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NORML’s youtube channel, NORML TV, recently launched a new video series entitled ‘Ask NORML,’ which features NORML staff answering questions submitted by you — the marijuana law reform activist.
In the debut episode, NORML founder and legal counsel Keith Stroup speaks about NORML’s past and ongoing efforts to reschedule cannabis under federal law.

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38 thoughts

  1. Hi Keith, What would it take to get the schedule changed for cannabis? Would the Federal government be forced to change if all (or majority) of the states lowered cannabis to schedule 2 or 3 (or even 5, which it should)?
    [Paul Armentano responds: Rescheduling is decided by DEA. Congress could also reschedule by passing legislation to do so. States passing medical marijuana laws or rescheduling at the state level does not compel DEA to alter federal scheduling. However, keep in mind that scheduled substances II through V are highly regulated (think cocaine, ketamine, anabolic steroids, etc.), and these substances are not available for personal, non-medical use. Over the counter medications, alcohol, and herbal supplements are not scheduled.]

  2. Why aren’t we more focused on industrial hemp?
    i would think that was the more politically acceptable and easier way to gain some ground, and at the same time take out a lot of the motivation for corporate lobbyists to influence the debate. organized crime probably wouldn’t appose it either because it wouldn’t directly affect there profits.

  3. Keith / Paul — If the DEA is in charge of scheduling, what about moving up the chain of command a bit — the DEA has ruined the lives of more American citizens than any of our “official” wars. I would argue that it shouldn’t exist. How can we get the DEA shutdown and dismantled? It serves no purpose other than to waste money, does it?

  4. Keith,
    Do you think cannabis will be regulated like alcohol. I think about how each State, City, County have their own rules for sales,distribution and consumption of alcohol. I could imagine something very similar for cannabis. I think it would ease a lot of peoples fears if they thought they would have local control.

  5. My Question……Dear Norml My names Andrew L, im from Orange County California. My question is with the rampant violence we are seeing across the country here in the U.S.A. and in Mexico, Do you think there will ever be the likelihood of United States Legalizing all drugs? I know this is an extreme idea that not many people share …with me but I would like to know your opinion on the matter. I also know that were not talking the near future, im talkin about lets say by 2030?
    Thank you for your time
    Andrew L.
    P.s I know I will get alot of comments and msgs about this, I welcome all of them whether your with me or against me, I always love a good debateSee More

  6. I have mentioned that marijuana is the keystone of the Control Substance Act of 1970.
    The DEA will never allow the removal of marijuana from Schedule One no matter what.
    All the Drug Czars that took charge of the Office of National Drug Control Policy in the past, are they reasonable? Hell no. They lie, and to them believing a lie with the full support of the federal government is raw power.
    If you have marijuana you are a criminal and you are fair game. The majority of United States citizens are criminals including our president because of the Control Substance Act.
    The late former president Nixon cleverly stated that “Drugs is the number one enemy”, although everyone knows that he was strictly talking about marijuana because he hates smart-ass college hippies.

  7. I still cannot wrap my head around the laws of something so stupid. I’d LOVE to hear from our government about this question AND only THIS ONE QUESTION.
    “Why is Salvia Divnorum Legal while Marijuana is not?”
    Granted every state has their own laws for “SD” in my state it is legal to carry,sell,grow but you cannot consume it. Are you kidding?
    Copied from http://side-effects.owndoc.com/salvia-divinorum-side-effects.html
    Even though Salvinorin A is not toxic, nothing is known about the long-term side effects of Salvia Divinorum. Experience with another hallucinogen (LSD) teaches us that such substances can and at least sometimes do have serious dangers – such as increased risk of suicide.
    At very low dosages, Salvia can act as an antidepressant. Low dosages often yield “interesting” experiences. In larger dosages, the person fully loses control over mind and body, does not percieve anything or anybody like they really are, and can start violently trash about or run out of the house and underneath a car. People who have experienced this generally never want to use Salvia again.
    (This drug was commonly used it Religious practices and visionary quests)
    So, it’s okay to get all hoped up and trip balls since no one will listen to a label, but it’s bad to mellow out and relax smoking a fat joint in the comfort of our own home.

  8. The Egyptians have shown us that a suppressed people can break their chains and free themselves from a tyrant using the the World Wide Web! We can undue this injustice upon us. We too can break the chains in our own country. It is the same injustice just in a different location. Our State & Federal legislators are not …listening to us. Our US Government behavior shocks the sense of fair play.

  9. The DEA has no interest in changing the status quo.
    They have found the sweet spot for their job security. Even the disapproval of the majority of Americans holds no bearing on their objectives. And their objectives do not have the peoples best interests at heart.
    You see, they use the prohibition of consumable substances to create jobs for people who want to dictate to and control other people.
    And the only thing that stops the American people from doing what they did in Egypt is fear. Fear of violent recourse. Fear of imprisonment. And even fear of death.
    The men in suits holding tools of fear are all that stands in front of us, we the people, and all that is the very definition of freedom!

  10. I just give up. You can’t talk sense to the people who build their lives on nonsense. We can debate it but until the government recognizes the hypocrisy and shuts down the DEA we are doomed. Presidents are obviously not the ones in charge as you tell when Obama just appoints these absolute loons like Michelle Leonhart to office. Corporations are our commander in chief. They put Tommy Chong in jail for doing nothing but selling pipes… They just harrass and oppress at will these days. There is no fair play or due process. It amazes me that a plant could be surrounded by so much craziness.

  11. Thanks for the real world view of getting marijuana reclassified. I never quite understood how that worked or why it has been so difficult to achieve.

  12. Thank you for your insight into the mire of the administrative rescheduling. You spoke a lot about pro-legalization resources, but what I have really been scanning the headlines for this week is information about how much less money is in the federal budget for the prohibitionists. I noted in Cannabis Culture that Murtha’s National Drug Intelligence Center is getting a budget cut. Why is it even in Johnstown, Pennsylvania when it should be closer to the action along the border with Mexico where the drug cartels are killing people left and right? Not only should their budget be slashed, but the center needs to be moved closer to where intelligence is needed, ie. the Southwest.
    I’d like to know how many jobs the DEA is losing, how much its budget is getting slashed, if there is any language in the budget that disallows/prohibits any federal money being used on pursuing medical cannabis at all, whether or not it is legal in a state or not.
    I’d like to know if the prohibitionist ads against cannabis are going to be denied more federal dollars.
    I’d like there to be language in the federal budget prohibiting spending any of it on pursuing medical cannabis persons, property or organizations in any state, whether medical marijuana is legal there at this particular time or not.
    I’d like there to be language in the federal budget making recreational or industrial cannabis delicts (non-crimes) the absolute lowest priority, and make the various enforcement agencies first have to file paperwork stating that there are no other more important crimes they can be working on in order for the request to be approved. It’s along the lines of if a U.S. citizen wants to get a job, let’s say in Europe, the employer has to fill out government paperwork citing that there is no European citizen qualified and available to fill the position.
    Dank u wel voor alles dat u doet, Keith!

  13. I just came back from Denver, where Medical Marijuana is legal. My Brother just had a Colostomy and after it was reveresed, the told him he has Liver cancer now. He smokes Marijuana and cannot believe how much it has helped him (He just found out his Tumor has decreased 50%.Yeaaaaaaaaa. He is 76 years old and hopes to come visit me in Illinois. With Medical Marijuana being legal in Colorado and Illegal in Illinois, if he comes here he will have to suffer again, Damn idiotic Laws, this has no doubt improved his lifestyle since he found out he has cancer, Do you think they would throw him in Jail If he got caught with his Medical Marijuana

  14. All tese Lawmakers who get drunk do not care about making Marijuana legal, they have their own LEGAL drug

  15. Seriously the DEA needs to be taken to task since in order to do their jobs, by their own definition they need to implement tobacco prohibition-which perfectly fits their self-appointed model of a Schedule I controlled substance. NO accepted medical use: high danger of abuse and lack of safety even if used under medical supervision. If we are to stop the lies: force the DEA to explain why they are not taking the steps to save us all from the deadly perils of the tobacco plant? Force them to do their jobs and begin to implement tobacco prohibition. The question isn’t “why don’t they legalize marijuana? But rather “Why don’t they illegalize tobacco?” I’m not going to get into the mountain of evidence against tobacco. Nor do I personally believe plants should be prohibited. But since tobacco is proven to be a DEADLY, ADDICTIVE NARCOTIC, so potent it kills people who are standing around tobacco users-it is a blatant danger to all Americans who are exposed to even sidestream smoke-As a DRUG ENFORCEMENT AGENCY it should be doing all it can to stop the epidemic spread of one of the deadliest drugs in the country. So everyone ask them incessantly “Why is tobacco NOT prohibited when no one claims it helps them medically, it is proven to kill people, and is more addictive than alcohol or cocaine?”

  16. Actually, I believe the CSA puts the classification specifically in the hands of the AG. This responsibility can (and has) been delegated, but ultimately, if the AG decides to reclassify, the DEA would have no recourse. So, instead of suing the DEA, a suit could be brought against the AG for failing to annually review the data surrounding cannabis based on actual science (as is required by the CSA statute). Another avenue is to sue the HHS on the same grounds.
    Going directly at the DEA doesn’t any make sense to me, since they have such a vested interest in the status quo.
    But to diminish the effect that a change in scheduling would bring is to say that the many patients in states with no provision for medical marijuana, who have to live in fear as they relieve their own suffering is less important than the rights of those who want to use it recreationally.
    While I understand that full legalization is the mission of NORML, I would like to point out that widespread medical use does, and has done a great deal to shift public perception on the safety of this substance. Crucially, change in the schedule would open the doors to robust research and doctor recommendations on a national basis.
    Perception is everything.

  17. Around the time of 1979 the percentage of marijuana use was at its highest ever. The 1980s then brought about the “Just Say No” era, and along with that — lower usage. Can you explain the possible reasoning behind the drastic drop in usage, even after it was generally accepted amongst the baby boomers who had tried it? Would you say this may likely be the result of law enforcement itself, or just a generational shift that would eventually lead to todays higher usage?

  18. 27 Brandon
    “Just say no” was for the little children who didn’t use, so they [hopefully] wouldn’t use. The drop in usage was because of Tricky Dick Nixon, the Controlled Substance Act, and the DEA. Tricky Dick federalized the use of cannabis. It’s not proper to talk ill of the dead – but – in Tricky Dick’s case – one could make an exception. Forgive me Lord.

  19. The federal Government is not going to listen anyway, Jyst like they passdobamacarse that the Majority of the people did not want, and don’t forget, obama’s CZARS don’t have tro report anyting to congres, just king barry

  20. My Brothr has liver cancer. He lives in Colorado where he can get Medical Marijuana legalyl, which hew does because it helps him Tremendously.I want hin to come visit me in Illinois, but he can’t because Marijuana is not legal in Illinois, How stupid iS THAT?

  21. Why, How can King Obomba allow some States to Trump over Federal Laws, when Federal Laws Trumps over All State Laws. And now there Collecting Taxes on POT to Is there No Justes for the People Against this Kind of INSANITY First they arrest you, Then they Tax You, Then Imprison you. “say what” Federal taxs on a item thats not Legal On the Federal level how can he Tax a Illegal Item. I Say if they Taxed It, Then that makes it Legal Everywere as long as you Paid your Federal Taxes on the Item before you Use It. Like in a store you want It so you Buy it Pay your Taxes and the Dealer legally own it right. Nicklo, Freedom Fighter to the Last Drop of Blood or Breath of Air

  22. 31 nick lovero
    There are fifty sovereign states with fifty sovereign laws. Sovereign states will not enforce federal laws.

  23. The youth of this country are the revolutionaries. Are you implementing strategies to show recent high school graduates and college students that cannabis is not bad and could do so much good?

  24. I’ve got a question that hasn’t been answered since my inquiry, why is marihuana being sold at 600 dollars an ounce sold at the clinics when its really 300 dollars an ounce?

  25. My Brother livea in Colorado where Medical Marijuana is legal. Last year he had a Major Colostomy and the found out he had Liver Cancer. Sicn smoking

  26. don’t know if u can help w/this. i have med.mar. recommendation and have moved back to fla. my recommendation does not have calif. address. (had to leave before could get established)
    is there someway to send for meds?
    Thank You in Advance.

  27. Dear Sirs, I am a habitual user, overweight and in my 60’s. My question is: What amount of time without using can I be sure to pass a urine test? I am the type of pothead that smokes continually all day long. How long would I have to remain in abstinence to be sure to pass?

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