Now Available: NORML Legal Guide For Medical Marijuana Laws in California

Despite legal protections for qualified medical patients who possess a physician’s recommendation for cannabis being the law in fifteen states and the District of Columbia since 1996, there is still a tremendous gray area in the law for patients, physicians, lawyers and providers.
In response, NORML Foundation has just published a new book entitled ‘Medical Marijuana Law in California’, researched and written by NORML Legal Committee lawyers from Ventura, James Devine and Jay Leiderman.
While the name of this new legal guide implies exclusivity to California, the reality is that the legal information found in the guide is applicable to the other fourteen states and the District of Columbia that now have legal protections for qualified patients who’ve received a physician’s recommendation to posses and use medical cannabis. California’s patients and ‘cannabusinesses’ were the first in the country, starting in 1996, to legally vet most of the legal/public health concerns regarding medical cannabis (i.e., If a passenger in a car has medical cannabis on his person, is the driver liable for ‘drug transportation?‘ or ‘Can I fail a drug screen at work because I’m a state-approved medical cannabis patient?‘, ‘Can I be a medical cannabis patient and still own a gun?’, etc….).
No personal or legal library that focuses on cannabis is complete without this new book from the NORML Foundation.
If you’re a patient, cultivator, provider, physician, investor, policymaker or member of the media, the 2011 NORML ‘Medical Marijuana Law in California’ is a great and affordable source of up-to-date legal information about the current state of California’s medical marijuana laws.
Topics include:
Who can use medical marijuana and how much can they possess?
Medical marijuana in the workplace
Driver’s Licenses
Probation and Parole concerns
Concentrated cannabis products like hash, oils and ‘medibles’
Numerous other legalisms and case studies regarding medical marijuana
*Single copies of the 170-page legal guide retail for $15 (two copies for $25) and are now available online here.
**Bulk copies are available for bookstores, medical cannabis dispensaries, lawyers, physicians and organizations by emailing an inquiry to, or, by calling 202-483-5500.
Thanks for supporting cannabis law reforms, as well as supporting America’s oldest and largest public interest organization that lobbies, litigates and educates on all matters marijuana-related: NORML!

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  1. I do Printing for numerous California Dispensaries and I would like a Copy of this to know what my rights are, up to date! I had the earlier version of the Margolin Guide. Is this a NEW Version of the same thing? I would Appreciate a FREE PDF Download…
    [Paul Armentano responds: This book is entirely separate and far more comprehensive (170 pages) than the ‘Margolin Guide.’]

  2. Until we cut out any and all Federal interuption and threats, we will never get anywhere as long we keep allowing this to happen. They are out of their jurisdiction and need to be mindful of our Constitution. After all they are subject to laws and etc. same as us which are not to be ignored. Their terrorism and prohibition must stop . It’s about to be one very big and serious problem,if not already. Too much blood spilled and tax money wasted. The feds so called solution is a total and complete failure!

  3. I will post on Vets Helping Vets ( Military Veterans Guide as we are interested in the legal aspects of Medical Marijuana use in regard to Veterans utilizing the VA Health care System !!! Thx

  4. All of the Fed hassle is based on a LIE–the Fed Drug Sched on Ganja-Valium is Sched 4, definitely more affecting than Ganja, and even Opium and Codeine are Sched 5 (limited amounts)–Big Pharma has their Ganja product at Sched 3–Placing the natural plant at Sched 1 is a very blatant obvious LIE–As this is the center all the problems come from, ALL law change efforts on Ganja must focus on this, and CHANGE THIS FIRST! Then all other efforts can be done with sanity, without Fed terrorism of the states. FOCUS!

  5. This is perfect for people in other states to use to speed up things. We especially want to loosen up New Jersey, and remove the broom from Chris Christy’s ass. If only Senator Patricia Vance would take the stick out of her ass, and move the Pennsylvania medical marijuana legislation forward the Keystone State could start brining in some badly needed revenues from cannabis. You’d better believe the Feds realize that not renewing the stimulus money that states would feel the pain, so the sooner all states encact some sort of cannabis legalization models the lesser and shorter the period of pain. The Feds will get out of the way, and will change the law at the national level all the sooner the more states there are.
    Just how long do you want to suffer fiscally and financially?
    It’s money you didn’t have before.

    Scientific Revolution – Scientific Revolution – Scientific Revolution. Demand and Mandate – Demand and Mandate – Demand and Mandate. Immediate Scientific Revolution. “The truth is [in] the scientific facts – and – “The truth will set you free.” How hard is it to say – “I want to examine the evidence – before I decide where I stand.”

  7. The DEA needs to be abolished, this whole war on drugs is not working and it will never work. Not only the federal government but laws within the state need to be re-constructed. It is not right for the cops to give you tickets for marijuana just because they want to even though you have a MMJ Prescription. Also how company’s drug test you and don’t hire you or they fire you for having marijuana in your system….. Also how the courts can use the MMJ Prescription against you in court….

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