Pot Couture Gives Mary Jane a Makeover

By Margot, Co-creator potcouture.com

Have you ever had a friend so dear and true that you knew your forces combined could accomplish anything? When Pepper and I became friends, we felt that way almost immediately. We looked out on the future and thought, “This is going to be a blast!” We promptly determined that we would grow old in the same nursing home, live to at least 92, and flirt obscenely with younger men in their 70s. But before that we would be unstoppable, powerful women, taking over the world one brilliant project at a time. Pepper and I carefully reviewed our joint passions and settled on the thing that we loved most in the world after each other and our dear sweet Misters—pot.

PotCouture.com is a labor of love.  Marijuana has brought such wonderful things into both of our lives that we felt compelled to share our stories so that other people could read and share their own. What was initially conceived as a little blog about our pot adventures in New York City evolved into a much bigger venture: the first online magazine developed for stylish, professional women who use marijuana.  While we were researching our project we were both inspired and surprised to realize there were hardly any sites catering to the interests of what we would call “lady stoners.” However, there was one pinpoint of light in the darkness: an excellent article in Marie Claire in 2009 entitled “Stiletto Stoners.” The public response to that article was so positive that we knew we were onto something. So we forged ahead, and in July 2010 we quietly launched Potcouture.com.

Well, it wasn’t quiet on purpose. No one knew we were there. But we believed that in holding up our own little pinpoints in the darkness we were beckoning our fellow lady stoners to “come out of the smoky closet,” as Sabrina Fendrick of the NORML Women’s Alliance would say. We had faith that as other women like us held up their lights in reply, the truth would become profoundly apparent: everybody’s doing it!

I would respectfully assert that one of the larger problems the marijuana legalization movement faces is one of perception. Frankly, Mary Jane needs a makeover. Television and movies consistently portray the marijuana user as a burden on society. You’ve seen variations on the theme: the stereotypical stoner is wrapped in a tie-dye security blanket and passed out on a threadbare couch, one hand in a bag of Doritos and the other clutching the mightiest bong in all the land. In fact, one of the more prevalent and ridiculous arguments against the legalization of marijuana goes something like this:

“We’re in a recession, people! If California legalizes marijuana, the whole left side of the country will pass out at the wheel, leaving the rest of us to shoulder this economy one sober step at a time! Fear! Anger! Gnashing of teeth! Arrrrrrggh!”

But that unconscious dude on the couch isn’t representative of us. In fact, I know a lot of stoners, and that doesn’t resemble any of them. As a professional woman living and working in New York City, I meet people every day who smoke pot for health and relaxation. The image of the unmotivated lump doesn’t begin to portray the ingenuity, persistence, intelligence, and passion embodied in my fellow “lady stoners.”

PotCouture.com is our effort to illuminate the darkness. We are holding it up over our heads as high as we can, answering the other pinpricks we see in the distance, lights like the NORML Women’s Alliance. When we first talked with Sabrina we knew we were meeting a true friend. The activism undertaken by the NORML Women’s Alliance shows integrity, clarity, and reason, and we share their goals to provide a voice and face for female marijuana users who are not accurately represented by mainstream media, or by what has become traditional pot culture.

It is with great happiness and pride that we don our highest heels in solidarity with the NORML Women’s Alliance, holding up our flickering candles with theirs in faith that if others see our collective glow they will join our cause. Opponents to Proposition 19 and other marijuana ballot measures know better than anyone that the stereotypical pothead is a myth, and yet they manipulate that problematic image as much as possible, stretching it as far as it will go. Because the truth we know—and the truth they fear—is that stoners aren’t losers. We’re innovators, entrepreneurs, visionaries, activists and voters. And our forces combined can bring logical, healthy change to the marijuana policies in this country, ending prohibition at long last and implementing safe, reasonable laws for the medical and recreational use of pot.

Join us. Let’s make some light.

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  1. I have been posting this idea on NORML’s facebook postings: how about promoting vaporization and ingestion of cannabis for an additional image change? Sure, the mobility of a joint is awesome, but, inhaling burning plant material is just not healthy. This is one aspect I see as vulnerable for attack when it comes to legalization. So, for ones own health, and the health of the initiative, lets start encouraging alternatives to smoking (still keeping in mind that there are good vaporizers versus not so good by the materials used for construction).

    -Maurice (long time cannabis user, but no longer smoking it)

  2. Thank you SO MUCH for taking the lead on this issue. The majority of my “pot-head” friends are also intelligent, hard-working people. It’s about time that an organization was formed that will help shed light on the real stoners of the world, not the media’s stereotypical portrayals. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 🙂

  3. I’m liking you ladies and it’s “high” time the truth about Maryjane users be told. Can you see my candle in the darkness? Over here!

  4. I agree with Maurice. I think we should definitely promote the usage of a healthier way to get high. I think it adds to the arguments for pot legalization.

  5. You feel the need for separate sites for “lady stoners”? WTF will it take for us to get past division of the sexes? It didn’t occur to you that you were already (as is so often the case) included in the “regular” stoner sites? fcs…

    [Editor’s note: It is never a bad thing in American politics to organize women…who, along with minorities, traditionally are woefully under-represented at drug policy reform organizations, public conferences and seminars and in the halls of state capitals and the Congress advocating for cannabis law reforms.

    It is important to recognize that the most powerful constituent in American politics is an angry mother.

    In the 1970s angry mothers successfully helped to stop cannabis policy reforms…conversely, in 2010, angry mothers are helping to end cannabis prohibition.]

  6. OK girls, where do I sign up? It’s really funny somehow that no one has ever taken this high road before now. You are so right about everythiong you’ve said. My friends and I are professionals who enjoy relaxing with a good bowl. I think another misconception is that smoking pot makes you lose your mind and not able to function. I’m here to say that that just isn’t so. I have more clarity when I’m “stoned” than I ever did straight.

  7. We’re SO happy to see people respond so favorably. And I agree with Maurice – there are definitely areas to address with the methods of consuming marijuana. If any of you are interested in pitching ideas or ways we could start to work on this, let us know! We’re really impressed with the calibre of people we’ve met through this movement. To see all your “lights” is really damn encouraging.

    <3 M+P

  8. Begin by bluntly addressing it on web sites, blogs, or articles you utilize for communication.

    Many may not know of vaporization (especially those who might begin using this substance when it is legalized), or the types of edibles (apart from the stereotypical “brownies”) available; and not to forget the type/duration/affordability of the high.

    This can certainly shed positive light in demonstrating that we are being smart about the way in which we chose to intoxicate ourselves. In addition, you can still couple a vaporizer with a bong and have a fun time.


  9. Add organized crime destruction to the list that legalization would bring. Mexican drug cartels make the bulk of their money from providing pot to the US market. By allowing US farmers to grow weed (a low environmental impact crop especially compared to tobacco) and keeping dollars at work in the US we have a win – win. Add ingestion of fiber rich hemp phyto chemicals to a diet because it’s no longer so expensive that burning it makes sense and you add more benefits – delicious, nutritious and healthy.

  10. “wilpri Says:
    September 22nd, 2010 at 4:45 pm
    You feel the need for separate sites for “lady stoners”? WTF will it take for us to get past division of the sexes? It didn’t occur to you that you were already (as is so often the case) included in the “regular” stoner sites? fcs…”

    YES we need things/places/websites/activities for lady stoners. You may not believe it… but the truth is us girls want to talk about beauty, fashion, men, celebrities, girlie stuff and we don’t like looking at naked chicks with buds all over their bodies. That’s entertainment for the MEN not for us! Most stoner sites are for men and have no clue how to market to, or talk to women. Nothing against the men’s mags and sites, the men need their naked chicks and bouncing titties, I understand that! What I don’t understand is why some people can’t let us girls have our own space to do what we want without being a complainer.

  11. Thanks for your support ladies! You’ve always been there but now your voices won’t be muffled or distorted. This is great!

  12. My hat’s off to you ladies! Cheers and best of luck in the future!!!

    I checked out your site and it is now bookmarked! Please keep up the great work!

  13. i must say, i was wrong, not to offend anyone but i never thought i would find such an excellent artical done by the opposite sex. this article hits pretty hard and is possibly the most honest, focoust article i have ever heard as such. much girl power to you and i hope to here more from you sabrina

  14. THANK YOU for speaking up, Ladies! We’re all so tired of the “low-life” image that has been perpetuated. I just passed my fortieth year of indulging in this remarkable plant and I would have to say, with the incredible help from my wife, that we’ve done quite well, thank you. We have both been “professionals” for many years, own our own home and don’t lay, passed out, on threadbare couches. BTW, in the over forty years I’ve been “smoking” (now I vaporize), I have NEVER passed out from taking marijuana.
    But WAIT! Let us not restrict the displays lovely naked ladies with buds all over them! Just add some hot dudes. I’m certainly willing (except maybe for the hot part). And just because there are many fine culinary ways to prepare and ingest this wonderful herb, doesn’t mean brownies should be forsaken! Remember your roots, people!
    One last thought, as I mentioned earlier, I no longer smoke anything. I quite cigarettes after 35 years and now vaporize or cook. Maurice is right, and simple logic tells you that inhaling any waste gases from combustion is not healthy.
    (Jerry Wayne???)

  15. This is wonderful. I came to pot late in life 37 to be exact and it has changed my life for the better. It has helped my marriage and helped me to be a more creative and motivated person. I am pursuing dreams now that I never would have believed that I would try at this stage in my life. It took me a long time to get past the pot is bad for you mentality and having smart women write about their experiences is helpful to changing the image. That said, I am also a believer in ” you should be the change you wish to see in the world”, so I feel a Norml Woman’s Alliance is wonderful. Having more people committed to the cause is always a good thing.

  16. to #2, maurice….thank you for a point well taken….the smoking part is the only thing bad about herb the way i see it.vaping is so clean. sure, we spend a few sheckles on one but well worth it. the people who dont know need to here about it. so, keep it illegal to smoke it… just make it legal to vaporize it and we can live a responsible , happy life….its all were askin for….

  17. I started smoking pot at 11 in California. I was on the honor roll, a good kid, never in trouble. I was goal oriented, civil rights law. While smoking pot (in moderation/1oz per month)I graduated HS, College, bought a home and married and then started a family, grew a garden, Office Manager for a Law Firm for 25 yrs as a
    Paralegal. I embroider, cook, paint, write poetry and am politically involved, and I do it all stoned….with nary a mess up. I only mess up when I am straight, to tense! Call me mellow hello…peace cc

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