Ask NORML: Hemp for Victory?

A new installment of ‘Ask NORML’ is now streaming on NORMLtv. This week’s topic, voted on by our Facebook fans, is marijuana’s non-psychoactive sister, hemp. In this segment, Executive Director Allen St. Pierre discusses hemp’s utility as well as its place in the overall marijuana law reform movement.

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25 thoughts

  1. If enough people would demand this obvious and simple definition of marijuana:
    16. “The term ‘marijuana’ means all parts
    of the smoke produced by the combustion
    of the plant Cannabis sativa L.”
    then cannabis could be legal again, and regulations could be established based on the percentage of THC content in the varieties of cannabis. For example,
    Hemp 5% THC
    Like he said, there are so many ways to use cannabis besides smoking it. Demand it for victory!

  2. Re-post without symbols
    If enough people would demand this obvious and simple definition of marijuana:
    16. “The term ‘marijuana’ means all parts
    of the smoke produced by the combustion
    of the plant Cannabis sativa L.”
    then cannabis could be legal again, and regulations could be established based
    on the percentage of THC content in the varieties of cannabis. For example,
    Hemp under 1% THC
    Schwag 1%-3% THC
    Primo 3%-5% THC
    Medical over 5% THC
    Like he said, there are so many ways to use cannabis besides smoking it.
    Demand it for victory!

  3. It is abhorrently atrocious that our grand government, founded profusely on hemp, is wholeheartedly against such an indispensable part of nature. And to think, about 10 years ago, the f*ucking DEA had the nerve to actually ban every hemp product. There better not be any more attempts, or they will pay, because the U.S. citizens will not tolerate their insolent actions any more. If we need to take justified civil disobedience, that may be warranted.

  4. Sacrament as a Food
    Hemp Nutrition – Natures Super Food.
    In the Genesist Faith’s penchant [propensity] to free our Sacrament from the prohibition that falsely imprisons it, we should not neglect to claim the superior benefits from hemp food – the most nutritionally complete food source in the world. Hemp is legal – it’s legal in any form. Hemp [God’s gift to his Creation as Sacrament] has been a food [that which grows naturally from the ground] since the beginning of time – The Sixth Day. Hemp, if not the first, was one of the first, plants to be cultivated by mankind, and present-day areas of wild growth have resulted from plants escaping from prehistoric cultivation. More recently, since the early 1990’s, shelled hemp seeds have been used as a foodstuffs, including, baked goods, snacks, breakfast cereals, beverages, frozen desserts, tofu, even cheese! Hemp is highly nutritious. From a nutritional standpoint the hemp seed is highly desirable.
    The Geneist Faith promotes Hemp Therapy as a vibrant and essential part of a highly nutritional dietary program. In addition to its nutritional value, the Genesist Faith promotes physical wellness, by maintaining a concentrated program of exercise [both aerobic and resistance]. Diet and exercise go hand in hand, and are essential to well being.
    Hemp Protein Powder
    Hemp Protein Powder has a gourmet nutty flavor that tastes so good you can eat it straight out of jar. Use it to create delicious protein shakes, add it to juices, smoothies and green drinks. Hemp Protein Powder is a whole food protein powder. It is rich in complete protein, bran chain amino acids, Omega 6 & Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s), and healthy dietary fiber. Hemp Protein Powder is cold milled from live viable hemp seed that is grown sustainably without herbicides or pesticides.
    Hemp Seed Nut
    From a nutritional standpoint, the seeds are highly desirable. They contain up to 35% protein which, unusual for a plant protein, contains all nine essential amino acids. The seeds are also high in unsaturated fat – so-called “good” fat. Even better, these unsaturates are a good source of essential fatty acids. Between 15% – 25% of hemps (EFA’s) are alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). This is an Omega-3 fatty acid often lacking in our diet. As a final bonus, hemp seeds contain a wide variety of minerals, phytosterols, and phospholipids such as lecithin.
    Hemp Seed Nut is created by taking the best part of the hemp seed, the inner nut, removing the hard shell and sealing it in a modified atmosphere package to lock in its freshness. This tasty nutritional power-house is great with granola, super on salads, tasty in tomato based sauces, and is a delicious substitute for nuts or seeds in any recipe. Hemp Seed Nut is an excellent source of vitamins and enzymes, Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) and delivers these EFA’s in a balanced 3:1 ratio. As well, Hemp Seed Nut contains a rare fatty acid gamma linolenic acid (GLA). Beyond this, Hemp Seed Nut is a super source of complete protein, containing all the Essential Amino Acids.
    Organic Hemp Seed Oil
    Certified Organic Hemp Seed Oil has a gourmet nutty flavor. Use for salad dressing, add to fresh juices, shakes , smoothies or green drinks. Not to be used for frying or heated above 350 degrees F (176 degrees C). Hemp Seed Oil is the richest source of Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) Omega 6 and Omega 3 and delivers the EFA’s in a balance suitable for life long consumption. The oil is compressed from Certified Organic Hemp Seed that is grown sustainably without herbicides or pesticides. Contains no genetically modified organisms (GMO).

  5. ………but, of course they can put in liquor stores & drug stores along with all other stores that sell cigarettes, liquor & phamaceutical & that’s OK but Marijuana ,
    Yakima, Wash. — The U.S. attorney for Eastern Washington has warned landlords that they could face forfeiture of their properties if they rent to medical marijuana shops.
    U.S. Attorney Michael C. Ormsby also said in a statement Wednesday that his office is preparing for quick and direct action against the operators of the stores, noting that federal law prohibits marijuana use and marijuana stores are subject to enforcement action.
    “We intend to use the full extent of our legal remedies to enforce the law.”
    The owners of several shops in the Spokane area either did not return telephone messages seeking comment or declined to comment on the advice of attorneys.
    About 40 medical marijuana shops operate in Spokane County. Police have shut down some there, but elsewhere in the state, authorities have allowed shops to operate.
    Ormsby said many of the Spokane County stores are located close to schools, parks and playgrounds, where children are often present.
    “Additionally many of these stores are conducting a high-volume, high-dollar business, far from the allegations of the operators that they are furnishing marijuana to ‘patients’ with debilitating medical conditions,” he said.
    Ormsby said he hopes that notice to the landlords will lead to voluntary compliance and eviction.

  6. Note; this last sentence & that’s what’s happening in, Montana & elsewhere .
    Meanwhile, many speculate that rich and prominent Mexican families are in cahoots with American businessmen in the alcohol industry, wealthy industrialists who launder the unprecedented profits from the drug business with their legitimate enterprises, and lawmakers who get gigantic kickbacks and payoffs to make sure that these drugs remain
    illegal .

  7. Why is NORML protecting drug cartels and corrupt banks that are laundering drug money by not reporting on the fact that the banks have been caught laundering billions of dollars of drug money for the Mexican cartels?????
    [Editor’s note: NORML protecting drug cartels and banks? Ummm…OK. You sound like an idiot. Yawn….banks doing dirty business with drug cartels. This is news to you? Where have you been? Under a rock? Prohibition breeds corporate and government corruption. Duh.]

  8. We are tired of this goverment telling us, what we can not do and what we can do. We want cannabis legal and we want our clothes made of hemp. Cotton will destroy our environment!!! Industrail Hemp is good for the soil and will clean up pollution.The Federal goverment is a waste of our tax dollar and they should be dismanteled! We have way to may goverment departments, that WE do not need.We want a samller goverment and get rid of all those czars, they are sponges, that soak up our tax dollar and I for one am fed up with it!

  9. 14 Jeanne
    You’ve got the right idea – limited government – but – a limited government that doesn’t believe that cannabis is a crime or that we’re criminals. Jeanne: 4-20 @ 4:20 is but a heartbeat away.

  10. We are supposed to be a NATION OF INDUSTRY except to the application of industrial hemp. One step forward for us just lets the government take two steps back for MARIJUANA PROHIBITION or HEMP. The only industry that is gaining are PRISONS and AUTHORITARIAN CONTROL. We’ll probably have MARTIAL LAW before MARIJUANA PROHIBITION is repealed. It’s a shame that our government has a THIRD WORLD MENTALITY on HEMP or MARIJUANA. We have a new industry in our faces that will create jobs and TAXES but the FEDS are still in denial and just want us to have their ORWELLIAN MENTALITY=HOMELAND SECURITY-DEA-FDA and FEMA.

  11. 14. jeanne hey gal you’ve got the right idea the suit&tie wearing educated idiots are taxing us to death.And passin laws we don’t want.

  12. Why not use the production of hemp to help rebuild our industries, farm lands and jobs? How much money are we leaving on the table for other countries to import hemp? How many jobs is that keeping from hard working families? How much tax revenue isnt collected? Then why not legalize marijuana for personal use? Think of all the tax money pouring in. This government is fucking brain dead.

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