Many States Moving Forward With Medical Marijuana Plans — Despite Recent Federal Warnings

Much has been made in the mainstream media in recent weeks regarding the federal government’s attempts to intimidate states into dropping their medical marijuana programs. But much less media attention has been paid to the reality that in several states, lawmakers are continuing to move forward with medical cannabis legalization efforts despite the Justice Department’s recent rhetorical smack-down.
Here’s a run down of the latest statewide developments and what you can do to help.

Connecticut: Members of the Joint Standing Committee on Public Health on Tuesday decided in favor of Governor’s Bill 1015, which amends state law to “authorize an individual to use marijuana for medical purposes as directed by a physician.” Members of the Judiciary had previously endorsed the bill, which is backed by Gov. Dan Malloy, in April. “States have a right to decide this for themselves,” Michael P. Lawlor, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s senior criminal justice adviser told The Connecticut Mirror this week. If enacted, Connecticut will become the sixteenth state since 1996 to authorize the state-sanctioned use of cannabis when recommended by a physician. You can support this effort via NORML’s ‘Take Action Center’ here.
Delaware: Lawmakers are in the final stages of making Delaware the sixteenth state to allow for the physician-authorized use of marijuana. On Thursday, May 5, House lawmakers approved an amended version of Senate Bill 17, The Delaware Medical Marijuana Act. Senate Bill 17 amends state law so that physician-supervised patients with an authorized “debilitating medical condition” can possess and use marijuana for medical purposes. The measure would also provide for the establishment of non-profit “compassion centers” that would be licensed by the state to produce and dispense medical cannabis. Because House lawmakers made amendments to the Senate version of the bill, the measure must return to the Senate for an additional vote. In March, members of the Delaware Senate voted 18 to 3 in favor of the measure. You can learn more about this measure and how to support it via NORML’s ‘Take Action Center’ here.
Ohio: Legislation that seeks to legalize the physician-supervised use of medical marijuana was reintroduced this week in the Ohio Legislature. House Bill 214, the Ohio Medical Compassion Act, amends state law so that physician-supervised patients with an authorized “debilitating medical condition” can possess and grow marijuana for medical purposes. Full text of the measure can be read here. HB 214 would allow qualifying patients to possess up to two hundred grams of usable marijuana and twelve mature cannabis plants. Qualifying patients from other medical marijuana states would be provided legal protection under this measure. HB 214 has been referred to the House Committee on Health and Aging, but has yet to be scheduled for a hearing. You can contact your state lawmakers in support of this measure here.
Vermont: Vermont lawmakers have cleared the way for the enactment of the state-licensed distribution of medical marijuana. On Thursday, May 5, House lawmakers voted 99-44 in favor of Senate Bill 17, which allows for the state-sanctioned sale of marijuana to qualified patients. Under the bill, four dispensaries may be established to serve up to 1,000 patients. House lawmakers overwhelmingly decided to pass the measure despite warnings from the US Department of Justice claiming that the operation of such facilities could place citizens and state officials in conflict with federal law. Senators previously passed a version of SB 17 in April and are expected to concur with the minor changes made by the House. State Gov. Peter Shumlin supports the measure. Vermont lawmakers legalized the use of marijuana as a medicine in 2004, but the law presently provides no legal source for cannabis aside from home cultivation.
Currently, both Colorado and New Mexico authorize the state-sanctioned distribution of cannabis.

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  1. Does anyone have any info on where Florida is right now? I can’t even tell if HJR 1407 is even going to make it onto the ballot.

  2. “I am an American.”
    Enough of this Ma and Pa Kettle shit! Pa always told Ma – “Think I’ll get around to that, tomorrow, Ma.” Tomorrow – is only a day away. Tomorrow is the day Genesists mandate the acceptance of “Scientific Conclusion” This while prohibs satisfy their insatiable appetite to gorge themselves on their kill. – and – they do it like there’s no tomorrow.

  3. With the way the Fedral government spends money it will meet certain destruction in the near future anyway.

  4. State #16 and counting. AWESOME!!! We need marijuana bills in mass numbers for 2012. We should make Prop 19 look like a little ant. Marijuana ballots in every State that can possibly win. The number of Marijuana Ballots in America should rock the planet!!! When people sees how many Marijuana ballots there are in 2012 they should think————-HOLY CHIT!!!

  5. The FEDS are getting nervous that more and more states are letting the their citizens to decide about whether they want medical or recreational use of marijuana. It seems like when a states decides the issues the Feds are in the shadows with their prohibition mentality. When the states decide the issues for the better the FEDS knew chaos was in the big picture. With BIG BROTHER and TOTALITARIAN CONTROL and ORWELLIAN MENTALITY is all what the government wants are SERFS, our way and the only way and you do what we tell you. The NEW WORLD WORLD ORDER is upon us but the NEW MOTHER NATURE IS TAKING OVER and the SPLENDID LADY MADE HER CALL and SHE’S NOT GOING ANYWHERE as long as we battle the government on our CONSTITITUTIONAL RIGHTS on what we ingest, think and dream and what we believe in. Then whats the sense of having a CONSTITUTION at all when you have the 21ST CENTURY INQUISITORS creating UNICORNS. History repeats itself, sounds like the early 1930’s all over again but this time with marijuana users and we need the NEW MOTHER NATURE TO SAVE US ALL. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY NEW MOTHER NATURE!

  6. It’s the mothers of the world that will turn the tables. The mother’s will defeat the muthas. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY.

  7. According to the constitution we should have the right to make choices for our selves so long as that choice doesn’t infringe on another citizens rights! Cannabis prohibition is unconstitutional and a direct violation of our right to choose! We need Education, Regulation and Celebration not Intimidation, subjugation and incarceration! This is our country every citizen has equal rights (supposedly) But the politicians seem to think they have the right to control us and if they can’t control us then incarcerate us! come on People stand up and tell teh FEDS & the DEA to sit down and shut up!!

  8. The one thing that concerns me about focusing on the legalisation of marijuana from a medical point of view is that the pharmaceutical mafia could easily get it into their heads to take ownership of it and still have their federal lackeys keep pot illegal to grow by individual citizens…Marijuana needs to be legalised across the board.

  9. 15. Reverend Boony
    I’m afraid this is yesterdays news. That’s exactly what has happened. Your deductive powers are quite sharp Mr. Holmes.

  10. Bartee Genesis Lake/Tn. Colony – this one’s for you.
    We are the “Civilization of 2012” – in the prophecy.
    We are the total culture of a particular people. We are a “Society” – a group of faithful persons regarded as constituting a community of related independent individuals. We are a “Culture” – we hold dear such ideals, customs, etc. of a particular people or group of a particular people. We are “Fraternity” – we embrace the state or quality of being brothers and sisters.
    You may see us as an “ugly, misplaced, tattoo with ornaments, and a mentality to mach.” You may see us as the minister of your faith, or the doctor that just wrote you your prescription for cannabis. Hell! You may see us as the cop writing us the pot ticket, or the Judge that will hear the case. You may see us as the teacher – teaching our children. The fact of the matter is – “We are a society.” We are a total culture of a particular people. We are a Faith. We claim religious use – and – demand religious freedom.
    Genesists intend to be a vital force in this changing world. Fueled by our awareness in the Faith – we will only be a witness to our own rebirth or death – but – we will do it as a family of believers standing as one continually.

  11. What happened to the cannabis freedom rally today in Raleigh NC? I hope it is not a sign of things being even worse as regards cannabis legalization that there was no rally here in the usual place.

  12. The Feds might as well quote Charlie Sheen.
    Here you go. Let me help. Here’s the DEA and ONDCP new slogan.
    “Duh! Winning!”
    They must be the only ones who believe their own lies.

  13. Obama’s minions have stated that the President doesn’t like the phrase “War on Drugs” because it sounds like a war on the people of this country. So, they discourage the use of this phrase.
    This proves that they all understand the war on drugs IS a war on us, and they think that politically correct euphemisms will placate us (and their consciences).
    And most Americans have been so thoroughly brainwashed by the drug war propaganda that they believe it would be dangerous to end it!

  14. We are fighting the fight here in Kansas City!! The reception today at the Medical Marijuana March by the public was very encouraging! Mothers, old folks and teens; African-Americans, Hispanics, Caucasians, Asians, Christians and Atheists…we came together in a way that bridges the gaps in generation and political ideologies. The people are fighting, and full legalization is not far off into the future!

    The Data Quality Act (DQA) is an attempt by Congress to ensure that federal agencies use and disseminate “accurate information.” The DQA requires federal agencies to issue information quality guidelines ensuring the quality, utility, objectivity and integrity of information that they disseminate and provide mechanisms for affected persons to correct such information.
    It sounds good to me. It is the mandate of the Genesist Faith that government present any and all evidence to support their erroneous clams, and actions. The Data Quality Act is grounds for such disclosure, and remedies. The truth is in the science. THE TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH, AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH WILL DO. FOCUS ON THE TRUTH.

  16. Stop preaching to the choir. YOU need to share well-though information to the OPPONENTS of marijuana. Get out and make this happen!
    “The price of inaction is far greater than the cost of making a mistake.” —

  17. The cold war on cannabis will end.
    Legalize it and be free from the evils of prohibition.

  18. Knowing that the leaders in at least a few states are not allowing the Fed bullies to push them around is really great news as far as I’m concerned!!!
    Now, if only Virginian’s would wise up regarding this matter… I’m not holding my breath – I’m planning to move! The leaders here, like Republican Dave Albo says he’s not interested in changing the marijuana laws and he doesn’t even want to talk about it! I do, however, want to talk about getting him voted out when the time comes!

  19. @ #1—I found this link that was posted on May 2, 2011—so it is only a few days old. This might lead somewhere, as Governor Scott of Florida had his people do a survey of Florida and around 57% of all Florida voters said they favor medical marijuana. That’s almost 6 out of 10. Here’s a bill link to click on or copy and paste—————————————-

  20. If there is no scientific or logical grounds for cannabis to remain illegal I don’t see how it is a valid law, to keep something illegal without sound reason is foolish and must be corrected for the sake of doing what is right.

  21. It’s the peoples business, and our elected representatives “will” defend the will of the people. If they’ve taken up with prohibitionists, their stay in Washington will be short lived.
    We the People have a funny way of deciding what is or isn’t our business. What is our business – is the business of repealing the prohibition against our Faith and Sacrament. What is our business – is our Constitution. It’s our only business. If We the People can’t protect our Constitution – there is no Constitution.
    As far as I can remember – I became a free man when I turned 21 years old [majority]. Now!!! – Unless something snuck up my ass and ate my brain – nothing has changed. Further: I have the freedom to declare a Conscience Clause and disobey any unjust law that prohibits my “Free exercise of religion and its Sacrament.”

  22. 28. Chad
    Your absolutely correct. There is no scientific or logical grounds for cannabis to remain illegal. It is foolish and must be corrected for the sake of doing what is right. Mandating/demanding Scientific Conclusion is the most important function in our objective today. The truth is in the science. The truth will set us free.

  23. I am an American, and I have the right to smoke cannabis if I want, and the Federal Goverment has no right to tell me I can’t!!!!The Federal Goverment should have better things to do then tell people what they can and can not smoke. The Federal goverment is wrong and they need to find another thing to go after. If the Feds want something to do go after Meth,it kills and explodes!

  24. I sincerely hope that when we have the next presidential election people will not forget that we obviously made a mistake in electing Obama to the White House. For him to continue to order his minions in the U.S. Attorneys Office to attack citizens; that have the Right to decide for themselves about legalizing Marijuana usage either for medicinal or recreational purposes; He clearly shows that he does NOT care what We, The People, want but rather what he wants to force down our throats with his continuing attempts to destroy citizens lives through the courts. We need someone in office that is truly for The People and not just for themselves. Hopefully someone will step forward and be that person for the next Election.

  25. Well I guess it’s always good to hear a state making progress towards legalization in any degree. But Delaware is still a pathetic state and I’m shocked I’d never thought I’d see the day when Delaware made this move, they also passed a bill for Civil Unions. Hmm…we’ll see, funny Delaware is the first state but always the last.

  26. Well , the states seem to be doing just what i thought Americans have always done, and that’s to make up their own damn mind. Now, who want’s to let all the marijuana state imprisoned peaple out? the truely non criminal people that is. I know that i would like to see the feds face on that one. Give me the key , i’ll do it! And think of all that money saved! Seriously , it would be a step in the right direction. Especially for their families.

  27. thats great isn’t it, the federal govt withholds funds, but the states can make more off of marijuana anyway, then the fed can use the money to help the budget that is screwing the economy right now! win-win

  28. but, but, but……….it’s the ” Children “.If anything it’s Pharma & Alcohol that are killing our kids . Marijuana never killed anyone except those that are imprisoned for it & commit suicide or are killed in Prison while serving time .

  29. “Prohibitionists have been using children as human shields for everything they don’t control – and – do control.” We parents will protect our children from the monster that government has created. Any body that creates a mess – so to clean up a mess – and control it – ought to get their nose rubbed in the mess they made.

  30. A right step forward. Dispensaries are sueing federal govt over raids! I say take it to court and let them plead their cause- in truth for their many crimes. The feds are subject to the laws too. Being fed or dea of govt does not give right to ignore or break laws against the USA.

  31. There is no need for this Federal goverment now! They should be evicted from OUR goverment. What do we need them for, they don’t protect us, they only persecute us. The state, you live in, should decide what is legal and what is not. Actually the people of the state that they live in, should decide what they want, not big brother!!!The whole goverment needs to butt out and that includes the Federal goverment!!

  32. Is it possible that WE THE PEOPLE may have out grown our own govt. The ideas the people have on the issues (when in comparison) seemed far more better. I guess that’s because we are out here,not them. The people without govt is still people, but the govt without the people ? whom shall they govern? Better to be legal than in a dealers hand because they will do whatever it takes( like other things )to put in it to make it seem more potent. Can’t put the dung back into the horse you know!

  33. I need Medical Marijuana in Pa.Myself and billions more, it 3011, not 1933.

  34. I live in Louisiana a alcohol fueled, conservative. Hot humid, close minded, bigot state ever, I risk it all to have the same rights as everyone who is fucking 18 years old can go with $100 get his card and then get to choose out of cannabis buffet I don’t think that is fair, and no I cannot afford to move and yes I have GAD general anxiety disorder that cannabis helps a whole lot. And I’m sick of hiding free the plant let’s make 2012 the year we end the governmental lies oh yea it’s all about that money . Nothing is free except the the bud off the worlds most perfect plant used over 4000 years that god or nature gave us for the exact reason we do sacred plant that the USA has brainwashed the masses to be evil or wrong or guilty fuck that we know the truth 420 will rise spread and freedom will be legalized 🙂

  35. Government can not tax or regulate cannabis that’s the only reason they won’t legalize pharmacy companies would loss millions.

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