Obama Administration Steps Up Its Rhetoric In Medical Marijuana States

The Obama administration’s position on medical marijuana, circa 2009 (via the Ogden memo to all United States attorneys):
“The prosecution of significant traffickers of illegal drugs, including marijuana, and the disruption of illegal drug manufacturing and trafficking networks continues to be a core priority in the Department’s efforts against narcotics and dangerous drugs, and the Department’s investigative and prosecutorial resources should be directed towards these objectives. As a general matter, pursuit of these priorities should not focus federal resources in your States on individuals whose actions are in clear and unambiguous compliance with existing state laws providing for the medical use of marijuana.”
The Obama administration’s position on medical marijuana, circa 2011 (via the May 2, 2011 letter sent from the office of the United States Attorney, District of Arizona, to the Arizona Department of Health Services re: the implementation of the voter-approved Medical Marijuana Program):
“The United States Attorneys Office … will vigorously prosecute individuals and organizations that participate in the unlawful manufacturing, distribution and marketing activity involving marijuana, even if such activities are permitted under state law.”
A lot can change in two years — including the administration’s attitude toward the state-authorized use and distribution of cannabis for medical purposes.
In April, NORML blogged about the U.S. Department of Justice, particularly U.S. Attorneys Jenny Durkan of Seattle and Michael Ormsby of Spokane, threatening “civil and criminal legal remedies” (read: sanctions) against Washington state citizens, including state employees, who assist with or engage in the production or distribution of medical cannabis, “even if such activities are permitted under state law.” The U.S. Attorneys’ threats came in response to an inquiry from Gov. Chris Gregoire, a Democrat, who most likely was seeking ‘political cover’ so that she could publicly ‘justify’ her veto of legislation (SB 5073) that sought to license and regulate the dispensing of medical cannabis to qualified persons, and would have enacted additional legal protections for patients who voluntarily participated in a statewide registry. The threats worked; Gov. Gregoire cited them in her veto statement Friday.
In fact, the threats worked so well, that in recent days U.S. Attorneys in other states with active medical marijuana programs have begun issuing similar menacing statements.
Last week in Colorado, where state regulators have licensed over 800 state-licensed medical cannabis dispensaries, U.S. Attorney John Walsh sent a letter to the state’s Attorney General alleging that the federal Justice Department will “vigorously” prosecute individuals or organizations engaged in “unlawful manufacturing and distribution activity involving marijuana, even if such activities are permitted under state law.” A spokesman for Walsh’s office adds, “In the eye of the federal government, there’s only one type of marijuana. And marijuana is a Schedule I controlled [federally prohibited] substance.”
Arizona U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke fired off a similarly worded letter this week to Will Humble, the director of the state Department of Health Services, which is overseeing the implementation of Proposition 203. Under the law, which was approved by voters last fall and was enacted on April 15, the state must register qualified patients who have a doctor’s recommendation for cannabis and also license dispensaries to provide it to them. However, according to Burke, said dispensaries that are compliant with the state’s law will “not [be] protect[ed] from [federal] criminal prosecution, asset forfeiture, and other civil penalties.”
Finally, in Rhode Island, Gov. Lincoln Chafee announced this week that he is suspending the state’s nascent medical marijuana distribution program, set to begin this June. In March, the representatives from the Rhode Island Department of Health selected three applicants to operate the state’s first-ever, government licensed medical cannabis dispensaries. (The dispensaries program was initially approved by lawmakers in 2009, but the winning applicants were not decided upon until two years later.) Predictably, Chafee’s abrupt change of heart came after receiving a hand-delivered letter from U.S. Attorney Peter F. Neronha Friday threatening to prosecute civilly and/or criminally those involved in the dispensary program.
So what’s the impetus for the Obama administration’s sudden decision to play rhetorical hard ball? NORML Outreach Coordinator and podcaster Russ Belville speculates:

“Mr. Obama’s … true intention is to stifle the development of any viable legal cannabis distribution industry. By sending threat letters to Rhode Island and Arizona, states that have created clear and unambiguous laws for medical cannabis providers to follow, it is obvious that Mr. Obama isn’t opposed to medical cannabis, per se, but terribly opposed to medical cannabusiness.
Belville adds: “If (medical cannabusiness) establish (themselves), people will become accustomed to safe, secure, well-run businesses that deliver consistent, reliable, tested cannabis products. They’ll appreciate the way these places revitalize sagging economies, provide jobs, and contribute taxes to budget-starved localities. They’ll realize all the scaremongering by the government about what would happen if marijuana was legal, even for sick people, was hysterical propaganda. [And] they’ll begin to wonder why we don’t just legalize cannabis for everyone, create more jobs, raise more revenue, and use these established businesses as the distribution points.”

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  1. He has to look real HARD on cannabis. This is to be expect with any one in the whit house. If the numbers where on our side then he wold be pro

  2. 64. A Very Sad American says:
    We were “suckered” – and – “it won’t happen again.” These people are indescribably cruel and petty, lacking even the basics of normal moral functioning. They will never, EVER stop trying to cause us harm until we are all dead.
    The time has come for MASS protests – on a scale not seen since the ’60’s. The only thing left to do is park ourselves on the steps of the capitol and refuse to leave until our demand for the immediate, full-scale, national legalization of cannabis is heeded unconditionally.
    So sick of talk; please either set us free NOW or just go on and warm up the ovens.
    [Editor’s note: Ovens? Death camps? Can you be more hyperbolic and over-the-top in your rhetoric?]
    Paul Armentano:
    I can – if my sad American brother can’t. It’s a whole lot more than the issue of cannabis. Cannabis is a puny issue compared to what’s coming down the pike. BTW the conclusion will be a “global pandemic.” They already have “Residences” set up for those who resist.
    Call me crazy Paul – but – my sad American brother is right. We should “GATHER” – but – we should call for and mandate scientific conclusion. The truth is in the science, and they know it!

    We the People mandate and demand that the scientific evidence, from “all” sources of science, and by its testimonies, be presented to a candid, uncensored, audience for its consideration. “Lay every shred of scientific research on the table, see what’s in it, and make a decision – one way or the other – “Shit or get off the pot.”
    The truth “will be found in the science,” and the justice will be found in our Faith. Prohibitionists will be tried in the Court of Public Opinion, and shall wear their shame on the bosom of their souls.

  4. “He has to look real HARD on cannabis. This is to be expect with any one in the whit house. If the numbers where on our side then he wold be pro”
    Hey brother, the numbers are on our side. Unfortunately, the people don’t matter in this country. What matters are mega Banks, Wall Street, and the global elite. Cannabis unfortunately gets caught up in the huge Military Industrial Complex, that was created and maintained by the global elite, with the prison, law enforcement, legal, and judicial economic powerhouse. To put it another way, the government is not going to ‘fire’ a judge, or a police officer or even a public defendant so that some nobody can buy pot legally. There is way too much money at stake in the Prison Industrial Complex to legalize pot.
    This is what Obama is defending. The government knows that if they continue to allow (first class retail locations) pot shops, with brownies, sodas, and candy, to continue that likely this trend will get larger… eventually leading to full scale legal cannabis.

  5. We are the “Civilization of 2012” – in the prophecy.
    We are the total culture of a particular people. We are a “Society” – a group of faithful persons regarded as constituting a community of related independent individuals. We are a “Culture” – we hold dear such ideals, customs, etc. of a particular people or group of a particular people. We are “Fraternity” – we embrace the state or quality of being brothers and sisters.
    You may see us as an “ugly, misplaced, tattoo with ornaments, and a mentality to mach.” You may see us as the minister of your faith, or the doctor that just wrote you your prescription for cannabis. Hell! You may see us as the cop writing us the pot ticket, or the Judge that will hear your case. You may see us as the teacher – teaching our children. The fact of the matter is – “We are a society.” We are a total culture of a particular people. We are a Faith. We claim religious use – and – demand religious freedom.
    Genesists intend to be a vital force in this changing world. Fueled by our awareness in the Faith – we will only be a witness to our own rebirth or death – but – we will do it as a family of believers acting as one continually.

  6. I wish to Thank NORML for keeping this portal open
    Thanks to the Brave Posters
    It is darkest before The Dawn

  7. Do you wonder, in the morning, in some dream, where you and I are going, if you wonder, this is good, this is a sign that you question your place.

  8. OK . If “m word” was given money to receive so called
    “money grant” to purchase variety grown medicinal pot
    and the dangerous drug clause was by name only as the
    “m word” name was noted during the Reagan Presidency~
    as the ‘dangerous drug’ requiring top priority to the
    enforcement of “loco manna” War on Drugs Schedule I :
    enforcement to begin eradicating underage use of then
    problemed recall on dangerous element to society with
    regard to the name given to cannabis .,. are the new~
    drug laws set to Obama Admin given accord to requited
    forum as President Obama declared State Laws requited
    and you say the forum office of Attorney General with
    regard to the Name Given to Cannabis want to deny the
    future dispensed role of cannabis “m word” medicinal~
    so the future regard of the dispense commentary money
    basis will prevent widespread use of pot with monies~
    granted as if Obama changed his mind on medicinal pot
    and did you notice the Republican Debate will not now
    be ready to discuss “m word” without paying the money
    to begin consideration not about who will be legal uh
    though who will be accorded to pay the “m word” money
    to begin funding Republican so called “money grant” .
    I was watching the History Channel [a TV station] and
    it seems like the “Ma ri jua na” program will “m word”
    “m word” “m word” ~ pause for money grant ~ smiling uh
    greedy reporter , “m word” “m word” maybe the optioned
    comment ‘cannabis’ or occasionally saying “pot” seems
    like a way to make money and denounce cannabis began a
    reason we have continued banning anyway ,. it shows the
    power of monetary gain only care about the money making
    it a power of selfish gain and not interest about the
    forum on legally smoked cannabis . Did actual regard ,
    President Obama himself say he would want to change a
    comment he made about State Rights and Ethic and want
    to disallow continued medical states and now disallow
    “m word” at the Area Outside California and West Coast
    and if it appeared to be his statement , was it his ~$
    own ideal to stop continued newer distribution medical
    cannabis new form on thought to begin Green Cross [2]~
    West Coast Primary to Allow TriCameral Cannabis MANA.|.
    [[Other ways , was it his speech or statement to begin
    BiPartisan Debate without greed based Republic money]].
    I am not a supporter of “m word” money and greed grant
    forum to support purchase of high price “m word” . . .
    though I very much support actual legal cannabis manna
    and if you want less greed and more respect non~profit
    try bringing the price down and referring to it as the
    natural botanical name , not greed~money “m word” +$$,
    rather cannabis manna “pot” legally smoked ., Bryan 🙂

  9. Elect Ron Paul and the drug war will end (as though the ptb will select him in the electoral college).

  10. Since Medical MariJuana cooperatives and dispensaries are raided by the DEA on a daily basis, and even foreign cannabis seed vendors, such as Canadian Marc Emory, are persecuted, prosecuted, and imprisoned in the USA, does the DEA intend that all Medical MariJuana patients obtain their medicine from the very same violent Mexican drug cartels that the DEA makes such a big deal about waging their Drug War against?
    That would appear to be the case.
    Another remarkable recent revelation is the existence of a BATF operation, now over a year old, of illicitly transporting firearms across the USA border into Mexico and delivered into the hands of the Mexican drug cartels. This operation only came to light after one of those firearms was used to kill a USA diplomatic envoy in Mexico, presumably at the hands of the cartels and not agents of the BATF itself.
    Similar irony can be found in Afghanistan, where the DEA eradicates some fields of poppies and marijuana, all while the US Marines protect other poppy and marijuana plantations from destruction by the Taliban (and the DEA), and the CIA facilitates the transportation of these illicit products to foreign markets.
    Shades of cocaine and Iran-Contra.
    The battle is apparently not over the existence of illicit drugs, but over who controls the production, marketing, distribution, and derived profits — reminiscent of Britain’s East India Trading Company and the British government’s Opium Wars against China.
    Another prime example of government corruption, malfeasance, and intercession in free markets to favor crony special interests, not unlike what happened under Alcohol Prohibition in the 1920’s?
    It’s déjà vu, all over again!
    And no State dares to contemplate actual marijuana re-legalization — that will now draw the full power and fury of the Federal government, including the DEA, Departments of Injustice and Security of der Fatherland, and even the IRS, under the threat of prosecuting State employees and legislators along-side those “you’re not with us, so you must be terrorists” dope-smoking peace-loving hippies.
    As Right Wing Authoritarians devolve into Fascists, the Rule of Law also devolves from a being cornerstone of democracy into that jack-boot on the throat of citizens — merely another unequally-applied weapon in the arsenal of the tyrannical national security surveillance police state.
    For the DEA, smoked marijuana is a dangerous, highly addictive narcotic drug that is prone to abuse, and holding “no medical value”, even though it is not a narcotic, is not any more addictive than coffee or chocolate, has an LD-50 (Lethal Dose to 50% of Population) far safer — thousands of times safer — than aspirin, and all medical research regarding medical marijuana is restricted and controlled, by the DEA itself. In fact, there has never been a recorded death directly related to an overdose of marijuana, in over 5,000 years of its recorded history of use.
    “Marijuana is not a drug, it’s a plant.”
    – Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger
    Is the DEA guilty of being self-serving? You bet it is! Since even before Prohibition 2.0 began in 1937, there have been studies which refuted Harry Anslinger’s “Reefer Madness” spew of prohibitionist propaganda. Marijuana has been found to be a socially and medically “harmless substance” by three separate government-sponsored scientific investigations (Siler, Panama Canal Zone, 1933; La Guardia, New York City, 1944; Shafer, Federal, 1972), each of which recommended de-criminalization of marijuana (cannabis). The Federal government routinely ignores fair and balanced scientific studies regarding cannabis, but only when they draw conclusions unacceptable to their preconceived justifications for marijuana prohibition.
    The DEA has just recently modified the classification of marijuana from Schedule 1 to Schedule 2, but only for extracts of cannabis in patent prescribed medications from Big Pharma — all other uses including State’s Medical MariJuana programs still fall under Schedule 1, deemed as having “no medical value”. This twisted-as-a-pretzel logic justifies the continuation of the War on Drugs against marijuana, thus upholding the DEA’s draconian police state powers to ride rough-shod over 15+ State’s Medical MariJuana programs, all while “green-lighting” crony corporate special interests (Big Pharma) to again become economically active in cannabis / marijuana patent medicines after 70+ years of Prohibition 2.0, as government approved monopolies. These actions are a perfect example of blatant unapologetic Fascism.
    States’ Rights? No such thing any more.
    Constitution? That’s been shredded.
    Bill of Rights? You’re kidding, of course.
    Rule of Law? Golden Rule – those with the gold make the rules.
    Ballot Box? Votes don’t count — vote counters count.
    It should have become apparent to every thinking citizen of the USA that We no longer live in a Constitutional Republic under the Rule of Law, but instead under the jack-boot of a tyrannical police state. If patriots can no longer count upon the primacy of the USA Constitution and Bill of Rights, there are older relevant documents upon which we might rely — the Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation. As I recall, the Declaration of Independence urged citizens to throw off the yoke of tyranny and form a new system of government …
    We the People can throw out of office all of our Right Wing Authoritarian politicians from both mainstream political parties while We can , or We can wait until that option is no longer available to us and We are forced to use somewhat older methods of direct action. I prefer the former …

  11. 114. David 762
    I enjoyed your post – because – it’s the truth. I got a great chuckle out of your description – “Pretzel Logic.” It was my understanding that natural THC extract was to be reclassified as a schedule III substance. Schedule II only offers “limited” use and research. Scientific Conclusion holds the truth and the answer. Scientific Revolution! I will vote for those who call for Scientific Conclusion – and – that’s the question that should be put to all reps – “Will you vote for Scientific Conclusion?”

  12. To support prohibition by Obama is really sad to say at the least. Does he not know of this man or what he stood for, what he was? This man was a racists and hatred is what drove him. He invented prohibition . This man planted his own seed in society and even though he has passed his seed still grows. As a president , Obama you should have known this before saying a word as president. A wise man you are not. Obama , you have been patted on the back by a hand with a knife in it. Thanks you political sucker! The funny part is there’s still time , which way will you go? Will you do what is right and be wise or not?

  13. It is very unfortunate that the Medical Cannabis Community has been shafted by our President and our Government. They only understand votes and I think it is insane for our President to think that he has a snow flakes chance in Hell of winning this election without The Medical Cannabis Community’s help. Mr. President can you spell Landslide Loss for Obama? When you lose your election I will celebrate for the thousands that are in Prison and can’t celebrate my way. What are the two words that normally come before the word Lawyer. Throw out Ambulance Chasing….
    oh yeah .. Scum Sucking……Thats it!!!!!

  14. ”To twist or stay twisted?” that is the question. I say twist one and take a break,take a breath and reset our minds. There’s too much detail. We all know the problems. It’s a solution we are looking for, right ?

  15. I agree the voting system was affected by vote counted
    by those who effected the mid-term elections as the US
    House received majority Republican without wondering ~
    if the vote count was promoted by granted commentary to
    say the counted allotment would be denied fair counting
    as the equal rights of Democracy voters were subjected
    to problem and propaganda noted on CNN as continued uh
    slur against democratic program known as equal voting .
    Did the voting counted require fair and equal accord ,.
    and will the legislative system be proper to begin the
    new people’s vote with cannabis in mind , or will it ~
    be a controlled vote with count of actual ballot left
    to secret electoral .,. it seems the Republican thought
    on propaganda was more a setting about controlled vote
    and the full ballot box will be known to actual proper
    electoral and not the percentage given by Fake Exec to
    support the money basis Republic[en] legis numerate ~$
    as counting each vote will be democratic and fake exec
    controlling both the voter and the count will be faked
    Democracy with Republic[en] percentage advantage known
    as faking the vote . . . so I recommend alternative to
    the legislative power of State and National Government
    and more toward a positive vote system rather thn the
    bipartisan percentage gain by false report “argemente”
    or the money Obama wanted to secure as not counterfeit
    so we would have a continued Treasury based economy @
    New Gains with the Stock Exchange , Proper Accord with
    Benign Powers of Government , Actual Monetary Stability
    as he promised at his beginning [1st] Administration n
    other thn embezzlement of the National Deficit by the
    Powers of Foreign Effect Republic[en] Counterfeiting ,
    he [Obama] seems the best so far at denying the false
    government from their propaganda and accomplishing the
    economic stability to deny false economy with what the
    Presidents at recent history put up with was economic
    review before Republican debate of the timed setting ~
    stealing the voting money and beginning force voting #
    propaganda to deny Democracy , rather try continue at
    warlike advance of Mil and Powers money which with the
    case uh nuclear munitions , we as the people United ::
    States and National Accord may not allow nuclear muni-
    tion based blame on the setup of wartime embezzle so ,
    what better actual choice will we see to begin proper
    Manna and Men to begin New Age Peace and Pot .|. Bryan

  16. If every individual reading this post – right this very minute – could convince just “one” other person to favor medicinal cannabis – that would be personally gratifying and an accomplishment. The only true way to convince that “one” other person is by scientific proof. That way – that “one” other person can tell their “one” other person the truth with confidence in scientific conclusion. The truth will be found in the science, and also the lies will be found there. It’s the lie that defeat itself – and – exposes the liar.

  17. I Woud never date any of the listed above. and they may have trouble finding a Love unless they pick em up at a illegal boxing ring where, like in the movies, the fights end in deap sea diving to fires below.
    On a serious note.Why…Why…WHy.?Look at the facts .”Be true to yourself” Its all about the “Roots of life”The Healthy choice.What we eat and drink clearly affects how our bodies feel and work.Lets live and smile like we should on this earth.The Positive energy and The gods of the green.Bless the world and protect Us all from evil.

  18. Obooboo was the one who said that it was hands off for states that legalized medicinal marijuana but apparently the DEA and other fed agency’s feel they do not have to follow the orders of their over all boss which is Obooboo and now he is going back on everything he did say pertaining to states that legalized medicinal marijuana.Oh well,he is on the way out and he knows he isnt ging to ever get back in again so he doesn’t care what he says at this point.More and more states are legalizing medicinal marijuana and the feds cannot fight every single stae in the country,to even think they can is a joke especially on their ened.If every state in the country just bucked up against them all then they would have no other choice but to quit the harrasment and the congress and senate would have no other choice but to mandate it legal for every state in the country,there is power in numbers.What really gets to me is that so many country’s have legalized marijuana for adult use with many more following suit.Their all doing it because they see the enormouse potential so far as the tax revenuse which will pretty mcuh take care of just about all of their financial owes,they also see the very significant drops in drug related rimes as well as the very significant drops in the numbers of teens using it.They all know from all of the research and study’s done over the decades that marujuana is for all practical purposes pretty much harmless to the users,they also see that the users will not end up with any life threatening deseases from using it unlike those that use all tobaco and al alchol products which are the nuber one killers in the world and especially in this country.They see the massive saving every year from no loner wasting mega billions trying to stop that which cannot be stoped and how those mega billions can be used for more important things in their country’s.It’s time our country followed all of these other country’s and made it legal for adult use and to shed themselves of the 1930’s mindset.Our country and people are really no diferent than all of these other country’s that have and are legalizing marijuana for adult use and we would also see the same positive rsults that all of these other country’s have and are seeing from legalizing it.It’s time for this country to get out of the darke ages and to step into the 21st century and make marijuana legal for adult use the same a alcahol and tobaco are.The only thing that will be diferent is that the tax rvenuse will outdo those of all tobaco and alcahol products every year and that people will not be dying and sufering from deseases from using it.They will also see a very large amount of the populous drop alcahol use and switch over to marijuana instead.It has no bad after effects such as hangovers etc,is not physically addictive but rather only metnally addictive.Does nor interfere with ones ability to work but actually hightens ones sneses making them much more aware of their surroundings and tunes them into what thir doing as far as work rlated subjects.To say it is a gateway drug to other harmfull drug use is a joke.If ther was no marijuana at all people would still be trying and using the bad drugs anyways,so to me that shoots the gateway thing right into the garbage can.I know many people who have used marijuana for decades and have never gone onto using the more harmful drugs>Sure they ahve tryed may of them but then who really han’t at one time or another and every single one of them di not like the feelings and after effects of those bad drugs so they etayed with marijuana.I think if it is legaized that there will be a very large drop in the numbers of peole who use heroin,meth,cocaine and precription pain pils especially.It’s medicinal property’s are and have been proven here and all around the worldin research and study’s done for decades now second to none for treating so very many ilnesses from cancer,to pain to many mental probelms as well.It is without a doubt one of the most intelligent and logical things our country can do at this point in time

  19. C,mon folks we need to clear this up. Obama is a liar. Look at the people he keeps around him. Who does he listen to, get advice from? This is the truth about the man. As I grew up, I was taught a phrase that I think is very appropriate for this situation. “Your actions speak so loud, I can’t hear a thing you say.” This is a REAL war. Their goal is to persicute and prosecute YOU and YOUR FAMILY and YOUR FRIENDS. At this time they WILL start to raid business’s and homes of patients. If they continue to do small raids. They will be able to get their media time and lots of back patting and that a boys to go around. All while terrorizing you at little cost to them, keeping the truly absurd cost of this WAR out the public eye. It’s also obvious we are locked out of typical media outlets to show our side, CBS’s refusal of NORM’l’s ad. Now is the time for all of us to decide are we going to fight the federal terrorist’s are become prisoners of war of our OWN federal government. I refuse to believe this is what Thomas Jefferson wanted. If you agree, now is the time. Get out their, talk with people about marijuana. This is almost like coming out of the closet for a lot us.It’s ok to be nervous, we’ve been persecuted for so long, we have had to live in the shadows like common thieves. Now is the time to say out loud I smoke or whatever, marijuana and I like it and I’m proud to say it. Talk about it. Wear something to show your pride. Put a sign in your car window. Let your imagination go. Keep it real, keep it cool and have a blast and please no Bozos. Force the Feds hand. Make them spend lots of money that they will have to start to justify in this economy. Don’t let them get away with their game. This is weird, but if we can force them to prosecute all at once. They can’t win. The man hours and their budgets would be overwhelmed like a tsunami. If they continue with bulling and terrorizing in small amounts they will continue to win. If their going to make threats then lets call their bluff. Our backs are literally against the wall. Are you gone to stand their or push back? Personally I’m not going to take it any more. I believe with constant and persistent pressure from us they will have to fold. To all you soldiers in the Green army out their. I’m proud to be fighting next to you in their war. One last thought please. Abraham Lincoln understood the importance of a united federal government for our country to survive. I wonder how he would consider the over extended power and abuse of the general public by the very federal government he hoped to preserve. Love to all from The Goofy Guy.

  20. 124. Hey Goofy Guy
    1. Demand/mandate Scientific and Religious Conclusion.
    2. Make prohibs totally aware that we are not only watching their every move under a microscope – but – we are documenting each and every abuse as well. Let them know we no longer believe that they have or deserve Qualified Immunity.
    3. Register to vote – and – VOTE!
    4. If you believe in God and God’s Sacrament – and – you get busted – make absolutely sure that you advise everyone concerned that your use is “Religious Use” – and – shut up until you see your attorney. “Name, rank, and serial number only.”
    5. If you haven’t already done so [military] raise your right hand and swear an oath of allegiance – to protect our country/Constitution against all enemies – foreign and domestic – emphasis on domestic.
    6. Be aware that the killer robots have weapons – and – they will use them on us, and our pets.

  21. Hello . Medicinal “m word” is a West Coast idea .
    It’s known as Green Cross .,. medicinal viability
    to begin physical ailment and disability to again
    dispense “m word” as helping medical promotion uh
    the cannabis plant and buds to treat physical and
    debilitating condition as proscribed by medicinal
    law on the topic , medical cannabis treatment the
    West Coast knows as Green Cross physical viability .
    There were a total uh 5 states wanting new medpot
    this year and two have been denied so far . The :
    Midwest States Kansas and Missouri both reached a
    ruling before repeal office “ignored” medbud with
    the reasoning , Midwest States may enjoy the newer
    legally smoked venue on premise recreation will be
    better afforded at what is known as the TriCameral
    Union showing United States cannabis policy will be
    divided into 3 regions : known as West Coast Green
    Cross , Midwest Green Smoke [known to some as the
    Midwest “Kingdom” Requite to begin Cannabis Value
    at center caucus accord on remind Capital Values] ,
    and East Coast TriCam known as Green Leaf , there
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    Proper Accord with Prince William , Cannaba Educate .
    There are others , such as Manna Smoke and the OK[+]
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    you known it as .,. though the keyword system with
    national enforcement determines the “unsaid busts”
    by what you call it and actually what quality you
    try to grow . Thanks , Hooray . good luck . Bryan

  22. Well Obama, how are you and your pets going to break down doors now that the tornado kicked them down for you.. Everything is all on the people from tornados to your pets tearing up property on a hunch.. Put the Constitution back as a whole document and call your pets off. We got enough problems without you!

  23. Hello . The Florida bud was liked and available when
    near the mid-1980’s proper lenient accord with the ~
    Florida residents allowed a lil smoking and Disneyesqe
    warm weather and “big dining” to offer private accord
    recreation and now with ‘Florida ganja’ seen as grant
    quoted “dangerous again” and with Rubio according uh
    Family Bible of Florida [a proper faith based book] ,
    there’s the Democrat Accord before AZ shooting after
    the picture taking session with Boehner and this was
    after the ‘weed kill’ problem @ Virginia Tech [which
    I’m informed about , though I don’t like at all] so:
    if the Colorado “cannaba food industry” and WA State
    both allow a form of West Coast known State ID with
    “out of state” accord Washington tried the outer #$
    state ID allowing visiting medicinal client and the
    Colorado West Coast known [Chico.|.] food industry:
    known as “Colorado Cannaba Taberi _\|/_{bud}” INDU
    there are state ID system allowing out of state ,%
    though now I see the comment about Florida was not
    on the blog as I read it , so other comment to uh
    Bobby Denning . :: Bobby Denning 🙂 Hello {[+]}
    You are a somewhat famous “scruffy” dark skin tone
    activist who for reason of races respect should uh
    respect the setting “Scruffy” or “Socks” would be
    the President’s pet .,. and Obama beginning the :
    Tolerant Policy About What Happens to Presidents
    As Soon As They Try to Form GOP Republican Time
    to Consider New Term or A Year in Advance With A
    Problem of the GOP Finances Being Diverted to Uh
    Republican Finance as Our IMF and Funding We Know
    As The Proper Budget Allocated Was Uhm Stolen To
    Fund a Republican Term of Probabl{y} Illegal and
    Mis-Counted Voting {which with nuclear munition
    and the Rally , Rally round granting would be so
    bad for Earth Peace it will not be accepted as a
    (un)rational attempt to fund wartime and FEMA uh
    disaster funding known to be the flooding and !!
    tornado which should not move straight to Joplin
    and sit rite on the FEMA office for uhm Money} ,.
    So Yes , we have Full Set of Problems without Obama
    and we don’t seem to have a New Age progressive @!!
    alternative .,. my opinion ., I am Tea Party Geom
    Democrat Kingdom former activist leader OK[+] Amen .

  24. Cancer risks from common foods (dairy products, salt, red meats) far exceed any cancer potential resulting from smoking marijuana.
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