NORMLtv: Day 2 & 3 Conference Recaps

Get all the highlights from the last two days of this year’s NORML conference with recaps of Day 2 & Day 3, streaming now on NORMLtv. The agenda this year in Denver was certainly not short on compelling content. The NORML Women’s Alliance discussed how to bridge the “Cannabis Gender Gap,” a sitting United States Congressman endorsed full legalization, and marijuana maverick Lester Grinspoon held an intimate open question and answer session. See clips of these and more in the videos below.

Day 2 – April 22nd

Day 3 – April 23rd

Don’t miss our previous updates including a floor report from Day 1 and coverage from the NORML/HighTimes Activism Awards. Tune in next week for a closer look at the Denver mayoral debate hosted by Montel Williams and Rep. Jared Polis’ keynote address.
In honor of our friend Ben Masel, the great Wisconsin activist who passed away this weekend from lung cancer, NORMLtv will be posting the presentation of his lifetime achievement award from this year’s Activist Awards Ceremony on Monday.
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13 thoughts

  1. Talk’s cheap – action speaks louder than words.
    If they’re not going to repeal the prohibition and legalize cannabis today [then] We the People should demand [mandate] that the findings of research be released first thing in the morning. The truth is in the research. Prohibitionists can’t argue with the scientific facts. Oh! they can and often do – but – it just makes them look like fools [that they are].

  2. @3
    Talk’s cheap – action speaks louder than words.
    I say Amen.
    Where Do You Stand On This Day?

  3. 8. Nic
    I’m sorry I didn’t completely answer your question. I call for a scientific revolution. The truth will be found in science – and – jury nullification.

  4. 8. Nic
    “Ideologues impose their moral values on others.”
    That, in and of itself, is “immoral” – and – We the People demand protection by those sworn to protect us. The Source is the “only one” that has absolute power, and the capacity to practice zero tolerance. When man tries to play God – God will play man like a violin – and – by ear. The Source will exact punishment like the conductor of a symphonic orchestra. That punishment will effect the “evil doer” with the flaming sword of the Cherubs – driven deep into their souls – and – they will wear their shame on the bosom of their souls.- forever. I will “never” forsake my individualism – I don’t care who is running the government or world.
    You asked me were I stand. I stand on the same ground I stood on yesterday, and will stand on tomorrow, and all tomorrows to come. I stand for “Religious Freedom.” And – “I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees!”

  5. @10
    I was agreeing with you, back at 3, and I agree with what you said, science and knowledge will chase ignorance back into the dark places where they belong.
    From where I stand I see much greed, anger, ignorance and fear. War upon war, the world has gone mad.
    I stand with you for Freedom.

  6. 11. Nic
    “Then we stand together.”
    Have a great CDXX Communion

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