NORML Update: Cannabis and Canvas at the Women's Alliance Art Auction

Philadelphia, PA – On Saturday, March 26th, Friends of the NORML Women’s Alliance descended upon the city of brotherly love to host an art auction organized by Diane Fornbacher, NORML Women’s Alliance Vice-Chair.  The event, sponsored by Greenable Green Building Supply and Design Center of Philadelphia, took place at the Kevin Loreaux Photography Studio.
The auction featured the work of several tri-state artists who showcased a diverse range of creative material, including pastels, whimsical portraits, sculpture, photography, ink drawings, and more.  The event was a great success that raised over $1000.  The funds will go towards a women’s networking luncheon taking place at the NORML National Conference on April 22nd in Denver, CO*.
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*If you would like to be a sponsor of the women’s networking luncheon, please contact

The NORML Women’s Alliance would like to thank the following people who made this benefit possible:

Diane Fornbacher
Karina Ambartsoumian
Mary Kathleen Giannon
Meredith Avakian
Kevin Clough
DJ Tony Montagnaro
Kevin Loreaux
Martine DeCamp
Casona Cuban Restaurant
Treehouse Coffee Shop Audubon NJ
Ever So Sweet Chocolates by Sheila


16 thoughts

  1. Well, I assume the pun cannabis ~ canvas is more than freudian, but someone should put in the time and work up a treatise on the centuries-long convergence of these two terms psychophilologicly (which will put both wind and fibre in our sales).

  2. I know weed stimulates creativity, but as much as I love weed, I don’t want to depend on it to be creative for the simple fact that its not available for me all the time. I play the keyboard often and it does help, but im good without it too.

  3. NORML shouldn’t that be NORCL -> National Organization for the Reform of Cannabis Laws. I refuse to call cannabis by the slave name. Maybe you guys should get with the times.
    [Editor’s note: With one out of four Americans knowing what the acronym N.O.R.M.L. stands for, and of those who’re cannabis consumers, almost 90% reporting that NORML does a good job representing their interests. Almost no two people call ‘cannabis’ the same thing….weed, ganja, medicine, nugs, spleaf, pot, etc….
    Ironically, in common parlance, very few consumers use either term ‘marijuana’ or ‘cannabis’.
    After 40 years of building goodwill with the cannabis consuming public, NORML’s not going to change it’s infamous double entendre name.]

  4. I never laeve a comment on here. But sorry norml this is the most stupid thing you guy’s have ever put on here regardless of whether or not it support’s are cause or not. And I do not care if it bring’s money or support to help are cause….. stupid..stupid..stupid.

  5. Maybe? – no! – we should – “follow the lead” of women – who have sovereignty over their body. If women have the right to delete, expunge, or abort – we all should have the same right to “input.” We all [every living individual] have sovereignty over our bodies. If Government can tell us what we can or can’t put in our bodies – they can tell us to do “anything,” and enforce it. This can’t happen. We cannot let that happen. If it’s just a matter of law – let’s get to it! If it’s a matter of self defense – let’s get to it. Genesists declare a “Conscience Clause” – so – let’s get to it. My mother didn’t bring me into this world to be controlled by evil – so – in her honor – let’s get to it. My dad showed me how to do it – so – let’s get to it. Only 18 days until 4-20 @ 4:20 – so – let’s get to it.

  6. Thank you to all of you. Kudos to Dianne Fornbacher for taking things from State College to Philadelphia. Pennsylvania has been stalled for years now by prohibitionist poster child mothers whose sons and daughters were victims of drug overdoses and drug violence. I empathize with them and realize their pain and loss is tragic. They would need exposure to pro-cannabis legalization mothers whose sons and daughters were/are victims. You’d have to go through the steps with them on how to change things so there is a lot less of it in the future: legal system for redress of grievances, separation of soft (legal cannabis) from hard drugs (still illegal) and the notion of maintenance and rehabilitation so that there are fewer new people becoming hard drugs addicts by lack of those who are looking only for cannabis to no longer be exposed to hard drugs being sold out of the other pocket. The average age of people addicted to hard drugs should rise as fewer younger addicts are there.

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