and in 1972 it recommended re-legalization of cannabis — which was ignored, again.

    As the drug war began in ernest, cannabis was classified as a Schedule 1 drug — a drug characterized as having no medical value, of being highly addictive, of being at high risk of abuse, and of having great social harm. And yet within 12 years government researchers were using cannabis to treat glaucoma, specifically President George HW Bush’s glaucoma. In 2003, the USA government itself was issued a patent on the use of cannabis as a medical treatment (not glaucoma). And in 2006, a DEA judge ruled for NORML in a lawsuit against the DEA to have cannabis reclassified to Schedule 2 or Schedule 3. From that point forward the DEA has been adamant in not complying with that DEA judge’s orders, and has instead been shifting resources from hard drug enforcement to cannabis as the “low hanging fruit”. More people are arrested today for simple cannabis possession than at the height of the 1960’s anti-war movement, along with a new tool of persecution, civil asset forfeiture.

    Today there are 14 States that have active Medical Marijuana programs, for the treatment of a number of medical maladies. Even the Veterans Administration has come out in favor of cannabis as a treatment for PTSD and pain mediation, although they cannot, by law, prescribe it.

    To recap: government-funded scientific studies have recommended either decriminalization or outright re-legalization as a recreational drug of choice, the medical value of cannabis has been reasserted by 14 States’ MMJ programs and a government-issued government-owned medical patent on cannabis, AND the DEA itself has resisted a DEA judge’s order for 4 years to reclassify cannabis from a Schedule 1 “narcotic”.

    Something other than logic or scientific fact is holding back a vast liberalization of laws against cannabis. For one of the answers, one must look back in history to one of the primary rationales for Prohibition 2.0 to begin with — the subjugation and control of minority rights in modern society. Today, in the State that originated the La Guardia Commission and promptly decriminalized cannabis, it’s major city of NYC sees 50k+ arrests for cannabis, mostly for possession, and a large percentage being minority offenders. Nationally in 2009, nearly 875k persons have been arrested for drugs, primarily simple cannabis possession, with the numbers of minorities arrested far in excess of their percentage of the USA population.

    Another answer is the vast revenue stream to the police state, including asset forfeiture laws, DEA & LEO budgets across the country, and the private for-profit prison system. Since its inception, the War on Drugs has cost taxpayers in excess of $1 Trillion USD, with little to no constructive value. Illicit drugs today are cheaper, better quality, and with more widespread availability than ever before — an absolute failure. While I don’t have figures on the total combined fines, financial penalties, and value of assets forfeited, it must number in the 100’s of Billions USD over that same time frame.

    When is enough quite enough, and the war against people that is the War on Drugs to finally be declared over, win or lose? It took less than 2 decades for Prohibition 1.0 against alcohol to begin and end — has our government gotten either greedier or more adamant & stupid than that previous generational Prohibition? Just say now, and end it.

  21. @ Dr.Dunkleosteus

    You ask: “How can such a title be ethical?” regarding the Drug Czar. I think the correct answer is that it cannot!!! It’s just not possible!!! The position represents bullying, lies and all manner of deceit – there is absolutely nothing ethical or moral about it.

  22. I grow and I don’t care what the govs says I will be providing 100% violence free ganja for as long as i grow, wow im shitfaced.

  23. post #9 states: “They did exactly what they were told to do”. When WW2 ended, the guards of Auchwitz said the same thing. They were executed. Their commander was hung by the UN at the main gate to the camp. Just following orders is not an excuse for murdering people for consuming a harmless plant in private. Cops don’t have to enfore unjust laws.
    When was the last time someone was arrested in Alabama for playing Dominos on Sunday?
    Or in Texas for violating state law prohibiting taking more than three sips of beer at a time while standing?

  24. When you consider all things involved with the war on cannabis thier behavior becomes criminal. $209,900,000,000.00 spent on cancer treatment in the US alone every year. Considering that OVER 500,000 people die from cancer in this country every year, I have to wonder just what the hell are they spending the money on? The answer is TREATMENT, there is no where that much money in a cure. Lobbiest spend a lot of money on our government, so the cure stays illegal. They keep thier big WoD budget, and we keep going to jail, and having our lives ruined. Not by our use of cannabis, it’s ruined by the LAW. TIME FOR A CHANGE.

  25. Obama laughs at MJ legalization! There’s a racist joke that goes “what do you call a black man with a diploma?” with a punchline that fits the situation…LOL!

    Nice to see some intelligent arguments on the legalization side but it’s too bad the California Demo politicos are so in bed with the War On Some Drugs. Women, blacks, and assorted other so-called liberals…think lions, tigers and bears oh my! How the hell did we the people get fooled into voting for these folks, thinking they were on our side?

  26. Please, Mr. Armentano, the Drug Czar would prefer that you not muddle this issue with your constant references to facts and science.

  27. on the lighter upbeat side:

    i just read that a FOX tv affiliate in sacramento became the first station in the country to do a med mj ad for mj clinic, thirty seconds.


  28. Who the hell are they trying to kid? Cannabis is a harmless substance. Far less harmfull than tobacco, alcohol, or pharmaceuticals – with no side affects – nor – a death profile. Who the hell are they trying to kid?

    When good ole’ Gill was Police Chief of Seattle – he was for Harm Reduction – and – followed the law. He wasn’t for legalization – but – “HE FOOLWED THE LAW.”
    Now that he ‘s gotten mixed up with the ONDCP – well –
    see what Washington will do to ya? It will make an honest man go bad! He’s mandated to lie!

    If ya ask me – and – nobody did – I’d say – “There’s WAY too many groups dealing with cannabis as a drug.” The real problem is that you have to get an O.K. from the DEA to handle [touch] the whole plant material to research it. Guess what! Right! No deal!

  29. Mr. Kelikowske days are numbered . The SF Chronicle & the LA Times , two of the biggest newspapers in Cali. are both in favor of Proposition 19. More & more of these crooked politicians out here are finding they won’t be elected no matter how much money they take in by the Drug industry if they are oppossed to legalization & support a worthless drug war ..
    We’re getting the truth out there v/s their lies , propaganda , deceptiveness & deceit .
    I know we’re winning this battle , at least in Cali. when you see beer prices plummeting the way they have been out here . Recently at , Ralphs not only can you buy a, Tecate , Miller , Coors or Bud 30 ( Yes thirty ) pack of beer for $16.99 but they’ll even throw in a 24 pack of , Aquafina bottled water for just a penny . Please drink our beer !!! ….and get heart problems , high blood pressure , diabetes , hangovers , obesity or at least overweightness , a DUI and a host of other health related complications . Of course the Drug Companies will love ‘ya , so keep drinking our beer !

  30. Damn straight, it’s money you didn’t have before!

    This can be a win-win for rich and poor and the everyman. Repeat the meme: “It’s money you didn’t have before.” And this meme: “Some of the revenue can be used to give the rich and businesses tax breaks so that they create jobs.”

    That’s all in addition to however many jobs will be created from moving the supply sourcing of cannabis (back) to the U.S. It ought to put an end to the killings in Mexico if they have so much less to kill each other over. With less illegal profits there is less money to spend on weapons.

    Note the use of the term “some revenues” because everybody who wants a piece of the pie can make an argument for it out of whatever goes into the general fund for appropriations.

    Let’s get this done. Legalize it. Face it, it’s the only chance you have of keeping the Bush-like tax cuts.

  31. I implore anyone who posts here to also please post under Paul’s writing on the LA Times website. Please voice your opinions outside the NORML echo chamber, particularly in support of Paul’s rebuttal.

  32. Even if Prop 19 passes won’t the federal Controlled Substances Act overrule it??? It will still be Schedule I.

    [Editor’s note: Possibly, but not likely under an Obama administration and Democratically-controlled Congress. If the political equation in Washington DC changes in 2010 or 2012 to the negative on the issue of cannabis law reform, then a ‘rogue’ state may come under greater scrutiny by the feds.

    However, if a ‘nation-state’ like California breaks from the federal government’s 73-year-old cannabis prohibition and state voters, empowering and directing their elected officials to challenge the federal prohibition, the quick ascendency to the US Supreme Court to resolve the dispute is assured.

    The legal outcome from SCOTUS, however, is not assured.

    This is why, ultimately, legislation is what creates the most sustainable and politically supportive reforms for cannabis, while at the same time, the process is riddled with political compromises not envisioned in voter initiatives.

    Suffice of to say, binding voter initiatives in a state like California drive a national discussion, whether it is tax reform, gay marriage or cannabis legalization.]

  33. I believe Abraham Lincoln said it best:

    “Prohibition will work great injury to the cause of temperance. It is a species of intemperance within itself, for it goes beyond the bounds of reason in that it attempts to control a man’s appetite by legislation, and makes a crime out of things that are not crimes. A Prohibition law strikes a blow at the very principles upon which our government was founded.”
    Abraham Lincoln (1809-65), U.S. President.
    Speech, 18 Dec. 1840, to Illinois House of Representatives

    Just look at the drug war.
    Paul Armentano, you are my hero. I am on every comments section I can find spreading the word. Because I am disabled, I have all day to focus on proposition 19 and other initiatives. Thank you for your persistence,sir.

  34. I recently came up against the sad discrepancies of state and federal laws..I can not use medical marijuana due to federal random testing for my job here in Michigan. Millions of people are being denied their rights to receive lawful medical treatment here in Michigan due to the current scheduling of marijuana. Hard working people are being treated as criminals and forced to “treatment” by employers or be fired. I have used it for alleviation of severe menopause symptoms that are very debilitating.I cannot get a marijuana card for use because the DOT doesn’t honor it. What is the sense of passing a law that is in conflict and not respected? This is a terrible mess for many people and needs attention ASAP.In my community there are many clinics waiting approval and the first one was raided by the DEA here in Hazel Park,Mich. only weeks after it opened. This is short of Communism. I am so upset about this and I am tired of being treated like a criminal over my urine.DOT is trying to control what we do at home and is implying that we just smoked on the job. This is nonsense and God willing will come to an END.Get out of my bedroom ONDCP

  35. I forgot to add that Michigan would go broke if all the gamblers,(the lottery supports our schools),cigarette smokers and gambling casinos left town.These are the folks that support this states revenue. Well at least they give you a 1800 number on the back of the lotto tickets for help if you have a gambling problem and the goverment puts health warnings on the cigarettes.Oh what a water wonderland…

  36. Genesists do not attempt to convince anyone to believe in God – or – use cannabis. But – if one does believe in God – the Genesists Faith offers a religious use defense, which becomes increasingly more defendable by its congregation of believers [brethren] – standing together as one continually.


    Without exemption (ciircumscription – qualificaion) no person(s) shall make any law respecting the establishment of religion or the “FREE EXERCISE THEREOF.” Genesists are free to profess and maintain their opinion in matters of religion, and in no wise diminish, enlarge, or effect their civil capacities. Genesists shall not suffer on account of their religious opinions, beliefs or practices; for whosoever would stand on a Genesist’s path of religious freedom [individual freedom] and rattle their sword, such action provokes infringement of the “NATURAL RIGHTS OF MANKIND,” the privileges and advantages to which ib common with our brethren, we have a “NATURAL RIGHT.”

    Genesists are a body of mass distinction. As a body of mass distinction, Genesists declare a CLEAR SENSE OF WHY we must move forward to repeal the prohibition of our Holy Sacrament. “A CLEAR REASON WHY IS – THE CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER OF THE LOSS OF OUR FREEDOM AND ITS LIBERTIES.” We declare that the religious liberty guaranteed us in the Constitution, as an inalienable right, supercedes all other authentic reasons for the repeal of our Sacrament’s prohibition.

  37. @Dustin Mac #37

    Many blessings and thanks for your struggle in the name of justice and integrity.

    We all should take a cue from your online activism by “spreading the word.”

  38. I was busted a while back and ordered into treatment for cross addition, alcohol and marijuana. After a few visits to the psychiatrist, I realized he was treating me for alcohol, but not marijuana. When I asked him about this, he looked at me surprised for a moment, then said, “Well, the way we treat that is to just stop smoking it.”

  39. Well, it has become painfully obvious that these politicians LIKE putting people in their jails.

    They build the jails in their districts, hire guards from their district to police them, and then get more power for themselves by gaining citizens through the census (who have been incarcerated away from other districts).

    The alcohol companies, drug manufacturers, contracting companies, law enforcement agencies, firearms manufacturers, LAWYERS, judges, advertising agencies, bar owners, all of their respective lobbyists, not to mention criminals themselves, all have something to lose from the legalization and regulation of marijuana.

    I am sure I left a bunch of others out that stand to lose on this common sense legislation. No wonder the battle is so hard 🙁

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