Announcing The NORML Network – Marijuana Podcasts 24/7

I’m excited to announce the next outreach project from NORML – The NORML Network.
It’s a twenty-four hour internet radio station of news, opinion, interviews, music, and live event coverage for the cannabis community. You can listen live anytime by visiting on your browser or by installing the Stickam app for your smartphone.  Our anchor show, NORML SHOW LIVE, airs at 1pm Pacific / 4pm Eastern and new shows run 5pm-9pm Pacific / 8pm-Midnight Eastern.
For three years I have been the host of NORML’s official podcast, the NORML Daily Audio Stash, founded by longtime NORML activist Chris Goldstein two years before that.  Back then, we were among a handful of people spreading the growing truth about cannabis on the internet.
Now we can bring you shows from all over the country and even one show from England – Cannabis Cure UK who’s fighting for medical marijuana access in Britain.
The Hot Box from Kalispell, Montana, just last month brought us eyewitness coverage of the latest DEA raids.
John Doe Radio and Mile High NORML have been covering the contentious DUID hearings in Denver.
Cannabis States of America fights prohibition in the South from Florida, the toughest region of the country for reformers.
Green Central Station reports from Des Moines, Iowa, the state with statistically the fewest tokers in America.
Three shows, Cannabis Agenda, California Marijuana Report, and Hollywood Hemptress Hour cover the Golden State from north to south.
Cannabis Times Radio takes us bi-coastal with reports from New York City and Los Angeles.
Drug Truth Network’s Cultural Baggage and Century of Lies from Houston interviews the top national figures in drug law reform.
The aforementioned Chris Goldstein’s FreedomisGreen covers the East Coast reform movement.
NORML SHOW LIVE’s co-host also has a show, The Ganja Jon Show, with the acerbic views of a young man who’s survived two transplants and loss of an eye while fighting for medical marijuana in Oregon.
We begin and end the week with music; The Viper Hour starts us off with a dose of reefer jazz and The Irie Island Hour takes us into the weekend with smooth reggae.
Shows are replayed throughout the morning.  Weekends you can catch the entire lineup of new programs plus 24 hours of Daily Toker Tunes, the best podsafe cannabis music from all genres.
Join us at The NORML Network… where the time is 4:20 24/7/365!

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  1. Thrilled to be part of this fantastic new network from Norml! I can say without any hesitation that without Norml’s Daily Audio Stash Podcast I wouldn’t be doing anything that I am now and I doubt I would even have my health.
    The step up to a full network shows Norml’s commitment to delivering the most diverse and informative Cannabis news on the Internet and around he world.
    To have the chance to speak to the rest of the cannabis community across the world about the movement and efforts that UK are starting to make really is something I’ve dreamed about doing for along time now. Thank you Norml for helping make this so possible!
    Cannot wait for Denver!

  2. When Has Prohibition Ever Worked ?
    The cia is making Too Much $ off of Illegal Drugs , for it to Ever Be Legalized . Shameful

  3. Thanks NORML!!! I shared with my group of smokin’ tokin’ momma’s on another popular social website for moms.
    Can’t wait to listen in.

  4. The 420 Invasion – 4-20 @ 4:20 is only 16 days away.
    To all representatives in government.
    If you’re not working for We the People – who are you working for? That’s not a question – it’s a inquiry! We – your employer – want an answer now – not yesterday – not tomorrow – now! Then – you have 16 days to prove what you say today – to put your money where your mouth is. “No comment” is not an acceptable response – it’s “political suicide.”

  5. Please everyone reading this get the word out..our devil president the one that laughed us off , said we need drug treatment, inferred we were mentally ill is running again in give that fuck some payback..dont vote for him…let his sorry ass stand in the unemployment line..smoke-on

    this is extremely off topic but i found it interesting and thought i might share because it concerns one of Norml’s biggest supporters Willie Nelson. Nelson was busted again for pot (big shocker!!) and while its wrong that he was busted due to the corrupt government system we have in place he was let off fairly easy 🙂 ! all he had to do was sing “blue eyes crying in the rain” and pay a small fine. (a fine that should have never been brought upon him or anyone else in america as we should have the right to do whatever we want to ourselves so long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else….last time i checked the worst marijuana has done for me was use up 6,000 out of the 10,000$ i made last year on food but hey it all went back to my company they should thank me and i had a full stomach. I’m such a menace to society i know…and so are all of you who also raid your refridgorator)

  7. My original consensus was that we probably had hit a ceiling for medical marijuana, at least sans-Federal. But now I’m really starting to feel as though, instead of a ceiling, we’re at the end of the beginning. Dr. Abram Hoffer used to say that it takes about two generations before a truly “new” medical idea is accepted. With well over 70% national support for medical marijuana it’s certainly a fait accompli. It’s completely disingenuous that the Federal government has not taken any action, on medical marijuana, for almost 80 years. What other fervid political issue has over 70% national approval? Not many! In conclusion, while I certainly believe recreational marijuana legalization has transpirational merit, I think this time the big issue is going to be medical marijuana. Regardless, medical marijuana may be the accession to full legalization.

  8. The answer is not for men to be paid to detain and cage the people. I do not condone that type of response. Addiction is a medical issue. Cannabis use is not a crime. It’s misclassified as a crime, which is a crime. The policy is anti-competition and anti-American. The illegality of cannibis is a disgrace to our nation. It goes against the principles this country was founded on. Abraham Lincoln said it well. Einstein said it well. Countless other intelligent and well-respected men said it well. This country’s cruel and unusual physical and psychological torture of cannabis users and their families is sick and twisted. I am ashamed to be governed by such blinded and immoral, greedy excuses for human beings. I wonder what Christ would say about these affairs.

  9. Prohibitionists are desperately trying to sustain the illusion that they are still in control, when in fact, they are delusional. We the People are now in control. The only thing that keeps them safe in their delusion is – their defense mechanism – law enforcement. If it weren’t for their killer robots, there would be nowhere for them to run – nowhere to hide. It far surpasses all the understanding, that we should hold close, to remain in control our emotions. Perhaps our salvation, through these trying times, is that prohibs refuse to face the reality of what they have done to their fellow human beings – what pain they have inflicted on individuals and whole families – all for the sake of satisfying their obsession for power. They have lit the match that has caused the fire that has consumed us all – the fire that now burns in each and every one of us – the fire that will incinerate every prohibs ambition in the days to come. What we seek now is “equal justice under the law” – that these prohib criminals receive the same justice they have inflicted on us.

  10. I think Keith Stroupe would’ve been the better president than Obama because he tells the truth to the people and does’nt insult our intelligents with lies etc. He also has a birth certitificate to prove that he’s an American . If our own govt.can’t be trusted to do anything but insult our intellect and put anyone from any country as our president than an overhaul is definitely in need. Starting with Obama and anyone else that caused more trouble than their worth.

  11. Is there a publisher and/or editor for NORML website? I’m writing a college paper about this group and I’m supposed to list an editor and publisher in my bibliography for the articles I use. Can anyone help me out?
    [Editor’s note: Deputy Director Paul Armentano and Executive Director Allen St. Pierre are responsible for webpage content.]

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