NORMLtv: Remembering Bob Marley

Today marks the 30th anniversary of the death of Bob Marley. On this day, three decades ago, we lost a visionary, musician, activist, and marijuana advocate way before his time. In his honor, NORMLtv is proud to present Ziggy Marley performing his father’s hit “Three Little Birds” live at this year’s NORML Conference.

“Won’t you help me sing, these songs of freedom.”
Bob Marley – (02/06/1945 – 05/11/1981)

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8 thoughts

  1. Thank goodness Anslinger et al were unable to take cannabis from the world.
    How many works of musical genius would we have never had without its inspiration to artists everywhere?
    For the healing of the nations~

  2. Ah to go back to his time and see him again. The law has punched us around pretty good in spite of him.

  3. The only video I have seen of my son, Justin, is on Mother’s Day, 2005. He played his guitar and sang “redemption song,” to me, late that nite on the banks of the Guadalupe River at Gruene, TX
    He didn’t wake up on the morning of July 28, 2007.
    The video is a beautiful memory of who he was.

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