Sativa Survey Time: Marijuana Use and Behavioral Data Sought By NORML

Longtime cannabis researcher, professor, author, frequent medical expert on NORML’s daily podcast and NORML Advisory Board member Mitch Earleywine, Ph.D, from the University at Albany, is once again seeking the help of cannabis consumers by asking for their participation in some basic research regarding cannabis use and behavior.
Below is a description of the anonymous online survey, along with a link to take the survey.
Dr. Earleywine’s research into cannabis use is frequently published and it very often provides great insight for policy makers, public health officials, parents and law enforcement. See a lecture from Dr. Earleywine at a past NORML conference here.
Thanks in advance for…advancing science!
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Study Description
You are being asked to participate in a research study designed to investigate the potential relationship between various personality characteristics, illicit drug use, and other behaviors. The study is being conducted under the supervision of Dr. Mitch Earleywine, Department of Psychology through the University at Albany. If ANYTHING goes awry, email Dr. Earleywine. Please don’t email anyone else if you have problems with the survey.

Your participation in this research study involves completing several computerized questionnaires pertaining to your personal characteristics, attitudes and behaviors (including your use of illegal drugs and participation in risky behaviors).

Participation in this study is expected to take about approximately 30 minutes to complete. At the end of the survey you will have the opportunity to enter your email address for inclusion in a raffle for a $100 gift card to

Due to the nature of this research there is a chance that you may feel slightly uncomfortable answering some of the questions. We would like to remind you that your participation in this project is entirely voluntary. You may skip questions that you feel uncomfortable answering at anytime without any penalty to you as a participant. Your decision to discontinue participating before the end of the study will not result in the penalty or loss of benefits to which you may otherwise have been entitled.

Some of the questions involve information about illegal behavior. We have made great efforts to protect your confidentiality, but there is a small possibility of a confidentiality breach. Please read the section below on confidentiality. Given the sensitive and illegal nature of some of the topics, you may feel slightly embarrassed when answering some of the questions.

While we anticipate no direct benefits to you, others may benefit through the contribution you make to increased knowledge about factors that influence personal characteristics, attitudes, and behaviors.

All information obtained in this study is strictly confidential unless disclosure is required by law. In addition, the Institutional Review Board and University or government officials responsible for monitoring this study may inspect these records.

It is important for you to know that questionnaire data will be collected via While we do not anticipate any problems associated with using this service, there is always some risk of a confidentiality breach associated with using the Internet. In order to ensure your privacy and confidentiality, all of your responses will be coded with a subject ID number. We will not obtain any personal identifying information that might directly relate you to the subject ID number or identify you as a participant. The one exception is your email address, which we will give you the option to provide should you like to be involved in a raffle for a prize upon completing the survey. Your email address, however, will be maintained separately from the rest of the information you provide when the data is downloaded from the Internet.

We will take every step possible to ensure your confidentiality, including limiting access to Surveymonkey data only to those individuals necessary to conduct the study. Furthermore, Surveymonkey uses Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS), which ensures industry standard protection typical of banking and other payment websites. All data collected online during this study will be stored in a password protected account and any data obtained in the laboratory or downloaded will be secured in locked filing cabinets or password protected computers. After a period of seven years, all materials will be destroyed.

Access the survey here!

49 thoughts

  1. I hope that sativa survey is helpful..
    i just want you all to know.. that
    some of those problems were already in effect
    BEFORE drugs or weed came along…

    some times marijuana may not help those existing problems…
    but everyone is different.
    To me? marijuana is helpful
    i dont have to worry about confidence because you get that
    “”i dont care what they think”” attitude..
    & i already had lack of confidence & low self esteem
    & i barely get chicks to go with me…

    but WEED never never did me wrong…
    weed MAY cause u to procrastinate.. but thats only
    when you pressure yourself to do too much exciting things..
    when you take your time step by step then you are able to do whatever..

    maybe the smoking itself might be bad.. but whatelse does human beings do that is bad or worse than smoking itself..

    Eating @ mcdonalds for a week straight is way more worse than smoking a nice sexy joint a week str8…
    & plus, the munchies??
    most smokers prefer eating medium-large size healthy foods (not basic fast food)
    usually home cooked meals, fruits, organic foods that triggers the taste buds…
    i never liked carrots.. but i ate carrots as if it was super sour sugary candy to a toddler..

    i really hope this helps tho

  2. I would LOVE to qualify to take this quiz, however due to my place of employment and my location in the U.S., I have not been able to enjoy cannabis. As a previous user do you think I could still take the quiz? I plan on getting my card for medical marijuana once I move to CA (from Ohio). Thanks!

  3. I could not mark all the methods of ingestion as my favorite,,,except one,I don’t do spliffs or blunts.
    If I wanted to smoke poisoned weed I would check with the DEA,,,I am sure they smoke it.

  4. I took that test but to be honest? I think he was high! Almost all the questions where about buying weed, I grow my own.. it did ask that one time then went on about buying. seemed a waste of time to be honest.

  5. It has been three years and I don’t know if I would qualify? I will say this: if I’m high right now, I would play my guitar all day and write music.

  6. finally. somebody studies the BEHAVIOR behind cannabis exclusively. dunno how much this will help considering we’ve studied the plant itself to death.

  7. This survey would be better-constructed, I think, without this little qualifier: “If you’ve never used cannabis, please give your best guess to how you think it would affect you.”

    How accurate can this be if people who have never used cannabis are allowed to make guesses that may have no basis in reality? I know for a fact that cannabis is something that you have to have experience using to know for sure how it affects you.

  8. I like the concept about surveying pot users, but honestly I doubt that NORML users are typical. Not to brag, but… oh never mind, this is bragging… I think any cannabis consumer that belongs to NORML is ten times more likely to be responsible, mature and generally with it. So the survey results will skew positive. Very difficult to get an accurate view of the overall population. I have no idea how that could be done. That problem pervades the entire psychological discipline and is one reason I opted not to major in psychology. How to obtain accurate and representative data?

  9. Two previous scientific studies, government sponsored studies, have already drawn the conclusion that cannabis is physiologically and psychologically harmless, as well as minimally socially harmful. One, conducted in 1939, was the La Guardia Commission Report, still available on-line. The other, conducted in 1972, was the Shafer Commission Report, also available on-line. Both reports recommended de-criminalization or outright re-legalization of cannabis, and both reports were ignored in favor of continued persecution of marijuana users. How is this new study going to do anything more to effect a 180 degree change in Federal cannabis prohibition?

    All assurances of confidentiality must be taken with a hefty dose of salt. Unless you are using Tor along with the FireFox browser, your IP address and distinctive computer characteristics will be captured by Federal LEO monitoring the internet. And the confidentiality of such a study, anonymous or not, conducted on-line will attract the attention of Federal LEO, guaranteed.

    DEA raids in MMJ States made since Attorney General Eric Holder’s letter regarding “no DEA raids” have focused on gathering intel — patient lists, doctors providing MMJ recommendations, sources of MMJ for dispensaries, etcetera. When the Federal LEO raids commence in ernest, there will be blood in the streets … and FEMA detention centers filled to capacity.

    I’m no Cassandra. And even the paranoid can be correct regarding cannabis — there are people out to get us.

    [Editor’s note: Wow. You’re way too paranoid if you think the feds are monitoring, and even less likely, acting upon information provided anonymously online to a respected scientific researcher.

    Paranoia like this cripples not only the individuals caught up in it, the larger effect in the macro for reform is that cannabis consumers remain shamed, in the closet, politically invisible…which makes it easier for the government to arrest, incarcerate and drug test cannabis consumers by the hundreds of thousands annually.]

  10. “All information obtained in this study is strictly confidential unless disclosure is required by law.”

    This part really cracked me up, it’s the first thing that came to my mind. As something it better not do, but knew that it would.

  11. Wow! everyone here nedds to take a breath. this isnt about or shouldnt be anything other than a stepping stone to getting a hold on not only our planet but our goverment!The propertys of hemp are endless our founding fathers built our country with it and would have never stood for what our gov has done to it.All’s you u have to do is look on the net, research it! With hemp u dont need oil! period… u dont need timber and with hemp u can restructure and replace all toxic means of pollution all from one plant.The true untapped medical and eviormental resourses derived are mindblowing… when u get past that its used to get high.You see the truth!anything made today ANYTHING can be extracted and mfg from hemp!!!! WHAT THE HELL IS MORE GREEN THAN A PLANT THAT GROWS LIKE A WEED AND CAN BE TURNED ITNO ANYTHING NATRUALY?Im dissabled and use HEMP everyday !It is what keeps me sick to where i will die mostlikly in next 10 yrs a father of 3 whos just turning 41 im to young to go i dont want to go, but it happens to us all… just how we go is what matters, And i want to go trying to save our childrens planet our childrens country and before i go thats what means the absolute most to me. I have a smaller wind in which to do it and if weas a nation cant and dont!Well it really scares me even think how much suffering i will really have to face not from my disease but the disease our govt has forced our children to endure so their pockets could get bigger ………

  12. I took the quiz. Agree about the question response how do you THINK you would feel and skipped if I didn’t have an answer based on experience. On second thought perhaps these were to gauge what my “beliefs” were. I wrote a long comment on questions and thoughts on how to make them better. I just reread the purpose of the survey and some of the questions make more sense however since I place hemp in a separate category from “illicit drugs” including misused prescription drugs and alcohol abuse maybe my answers aren’t what they were researching.

  13. David Post #13 is correct. Sorry Norml, I love you but the government has and will do anything it can to harass and arrest marijuana smokers. I would not recommend responding to any surveys that ask about illegal crime unless you plan on never doing it again and you don’t mind incriminating all of your friends that you did criminal things with. Think of it as a need to know kind of thing. Marijuana…the only thing wrong with marijuana is the law. Change the law!

    [Editor’s note: Change the law…sure. How is that done? Through rational thinking, which is largely driven by the science and technology innovation. Want to change the law? Don’t be so paranoid when allies are asking for the help necessary to…change the law!]

  14. I took the survey. Yeah, sure, anybody can pick apart a survey . . . but, KUDOS to Dr. Earleywine for taking the time & effort to do the survey. Any anomalies or further questions can be for the next survey, but let’s at least get some additional, current info NOW. I encourage everybody to take the time to complete the survey. The more, the better, the more meaningful. Thanks again to Dr. Earleywine and to NORML for promoting it.

  15. Ya I did It and I don’t care if they have satelites that can locate tokers 10 mile under ground with lasers that can toke you in place. Actually I can’t understand the crime of hemp laws can continue with so much evidence why it should be legal.

  16. In response to Editor’s note at #15 & #18:

    Paranoia is a rational response to a completely irrational government policy that has only grown more oppressive over the course of 70+ years. I fail to see any more rational thought process or any more rational people in government decision-making positions under the Obama administration as under the GW Bush administration as under the Clinton administration, ad nauseam. The regime changes hands between the Democrats and the Republicans, but the “drug war” policies don’t change.

    IMHO, we already have 2 government-sponsored studies that blow the official government position regarding cannabis out of the water. We also have the V.A. endorsing MMJ, while the government itself owns patents on some of the medical applications of cannabis. The government itself is “bipolar” in regard to cannabis — the most impacted by the fictitious “reefer madness” is the government itself. They are also protecting private for-profit industries that would be negatively impacted by re-legalization of cannabis. As polling data demonstrates a shift in public opinion in favor of cannabis, it is driving the government into a greater frenzy of violent oppression, making them ever more dangerous.

    I haven’t taken the survey, but from other entries here the survey sounds more like a marketing survey — where you buy your illicit cannabis and how you consume it. As if the researcher had a grant from one of the Tobacco Industry giants.

    What, again, was the underlying purpose of this survey?

    [Editor’s note: You don’t want to take 10 minutes to take the scientific survey, but would like to have it explained to you? Please, stay paranoid as thousands of less paranoid cannabis consumers are taking the survey and if you cared, public health science that likely will better inform folks away from treating cannabis consumers like common criminals…or, some people can choose to stay paranoid (only going public after getting busted and becoming another statistic in Cannabis Prohibition).]

  17. Is asking questions about cannabis even illegal? If you’re in a medical state, it’s not like you have to worry about any state police, right? If the feds wanted to go against Obama’s words and start raiding a bunch of dispensaries, would the patients be at risk?

  18. I meant “answering questions” not “asking questions”. Reading some of these paranoid responses are starting to make me paranoid, but how can taking this survey put someone at risk, especially if their state doesn’t prosecute for marijuana possession/growing?

    [Editor’s note: The feds, statistically, are responsible for only about 2% of the annual arrests for cannabis, and almost all of those arrests are for major trafficking and/or cultivation charges–and NONE in history for arresting folks for answering an innocuous scientific survey.]

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  20. I want to encourage everyone to go ahead and take the survey. I did. Dr. Earlywine is a great friend to marijuana users and I believe he has our best interest at heart! Face it, if the DEA wanted to go after individual users they probably already have our numbers…

  21. I couldn’t comment on the NJ article listed at the bottom of the page, so i’ll just comment here…

    basically all I want to say is that Governor Christie is trying to set the whole operation up mafia style…

    just total domination over everything.

    You would think once a state recognizes the medical benefits of marijuana, it would have to naturally decriminalize possession of small amounts of bud because there is obviously no harm.

    NOT in NJ. they still want to lock some people up, while selling to other people.

    If you look at the drug laws for neighboring Pennsylvania and New York, there are not as bad… and really its kinda nuts… you can be in philly where the drug is decriminalized, then cross the bridge into Camden and face jail time and 1000 fine for 56 grams or less, and if you keep driving through Newark into New York, the possession of one once is a $100 ticket. All of this one hour apart from each other. The majority of people who work in philly or nyc live just outside of those cities in Jersey.

    If the governor hard his way, he would prolly have COPS delivering the drug. Cause god forbid anyone grow their own weed at no cost and no harm done. Christie would love if every gram of weed was individually wrapped and serial coded. If he doesn’t have full control of the program he will blackball it and give you the same old speech about crime with all the fraternal order police standing behind him dictating state policy in their private meetings and ignoring state legislation.

  22. Got to give you credit NORML. How haven’t your heads exploded by now? Must be the cannabanoids buffering the reaction. I worry about implosion when I realise the truth about this uaeful plant and the corruption to keep it hidden.

  23. The federal government needs some one, some other body to carry out it’s request, it can not act alone and is dependant on others. There lies the weakness of the government, if we the people gives the government no ssistance, If we refuse to cooperate with the government, If we simply stand up for ourselves as a united front of people and we stand back from the present government and refuse to convict fellow citizens, if we as a nation refuse to carry out the laws, the unjust laws how can the government have any power. If we the People of this nation Nullify at trail all and any unjust law how can the government hurt us? If we refuse to harm ourselves and each other who then will they get to do their will over ours? I say we do have say, and we should all speak at once so as to be heard. We should encourage and support everyone facing the unjust laws in this nation. We should work to prevent them from any further harm by a wayward government, we can Nullify their action from the Jury Box. Each and everyone of us can band to gether and stop this unwanted behavior by simply using our power as a juror. Do not run from the governments request for you to be a juror but go quitely upon them and convict the unjust laws as being unjust. Convict the government of injustice and set your fellow citizens free. Let set a goal and free 900,000 folks from a tyrantical justice system hell bent on the practicing injustice for profit.

  24. Older,long time tokers are so used to staying below the radar that to stick their head above ground will take a sharp stick and some serious poking :<)
    I gave up trying to stay off the radar. If they put me in
    prison they will be moving me up in the world,,,cost of living wise.
    I live on $1200 a month and it will cost them $30,000
    to $45,000 a year to imprison me. plus meds.
    Fuk em

  25. Well, I donated to prop 19 and what do you know, google my name and that is the first thing that comes up. I dont know how this can be legal, but I am not about to be a good boy and bend over for the freaking feds. The drug war is just as much a cottage industry for them as it is for dealers.

    I took the survey, smoked heavily the last 9 years, havent for about 10 months for various reasons but plan to start again fairly soon. At the end of the day and end of my life I will not look back and wish I had cowered a little more to the drug warriors.

  26. Granted, our government is insane, but even though the DEA is composed of lunatics, they are simply too lazy to bother with a marijuana survey. They’d rather play with their favorite toys–helicopters, black SUV’s, dogs and guns. Take the quiz!

  27. To all the paranoids out there,

    If taking an anonymous survey is too large an obstacle in the path of regaining our freedom and liberty, then those of you that fail to strive for freedom and liberty do not deserve it.

    Give me liberty or give me death…unless I have to participate in an anonymous survey?

    Hiding in the closet from the shadows of an unconstitutional law is equally un-American as the law from which you seek refuge.

    There are no musket balls or cannon blasts in this revolution. This is a revolution of freewill and justice. Will you put on your big-boy-pants and stand shoulder to shoulder with your fellow Americans in the face of tyranny? Or will you turn and flee while the spilled blood of our brilliant and brave forefathers is defiled?

  28. To all of you “paranoid” individuals, you should perhaps not take the survey while you are high. LOL, sorry but the time, resources, and tax payer dollars to locate, arrest, and prosecute all of the individuals that participated in an “anonymous” survey, is pointless. It is public opinion; it is a crime to POSSESS marijuana. Let’s get real here: If you legitimately are afraid of the government tracing your IP address to your physical residence, there are many solutions to deter it. Get behind a proxy, or simple enough, leave your modem unplugged for 20 minutes and reboot, thus changing your IP. Fear-mongering is part of the reason as to why Marijuana is illegal today. Don’t encourage it.

    I am behind NORML 100% as I was once apart of the statistic. I am older now and have discontinued using as per job requirements. My priorities in life exceed my “need” to be high. I work in financial services and am subject to random drug-testing. As many of you with seemingly decent paying jobs, my financial standing is of higher importance to me than getting high.

    However, with that said, I still support NORML’s mission, and fully believe that the taxation, regulation, and education perspective to drugs is a stronger deterrent to usage than arrests and prosecutions. Already proven as a less-harmful substance than alcohol and tobacco, it is a matter of time before the white-haired individuals in Congress are ousted from their positions. Lawyers are not businessmen and have a hard-time comprehending the idea of taxation of another “drug”. As they say, patience is a virtue.

  29. Hey NORML, whats the deal with the articles at the bottom of the page? Every article has “remainder snipped”.

  30. I took the survey and will post this comment because I am tired of being afraid. I failed out of college at the age of 20.I started consuming cannabis daily when I was 22. It treated my anxiety and depression, and made me a happier and more productive individual. With the help of cannabis, I returned to college and graduate this semester with a GPA 3.95/4.0. I am 26 now. Talk about a miracle.
    I have been clean for two weeks now, so I can pass drug tests for jobs. No withdrawl symptoms, other than my depression and anxiety are returning. If the government finds out and wants to prosecute me for cannabis use, this comment, and my survey responses, then hopefully someone will save me. God Bless.

  31. I too am tired of being afraid. All I want is to be a law abiding citizen. I have never felt or acted “stupid” or “retarded” when I have been medicated. Quite the contrary, I find being “stoned” to be pain relieving, enlightening, a dose of creativity, a means to better observation, a means of meditation, and being totally in control, even enhanced or “higher.”

    I can see why musicians, writers, artists, scientists have been inspired by cannabis. I would bet that in the future people will increasingly see cannabis use as a means for increasing one’s IQ, not “killing brain cells” with a party drug that makes you stupid.

    Any experienced user has two choices, 1. Let the marijuana experience be in control, and even atrophy the mind. or 2. Take control of the marijuana experience and use it to “Think.”

    I think that future applications of marijuana use will be to enhance concentration and mental state for uses such as telepathy, “tuning” into the Akashic records, accessing former lives, reaching the beyond, and other seemingly ‘paranormal’ abilities.

  32. nice survey… My fav answer I gave on this:

    “Who many joints of good quality (dope, kind bud, sensimilla) would you smoke if they were for free?”

    Answer: 10,000

    No kidding. 😀

  33. wow…we need more of this type of information to be read by others. paranoid? jesus..theirs lots of it. no wonder we cant get anywhere with the truth. goddernit people, speak the hell up.i am an intravert by nature but will stand up for something i believe in. this is damn sure something to believe in. we need to answer more questions like that so the right and, truthful information can realized. our government wants to keep the truth about cannabis hidden. come on you bunch of chickenshits….as i have been two, long years without the awesome effects of cannabis because of friggen hair testing, i have learned to speak out more so about the truth. everybody needs to here the truth dammit….TAKE THE SURVEY!!.are we not all adults? or most of us anyway…and , you who are under age should not have access until you are of reasonable age to make rational decisions! come on america..speak up you chickenshits….power in numbers..the more people who see or here the truth..the more power we have in numbers. ill just bet if you who are so friggen chickenshit were forced to quit consuming because of the violation of personal rights we suffer concerning cannabis,you may find yourself steppin out about it. dammit people…take the surveys…all their is to offer…its the only way the truth can be told…..peace to you all..and hurry up cause, i miss consuming…alcohol SUCKS!

  34. @40 – I wonder if you understood the questions you were asked. Your answer of “10,000” is totally crazy! The question was how many would you smoke in one evening… Regarding how many grams of low quality crap schwag I’d smoke in an evening if it was free, I answered (honestly) zero!

    As I took this survey it seemed clear to me that certain questions were asked purely to weed out false survey results. I have a great amount of trust in Dr. Earlywine and believe that we should all answer the questions honestly. This will in turn give him ammunition to help us fight this unreasonable war against cannabis users!

  35. I was really surprised at how UNinvasive the survey was after reading all the comments.

    I would of liked it to ask the reasons behind using, time of day used and whether or not we drive or go to work after using. I feel that by saying that I smoke, people assume that I am walking around stoned 24/7 and that is not the case.

  36. I’m retired military 24 years in the military before entering the military I got high often and never found it to be an issue. While active duty I got high a few times but again never an issue. I’m 50 years old and I dont drink and find myself still getting high when I’m able to find marijuana. Marijuana has never been addictive for me If i have it great if not, I dont find myself craving for it. I enjoy the effects and my wife says I’m a much nicer person when high, you go figure. When I was in my teens i was sure it would be leagal by the time I reached 50. Maybe by the time I’m 60…..

  37. Sure, I bet the survey has a 99.999% chance of being safe… but talk about safety to the Mayor who had both of his dogs assassinated, and almost himself too, from a police raid over marijuana. Or what about the grandma who was assassinated wrongfully over a marijuana search warrant?

    The drug was is not some joke. People are DYING. While paranoia that prevents you from living life, that prevents you from even going outside, is a dangerous and sad thing… A little paranoia here might be warranted for some.

    My thoughts are that there is already way more than enough information and scientific research out there to justify legalization, yet the disinformation prevails. What’s one more survey going to solve???

    Again, I repeat, there is already all of the scientific data out there that supports the safety of marijuana, FAR more than most Rx drugs approved by the FDA. Thus, a stupid survey is likely not going to change much when the disinformation already prevails.

    What we NEED to do, is vote out the elected officials who unconditionally accept the disinformation. THAT IS THE ONLY WAY TO CHANGE ANYTHING. Sorry, I am ALMOST positive this survey is safe, but it still ain’t worth it in my honest opinion.

  38. As one who has found great utility in the kind herb since 1968, I regard the prohibition of Earth’s most beneficial plant species to be a crime against humanity.

    When Tyranny is abroad, SUBMISSION is the crime.

    Rock ON, Doctor Earlywine.

    -Richard Paul Steeb, San Jose California

  39. Can you please let me know if the results/findings of this survey are ever going to be made known to the public? If so, when and how can I find out?

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