President Obama To Answer Online Questions Thursday: Will Marijuana Legalization Be A Top Question Again?

This Thursday, President Obama will field questions submitted from the world of social media during a live-streamed YouTube interview. NORML supporters can send their questions to the President at, or via Twitter, by using the #askobama hashtag.

Obama will answer the top-rated questions when the interview kicks off at 2:30 p.m. EST on Thursday.
Update: Many marijuana questions are appearing in the Other category.

In two prior online question-n-answer sessions with the American public since taking office over two years ago, the question of ending America’s failed Cannabis Prohibition was a top question both times–which speaks to the importance and urgency of the public’s want to actually control cannabis via taxation and regulation. However, regrettably, President Obama has dismissed ending Cannabis Prohibition in no uncertain terms.
If you’re interested in asking President Obama about reforming America’s 74-year-old Cannabis Prohibition laws, you’ll have to send in your question by midnight, Tuesday, January 25th.
Be concise! White House staff says each question “should be about 20 seconds long.”
Suggested short questions for President Obama:

  • Wouldn’t finally legalizing marijuana in America end the terrible Prohibition-related violence in Mexico. If not, why not?
  • You claim you want to be the first ‘green jobs’ president. In a green economy, why does your administration continue to oppose American farmers growing industrial hemp. Governments in Canada, France and China allow their farmers to prosper from industrial hemp cultivation, why not American farmers?
  • Though you say you support medical access to cannabis, why does your drug czar (Gil Kerlikowski) and DEA chief (Michele Leonhart) continue to publicly lie claiming that cannabis has no medical use or value?
  • If Jamaica (or Mexico), for example, wanted to legalize and tax cannabis, would your administration oppose their efforts to end Cannabis Prohibition in their country?
  • As a person struggling with tobacco addiction, do you think the criminal justice system works better than health services to ween drug abusers from self-destructive behavior? Is the decision to stop using a drug, like tobacco, or marijuana, a personal or governmental decision?

You can check out a great question to President Obama from our friends at LEAP here.
[Russ adds: You can see the video questions I submitted to President Obama via The Stash Blog at]

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  1. Doesnt marijuana have to contain a certain amount of THC before it is on the Controlled Substance List? Isnt it the male plant only that may contains the amounts of THC that make it illegal?
    [Paul Armentano responds: No. The cannabis plant (excluding the stalks) is schedule I. The plant’s specific organic cannabinoids are also listed as schedule I substances, regardless of whether or not they are psychotropic (e.g., CBD).]

  2. Did not the differences over marijuana stem from the same controversity that tea endured a fair trade dispute? The disputes are always about imports and the popularity of whatever is being disputed. If Sugar were an import and the public liked it would it not go on the controlled substance list. What about Coffee might it some day be added because of the Hype it causes if intake is abused. It is not fair that staged controversity makes consumed foods seem BAD for us in a attempt to have them controlled by the Food and Drug Administration and eventually called a drug which will become even more expensive to obtain. How would you like to pay for a doctor visit and the enormous price paid for controlled substances to have sugar for your tea and coffee. But of course if you are one of those people who opposes imports like coffee and tea you probably dont do tea or coffee much less sugar. Bad behavior could be associated with a lot of foods consumed in abusive amounts. People are already gathering evidence to show how hyped behavior in children is associated to candy. How would you like to pay a doctor visit and an enormous price for candy. You get my point. The food and drug administrationh has already run up the cost of Food and Drugs. Like I said all one must do is likeit and the demand for it rises and someone consumes it in an abusive amount and tons of money will be spent seeking reasons why it should go on the controlled substance list. Then it will be controlled and prices will soar. What about Salt. If consumed in abusive amounts it can cause high blood pressure or even stroke. So where does it stop. Food and Drug Administation has far too much power over what foods and what drugs are abusive when it boils down to the consumer. Just like alchohol if consumed in moderate amounts is healthy but consumed in abusive amounts becomes harmful. There again people that dont use alchohol will run to the doctor and pay that visit and the enormous amount for cough medicines which contain what, Alchohol at about $5.00 an oz. or ounce about the same price as a mixed drink and give it to their children. So where does it stop. I understand that Food and Drug Administration is there for a very good reason to make sure our food and drugs are safe and that is a very important job. I was just thinking about MAD COW disease. Comes up all the time by reports made possibly by some one who wants to up the consumption of pork.Then the contamination of Tylenol done by someone on purpose. It is easy to give something a bad name when someone wants to. What was done to chicken farms and Egg farms. Done on purpose by someone. These are the abuses more than the over consumption of anything on the controll substance list. I am hearing that they have no studies on record for Marijuana so how did it get on the Control Substance List in the first place. It all began because of where marijuana supposidly came from and who was selling in this country. Again Imports versus homegrown or made in America. So Lets cut to the chase and control marijuana just like tobacco and alcohol and the U.S. will get their enormous tax just like they do on those controlled substance. Never mind the doctor visits and higher drug prices for Marijuana. Some people go to the doctor to control their intake on Salt and Sugar already. I prefer to get my Salt and Sugar in my food and have the Food and Drug Administration policing to make sure what we consume is Safe. It is just like fights over tea,tobacco,alcohol. It is about TAXES. So Let everybody get their share and get on with it. Medical Marijuana is going to be too expensive for the uninsured anyway. Do you want to pick up the tab for medical marijuana or let those that smoke pay the tax to cover the medical problems caused by overconsumption of Marijuana just like with alcohol and cigarettes. Of course do not forget to include the clause where marijuana can be grown for their own consumption just like alcohol and tobacco. No one can control what someone consumes. There are always going to be those who consume too much. Glutteny is talked about in the Bible. Speaking of the Bible and the original laws on Marijuana,Tobacco,Alcohol. These plants have been in this world from the very beginning and will always be here. So rules have been made for the overconsumption as a violation,as it should be. Driving while consuming and so forth. Now that law has extended to control consuming Brushing,Makeup,cell phones and Perscription Drug. Knew I would get around to that one. Consuming or having consumed Perscription Drugs before or while driving a motor vehicle. Doesnt that already take care of that problem as much as it has on alcohol. Some people will consume too much no matter what laws you make. So get on with it and dont waist all the money on these investigation for the abuse of marijuana. Just like alcohol on a case by case as to the abuse of alcohol. Some people drink moderately and some people cause problems. Just like candy,some children use candy without incident and some children will abuse the use and cause problems thus giving candy a bad name. Some people want to put that on the controlled substance list or outlaw candy all together to children. Rediculous get on with marijuana laws and tax.and produce it in the U.S. so it wont be on the Import List which some people are already apposed to just for that reason. Lets stop the war on Marijuana. Just like any other war it cost billions of dollars. I am a accountant and finance is my thing and I can tell you that every time the U.S. gets into trouble financially it is because of the fighting and wars. Lets compromise and tax. and distribute with regulations marijuana in this country so it can be regulated so consumers will know it is in an amount that is safe for Consumers.

  3. I still would like to know if just the male marijuana plant is on the control substance list and what amount of THC is illegal. The drug THC is in food and now in a pill and so those are the people who want to contol marijuana as a drug and not as an Herb as was in the beginning.
    [Paul Armentano responds: Please see my previous response to your question. To follow up, synthetic THC is schedule III. Organic THC, or any other organic cannabinoids in the plant, is schedule I.]

  4. Do you have a copy of the Chart of the Control Substance, Marijuana. I have seen one and on that chart it was specified as to the amount of THC in Marijuana. It was shown to me by a police officer years ago and to my recollection it stated “Male Marijuana Plant” Can you show me the Chart where it supports your response?

  5. What date was Marijuana made illegal? Why? With what evidence? and by whom or thru what process? When was it put on the controlled substance list and Why? With what evidence?

  6. Cocaine is illegal and is a controlled substance made from the cocoa leaf. So is chocolate made from the cocoa Leaf. Is it not a food. I guess someone abused the use of cocaine and it was put on the list. oh lord there goes our chocolate and of course it will be outlawed to children. Where does this end.

  7. Then there is meth. made from what? Food? The regulation of is what is important. Of course someone will abuse the use of FOOD no matter form it takes,alcohol,drug, or steak dinner.

  8. What about Tea. Ever see anyone misbehave mbecause they have consumed too much SWEET TEA.My Grandfather refused to have sweet tea in our house. He said it made my Grandmother misbehave and she wanted to stay up all night and that was not okay because she had to send us to school in the early morning. Tea was the controversity in our house not alcohol or marijuana but the war was the same. It devided my family for years untill the compromise. My grandmother put that pitcher of Tea on our Sunday Dinner Table and stated a pitcher of Tea would be on our table every Sunday from now on in moderation and early enough not to interfere with our nights rest. If violations existed such as staying up all night or bedwetting the TEA would be removed. There were no violations and my grades improved and my overweight grandmother dropped 30 LBs. I was a little overweight and I slimmed up. Some would consider that to be a drug since it changed sleep patterns and changed weight not to mention it helped with my being alert in school and not to mention it elevated the moods of all our family members. It is a mood elevator. But the main reason the mood was elevated was because the war on TEA was compromised so everyone was happy. No bad behavior was exibited so it was not put on the control substance list. But it was still taboo in many families even though the TEA PARTY started many many years before. The Mood was up just like the mood of America will be up when the compromise on Marijuana is in effect. Much too much time and money and lives have been lost to the war on Marijuana. So I appeal to you for humanity sake,Please stop this senseless war over marijuana when we know it is a control issue. Who will control Marijuana. Just like TEA it will be controlled in the home.

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