High Times’ Medical Marijuana Grow Clinic in Rhode Island, October 30th

The first ever medical marijuana cultivation clinic in New England will be held by High Times Magazine next Saturday, October 30th in Rhode Island.

There are three New England states that allow medical patients with a physician’s recommendation to cultivate and use cannabis, Vermont, Maine and Rhode Island (of note, Maine and Rhode Island have recently passed laws that allow for the retail sale and government regulation of medical cannabis products).

No other publication in the world has taught more people about high quality cannabis and how to cultivate it than High Times Magazine. For the low price of $200 and a seven hour investment, medical cannabis patients and cultivators can get the best and most up-to-date information and technology recommendations from the leader in cannabis cultivation information for over 35 years.

For over 35 years, HIGH TIMES has taught the world how to grow – and now this is your chance to learn in person from HIGH TIMES cultivation experts Danny Danko and Nico Escondido!  Topics will include:

  • Beginner indoor and hydro growing
  • Getting the most out of your plants
  • Choosing medicinal strains
  • Cultivating and medicating legally
  • Special presentation by Allen St. Pierre, Executive Director of NORML
  • And more!

***Seating for this event is extremely limited and tickets may only be purchased online in advance***

With cannabis retailing for $300-$600 an ounce these days, home cultivation is consistent with New Englander’s love of thrift and self-reliance! I should know as I was born in down east Maine, grew up on Cape Cod and schooled in Amherst…

Please join me and a number of expert cannabis cultivators and High Times editors in Rhode Island next Saturday afternoon as the investment in time and money to travel in from all points of New England (and up from soon-to-be medical cannabis state New Jersey and the District of Columbia; as well as New York and Pennsylvania) will be well worth-the-while for the education, networking opportunities and comradery.

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  2. I look so forward to the educational television network
    or Discovery channel hiring experienced growers for the
    gardening shows.

  3. Marijuana growers are true American patriots, following in the footsteps of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln. Gardening can be a peaceful, relaxing and rewarding experience. Hopefully one day America’s politicians, both Democrats and Republicans, will understand that marijuana offers a solution to the problem of drunkenness and pill-popping.

    Not everybody wants to use pot, and that is more than OK, that is good. Pot is not for everybody. However, for those that do have a desire to experience inebriation, or that require medicine for their disease, pot is better. It does not inspire violence. It inspires rest, relaxation, peacefulness. Pot does not cause the problems that other substances do, even prescription medications.

    I haven’t read anyone arguing that booze is better anywhere in the mainstream media. I suppose that even the Prohibitionists realize at some level the truth of the adage, “Pot is safer,” but they assume that legal pot means one more item added to the menu of drug use.
    In reality, pot does not feel good when combined with alcohol or pills. The superior experience is pure, unadulterated by other substances such as booze. The Lady, she is jealous, and demands exclusivity.

    It is telling that NORML has chosen to focus upon one substance, one plant, to the exclusion of all the others. Why do you suppose this is? Why is marijuana cherished by millions around the world? If it were harmful, why would so many people love it the way they do?

  4. Why is marijuana priced retail at $300 – $600 for medical marijuana patients. The cost to grow even hydroponically is not that expensive and really the overpriced nature of the herb does more to promote it as a black market crop.

    I truly hope that Prop 19 passes and the price of marijuana should be at the same level as Yukon Gold potatoes. Let’s start treating it like a crop and grow it outdoors where it will thrive and help reduce carbon emissions and be truly a sustainable crop. This overemphasis on state of the art growing, using clones, and making every crop high THC (and low CBD) is not helping to keep the cost of marijuana very inexpensive which means affordable for everyone.

    I live in Arizona and our street prices for very high quality Mexican Marijuana is $60-80 per ounce and it’s pretty much what everyone is smoking for non medical use around the country.

  5. With all due respect. It is imperative that all indoor growers be aware that HPS bulbs spew mercury onto the plants they’re over. This is especially true when they’re used with high and very high frequency ballasts. Any cultivation class which does not address the environmental consequences of the equipment and/or methods used is woefully inadequate. Will this seminar address this?

  6. Thanks FarmerInTheSky for bringing up a valid point. When implementing any project it is important to consider the implications to yourself, your surroundings and the enviroment. I can’t speak for this saturdays class but rest assured the days of enlightenment are at hand. Hopefully soon, bypassing saftey concerns for clandestine dope operations will fade into the dark ages. It is up to us to make that happen. Not everyone has the time or desire to do the research. I offer seminars that have been aimed at implementing safe practices into your grow operation. Enviromental responsibility will make its way into my next round of classes.
    Keep fightin the good fight!

  7. BTW, yes I will be at the class this Saturday. Even though I have been growing for…well a long time. There is always something new to learn and new friends to make. See you there.

  8. I would like to have attended but both financial considerations and cannabicultural obligations are keeping me on the Best Coast for a while to come.
    If you consider the implications of the Inverse Square Law (Twice as far to travel = 1/4 the intensity) as applies to plant lighting, it becomes obvious that more usable light comes from the same watts consumed when delivered by multiple lower wattage lights which are kept closer to the canopy. Because less energy is being used to attain the same or superior intensity of illumination, much lower HVAC capitalization and operating costs are incurred.
    The Second Law of Thermo-dynamics, as applied to indoor growing, boils down to that the cooler you can keep your environment to begin with, the easier it is to keep cool. Be sure and ask Nico about the effects of moving your bulbs at high speed to keep your environment cooler and tailor spectral mix to strain.

  9. One more thing to consider re: environmental considerations. According to a study done by New Mexico Power and Light, averaged on the currently in use sources, each Kilowatt Hour (KwH) consumed puts 1.5 pounds of Co2 into the atmosphere. In other words, using a 1000 watt light for 1 pound in a 3 months crop ties up the atmosphere-cleaning ability of 96 trees for a year.

  10. Farmer, I have read about fast moving lamps and have long been a proponent of multi lower wattage lights to reduce power consumption. I’d like to talk more with you for my next seminar. If you’re interested hit me at MySpace/wayloudcummings. All are welcome at the Wayloud House. Just wipe your feet before you come in.

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