DEA Moves To Ban ‘Fake Marijuana’ Products

Well, if nothing else, the United States Drug Enforcement Administration is predictable.

DEA says it will make ‘fake pot’ products illegal
via The Fort Worth Star Telegram

[excerpt] Within 30 days, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration will criminalize the possession and sale of “fake pot” products and the chemicals they contain for at least a year while it considers whether to ban them permanently.

The DEA announced Wednesday that it will temporarily control five chemicals used in products such as “K2” and “Spice,” as well as the products themselves, according to a press release from the agency.

In 30 days the agency will publish a final notice making the products illegal for at least one year, with the possibility of a six-month extension while the Department of Health and Human Services studies whether the chemicals should be permanently controlled, according to the release.

And from the DEA’s official press release: The United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is using its emergency scheduling authority to temporarily control five chemicals (JWH-018, JWH-073, JWH-200, CP-47,497, and cannabicyclohexanol) used to make “fake pot” products.  Except as authorized by law, this action will make possessing and selling these chemicals or the products that contain them illegal in the U.S. for at least one year while the DEA and the United States Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) further study whether these chemicals and products should be permanently controlled.

To date, NORML officially has had little to say regarding this matter. The issue is somewhat removed from NORML’s mission statement — as the organization supports regulations for the adult use, production, and distribution of marijuana — not the retail sale and recreational use of synthetic cannabinoid agonists, which is what these chemicals are.

That said, the growing popularity of products are a predictable outgrowth of criminal marijuana prohibition. As prohibition is apt to do, it has driven the production of a commodity into the hands of unregulated, unknown dealers, driven up the potency of the commodity, and in doing so created a scenario where the consumer is faced with a potentially greater health risks than they would be had they simply had the legal choice to use the product they actually desired, in this case cannabis.

Given that most manufacturers of these products are overseas and not subject to U.S. laws and regulations, it is unlikely that the DEA’s action will in any way halt the dissemination, use, or misuse of these products by the public. Most likely, the DEA’s clamp down will likely only make the situation more dangerous — from both a legal standpoint and from a health standpoint — to the consumer.

I guess the DEA just never learns.

Ryan Grim at Huffington Post has more on the story here.

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  1. So now their going to waste more time and more money trying to rid places of “fake pot” as it were.There have been substitutes out for decades and just now their figuring this out?If they made real marijuana legal and regulated it which os a must then their would be no fakes any more and being regulated it would be safe for consumers cause the FDA would then have a hand in what can and cannot beused in growing it such as pesticides and other harmful growth enhancers

  2. America is supposed to be a country of freedom, but it seems that communism is more like it. Constant regulation of peoples behaviors, attitudes, and choices has done nothing more than to centralize the power in this nation. Let people make their own decisions and for those who wish to not smoke marijuana, then don’t. It is that simple.

  3. Unbelievable. Just one more example of the federal government (and federal politicians) insisting on more and more anti-pot measures, while at the same time the states and the average citizen favor more and more liberalization of marijuana laws.

  4. Let’s make conditions even shittier in America. Now we’ll have to be sober going through the full body scanner. America is becoming petty, and these attempts to crack down on a means to relieve stress are at bare minimum infringing… I wish we were still free.

  5. Jeez! The DEA needs to just go away. If a person wants to smoke marijuana or self medicate, let them! The Gov’t is so worried about overpopulization, if someone wants to do away with themselves, you’d think they’d be happy for the help… We are losing any rights we had. Land of the free? I think not…

  6. Thus is just sad, do these people really have nothing better to do. They have made Marijuana illegal but since some people have made a conscious effort to abide by the law while still enjoying there life they feel th need to screw us just one more way. To hell with the DEA, God forbid we should be able to enjoy the first amendment.

  7. I’m really growing tired of this crap! Seriously, this will cause even more abuse since it has been labeled to be dangerous by the DEA. What’s next? Banning Nutmeg? Why give the criminals another means to make money? I just don’t get it!

  8. @ Paul-
    Great analysis, as always. I hope the Federal Government gets its head-in-the-sand ostrich mentality surrounding drug policy straight… sooner rather than later, for all of our sakes.

    Thank you for keeping us informed.

  9. Hey as far as I’m concerned that fake pot was bad for you anyway I say this is one drug the DEA should go after. It’s a damn pill anyway.

  10. Its interesting that the DEA is willing to have the chemicals in these ‘products’ tested to determine if they will make them illegal, but will not openly test the chemicals in marijuana to see if they should be legal!?

    I can not wait to end career politicians that allow the insanity of our corrupt and ass-backwards government to operate in such a demoralized and unconstitutional manor.

    Vote for term limits on all political positions and bring about a better representation of the people and current cultural trends, end to this out of control government, and re-prioritize the job of the DEA and related agents.

    We Need Our Country Back!

  11. When the hell are Americans going to wake up and realize all this drug war bullshit was planned from the get-go to take away your rights? Smell the fascism homies, you are walking right into it, while the CIA keeps smuggling tons of cocaina into the US to numb your face out, if you get caught with that cocain you are getting jailed, Obama doesnt need to “realize this” he knows all this shit and supports it, you see… he is working for some very powerful people, and this drug war, this violence in Mexico, ALL THIS SHIT WAS PLANNED!! THIS AINT NO GOD DAMN CONSPIRACY THEORY. WAKE UP NOW BEFORE IS TOO LATE. You have been warned.

  12. Once again the government wasting money time and all resources for absoultly no reason. I would take them all out this week just like they took out the american indians if i could…… BANG BANG SAYS THE POCKS……

  13. This really pisses me off ! that shit ain’t cannabis & it just gives cannabis a bad name ! anything to bad mouth cannabis ! Whats next? we gonna ban snow cause it looks like coke ? Don’t smoke this shit ,it probably ain’t good for ya ! # 15 BINGO ! they call it synthetic MJ! We aught to sue em for defamation ! GEEEEZ Louise !

  14. I heard out of, Los Angeles today on Radio station KNX that it has already been classified right along with, Meth & Heroin & the penalties are equally severe for possession, additionally i heard, Cooley has conceded to being defeated & had congratulated, Harris on her
    win . Which brings up a point ; Almost all the politcians with prominent polititical roles that have opposed medical marijuana has gone down in defeat in Cali. . Just the opposite in the rest of America where they get elected . Example ; Christie .
    Cali. also voted Democratic this year where the rest of the USA voted Republican . Just the opposite.

  15. The only way I will be giving any thanks on Thanksgiving is if Michele Leonhart chokes on a bone and dies.

    Fuck the DEA and fuck Obama for being a pussy – apparently he didn’t get the memo about the change we wanted to believe in.

  16. I had to read this again . You said this so perfectly right ! It’s so true .

    ” That said, the growing popularity of products are a predictable outgrowth of criminal marijuana prohibition. As prohibition is apt to do, it has driven the production of a commodity into the hands of unregulated, unknown dealers, driven up the potency of the commodity, and in doing so created a scenario where the consumer is faced with a potentially greater health risks than they would be had they simply had the legal choice to use the product they actually desired, in this case cannabis ” .

  17. Note to self. Stock up on K2 this weekend. The government makes great black markets. Now people are going to get rich selling this as well.

    Prohibition doesn’t work. To keep spending $26 BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR on a failed program is a crime in itself.

  18. Anyone who truly loves marijuana would never waste their money on fake pot.K-2 and those other “fake marijuana products” probably cause lung cancer and other diseases like that.Tobacco companies must think those products interfere with business anyway.

  19. Since when did the DEA replace “the People” or Congress? I don’t see how law enforcement has a say over the law

  20. The vast majority of consumers use this fake marijuana so that they can pass drug test and still try to savor some of the medicinal or recreational benefits of marijuana.

    The only way k2/jwh will go down in popularity is if they stop doing drug test for marijuana in the work place and in the justice system. It would take full blow marijuana legilization to accomplish this OR Medical Marijuana laws that protect us from drug screening for THC in every state.

  21. Really? LOL?

    At the end of the day, all it matters to the goverment is your money in thier pockets. So they can go home get drunk as fux.

  22. fuck the dea and just make weed legal so no one feels obligated to fuckin ingest stupid chemicals in the first place when they could go all natural… fuckin morons are making this planet less safe than more..

  23. Just the usual demonstration of how little the DEA actually cares about people’s health or well being. It’s no mystery, every time they make something illegal a new more dangerous, less researched alternative will pop up in its place regardless of what substance it is or how many times it happens. First they made MJ, about the most benign substance around, illegal. Then the “fake pot” blends popped up with their far less predictable and possibly more serious side effects, but at least it’s generally agreed that they don’t carry much risk of any really serious health problems. Now that those are getting outlawed, (not that that will necessarily stop their sale, it’ll just make it a lot less legitimate) some Frankenstein chemical blend of god only knows what is going to take over its niche.

    The only problem is that with our current attitude towards drug policy these new research chemicals are going to keep getting newer and more risky until our luck runs out and kids really do start getting hurt, and it’ll be no one’s fault but the “concerned parents” that decided every perceived threat should be outlawed no matter who it hurts, all so they can delude themselves into thinking that it will stop their little babies from using those evil drugs, regardless of if logic and statistics state otherwise.


  25. Waste of money, destruction of peoples lives, pharmaceutical companies cram more deadly dope down our throats, America is a joke.

    Its funny how someone else here said that similar products have existed for years. Any reader of High Times can tell you all about International Oddities. Yes, these products exist due to marijuana illegal status. Now the DEA wants to ban the chemicals used to make this junk. I say go for it, but don’t criminalize the herbs they are using. It is the chemicals they add which make this product unsafe and deadly for human consumption. So, plan ahead for the DEA to outright criminalize it.

    But it comes back to this…they are here because pot is still illegal. Don’t they already kinda sorta know that if the make this illegal too that it will create a black market for it? Surely they would, but then again its the government we are talking about here.

    Quick show of hands, how many people know of people abusing prescriptions? Yet a brief scan through the DEA Scheduling shows numerous medications (xanax, valium, ambien) that have very high potential for abuse as a IV versus marijuana being a I.

    People of the once great nation of America, stand proud, vote out the opposition, legalize, tax & regulate it, PROFIT!

  26. Good Move, Uncle Sam! Go ahead ahead and create ANOTHER black market, and all the violence that tags along with it. This will only make things worse. Now we can have innocent people senselessly killed over another recreational substance.








  28. ONE MORE THING. WHO AND WHAT AMERICAN PEOPLE VOTED FOR THE DEA TO DO THIS????? Am I not right??? This is not democracy they are doing it because they fucking feel like it. I didn’t vote for this. I think that fucking militia of a DEA needs to be brought down. It’s not democratic, American or Constitutional. America did not speak that they wanted the DEA to make such a move. America cannot afford to loose the taxes that’s being made off it. And, if this shit is addictive, they just turned all of america into the test subject.

  29. One more thing. It’s easy as fuck to regulate it yourself. Knock offs get sold to gas stations and corner stores and the real distributors only distribute to head shops. It’s very easy to regulate. Just don’t buy it where it should not be sold in the first place.

  30. Gasp! This is just another “make work” project for the enforcement cartel. America is slowly prying their fingers from around our freedoms and choices and they seem to need some justification for their exsistence so, let’s prohibit fake pot too. Now they can also bust down our doors, ransack our homes, arrest, fine and jail us for a whole new offense. Yippee! It is truely Thanksgiving for the narcs!

  31. Personally and frankly speaking – fake pot doesn’t impress me – and – the fake [imposter] that impresses me least is Merinol. Call me a purest – but – I won’t give up the fight for the real deal, or let these phonies cloud the issue. Pure cannabis has tremendous value both as a food and a medicine – and – we should not lose sight of the fight because of some five and dime phony they want to propagandize and compare the real deal to and make their point.

  32. How many people do they want on their “Governmental Plantation”? 1 in 13 citizens in Georgia are in the jail/prison system or under control through probation/parole. Kids can get high off of glue… Lets make that illegal. And Gasoline…. lets make that illegal because kids sniff it. When will this craziness end? Unbelievable.

    “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.”-Thomas Jefferson

  33. More filled prison beds, more jobs for cops and correctional officers, lawyers, DEA Agents. All to save our youth from the ravages of these terrible drugs. Thank You Mr. Reagan and Mr. Bush. You should sleep well knowing all the wonderful things you have done.

  34. I wouldn’t smoke that stuff if you paid me. At this point, I wouldn’t mind a revolt by the people. These “government” officials think they can play with us. They think they can continue to make poor judgments and unconstitutional laws. WE see this, we’re not stupid. And some people will use violence as a means to show they do not agree. Wake up Washington! We are an armed nation!

  35. I for one support this move. I read somewhere that JWH and similar chemicals are full agonists at the receptors whereas the natural THC in marijuana is only a partial agonist, making the synthetic JWH many times more potent.

    I would rather the synthetic chemicals be controlled while they are being tested for human consumption, although I have am doubtful they would be ever be rescheduled or allowed to be manufactured and sold, even if they concluded that there was absolutely zero risk or harm in using them.

    I also agree that these chemicals would not even exist if marijuana was legal. The reason they had to emergency schedule this new chemical was because the much safer natural alternative was scheduled in the first place. Its sad, but its their own fault that the new chemical is gaining so much popularity and causing an increasing number of problems.

    I say go ahead and schedule JWH, but remove marijuana and THC from the list!

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