NORMLtv: Marijuana Maverick Dr. Lester Grinspoon at NORMLCON

NORMLtv is proud to present highlights of Dr. Lester Grinspoon’s question and answer session conducted at this year’s NORML Conference. Lester shared very intimate details about his life and efforts in drug law reform. In the segments provided you can hear Dr. Grinspoon discuss how marijuana proved an invaluable aid in helping his son face cancer treatments and about the time he spent with John Lennon and Yoko Ono.
We stand on the precipice of change. Cannabis legalization is becoming an inevitable reality and every one of us has Lester Grinspoon to thank for his hard work in laying the foundation for our movement, and for being an outspoken supporter of drug law reform and NORML for many decades. His insight was greatly appreciated and provided some of the most memorable aspects of this year’s conference.

Easing His Son’s Pain from Cancer Treatments with Marijuana

On Hanging Out with John Lennon and His First High

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26 thoughts

  1. The Grinspoons did what “any” red blooded American parent would do – “They Put their son’s health over the law.” That’s as it should be. God bless their family.

  2. I just came from getting a hair cut. Some guy in the barber shop said – “I don’t know why I’m getting a haircut today – the world is going to come to an end tomorrow.” I told him – “At least you’ll go out looking good.” Madness takes its toll. The people running this country are insane – total insanity – and – it’s rubbing off on We the People – big time. Trow da bums out – and start all over. Couldn’t hurt!

  3. I want to know!
    “Where’s the fuckin’ compassion?
    Sick people need their medicine – not that shit doctors prescribe and the pharmacies dispense. They need what works.
    I want to know!
    “Where’s the fuckin’ humanity?
    When the law doesn’t provide comfort to the ill – religious law provides for relieving suffering over law.
    I want to know!
    “Where’s the fuckin’ justice?
    How long can We the People allow an unjust and inhumane law to remain a law?”
    Any politician that “will not” recklessly endanger my Constitution will receive my vote. If that politician will do that “faithfully” my Constitution will “Take care of itself” with no help from those who would assassinate it.

  4. Lester Grinspoon is not only a very intelligent man, but a great humanitarian. I have a book he co-authored with the late great Carl Sagan titled “Marijuana Reconsidered”. You’d think that with a scientist as reknowned as the late Mr. Sagan advocating for legalization that our Govt would pay attention but apparently that’s still not enough for their kind. Also, you’d think that with one of the most successful pop stars in the world admitting to marijuana use that would change a few minds but still- no… I’m speaking of the artist known as Lady Gaga.
    It’s truly truly sad that most leaders within our Govt are much more interested in their profit margins (i.e. greed) than they are medical science or actually doing something to help their fellow Americans.
    Hilary Clinton stated the Govt’s position very clearly when she said that there’s too much money in it to legalize it…
    I think that marijuana prohibition and laws would take care of themselves if only our Govt would start respecting our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the will of the people. Therefore, I think that the focus of NORML should perhaps be changed such that this movement includes all people who are interested in regaining our lost freedoms and those who are opposed to the Orwellian society we are becoming. That way, the prohibs (at least some of them) might start to see things our way…

  5. 14. Don
    The government has an agenda – which absolutely doesn’t include We the People – we are very expendable. Why don’t the timid let me come over and stick a hot iron up their ass – and see how they like that kind of freedom. Those who are not ready to fight for our rights – need to excuse themselves. I understand Nod is pleasant this time of year.

  6. Would it not be benefical to use the revenue by taxing,regulating and selling marijuana to benefit medicare and medicaid and a whole host of other problems like physical and fiscal issues in other areas. It sounds better to feed it than chopping it up.

  7. 15: The American Genesist – I want you to know that I do not respect your violent point of view and will not respond to anything further that you have to say. Our cause would be better off without people like you – IMHO!

  8. 17. Don
    You don’t have to tell me a damned thing – but – you can tell me anything you want to tell me – and – I will not judge you for it. I will say this though – if you’ve ever been in the military service of this country, and taken the Oath of Allegiance, your hand just withered on the arm that you raised. Enough said.

  9. @18 – I suppose you’re another Genesist… Look, we all want for the idiotic oppresive marijuana laws to change. But, crude talk and threatening violence is just going to give those that want to keep it illegal ammunition. It makes us look like we have a violent cult-like attitude when nothing is further from the truth for most of us.

  10. 19. Don – I’m Manford Mantis of the Genesist Faith – and – have declared myself so to God and country. I thought out of decency – I would step out from behind the Faith and be a guy with a name – to say this to you.
    “Thanks for that Don – and – thanks for your brotherhood of man.”
    In fact – we’re riding double on a single horse – we’re in the same church but different pews, were on the same waive length – with one exception – Genesists will “defend” ourselves, our God, our country, our Constitution, and our religious freedom. We want the world to know that this is our intent – and is meant to be a declaration. “We will defend our Faith and Sacrament.” Don – do you not hear the rage in the air, can you not hear the anger and its level. “It’s not about pot – it’s much bigger.” If the time should ever come – would you stand with me and my brethren?

  11. My mother was in great pain from some shattered vertebrae. Nothing seemed to help, even Oxycontin. On the way home that day, I realized it may be up to me to get her some relief.
    For one terrifying instant I actually considered doing nothing, it was illegal.
    Never again.

  12. Cannabis is not only harmless, but beneficial in numerous ways. It has many anti-cancer properties, and slows the progression of Alzheimer’s. It also promotes nerve cell growth in the hippocampus (in the brain), which may actually improve memory. On the other hand, the laws against cannabis are extremely harmful, and destroy lives every day. We can live in a free country or a fascist one, and the war on drugs is in reality a war on our freedom. Let’s stop the madness, before the gestapo busts down YOUR door!

  13. @22 Rafael – Your voice, my friend, is a voice of reason! You’re absolutely right that the war on drugs is really all about control and is being used as a tool to remove our freedoms. This is, of course, a complete outrage that even the prohibitionists should be made to understand. I encourage you, and every freedom minded person out there to spread the word far and wide beyond the pages of NORML.
    And NORML, I want to thank all of you again for all you have done to help change the marijuana laws put into place by fascists!

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