A Headline You Will Never See For Cannabis

From Reuters News Wire:

Alcohol kills more than AIDS, TB or violence
Drinking causes more than 4 percent of deaths worldwide, WHO warns
Alcohol causes nearly 4 percent of deaths worldwide, more than AIDS, tuberculosis or violence, the World Health Organization warned on Friday.
… Yet alcohol control policies are weak and remain a low priority for most governments despite drinking’s heavy toll on society from road accidents, violence, disease, child neglect and job absenteeism, it said.
Approximately 2.5 million people die each year from alcohol related causes, the WHO said in its “Global Status Report on Alcohol and Health.”
“The harmful use of alcohol is especially fatal for younger age groups and alcohol is the world’s leading risk factor for death among males aged 15-59,” the report found.
Alcohol is a causal factor in 60 types of diseases and injuries, according to WHO’s first report on alcohol since 2004.
Its consumption has been linked to cirrhosis of the liver, epilepsy, poisonings, road traffic accidents, violence, and several types of cancer, including cancers of the colorectum, breast, larynx and liver

Of course the reason we see these startling links between alcohol consumption and disease is because ethanol, the psychoactive compound in alcohol, and acetaldehyde (what ethanol is converted to after ingestion), pose toxic risks to health cells and organs. By contrast, marijuana’s active compounds — the cannabinoids — pose little comparable risk to healthy cells and organs, and are incapable of causing fatal overdose.
So answer me again: Why do we celebrate consumers and manufacturers of alcohol while we simultaneously target, arrest, prosecute, and incarcerate consumers and producers of a far safer substance?
Isn’t it time to visit NORML’s ‘Take Action Center’ and ask your elected officials that same question?

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  1. How about the deaths from alcohol that are “fluffed” up and reported as liver/kidney failure when the #1 cause was alcohol consumption. To “make it easier on the family”. If the truth were reported maby it would have some positive outcome. If the deaths are caused by other that alcohol the news is plastered all over. IDIOTS.Morons.

  2. There needs to be a larger “group” of people that challenge the alcohol industry. SAFER has done more in the past five years than MADD has ever done simply by comparing the two most used recreational substances in the US yet there’s only one Mason Tvert, we need more. Alcohol is advertised on nearly every TV channel nearly every day, most of the media personal at all the major TV Networks, Newspapers, etc use alcohol themselves. Will they ever carry sustained programming or stories calling for changes regarding alcohol use? Hardly, yet every single day alcohol is the root cause of a death or fight. HDNet has begun airing a program “celebrating” the use of alcohol with a show called Drinking Made Easy, but you’ll never hear them say alcohol is a poison and you might die. We need to challenge our legislators at both the city and state levels and our federal government. Why doesn’t the DEA ever knock down the door of a bar or a liquor store? Because DEA agents use alcohol too. Alcohol is toxic, pot is not.

  3. Thats what ive been trying to tell everyone. Alcohol is by far and without question the WORST drug in the history of the world.I mean sure you have a beer or a couple of shots every once in a while then no problem. But alot of People really go to town when at a bar and really alcohol should be way more regulated and the age should be lowered to 18,but that wont happen.

  4. Anyone that has consumed both MJ and alcohol knows witch one is the strongest. The next morning after a few drinks your body lets you know about it. Your head hurts, your stomach is upset and you need LOTS of water. The morning after MJ and a movie you get up and go about your day. Most of your buzz more than likely left you before you went to bed anyway.

  5. I just wrote to my Senators, Congressman, three state representatives, and the governor asking why alcohol is protected and marijuana users are persecuted. Little by little, we will win.

  6. When you buy this Drug you need to say the Drug alchola sory cant spell but you get the i-deal.You wont here the beer ade on tv saying buy our DRUGits tast great. But if evry one here start to use this wording it will help.oru cause

  7. Many people don’t realize that Cannabis prohibitio­n is completely counter-pr­oductive as it encourages people to indulge in alcohol and/or hard drugs, which are much more dangerous than Cannabis can ever be. It is proven that Cannabis use suppresses violent urges and behaviors, and “only the unsophisti­cated” think otherwise, according to the prestigiou­s “Substance Abuse: A Comprehens­ive Textbook” 4-th Edition. Marijuana Legalizati­on was advocated by Shafer Commission in 1972, something that Pres. Nixon chose to ignore, and the Administra­tive Law Judge Francis Young said in 1988 that “marijuana is one of the safest therapeuti­cally active substances known to man”. The so-called “gateway drug” theory is completely bogus, and Cannabis itself is not physically addictive as it lacks the physical “withdrawa­l syndrome” associated with its use. Drug Marinol, much touted by the DEA, is NOT “Medical Marijuana”­, as the whole plant has over 70 active compounds, interactin­g with one another and constituti­ng the “whole” that is not at all the same as any of its “parts”, as it is the “whole” that makes “parts” to be what they are. To say that marijuana does not have medicinal properties is simply the same thing as to say that the earth is flat! This is just not a “rational” statement to make altogether. And why is it that our so-called “representatives” in Congress will talk endlessly about massive cuts in social programs, but no one dares suggest that the huge DEA “marijuana enforcement” budget should be cut, and this is what most people would support, by the way! In the end, to be sure, science and reason will prevail, while ignorance and fear will lose!

  8. As bad as alcohol is, the cries of “hypocrisy” and “mj is not as bad as alcohol so it should be legal too” are really not likely to carry much impact with the undecided voters, and it REALLY doesn’t do anything for the elect-ability of the politicians who might champion changes to the cannabis laws. “Well, Mrs. Soccer Mom, I support legalizing marijuana because it’s not as bad as alcohol.” Just not a lot of votes there.
    How about, “Mrs. Soccer Mom, I support legalizing marijuana because I want you to have the chance to work with your child if he or she uses a little mj, instead of having the police and the courts throw him or her in jail with the sexual predators.”
    The alcohol issue just isn’t going to get us there; let’s find some ideas that resonate with the undecided voters, the parents, and the politicians.
    (And I hope nobody takes offense at the term, “Soccer Mom.” I’m a “Swim Dad” and a “Scout Dad” and a “Sunday School Teacher Dad” all of which are near kin to soccer moms and somewhat in tune with this component of the voting public.)

  9. I’ll tell you why. The united states government is EVIL. Wake up and do something about it, or suffer the consequences. What are the consequences? Well, i’d imagine a nation similar to Nazi Germany, possibly worse. Those who trade their freedom for security deserve neither. Evil is allowed to flurish when good men do nothing. Sound familiar? The REAL reasons why cannabis is illegal have actually never been discussed. It’s all part of a very sick and twisted plan being carried out by very sick and twisted people. 🙁 By the time it’s all said and done, many will weep as they witness the rise of a new world power. Governed by the most Evil men on the planet. So I gotta ask, what are YOU doing about it?

  10. I don’t think alcohol is worth fighting about and I do not support alcohol prohibition. There is a lot of stereotyping between drinkers and pot smokers, and it’s all just a distraction. The real problem is the “Control Substance Act of 1970”.
    Cannabis does have majority support but it does not have federal support, and we all know why.
    Alcohol, pharmaceutical, and many other industries goes beyond political lobbying, they actually own members of congress and have them all partake in committees that would benefit their interest.
    That is why political candidates would say they are against lobbyist and special interest because they are already have been bought. No body else can persuade them.
    Listen to what all candidates have to say and decide.
    Please Vote on all elections.
    [Paul Armentano responds: To clarify: NORML also does not support alcohol prohibition. The point of this post and related posts is not to imply that alcohol should be criminalized, but to illustrate the glaring double standard that exist in America’s criminal policies.]

  11. This country is all about protecting the rich and powerful, and the rest of us be damned. MJ remains illegal to protect the profits and wages of the Alcohol, Tobacco, Pharmaceutical and Law Enforcement industries.
    Maybe we need to take a lesson from the Egyptions-put a million people in the street.

  12. Telling your congressman via email is not enough. So don’t be fooled. Show up to events… shake hands with them, look them in the eye and tell him/her it’s time to end prohibition now, not talk about it, but acutally legalize. (Decrim is silly)
    Talk to EVERYONE you know about hemp and how weed is safer then alcohol. Educate them how it became illegal in the first place. If you do it right they will at the very least start to pay more attention to the debate.
    We need to shake the notion that legalization is a “crazy longhaired pothead” issue. This is hands down the most important social issue facing the US (name one issue that puts more people in jail and ruins more live – lost money for school, jobs, etc).
    Stop saying we need to do something and actually DO SOMETHING. Educate EVERYONE! If they won’t listen to you then shout it at them.
    Weed is illegal because potheads are all talk and no action. You have to be willing to take risks to get what you want.
    You have to come out of the closet each and every one of you. It’s either that or stop complaining. It’s not going to change till we ALL do this.
    We are all Cannabis Disciples and we must teach the truth to the masses until they are all singing in the choir behind us.

  13. Well, there is a headline you have seen, and the content confirms what all of us have known for a long time, so nothing new there. As to your question why is the alcohol industry and it’s consumers celebrated while cannabis growers and users are persecuted? One is legal and the other is not.
    What I can’t understand is why so many pro cannabis people jump on these stats like it is going to make some difference when it comes to the inevitable legalisation of cannabis. Alcohol is not going away, ever. Accept that. I just can’t see any millage in forwarding cannabis legislation anywhere in the world by focusing on the down-side of another person’s substance of choice. I believe one should focus on what one wants, not what one doesn’t want.

  14. Big Pharma is making alot of money on tobacco and alcohol abusers with their diseases and Car accidents.Why would they “lobby” to help a harmless plant that actually has medical benifits get legalized.With Cannabis legal their drug sales would drop.And we all know,its not about the people. is all about $$$$$$

  15. Big Pharma is making alot of money on tobacco and alcohol abusers,with their diseases and car accidents.And so is OUR government officials who are “lobbied” by Big Pharma. Why would they want to legalize a harmless plant that also has medical benifits. Their sales would drop if people got healthier.Its all about $$$$$$$, its never been about the people.

    Ecclesiastes III:7
    “A time to keep silent – a time to speak.”
    To We the People,
    “It’s time” to speak with a loud and clear voice – and – “it’s time” for prohibitionists to listen with insatiable ears. It’s not only “time” to speak – “it’s time” to act – and – action speaks louder than words. There’s two ways to listen. Prohibs can simply hear the words [which is not listening], or they can hear the words meaning and take heed.
    To Prohibitionists,
    Whatever your modus operandi, whatever your ulterior motives, whatever timidity to those who dictate your misguided allegiance – “it’s time” to surrender to the voice and will of We the People. We offer you “no choice.” There are no if’s, and’s, or but’s. You’ve had your chance at that. “It’s time” for you to sit down, shut up, and pay attention to your employer – We the People. It’s just that simple [uncomplicated]. Your atrocities have worn out [assassinated] our will to understand and tolerate your inhumanity towards man.
    To our elected representative,
    A majority of We the People will turn our backs on you – and – with thumbs down – send you packin’ for your adversarial stand against our will. We are sorry – but – “Our karma ran over your dogma.” You have ignored our words and will in the past, and long enough – so! – the fewer words said, the better. Let these final words be heard. “We’re glad you came, we’ve heard what you have had to say – but – we will have our freedom – with or without you – and – as the Boy Scout Motto says – “Be Prepared.”
    As for me,
    I’m old, I’m wise, and I can afford to be magnanimous.
    God Bless America and the free Americans she propagates.
    Genesis – San Diego, Ca. Colony

  17. 17 truthandconsequence
    “Put a million people in the street.”
    Better to put a million people on their steps or at their door “at the exact same time.” “The 420 Invasion.” April 20, 2011 @ 4:20 p.m. Choose your elected official, synchronize your watch, and be there or be square.

  18. Louie from Las Vegas, Nv. Colony says:
    Dey is weak sisters – Boz!
    Dey got no political courage.
    Dey is politicians.
    Dey go wit da vote – Boz!
    Watz in it for dem?
    Boz! Wez gotta become dier base.
    We give dem da vote dat dey want,
    Dey favor it – but – only if dere is enough votes.
    Or – Boz! – dey will need a attitude adjustment.
    Boz! Dey’re Washington pork right now – but –
    I could make bacon – Boz! – fried bacon!

  19. Alochol is the worst. They are drunk most of the time, don’t care about family, to busy finding that last drink. My family history has that Alochol gene.My family was lucky, It was terrible to see them then drunk and drinking , when i was growing up ,and they always smelled of booze. Now cannabis ,i wish they smoked that. At least they would not have died from drinking and all the illness,it causes!

  20. The time is at hand here in the USA, many states are facing monetary failure, that means in plain language, we have too many prisoners (drug war) we cannot afford to arrest and prosecute every citizen who uses cannabis.
    When it goes down, too may drug cops, too many drug lawyers, too many drug judges, if you double our property taxes..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8fI-dGWT74
    Mubarak has stepped down here in the USA it is time.
    Accept the change, alcohol is anther dope, some choose to drink dope, others inhale dope.
    When you wake up in the new morn, where do you find your self?
    I choose to be a Free Citizen.

  21. Dear norml people
    True alcohol is probably worse. But its legal now and there’s nothing they can do about that. But the last thing they want is another dangerous substance being legalized. If marajuana is legal then kids will have an even easier access to it. The government is not evil, they just dont want even more high people running around.
    [Editor’s note: The federal and state government’s are acting hypocritical when they allow the sale and taxation of genuinely dangerous ‘drugs’ like alcohol, tobacco and tens of thousands of pharmaceuticals, but criminalize adults who rationally choose a non-dangerous herb like cannabis (by non-dangerous, cannabis can’t deliver a lethal overdose and its use is not associated with mortality, like tobacco products, for example).
    BTW, if you care, under Cannabis Prohibition, children in government surveys acknowledge a greater access to untaxed/uncontrolled cannabis than regulated products like alcohol, tobacco and pills. If one cares about children, they should consider favoring ending the 74-year old failed prohibition on cannabis that does not effectively deter youth. Lastly, tobacco use among youth has dropped considerably in the last four decades…without making the product illegal for adult use.]

  22. 30 Smartperson
    What’s smart about calling it “a dangerous substance.” It’s the safest substance known to man. BTW, it’s the most nutritious complete food known to man. Take five points away from your I.Q. – ??? person.
    You’re right, [they] don’t want cannabis legal. I assume , by the sound of your comment, that you are one of [they]. But – remember – “They have a bad rep.” As for the kids – the kids can already get it easier than getting a cigarette – so how’s that prohibition working out for you? As for parents – “Tend your babies” – and – “Don’t let them see your dirty underwear while you’re doing it.” If you don’t want to take care of your child [18 and under] let Michele Obama do it at gun point. At least you won’t have to worry about dodge-ball and other “dangerous” sports, and the kids will get a Winner’s Trophy for simply participating. What’s smart about that?
    I do not approve of, nor do I support your comment – but – I would fight to my death to protect your right to say it. And – I hope that you are better than [they]. Prohibition is evil!

  23. Alcohol impairs, slows down response, lowers inhibition. It helps forget, relax, unwind. Remember the first time you tried cannabis – it alters your thinking. It may depend on the person, but I have had many epiphanies and realizations about life. I feel that it slowly changed me as a person. In a way, it made me emotionally grow up, or at least begin the process. To accept things that are, to see things in new light, to see new things
    Cannabis usage is far more likely to create a more enlightened society than alcohol is. But for many governments, enlightened people serve little benefit (or at least so those governments think). I truly hope it is different here in the U.S. It must start here, and hopefully the rest of the world will follow. It is hard to change perceptions of people.
    My parents, for example, like many other adults that have never tried cannabis, do not know/understand what it is. They just think it’s “drugs”. They grew up, knowing there’s alcohol and there’s drugs. And drugs make you a drug addict and are worse for you than alcohol. They don’t know the specifics – meth, heroin, cocaine, marijuana – it’s all one and the same to them. I would say that 99.xx% of people that support marijuana prohibition have never consumed it, and as such just put in in a box with other “drugs”, not realizing that their daily glass of pinot noir or shot of whiskey at the bar after work is not any less of a drug, just different.
    One dangerous thing about cannabis is that its use is easily hide-able. I don’t know if you could say the same of booze, as your breath will stink and you’ll stagger in to work. The fact that everyone parades the fact that weed is “non-addictive” is another danger. I know that alcohol is addictive and I make sure I don’t drink it regularly. But I have no such fear with cannabis, and in return, I find myself using it almost daily.
    It has its dangers. But alcohol’s is worse, so yes, it should be legalized. If I grew up with weed being legal, I probably would have tried it earlier in my life than I did, but I would have also been educated about it by my parents and perhaps would treat it just like alcohol today and not use it as frequently. It would be less of a novelty. The illegality is what adds the hip/cool factor to weed, and is yet one more reason why so many kids smoke it now at scary young ages. When I have children, I will educate them about marijuana, and will probably have them try it the first time with me. I think a more open society is the best society to strive for. I hope we can get there. In large part thanks to the internet, I think we already half way there.

  24. Tell me, do like music Mr. Finch, it is late, as one state after another falls, ask yourself, was it worth it?

  25. lol hey Lagosa you dont pay the same price for medical bud an street bud you gettin taken bro find a new connect

  26. and in the words of my heros “how would life be if the world smoked weed guaranteed there’d be Peace not Greed, see it’s hell livin in a cell Legalize a Plant only time will tell”

  27. What about the giant conspiracy to lie about pot over 75 years and to manipulate the science. What about the government-supported propaganda machine spewing lies and deceit and supporting sham science. Will anyone ever be punished for this lying and distortion and this eternal war on minorities and hippies. Conservatives are so hateful. The righteous are so mainpulable, listening to authorities who control their minds. Will anyone in government ever be brought to trial for this giant civil war? This national crusade.

  28. 38 freakypete
    You’re absolutely on the money – “it is a conspiracy against cannabis.” The question is – “why and who – is behind it? Answer that and you will know who your enemy is, and why politicians are so fearful of doing the right thing.

  29. To Manny.
    Genesis San Diego colony
    Yes brother, I am ready! The enemy is getting more nervous as each day passes.This war on cannabis is comming to a close. I have a friend in Rhode Island who believes legalization starts there. I guess we will see. I haven’t spoken to you in a while my brother. I hope all is well with you. I am ready to do my duty. Let me know when you recieve this.I look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Genesis Lake Co.Tn colony

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