Just Say Now! – NORML Conference 2010 Footage Now Available

The leaves are starting to change color, harvest season is upon us, and fall has officially begun. As the days grow shorter and the temperature gets a bit cooler it is a good time to reflect on the year that was in cannabis law reform.

2010 turned the steady momentum we had built in previous years and amplified it to a near unstoppable force. Nowhere was the enthusiastic spirit more prevalent than at this years annual NORML Conference in Portland, OR. The theme, “Just Say Now!”, was perfectly encapsulated in both the mood and tone of speakers and attendees. With the addition of states such as New Jersey and the District of Columbia to the list of localities legalizing some form of medical use and Proposition 19 only five weeks from the polling booth, there is much to be optimistic about.

The conference’s content reflected this immense progress, but also illuminated the turning point at which we have arrived. It is time for coalition building and outreach, the war on cannabis can only be ended by reaching out to formally overlooked and marginalized groups. These groups, while not necessarily consumers themselves, still suffer from the negative consequences of prohibition and would benefit greatly from its repeal.

Those privileged to attend the conference were treated to some very poignant speeches and discussions. It was hard not to come away impressed by speaking notables such as Alice Huffman of the CA-NAACP, travel guide Rick Steves, musician Greta Gaines, Congressman Earl Blumenauer and Governor Gary Johnson. Fortunately, for those who were unable to attend, we are beginning to populate our YouTube page with new video content captured in Portland. We invite to you visit our site at www.youtube.com/natlnorml and experience some of the conference’s best moments. For now, treat yourself to speeches from show stealers Alice Huffman and Greta Gaines, as well as a recap of the first day of the conference. More will continue to be posted in the coming days.

NORML would like to extend our unending gratitude to all those who contributed to making this event possible. Enjoy the thought provoking speeches and educate others with what you learn. The time has come to liberate cannabis, all we have to do is “Just Say Now!”

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  1. I so wish that was true but there is a lot of work a head if we are to change the unjust laws on cannabis and it’s going to take a whole lot more than going to a conference. I am not in this for the speeches, I can get that from my congress 24 7.
    I am in this to end the 900,000 people who will be put in prison. I am in this to spread the word, Cannabis Kills Cancer cells! It is reproducible and therefore not a theory but a FACT! I in this to save lives I could careless who smoke it. This is a herb given to us by the nature of things and some morons outlawed it violating our constitution. I am in this to find a peaceful answer and resolve this injustice before we turn to violance and civil war. You don’t think it can happen, well tell me what was it they we learned so history would not repeat?
    I will be glad to pat your back for you after we win =, after the truth is ringing out, after the prisoners are set free, after the sick get their medicine.
    The time is to stand and push not sit and pat one’s back for a job not done.
    Maybe less dog and pony show and more push in congress.
    Like it or not, it way to soon to be patting one’s back.

  2. quite an amazing inspirational speaker that Alice Huffman

    prop 19 will win!

    would greatly appreciate a bit of a tech upgrade on your video production.

  3. re: The End Of Cannabis Prohibition

    Is bundled so closely with the unexplainable

    My Only Soul is working back HOME

  4. It will not be at all easy to reverse cannabis law but with our numbers we can make just changes! Be apart of Change!

  5. I recall a video explaining how evolution left us human beings with inherent cannabinoid receptors in our brains. I can’t help but think these brain receptor sockets were a favorable genetic condition that human minds and bodies wanted with them for reasons over the years. When comparing recreational medicine, such as alcohol, to cannabis or pharmacy drugs, we see harsh differences in side effects. Snoop’s words on the side effects of cannabis being “happy, hungry, sleepy”, ring out very clear to me. Then I ask myself why isn’t that logic about side effects widely known? I figure it’s probably from people either being uninformed or misinformed. Thank you very much to NORML, MPP, SSDP, LEAP, and countless other organizations for trying and succeeding at sharing the precious light of knowledge with people.

  6. I too think we will win this issue but I think we can not take a time out, nor do we have time to pat ourselves on the back for a job well done, it not done until we have the victory of justice. Now is the time, we have them on the run. This is the moment we all have been working towards, it is at hand. We must push harder than ever, we must refuse more than ever to yeild to the injustice a day more. It is time to push these folks wanting into office in to stating in public where they stand on this issue. We must press these folks into the conner they have had us in for the last 70 years. This fight is not won, we are winning but we need to push and not let up. We must push back the darkness put upon us. Our nation’s economy can and will benefit from removing this injustice in so many ways.
    We must give as much attention to the end as we did to the beganning. We must not loose our footing now, we must, must march on, press the truth forward, push the constructive lie into the light of day.
    The producer of, “What If Cannabis Cures Cancer?”, has given us a great DVD to present to the public. It is full of good doctors informing folks that cannabis KILLS cancer cells and it is reproducible in any lab.
    Please get this out to the Calf. Public before the vote. Then remember vote, vote, vote! Without it there is not change. I don’t live in Calf but I encourage those who do to vote and support this cure for cancer. By voting in the great numbers that I know you will will send a clear meassage to Washington and to every State Congress. The Meassage is that WE THE PEOPLE can and will deal with our wayward employees and send them HOME for not doing the will of the people. I am praying here in Kansas for victory in Calf. I am contacting everyone I know in the State and encouraging them to vote for cannabis liberty.A vote for cannabis is a vote for freedom.

  7. I hope to attend one day. NORML fights the good fight! I suppose that when marijuana becomes legal throughout the entire world, as will be the case one day, NORMl could transform into an educational/social resource for cannabis consumers or a union to protect consumers against unfair pricing or other practices.

  8. We may be at the much anticipated tipping point!

    CNN has had an “opinion” article linked from their front page all day titled “Time to end the war on Pot”!


    and their question of the day is “Do you think marijuana eventually will be legalized?” and the answer is 79% Yes!

    Even Fox news has a link on their front page to video where they talk about the alcohol industry contribution to prop 19 and they are unusually reasonable in their discussion and see validity to the concept that the alcohol industry is trying to prevent additional competition.

    SMOKE ON!!!!

  9. Prop 19 has a lot of support but I think it will be a close one slightly tipping positive!

    But don’t get confused, this will not be the end of the troubles. The feds absolutely hate the medical marijuana thing. To have folks openly growing in their houses really ticks them off.

    In my area,(Mich.) since the medical use ruling passed many of us have gotten our cards, I’m post throat cancer so it was easy to qualify, but lately the local and state as well as feds are coming down on everyone registered with cards trying to catch us at any possible overstepping the bounds of the ruling.

    And it’s working, they (the authorities) have been so rude that the number of applications has severely dropped. Any friend of mine that hears about the problems simply state, ” it ain’t worth it to get a card”.

    Keep fightin the good fight! We are right and they know it!

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