Marijuana Meetup: Teapot Party Invitation

The Teapot Party
We lean a little to the left


MEDIA NOTE – The Teapot Party is launching a Meetup Everywhere community and encouraging nationwide gatherings on 12/15/10 and 1/18/11

Teapot Party announces first nationwide event

The recent arrest of music legend Willie Nelson for marijuana possession by the US Border Patrol in Texas has sparked a new national political effort called The Teapot Party.

Rather than stay quiet about the 11/26/2010 bust, Willie sent an email to Steve Bloom of “Let’s start a new party. There is the Tea Party. How about the Teapot Party? Our motto: ‘We lean a little to the left.’ Tax it, regulate it, legalize it. And stop the border wars over drugs. Why should the drug lords make all the money? Thousands of lives will be saved.”

With Willie’s blessing, a page for Willie Nelson’s Teapot Party was created at Facebook. Tens of thousands of people have stopped by to voice their enthusiastic support for our core position: It’s time to end the war on marijuana smokers.

Over 35, 000 people joined the Facebook group in just one week. Teapot Party groups have already formed in all 50 states and some international chapters are developing.

The administrators of the Teapot Party Facebook page are now using the free and open internet platform Meetup Everywhere as their main organizing tool.


Two meet-up dates have been scheduled: December 15, 2010 and January 18, 2011.

The Teapot Party is in its nascent stage. We want our own candidates who support legalizing marijuana and hemp as their main issue.

It’s time for us to take back America to restore our economy and return our liberties, the most important of which is the freedom to responsibly use marijuana.

We’re looking forward to getting feedback from you, the people, the pot-smokers of America. So let’s all join together, one nation under a marijuana cloud, and get this Teapot Party started!

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  1. I lean aganst the wall when i am stoned. Maybe some day it will fall and leave me on my ass! Willie Nelson is on Norml’s bord of advisors is he not? Teaparty, teapot party, crackpot party, or the party on saturday night, just get in there and support Norml and help us get legalization.

  2. I am afraid of my gov. Im afraid to gather. once they i.d. you your done. they know how to keep us quite. they have been at this a long time.Tell me Im wrong!

  3. If you believe in God and God’s Holy Sacrament [the green herb] Genesis I;29,30,31 we might pray for assistance to the one who gave us our Sacrament. God is trying to keep his word – but – prohibitioists keep getting in the way. We might also take a hard look at the Religious Freedom Protection Act of 1993 and let prohibitionists know that they have no competing governmental interests – that their competing interests are unconstitutional. I’m quite sure there are many Teapot Partiers that believe in God.

  4. CJ #52: They have been at this a long time (our government), but I agree with some of the other comments that NOW is a good time to participate.
    I think this because of momentum – there is power in huge numbers of people! The more pressure the government feels from this movement, the less important individuals become to them.
    Yes, we will still be I.d.’ed and possibly taken down, but let’s do something! It’s true that a lot of ‘stoners’ are apathetic and unmotivated, but not all of them are!
    Right on for Willie Nelson who has been gracious enough to get a ball rolling! We would honor his action by taking our own…

  5. My dear brethren,
    Only one-third of the states are “medically legal,” which the feds seem to disregard by their constant illegal interference [raids] with state sovereignty, and the American Policy. “Recreational use” will get you a ticket on the Merry-Go-Round. We should not waiver in our attempts to legslize, we must persevere, that’s the nature of our American spirit and a free people. But – until all fifty states have “medically legalized” [not decriminalized] I doubt the results will be favorable. If we’re going to play the feds with intent to prevail – let’s play them on their field with a constitutional defense [Religious Use]. That is to say – if you believe in God and God’s Holy Sacrament – you have a constitutional right to that Sacrament, which is our offense. “Punch’em in the nose – sock’em in the jaw – Religious Use Offense – raw!!! raw!!! raw!!!”

  6. im sick and tired of being afraid 2 smoke pot. the time is now 2 fight back against the empire! wake up america,lets do it 4 willie!!

  7. I cant wate to join. But i dont belive our nodo is we lean a little to the left. Saying that is like reminding pepply of hippy. We have to start showing a real none politalc.

  8. I’m still unclear why none of our government leaders do not take drug test to get their seats or randoms to keep them.Just try to get a job at walmart .We the People hold our government accountable not the other way around.4th amendment protects us from governments and companies treating us like that.1st amendment protects our right to the pursuit of happiness.Who cares what your neighbor does with his life if it makes him happy.If that neighbor starts being a criminal and affecting others then we have laws for that.So until its back to We the People and the government stops making laws that they do not live by we are just and still their slaves.Revelation 13:4

  9. Who the hell cares which way we lean [politically]. We all lean “one way” when it comes to the “green herb.” Right/left, religious/non-religious, in government/out of government, fear/no fear, WTF. Look!!! One is either for it or against it!!! I say we put it to a vote, and any man that votes agin it is a traitor to his country.

  10. We the People need to start looking at our laws and asking does this make since,and if not why is that law a law at all.Then we must take it to our politicians calling them daily and protest out side their offices.I’ve called all my reps and senators and asked why no drug test for them,several times more than I can remember,they hang up on me most times.I ask them why a 14 year old girl can get a abortion without so much as a note from mom but a 40 year old man can’t smoke weed,does that make since.It is the freedom for one to live their life the way they wish,for me anyway.Prohibition on marijuana is where it starts the next thing we know our government is telling us what to feed our own kids,oh yea that’s right they just did,never mind.

  11. I am an individual!!! You are an individual!!! Every living soul on this planet is an individual!!! Therefore – instead of “telling you” [commanding you] what you’re going to do – I’ll “ask you” what your reaction would be – IF – I “told you” – “GO TO YOUR ROOM!!!” – or – “JUMP OFF A BRIDGE!!!” Who is the wolf in sheep’s clothing – or – who is the fool that follows a fool – certainly not an individual. It’s time to “stand up” for your individual rights.

  12. My approach would be to form a massive class action law suit against the government to re open the compassionate use program that the senior President Bush shut down. I do not mind if the government does all my growing and then they can shut down all of the Medical Marijuana Outlets and open their own government outlets like they sell Alcohol in Utah, where the Police are the people that you buy it from. Then let the criminals try to rob the cops . Home invasion robberies become a thing of the past. I am sad that most of the prices at the club are pretty much the same on the street. So as a Medical Marijuana Patient I am not happy with the current situation. Here in California the Voters once again elected to not legalize for many reasons. But here I sit, a Veteran, Unemployed, sentenced to second class citizenship working temp jobs because most do not drug test. Merry Christmas everyone.

  13. 65 Nona Mills – C.J.

    You’ve made an accurate statement. When you stand for something – anything – you have to be willing to “fall where you stand” – and the soldier behind you must be willing to pick up the flag and forge on until he or she “falls” – and so on – and so on – save victory. Let’s use our vote for our sword, and our key pad for our voice. Politicians usually do “nothing” until you’re pounding on their door – or – their web page.

  14. 64 Robert Vetter

    1. You must rememeber that the percentages, “prior” to the elections, were in favor of legalization.
    2. Then the government said that if Prop. 19 passed the Feds would aggressively pursue federal charges – they didn’t care what California Said.
    3. In polls “after” the election, legalization was still in favor.???????????????????????????????????
    4. If that doesn’t sound like voter intimidation by the federal government, I don’t know what does.
    5. Plus, we had Cooley up for Cal. A.G., and Leonart up for DEA Director.
    6. It was all to scary to vote Yes with your name on the ballot. [Fear of reprisal – too many horror stories].

  15. Hello, my name is Jimmy Newcomb. Back in March 2010, i created a concept and a group on facebook called The Marijuana Tea Party, if you want you can go read that on the group wall, here!/group.php?gid=113675075316158.
    i got a lot of flack about this name, from a few people,and norml people in particular…that it had the word tea, and the word marijuana in it, and they wanted me to change it to something with cannabis in it, cuz teaparty sounded conservative (but i did it for a poke at them) Because there were only a few people out of over 1000 that had an issue with this, i left it as it was.
    I’ve been kinda working my rear off on this group while holding a regular job as a care-giver here in ohio, and being broke, just doing what i can. The Vice President and i have just finished a video explaining the beliefs of the party, you can see part of it here> …we call it the MTP. Anyway, following the course of this conversation, i have to side with #9 Brian, in his point there. also #20 jeedi #25 jim #24 john and #60 cdxx. At the MTP we put no label on our direction of politics but that we welcome any leanings any which way, the point is pro-cannabis #1. we supported prop.19. i am considering to soon make a formal proposal to Willie Nelson to direct me to turn the reigns of my group(many chapters world wide!) and it’s thousands of members over to be under his complete representation and direction, for the sake of unity, and considering his huge amount of media contacts. i will probably take a group vote concerning this.

  16. Legalize cannibis now!! It will diminish the prison population and the number in psychiatric facilities equating to billions upon billions in saved tax dollars not to mention the billions upon billions added to our economy in the form of commerce and taxes that will be paid on purchases and production.

    And……..Hemp is a great renewable resource for paper, clothing, bio-degradable plastics and other products.

    It makes sense.

    p.s. What is the cannaboid part of the brain for? Is it’s function required for good mental health? Since it is a rather large portion of the inner brain I would suggest that it’s function is required for good mental health.

  17. Reading all the comments allows me to think that MAYBE THIS TIME???… we can regroup & rethink our strategy in making Cannabis a legal commodity. 74 yrs is a long time. Everyone must do their part. We cannot expect someone else to do it. We are someone else. I work alone with very little help if any at all? Most.. come thinking there is money to be made or free weed & fame. Activism is hard work. They don’t have the heart & fall quickly by the wayside. They lack dedication &perseverance. It takes one person to make a difference. It doesn’t have to be a huge difference. A dent will do. Together in solidarity we can we can make an enormous difference. We need everyone’s help. No one who believes in their right to indulge in Cannabis for whatever reason or that of others should be exempt. Everyone is included.. Only death can count you out! I will be 74 Match 4th. and plan to continue to promote Legalization. God willing, I will definitely be at the Yippie Cafe in NYC on the 18th. Ganja Granny sez keep it lit and Pass it on!

  18. I am an activist 3rd stage breast cancer survivor grandmother. I was born in 1937. 74 yrs is not a long time to live.74 yrs is a long time to be w/o a legal hit.I no longer care how we do it but we must do it! Legalize NOW!

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