Phoenix Cardinals Give $10K Against Arizona Medical Marijuana Initiative

My eyes rolled after reading about the NFL franchise Arizona Cardinals donating $10,000 to maintain the prohibition against physicians recommending medical cannabis based on the bizarre and dishonest excuse that they want a ‘Drug-Free Arizona’. Really? Drug-free?!

Does this mean that this ownership group, which owns other professional sport franchises in Phoenix, is against profiting from the sales of one of the most deadly and addictive ‘drugs’ called beer? I think not…

Also, one would think that the Arizona Cardinal’s ownership would be greater students of recent history and more respectful of the citizen’s will in Arizona, who’ve already twice passed medical cannabis initiatives in 1996 and 1998 (which the legislature recklessly disregarded and never implemented).

Phoenix Business Journal

The Arizona Cardinals are opposing Proposition 203 which could make medical marijuana legal in the state and let chronically ill or severe pain patients buy small amounts of pot from state licensed clinics with a doctor’s approval.

The Cardinals gave $10,000 to Keep AZ Drug Free today, according to the Arizona Secretary of State’s office.

That group opposes 203 saying it could lead to more illegal drug use.

Cardinals team President Michael Bidwill is listed by the anti-203 group as one of the main Valley leaders opposed to medical marijuana legalization. USA Basketball Chairman Jerry Colangelo also is part of the Keep AZ Drug Free group’s efforts.

Arizona voters will decide Prop. 203’s fate in November Arizona would be the 15th state to allow for medical marijuana.

The Cardinals were not able to provide comment on their $10,000 contribution Wednesday evening.

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  1. Just remember Arizona being a republican state a franchise trying to gain the support of the community might do something as silly as try and support a drug free Arizona. What we need to work on in Arizona for our teens and adults is real drug education and trying to curb the amount of teens trying meth and cocaine. Not threw scare tactics but through real open conversation and education about the fats. Marijuana in Az is not the problem but leads to some of the states worst problems with Mexican cartels including Arizona’s extreme kidnapping rate. People who smoke Marijuana for health reasons or otherwise shouldn’t be harassed by the police. My personal Feeling have always leaned towards as long as you aren’t encouraging children to smoke, stealing to get money to smoke, and driving while high then what you do is your own business.

  2. I like how (mostly) everyone on here wants to bash the Cardinals organization for the actions of one person involved with the team. I guarantee you the players, coaches, or any of the staff don’t have any part in this. The team hasn’t announced anything about it, the local news hasn’t reported it either. Team President Michael Bidwell donated money, not the team. Secondly, they have one of the most strict (if not the most) policies regarding the sales of alcohal during games and tail-gaiting. So calling them hypocrytical hate-mongers is a bit much and quite foolish if you ask me. I am not anti-pot either, I’m a supporter of legalization/ decriminalization/ medical use of weed. I strongly believe everyone has the RIGHT to grow and use marijuana for whatever purpose they desire, it’s not like it’s going to kill you. But I do have a problem with people bashing and publicly supporting boycotts of my home because some millionaire threw pocket change at an anti-drug organization. There are only 14 states that have reformed marijuana laws in place, I don’t hear anyone calling for boycotts on the other 35 states. And I would be willing to bet every state has anti-drug organizations (which are anti-pot no matter what state it is) that are supported by notable local figures. Just keep that in mind. And if you really want to attack a monster, go after Joe Arpaio, that dude is a CROOK.

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