Marijuana Patients Hobson's Choice: Work or Medicate?

An employer may terminate an employee for his or her off-the-job marijuana use, even if the employee is authorized under state law to use cannabis medicinally, the Washington state Supreme Court ruled last week.

Off-the-job medical marijuana use does not bar firing: Wash. high court
The ruling stemmed from the case of a woman who suffered from migraines that caused chronic pain, nausea, blurred vision and sensitivity to light, according to court documents. She said conventional medications did not provide relief.
In June 2006, a doctor provided her a document authorizing marijuana possession for medical purposes, and about four months later TeleTech offered her a customer service job contingent on the results of a drug screening test.
The employer learned of her drug test results about the same time the plaintiff began training for the job and terminated her. The company’s drug-use policy does not make an exception for medical marijuana use, court records show.
… On appeal to the Washington Supreme Court, the woman argued that because the medical marijuana law explicitly does not require employers to accommodate pot use “in any place of employment,” it implicitly requires accommodation for use outside the workplace.
But eight justices agreed with lower courts and found that MUMA broadly protects a personal decision to use medical marijuana, but does not address impediments to doing so, such as an employer’s drug policy.

The case is Roe v. Teletech Customer Care Management LLC. The majority’s argument essentially comes down to this: “Washington courts have recognized that MUMA’s purpose is to protect the rights of qualifying patients to use medical marijuana in accordance with the advice and supervision of their physicians. … Washington court decisions do not recognize a broad public policy that would remove any impediment to medical marijuana use or impose an employer accommodation obligation.” You can read the Court’s decision here.
Though disappointing, the Court’s 8-1 decision upholding an employer’s right to arbitrarily discriminate against medi-pot users is frustratingly predictable. In 2010, the Oregon Supreme Court made a similar ruling in Emerald Steel Fabricators Inc. v. Bureau of Labor and Industries, finding that an employee who uses marijuana in accordance with state law is nonetheless “engaged in the illegal use of drugs” and may be fired for his or her off-the-job conduct. And In 2008, the California Supreme Court ruled in Ross v. Ragingwire Telecom that: “California’s voters merely exempted medical users and their primary caregivers from criminal liability under two specifically designated state statutes. Nothing in the text or history of the Compassionate Use Act suggests the voters intended the measure to address the respective rights and obligations of employers and employees.”
In short, the west coast Courts have issued patients a classic Hobson’s Choice: ‘Use your medicine in compliance with state law but don’t seek gainful employment,’ or ‘Work, but refrain from using the medicine that most effectively alleviates your pain and suffering.’ The ‘choice,’ of course, is really no choice at all. It’s discrimination — plain and simple.
Further, it remains painfully obvious — to virtually everyone but the Courts — that employers lack any legitimate justification to sanction anyone for their off-the-job use of cannabis, much less legally authorized patients. As NORML Outreach Coordinator Russ Belville recently blogged — in a story picked up by the Colorado Independent and other media outlets — rising rates in the number of legal marijuana users is not associated with increased incidences of workplace accidents. In fact, just the opposite result is shown to be true.
Finally, scientific studies have consistently reported workplace urine testing programs are a poor method for identifying employees who are under the influence, and do not significantly reduce job accident rates. Writing recently in the journal Addiction, Investigators at the University of Victoria in British Columbia reviewed 20 years of published literature pertaining to the efficacy of workplace drug testing, with a special emphasis on marijuana – the most commonly detected drug. They found: “[I]t is not clear that heavy cannabis users represent a meaningful job safety risk unless using before work or on the job; urine tests have poor validity and low sensitivity to detect employees who represent a safety risk; drug testing is related to reductions in the prevalence of cannabis positive tests among employees, but this might not translate into fewer cannabis users; and urinalysis has not been shown to have a meaningful impact on job injury/accident rates. … Urinalysis testing is not recommended as a diagnostic tool to identify employees who represent a job safety risk from cannabis use.”
So why are the courts still affirming one set of rules for pharmaceutical users and another set of rules for herbal cannabis patients?

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  1. I know and live by Teletec, and have quite a few friends who work there. Roe probably lucked out getting fired from there because they are very poor employers, treating their works very bad, and giving crap benefits and wages.
    This whole thing is a very poor choice by not only our Supreme Courts, but Teletec as well- it gives both of them VERY BAD press, and will loose any face they barely posess as it is. Teletec should be fired for being incredible idiots, and the worst part is, is that half of teletec’s work force is nothing but made up of gakked-out, ape-smelling tweekers that pass their UA’s because it only stays in their system for up to 3 days. Nobody like tweekers, let alone have to work with them, but it’s almost as if they’re singling-out MMJ patients and weekend-stoners who do nothing but try to support their families, and pay their taxes! In short, if you work at Teletec, and smoke weed, quit… Quit the job. not the green… The jobs crappy as it is, and there’s WAY better work out there that WON’T discriminate. This is like saying “if you hurt yourself, and have to take pain med’s for it, they can fire you for that… Is that the case? can you be fired for taking prescription medications that you legally can have? Cause if that’s the case, most all of Teletec would be fired and have to rehire a whole new work force. Teletec’s employee’s are probably about 70% teenage drop-outs, just out of high school, and tweekers. Nice work Teletec, you are definatel SATAN!!!

  2. This ruling violates the Equal Protection Clause of U.S. Constitution. Also, the ADA and state medical privacy laws. This is not justice.

  3. Senate bill 129 may be an answer. I think until the federal government accepts medical marijuana, as maybe homeopathic, the patients will keep being thrown in the dirt.
    I worked in law enforcement and then joined the military. I developed a RX pill and drinking problem that destroyed my life. I ended up at an inpatient rehab center in San Diego,CA. I learned quite a bit about medical marijuana and I have not used xanax or alcohol in 7 months. My quality of life has improved and my urge to drink left. Im convinced it has medical value and best of all NO KNOWN LEATHAL DOSE.

  4. the choice has always been clear:
    Do What We Say, No Matter What
    We Will Take Your Rights Away.
    Pretty hard to combat this mentality, when you can always pay 1/2 the poor to kill the other 1/2.

  5. It is unfair that the company does not have to pay for proper testing that would determine how long before work the person consumed marijuana. Not even sure if there is a test for that. What about hemp oil consumers? I was falsely accused of marijuana smoking(by the USAF)and they dropped the case to prevent setting a precident for their inaccurate testing procedures that were successfully booting out troops for marijuana smoking. The alcohol users of this country are not tested. That could help weed out alcohol consumers and companies could fire them as their medical related illnesses cost big $ to companies, not to mention the poor productivity of people with hangovers.

  6. All is fine if your a drinker – get drunk, sloppy, have no sense, this OK – But if you smoke a joint you are an abuser – Just plain BS……
    Lets take the booze away and see what all the drinkers will do…..

  7. Just another way for the atonerys and the providers to make more money. Everyone knows the USA goverment. I take that back. Less than< people do not know the CIA, DEA,Custom agents, The Bushes all got rich saling cocaine. Facts. The thrid Riech never died just changed countries!

  8. Testing procedures for marijuana are pretty solid. But thc is stored in your fat cells and can stay for awhile. If an employer will bar some1 from employment for having used marijuana or even medical marijuana it appears thats there right… But things can change…

  9. This company, unfortunately, is typical of many companies. Do they have federal contracts and have to fire employees? Does there insurance go up if they knowingly employ people who use cannabis even for medicinal reasons? Probably. That’s the first thing there that has to change then is that the company’s insurance does NOT go up. Then get companies to change their employment policies.
    The momentum toward legalization could get a big push if more states on the East Coast would jump on the band wagon faster. If you can get the Big Apple to get in line, prohibition is pretty much over. Get Seth Meyers to do a series of Really episodes in his fake news to get the ball rolling. Really segments between people portraying representatives from cannabis reform groups and then on later episodes have them enter the scene in the middle for cameo appearances along side the actor portraying them. Seth Meyers got his start in comedy in Amsterdam at Boom Chicago, and here’s the link to Radio Netherlands’ English language report on him.
    NYC has a stock exchange, and the whole point of reform going on in the Middle East is to give the people there more western democratic style freedom, as well as instant jobs from the legalization of cannabis, while at the same time giving the U.S. control over the worldwide stock exchange trade in cannabis. It will be traded in U.S. dollars, still, but legally now. It will give the U.S. NGOs another reason to be abroad, and provide intelligence gathering capabilities.
    I expect you to be negotiating with Seth and SNL during the summer hiatus.

  10. This is exactly why states should legalize marijuana. Many state drug testing laws only allow drug screening for illegal drugs. Even if a state like CA legalized it, and no-one set up shop and sold it legally, it would mean than cannabis consumers could then be allowed again to have professional jobs. Otherwise they’re doomed to work in restaurants, or to do the lawn. Of course there are those that take the risk of having a professional job and despite drug screening policies; but they live and work in fear. State legalization is a giant step with regards to drug screening.

  11. once power is obtained, the only way to take it back will be the same way george washington did. lawyers and politicians, judges, it won’t matter how much the people vote for it, they will always clutch their power over you. and squeeze every last tax dollar from you. its their lordship.

  12. Well, Gregoire just announced no re-election campaign. The fight is too much.
    Who will we end up with now? LOL at upcoming Dino Rossi campaign

  13. It’s funny because those who use alcohol extensively are probably more likely to contribute to the loss of productivity in the workplace. Besides some lack of self-responsibility, the main reason “pot heads” don’t like ‘some’ jobs is because we often inherit an anti-autonomous behavior. To put people in jail for it, or to deny them employment, is blatantly immoral. They just don’t see it yet. Will they ever???

  14. an employer should be allowed to fire you for any damn reason they want. They don’t like the way I Sneeze? fine, can me, much less something like this.
    [Editor’s note: Maybe you like Russian or Chinese forms of ‘capitalism’, but, in America, workers are not play things or pawns for employers and they should not be fired because they use medical cannabis during their off work hours.]

  15. I believe I meant to reference avid pot users as more anti-conforming rather than anti-autonomous.

  16. “So why are the courts still affirming one set of rules . . .?”
    Why are employers choosing to test in the first place? If medicators are good workers, the employers who don’t test and hire them will benefit and prosper.

  17. Well, as it is, many states in the U.S. are “hire/fire at will”. Meaning they can invent any reason they want to fire you. For example, get sick a couple days in a 90 day new hire probationary period and and you can be fired for “absenteeism”. And many places are now testing for prescription drugs. Yeah, that pain pill you borrowed from your wife? That can get you fired. But, in this state, if you have a prescription for, say, Valium or hydrocodone, you can still drive a commercial vehicle. Figure that one out. Our state MMJ law forbids firing because someone has MMJ as long as they’re not using it on the job. Will it stand up in court? Who knows? As I said, in this state you can be terminated with no reason at all. The boss just comes in one day in a bad mood and sees you and fires you to make himself feel better. So, is it unjust to be fired for using MMJ? Yes. But all the other firings in states with no workers’ protections are just as unjust and just as hard to get rehired after. This isn’t just a MMJ isue—this is also a workers’ rights issue. Until people start backing their fellow workers and start unionizing and striking, expect more of the same. And worse.

  18. Welp its like I’ve been saying the entire time: “Medical Marijuana is a dead end”!
    NORML can you please start focusing again on LEGALIZING marijuana.

  19. These prohib judges are trying to set precedence. It’s almost funny to watch this coordinated attack on any regulated growing and delivery and/or validation of cannabis, while at the same time attempting to set the stage for pharmaceuticals like Sativex. That’s why they don’t care as much if those with the cards grow it, individuals can be played down to not have the same validity.
    I am curious though, what about Marinol? Does one still test positive if they take Marinol? Would their job be protected?

  20. I too cannot use my medical marijuana because I went to my boss and asked if it were okay. He replied that there was too much ‘grey area’ in the matter. So i was not given the go to use my medicine. Therefor I have wasted my time and money on seeking a medicine that I believe and trust in. Instead I am objectified and mistreated for it.

  21. I’d say it’s a matter of “performance.” If one is “performing” the job one was hired to do – and – is showing due diligence in the “performance” of that job – to be fired is a breach of contract [employment]. However – if you’re a butcher – and – you keep getting your hand caught in the meat grinder – because you’re stoned all the time – that’s a different story.

  22. We need employers that only hire marijuana consumers.If you are not a marijuana consumer you are not going to work here buddy.We also need a Marijuana labor union to make sure everyone follows the rules.Don’t come to work under the influence and don’t leave work under the influence.How you like those apples you Facists pigs?Man I can’t wait for my coffee break…

  23. Anyone see a pattern here. Just as the wall of legal prohibition is starting to crumble a new more punitive “civil” prohibition is being built. In the future you won’t go to jail for weed.
    You also won’t go to the doctor, go to the hospital, go to school, go to college, get an organ transplant (although you can be a donor), get a drivers license, get a business license, (sooner or later a marriage license), get a job, get unemployment, get disability, get social security, get a loan, get insurance, get custody of their own child.
    Time is running out for us to get our act together and unite in a formible voting bloc, most of the above has already been put in place. You know the one right legal Medical Marijuana patients didn’r lose.. of course it was guns. You think that was because the powers that be didn’t want to alienate Med pot smokers, or did they not want to alienate the NRA. We could be just as effective as the NRA. You don’t need to be anywhere close to a majority. Demonstrate 10% of the vote, and no one moves against you because most elections are not won by more than a 10% margin.

  24. It is very clear to me at this point that their are no rights. Canada is looking better and better at least until America has totally imposed their will there as well…

  25. This is just pure evil. Right from our lying President right down to the death in mexico. Of all the sad stories of real medical miseries this one is right up there. Even stars a scumbag lawyer claiming victory. I know there is a lot of talent out there how bout a well done movie production about this farce of a drug war we are all caught up in.

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  27. Do you remember those silly absurd “Drug War propaganda commercials” of the 1990’s, the one about the wimpy boss passing through the work place of stoned employers, or the team of medical surgeons who are all stoned at the beginning of an operation.
    I couldn’t find those on YouTube, but it was and still is the base mentality of your adversary.
    (It took me awhile to find out what the acronym, MUMA, means. I have to do a google search and go down the list.)

  28. DEA to legalize marijuana chemical for Big Pharma but keep it a crime for everyone else .
    Have no illusions about the true nature of the so-called “War on Drugs” and the actions of the DEA. The War on Drugs has always been about protecting the profits of the drug companies which have a long and well-documented history of copying street drugs, repackaging them as “medications” and selling them to children as FDA-approved drugs (see below).
    Today, yet another example emerges as the DEA moves to legalize THC in Big Pharma’s pills while simultaneously making it illegal for anyone else to grow, sell or possess THC. The DEA, you see, is working to change the classification of THC from a schedule I substance (like street heroin) to a schedule III drug (pharmaceuticals). So if Big Pharma grows its own marijuana plants, extracts the THC and puts it into a “pot pill,” those pills will be perfectly legal. They’re already FDA approved, actually, when made with the synthetic version of THC.
    But if a guy grows the very same chemical in his backyard, then extracts THC from those plants — even for his own personal use — suddenly he’s guilty of committing a federal crime and will likely be subjected to an armed raid by DEA agents.
    The DEA answers to its pharma slave masters
    Why would the DEA decide to legalize THC only for pharmaceutical companies? Well, because Big Pharma requested it, of course! As the DEA says on the subject:
    “The DEA has received four petitions from companies that have products that are currently the subject of ANDAs (abbreviated new drug applications) under review by the FDA. …While the petitioners cite that their generic products are bioequivalent to Marinol, their products do not meet schedule III current definition provided above. Therefore, these firms have requested that 21 CFR 1308.13(g)(1) be expanded to include naturally derived or synthetically produced dronabinol.”
    The DEA goes on to say:
    “This proposed action expands the schedule III listing to include formulations having naturally-derived dronabinol and products encapsulated in hard gelatin capsules. This would have the effect of transferring the FDA-approved versions of such generic Marinol[supreg] products from schedule I to schedule III.”
    Just so you can make total sense of this, the DEA’s loopy logic is that since Marinol (an FDA-approved synthetic THC drug) is already recognized as a pharmaceutical, the DEA is saying that other generic drugs containing natural THC from marijuana plants can also be recognized as a pharmaceutical. What they fail to recognize is that even the synthetic THC is, of course, based on natural THC grown in marijuana plants!
    It’s classic Big Government pseudoscientific quackery: Only “synthetic” chemicals are considered authoritative, even when those synthetics were stolen from nature in the first place.
    Your doctor is your new dealer
    So now, thanks to the DEA and its twisted position on THC, your doctor is now your dealer and Big Pharma steps in to take over the manufacturing and distribution of drugs that have traditionally been handled by street criminals and Mexican drug gangs. That’s what this was always about of course: Big Pharma taking over the drug trade, using its own private gang of armed enforcers known as DEA agents.
    It’s a lot like Mexico, in fact: Armed enforcers, drug profits, turf wars… except in the U.S., it’s all “legal” under the monopolistic protection of the FDA — an agency that has always sought to protect Big Pharma’s market monopolies.
    What’s astonishing about all this is the DEA’s insanity in saying that the very same chemical can be legal for corporations to sell you but illegal for you to grow yourself using a natural plant. THC is THC, after all, and if this chemical is so “incredibly dangerous” that the DEA must throw people in prison for daring to grow it, possess it or sell it, why is it suddenly okay for corporations to do the exact same thing?
    You already know the answer: The DEA’s position on marijuana and hemp has always been based on the king of warped logic you only get if you’re smoking crack.
    The DEA becomes armed enforcement branch of Big Pharma
    The real job of the DEA, you see, is not to protect people from dangerous drugs, but rather to protect the profits of Big Pharma by shooting, arresting or otherwise destroying anything that competes with Big Pharma. Namely, street dealers of marijuana.
    It’s not the first time the DEA has done this, of course. Drugs that used to be sold on the street as “speed” are now FDA-approved pharmaceutical medications for ADHD — and they’re being prescribed to children by the tens of millions!
    Every successful drug operation needs henchmen who run around with guns eliminating the competition. In a drug gang, that used to be the job of “Frankie” back in the Sicilian mob days. But today, with Big Pharma, it’s the job of the DEA.
    Hilariously, this announcement by the DEA was posted by their “Office of Diversion Control” (…). For once, they’re honest: It is a diversion! A diversion to prevent people from realizing the truth about the DEA, the War on Drugs and the pharmaceutical industry.
    Because the DEA, of course, is the armed enforcement division of Big Pharma. It works hand in hand with the FDA, of course: The FDA legalizes Big Pharma drug dealing, and the DEA targets the competition for elimination. It’s a bang-up job, a real one-two punch to protect the world’s largest drug dealers of all… the drug companies themselves.
    I wonder how long it will take before a few DEA agents will wake up and realize they are the armed mercs working for their corporate slave masters known as the pharmaceutical companies?
    The real criminals, you see, are not the joint-smoking hippies getting high in their basements but rather the Big Pharma CEOs whose entire careers are dedicated to addicting people to their patented, FDA-approved pharmaceuticals… even when they’re the exact same chemicals the DEA claims are “illegal drugs” on the street.

  29. I posted a comment earlier about this whole thing with Teletec and the thing I’ve read about from many commenters postings is the “2 wrongs make a right” theory… I keep reading about the alcoholics, what the drinkers whould do, how many drinkers are on the job drunk n hungover… That’s not the point we’re trying to bring across. I agree with everyone that alcohol is WAY WORSE than MJ , and regardless to how many die each year from alcohol’s grip, the fact remains that alcohol IS legal(unfortunately), and Marijuana is not.
    If you are a valued member of your employer’s workforce, that has excelled above and beyond their expectations, do you think they are going to look for reasons to fire you? Prrobably not… If that same person went in to their bosses office and said “Boss, I get smashed-hammered drunk every night after work and even come in drunk from the nite before sometimes”, do you think they’re going to give you a Urine Analysis? And do you think you, being the alighty workhorse that you are, could call in sick from hangovers on a constant basis and think everything will be fine? The answer to these are all NO! No, they aren’t going to give you a pee test for alcohol… No they’re not going to fire you for some absences because of you having a hangover… It would be very counter-productive, even though the persons lifestyle is counter-productive, they do great work for their employer…
    What this REALLY comes down to is the propaganda that, for years and years, the media, and our government has embeded into our heads, brainwashing every man, woman, and child to believe that marijuana is this all-evil, warrent of death. Do you believe that if the Federal Gov’t. put a nation-wide broadcasting over all radio and TV stations stating that marijuana has never killed anyone EVER, that it can make an enviromentally safe gasoline, and save millions of tree’s each year due to its supreme fibers it produces, everyone would still have this negative view of it? Well, unfortunately, Joe-Schmo public, would STILL have that negative view on it as an unnesseecary evil and you could still be fired for it.

  30. I understand that many US states are “hire/fire at will,” (which is bullshit) but doesn’t this decision violate both the US Constitution and ADA medical privacy laws?

  31. There are 168 hours in a week. I think that if employers want drug tests then they should be willing to pay the employees for their time. At 40 hours regular time plus 128 hours time and one half, in about 6 or 7 years I would have enough money saved to move to a free country, or maybe Califorina!

  32. Don’t ever go to your boss and ask if it is ok to use medical marijuana. It’s none of their business. We do still have a thing called privacy in this country. We’ve come to the point in this nation where corporations have become our de facto masters and we their slaves. This has to stop. I don’t ask for permission. I do what is important for my health. If they don’t like it, to hell with them. My health is more important than a job. You can get another job. You can’t get another body. If you turn up hot on a pee test, that is the time you tell them you have the right to use medical marijuana. If they want to fire you, well, threaten a court case. Or just find another job.
    We’ve traded away our rights in this country for a bunch of shuck-n-jive corporate hucksterism. Stop giving in. Don’t tell them shit. They don’t need to know. I mean, do we need to tell our bosses whenever we’re constipated and had an enema? No. So, this also applies to medical marijuana.
    I rarely discuss my personal life with my employer. I work for them and do a good job. That is enough.

  33. Surely an employer’s drug policy is capable of differentiating between medical use of morphine and “heroine addiction” (as well as other substances) so why can’t this dichotomy be applied to cannabis ? – To answer my own question – maybe they would say that it was scheduling of cannabis as a substance with no medical application that makes the difference.

  34. This is pretty typical of the Nazified approach the State of Washington has applied to the medicinal marijuana situation since the good voters decided to make it happen. The State has done the absolute minimum to try to facilitate the program, and have installed any number of stumbling blocks in the way of those who need the help. For instance, it was recently announced that those who take prescription opiod drugs for pain relief, and who are also on Medicaid, must now be urine tested to make sure the opiod isn’t being abused. They also test to see if the evil weed is present. If a patient tests positive for pot, even though the patient has a legal right to the medicine and has all the paperwork the state has deemed necessary, and even though the opiod amounts are within the parameters tested for, that patient will be cut off all opiods for the remainder of their life. This is how Washington State is compassionately helping its sick and injured.

  35. Max….Post #39. Excellent Post! Do your job and don’t tell the company. I would add obey the laws that are moral and disobey laws that are injust.

  36. so what about all the alcoholics out there? they can go to work after a night of binge drinking and wife beating child abusing. but i cant go to work after a short night of medicating and sleeping and waking up sober and refreshed from the relaxing sleep.oh no even better lets send a framer to work on oxicodin or perkiset cause that doesnt impair you at all. or in my dads case lets send him to work on allthe above and tell him to take 4 moriphene through out the day too. thank you big pharma for killing five years of my dads life. he became a zombie basically couldnt focus was always in bed sleeping and couldnt even watch tv for too long without getting dizzy. luckily i indroduced the idea of mmj to him. my dad today thanked me for pushing this on him and making him watch the very informative documentries. cause he is now felling like going out and doing stuff again. has completely stopped his moriphene and has stopped oxicodin. sooooo. but the big pharma wont admit it. lets keep the fight going to make them and no longer give them a choice. oh and with unemployment so low would nt you want it easier for people to go to work?

  37. MMJ patient here and I prefer to be employed most the time also. However, after recently losing a job for pissing off an insecure manager I was forced back into the job hunt. I work as a marine electrician, a vocation with inherent dangers. Recently, I landed a job I was excited to start work for an electrical subcontractor contingent on passing urine analysis test (UA) and physical. I bought a kit called UPass to substitute for my thc tainted urine. I went to work for the company and on the end of fourth day of work I was asked to “come up stairs”. I was told that it was suspected that my urine sample was not my urine and I copped to the whole thing telling them I had a prescription for MMJ and that it was for chronic hip pain. After some discussion I was told that I could retest and continue employment in thirty days and that I was expected to give a clean UA. I did not even realize that UA’s only prove the presence of one of THC’s metabolites until recently when I studied up on this site and others. This is a complete joke. I stopped using MMJ about two weeks ago to prepare to give a clean UA so I can be employed in my craft that I’ve profited from so handsomely for the last 15 years. I can honestly say my off the clock MMJ use made me a healthier employee. To have all that I’ve worked for taken away because of a stupid ass drug test that does not even prove impairment angers me. This has awakened me and I want to join the activist movement or whatever I can do to change this idiotic employer drug testing in the future. Contact me if you have something to say about this.

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