Prop. 19 Money Bomb — Final Hours Taking Place Right Now!

Campaigners for California’s Prop. 19 are in the final hours of their ‘money bomb’ — a single day when supporters all across the nation contribute to the campaign to legalize marijuana in California.

Below is their message to supporters:

This money bomb will show that the Yes on 19 campaign has the grassroots support needed to win on November 2. This couldn’t be more important and timely, so we really need to do everything we can to help out. Contribute before midnight to the Yes on 19 money bomb! Help us raise $50,000, and show that we can succeed this November!

Why $50,000? Because today marks 50 days until Election Day – and by raising $1,000 for each day left, the Yes on 19 campaign will get a real shot in the arm in their efforts to get this critical victory for marijuana law reform. The whole world is watching. If California — the largest state in the country — takes a stand, others will follow. So please, take a moment to chip in to the Yes on 19 campaign’s money bomb and help us reach our $50,000 goal.

Make a donation of $25 or more to the Yes on 19 campaign right now and you’ll get a limited edition “I’m Voting Yes On Prop 19” t-shirt. All proceeds will go straight to the Prop 19 campaign and be counted toward our $50,000 money bomb.

Want to learn the facts about Prop. 19? Check out Russ Belville word-for-word analysis here.

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  1. Bonnie Dumanis, San Diego’s city attorney, spoke to a (1/3 full auditorium) audience of younger police officers and any other interested parties that wanted to hear how city hall/legal felt about Prop. 19 overall.

    She said, (quote) “The city of San Diego is not going to receive any tax monies by legalizing marijuana.”

    The city/state tax will marijuana as much as they can get away with, for the first year. Who cares?
    Next year as MJ locations, tax spread to cities, growers right to make a profit, users right to fair pricing, etc. are worked out, then eventually everything will level out.
    MJ Crime is DOWN. MJ Crime will continue to go down as the MJ “have-not’s” get to mingle with the MJ “have’s”, and everybody’s a happy camper. No one wants to argue about any thing. There have been no reported repercussions from
    We declare that alcohol is on a steep decline in California.

    Recently broadcast, was the # 1 cause of lowering your I.Q. prospective to employers or new acquaintances, is to be seen photographed with a BEER CAN in your hand.” – KPRI San Diego, 9/22/10

    And a HUGE percentage of MJ users do NOT use alcohol.

    It harshes your mellow. We all know it.

    The public is scared of MJ. They are uneducated. All they know is dreadlocks and evil looking devices that create smoke, by people who look like you’d cross the street to avoid them.

    NORML should try and change the perception of the MJ user, before the Probies steer the public into us defending their un-founded, un-researched until the DEA funded the UCSD research which said there was medical use for pot. 🙂
    I developed a “third lung” using a translucent trash-pail bag from CostCo. I gathered up the top of the bag around a 6″ piece 1″ diameter (white) PVC pipe, and blue-taped it closed. Then put a removable 1″ pvc slip-cap over the end to hold smoke back.
    My purpose was to see how much tar was left in the bag after single hits were blown into it.
    1. I use a percolator bong, and wanted to see how brown the bag turned after a week (took a photo), bag seemed still clear, and then after a month’s use (will take a photo). I started 9/13/10, so it’s been 10 days of (8) single hits a day. The bag is not too brown actually. I feel my lungs are absorbing some of this brown and dispersing some of it. After a month, I’ll put a bit of water in the bag and check for solubility. If the brown becomes water soluble, that’s a good sign for health. If it doesn’t, I presume some the “brown” is transferred to mucous which is definitely Non-Soluble in water.

    2. By expelling the single hit into the bag, I keep smoke from annoying my neighbors.
    And by taking a few normal breaths and then re-hitting the bag, (with the side of my mouth cracked to also suck in oxygen, I get what’s left of the medication?) Is there a Doctor in the house?

    Note: Don’t do this with “bottom smoke”from a bong. Too raspy.
    As I’ve stated before, I would relish the opportunity to speak in person with the FBI, DEA, State or local Prohib’s.
    I can clarify many of their concerns and misconceptions the DEA has about the differences of Marijuana (hashish) and hard drugs. The DEA instructed on what to say. I can change that.
    The head of the DEA in Washington is a menace to the flow of true facts.
    Seriously, lets’ have lunch. I can unravel this mess in an hour, so you have a clear understanding of how you’re going to lose the battle on Marijuana.

  2. Let’s not scare away the folks that may be sitting on the fence about Prop. 19.
    There’s not been alot of (if any) bickering among the NORML party, to present (which is not typical for a blog).
    Anyone that breaks the work-progress silence we NORML’s are now enjoying, by stirring trouble within our Party is a Pro-hibbie “plant”. Grow a brain. 🙂

  3. Im voting no on Richard Lees cash cow Prop 19.

    [Editor’s note: And you’ll be joined by cops, booze makers, Diane Feinstein and Meg Whitman, the Drug Czar, and Stephen Baldwin…Great company you keep!

    For everyone else…we’ll opt for voting ‘yes’ on Prop 19 to legalize cannabis in CA.]

  4. I am definitely voting on prop 19, this issue has gotten so big it deserves attention!! More and more are support the cannabis act, its time my fellow Californians. Lets make it happen! Me and my protesting squad are getting some t-shirts and promoting on our campus. Support the prop 19 please!
    Support and buy a t-shirt!

  5. Between now and November,imo, NORML could begin another column on Marijuana Etiquette (MJE).
    “The forms, manners and ceremonies established by convention as acceptable” – Webster

    1. Medicate at home only.

    2. Use it Alone or Leave it Alone.

    3. Try not to reek in public. (exhaling into a 1″ PVC pipe taped to a liner-bag works great, (until something glass and better comes along.)

    4. Plus, all the social-manners that naturally develop from MJ use in the future should be put on Fast-Track.

    NOTE: There wasn’t much in the 1940-50’s as delivery devices, except hollowed chicken bones as pinhead inhalers, and corncob pipes – all in evil display cases by the G-Men at our elementary school.
    NORML should immediately get WAY AHEAD of the Prohibbie’s typecasting of US before WE do.

    We only get one shot at this, or it’s back to $360. – $400.00 per ounce prices and no creditability for weed strain, name, and potency.

  6. it’s october 5th and I live in cali, I have not seen one commercial, can someone tell me when the commercials will start airing?

  7. @59: No Commercials! That’s disturbing! I live in VA but donated $100 towards the cause in the hope the money would be well spent. Now, your comment has me wondering what’s being done with the money…

    I actually toyed with the idea of someone recording all of the pro-legalization commercials and putting them onto a DVD for distribution and as an additional money-making fundraiser for the cause…

    [Paul Armentano responds: The Prop. 19 campaign is truly a grassroots measure that is woefully underfunded compared to the funding typically spent on California campaigns. There may or may not ultimately be funding in the budget to air commercials.

    Fight over marijuana legalization is cheap by Capitol standards
    October 6, 2010 | 9:15 am
    No measure on the November ballot has received more publicity than Proposition 19, the initiative that would legalize marijuana in California. Although proponents and foes of lesser-known measures involving business tax breaks and procedural rules for drawing political districts have spent millions on their ballot measure campaigns, the fight over marijuana legalization has been relatively cheap, at least by California ballot-measure standards.

    New campaign finance records show the backers of an initiative to legalize the recreational use of marijuana in California are out-raising their opponents as of Sept. 30. The Yes on Prop 19: Tax Cannabis 2010 committee reported spending $842,946 so far this year and having $67,467 left in the bank on Sept. 30. Major donors include S.K. Seymour LLC, a medical marijuana provider, AgraMed and Dale Gieringer, the state director of the marijuana legalization group NORML.

    The group Public Safety First, No on Proposition 19 reported spending $199,000 this year after raising $158,400 and accumulating some unpaid bills. Leading donors to the opposition group include the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, which gave $25,000; the California Narcotics Officers Assn., which contributed $20,500; and the California Beer and Beverage Distributors, which put in $10,000.]

  8. Prop 19 may not be unconstitutional. I was reading a detailed legal analysis here which seems to indicate that Prop 19 may be hard to overturn:

    I really believe Prop 19 will pass. After it passes, I believe 10-12 states may further liberalize their drug laws in an effort to raise revenue after seeing the financial success in California. I believe the Justice department will not act against pot users who are complying with state law, especially considering that Prop 19 has such tough laws about having cannabis anywhere near minors.

  9. @don, wow, all that money and I haven’t even seen 1 commercial, its already oct 7, and voting is on the 2nd of nov, not to mention another contribution of 550,000.00 us from a co founder of facebook for the cause, Where is the money going? when will the commercials start airing? Btw I live in los angeles. someone please answer, I really hope to start seeing commercials soon.

    @nebula haze, keeping marijuana illegal is actually unconstitutional, people have the right to choose what they want to put into their bodies, and the federal government has no right to say otherwise, yes on 19.

  10. Thay gave 67% to the repubs,and 33% to the Dems.a sum of seven millions Dollers,to stop Prop 19.well with 1.5 billion in Taxing it ???!!! and You don’t think it’s going to pass!Come on now.this thing is all about money.OR sould I say (GOD).These Repubs & Dems know were the money is,(thay get that),Thay want( THAT TAX MONEY BAD!!!) The Money is there for the taking,It will pass.When you under stand
    That these People (LOVE MONEY)READ YOUR BIBLE!,
    God is about Life, and That plant is Life.
    man trys to fight it,but in the end. (GOD WINS!!!)

  11. I received (5) canned-responses from Gov. Arno-Swartz. about the Prop 19. petitions I signed from this NORML site. We all did. It goes to show that petitions work! Thanks Arnold, enjoy the rest of your life to the Max.
    I for one am paying close attention to the San Diego Union Tribune (an “Op-19” biased, East Coast owned religious publishing and holdings conglomerate, that promotes the MEXICO/DEA (cheap-cowboy-theatrics) “POT BUST in Tijuana Nets 115 Tons” front page article as REAL. B. freaking S. 🙂

    My conversations with the DEA in San Diego, Calif. around 1978, prove to ME, that the 115 tons was MEXICAN OWNED private stock of confiscated bales over a period of many years specifically for the purpose of scaring the “fence sitting” public, with calculated “thinking time”, here before the Nov. 2 elections.
    The MEXICAN/DEA (commercial ditch-weed, Round-Up® contaminated pot bales) article was published – (front page) Oct. 19, 2010. Photographed by Sean M. Haffey and written by Sandra Dibble. In that article MEXICO clearly states that they’re lying about who owns the weed. Read the article (2) times and you’ll get it. 🙂

    I only get one shot at pasting a url here, so, here’s the one that connects to NORMLS TV debate page.
    Someone else may want to paste the url of the U-T “POT BUST” article.

  12. NORML receives a 1 million donation.

    Thank you GEORGE SOROS!

    [Editor’s note: George Soros has never directly donated to NORML or the NORML Foundation…when he gives money for cannabis law reform the Drug Policy Alliance is most often his chosen conduit.

    NORML is likely too grassroots for Mr. Soros…]

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