Miami Beach Mayoral Candidate Sings "I'll Legalize Medical Weed For You"

The voters of Miami Beach will soon go to the polls to elect a new mayor and they can choose our old friend and comedian Steve Berke (who did a popular video in support of Prop. 19 last year), who, once again, is communicating to the masses through his talent and creativity.

Steve, if I lived in Miami Beach, you’d have my vote!

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  1. I liked the subtle hint of him pulling the two voting booths that are said to of had “hanging chads” and the vote not counting.
    The way I see the video, he is saying your vote WILL COUNT. You will be heard.

  2. If I lived in South Beach, you’d have my vote and my wife’s and kid. We’re senior citizens.

  3. In fact, we are in the midst of a special election here in Miami Dade County Florida. The former mayor was recalled and Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell of former Miami booty bass group 2 Live Crew is running for Mayor and actually has a fighting chance. He’s up against a few candidates many of whom are Cuban American Republicans ready to keep the county going stright down the sink. He’s getting a lot of support and has already agreed to tax strippers and would help to decriminalize current marijuana laws in the most populous county in Florida (eighth most in the united states).

  4. has to be one of the most creative, honest and positive facing political ads I’ve seen. And he didn’t even have to slam his opponent with any lies or slanderous rhetoric.
    Looks like he could put the beach back in Miami Beach.

  5. Would he even have the ability to legalize medical cannabis in MB? I understand the conflict between states rights and federal power but does a city executive official have the power to defy state law so blatantly? If so why haven’t cities like Oakland already legalized cannabis for personal use? This seems like an empty promise. Maybe I’m just not getting the joke.

  6. This guy would get my vote 1000 times over. Too bad I live in Toronto; Mayor Ford has smoked weed, but heaven forbid you try and do it…

  7. “If it ain’t broke – don’t fix it.” Well! it’s as broken as it can get – So! – fix it. “Just do it!”

  8. We have collected over 9000 raw signatures to decriminalize and create a $100 fine for small possession in the city of Miami beach, next step getting Steve elected. We will be going hard down here till June 1st. If you live locally contact us and well get you involved,

  9. 10. Eric Stevens
    There are 67 Genesist Colonies [counties] in Florida – 3141 Genesist Colonies in the U.S.- we stand at your side 100%. Floridian Genesists – Eric needs your help. Ya’ll know how tough it is down there.

  10. Florida’s Committee for Sensible Marijuana Policy (CSMP) is the driving force behind decriminalization initiatives in cities around Florida, including Miami Beach. Through local action, Florida’s CSMP is creating a statewide conversation about the harms of marijuana prohibition. We unapologetically advocate for the legalization, regulation and taxation of marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes.
    We have gathered all signatures to place a decriminalization question on the ballot for Miami Beach. We are now working on an overage for a sufficient buffer of signatures.
    Log on to to learn more and to contribute to Florida’s leading legalization advocacy group. With your help, we can END marijuana prohibition in Florida and in the US.
    To Freedom,
    Ford Banister

  11. Having lived and worked in Miami Beach, I wouldn’t want it to grow. There’s enough people here. Clubs ’til 5 AM? Only if they’re not going to keep the whole neighborhood awake, have alcohol-buzzed people being rude to the local help, etc. *** Decriminalize weed? 100% YES.*** Don’t be blinded by it though. Examine this guy as carefully as anyone else because I guarantee you someone is firing up right now in MB anyway. Great campaign song!

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