Live Coverage of HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup

Join us on the NORML Network at for our exclusive live stream of the HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup in San Francisco.
In addition to our mobile studio we’re displaying the first copies of the NORML Big Book of Marijuana Facts, and they’re getting great reviews.  We’re set up for streaming and recording the expert panels, which ar efull to overflow.  We also have the NORML Women’s Alliance (Sabrina Fendrick, Kendra Smith, and Diane Fornbacher) running a booth, next to California NORML and Orange County NORML.
NORML Board’s Bill Panzer headed up a legal panel earlier today… Jorge Cervantes is on the panel currently streaming… Danny Danko runs a cultivation panel at 5pm Pacific.  Tomorrow, NORML’s Paul Armentano and California NORML’s Ellen Komp speak at 1:30pm.  Valerie Corral from WAMM is on panel tomorrow at 3pm.  Nico Escondido from HIGH TIMES runs another cultivation seminar tomorrow at 5pm.  Then the awards are given out tomorrow night at 7pm.  We’ll be here with live coverage the whole time.
Follow @RadicalRuss, @CannabisKarri, @GanjaJon, and @Kaliko8705 on Twitter for updates and photos from the event.

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  1. 50.BigHare1 Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    June 25th, 2011 at 8:24 am
    Everyone…I have AXE HANDLES for SALE!!!!
    50% of the money will be donated to the campaigns for Gary Johnson or Ron Paul!!!!
    51.BigHare1 Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    June 25th, 2011 at 8:50 am
    Think back people, do your research….Maybe the former governor of georgia had a good idea afterall.
    Everyone could create a new company of their own which makes axe handles….inscribe one side with:
    Inscribe the opposite side with:
    REVOLUTION IS NEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Create jobs for americans making axe handles.
    Donate 50% of all sales to Presidential campaign funds specifically for Gary Johnson or Ron Paul………….
    a good design note for the product may be to drill a 3/4? dia. hole x 9? deep for filling with lead.
    52.BigHare1 Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    June 25th, 2011 at 8:52 am
    Just SAYIN!!!
    53.BigHare1 Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    June 25th, 2011 at 9:22 am
    Speaking of Egyptians, Oustings, Revolutions and Axe handles….I can think of some others in the government that need to be re-directed also….GO FIGURE!
    54.BigHare1 Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    June 25th, 2011 at 9:51 am
    Maybe Mr. Smith and the other ignorant and unjustifiable cronies of such should just step aside to make it easy on themselves.
    Everyone just go meditate at a certain given time, that Mr. Smith and all his likewise cronies as such, will fall from their position due to their profound denial of the will of the people and that we the people no longer have a need for those who obstruct the free will of the people.
    MEDITATION START TIME for everyone will be July 1, 2011 upon arisal or just after breakfast that morning.
    I’m willing to try anything that works,
    It’s time for a change people.
    Yes, this old victim of a 1977 police brutality issue wants some long overdue justice. Brutalized by a metal flashlight, skull cracked open and all due to false charges which were later dropped. That’s all the compensation I ever got. Dropped charges. This happened a short time before the RODNEY KING POLICE BRUTALITY CASE EMERGED. Just in case anyone wondered.
    Yes..I said “Government scumbags and government dirtbags”.

  2. Now take out the BS medical part and you got something worth seeing.
    1) What would NORML’s role be if marijuana became legalized and are you willing to accept that role?
    2) Why is such a high number of medical marijuana users between the ages of 18-25 years of age?
    3) What is this new found disease state that seemingly effects this very young and historically healthy segment of the population.
    [Paul Armentano responds: Donna, this conversation is already well past old. If you dislike NORML so much why do you spend so much time posting on this page?
    <<1) What would NORML's role be if marijuana became legalized and are you willing to accept that role?>>
    I don’t know Donna, but it would arguably be a much larger role than it is now, as legal industries (Think pharma, oil, alcohol, telecom, etc.) have far bigger lobbies than NORML can even dream of.
    As for your other questions, why don’t you direct them at the consumers themselves. I don’t claim to speak for them, though no doubt this same age populations consumes quite a large percentage of other legal prescription medications (Adderall, Prozac, Xanax, etc) , so why do you find it surprising that they also take cannabis?]

  3. Jun 25

  4. Just a comment on the 11′ show … I/we gad a booth in S.F last year which by far was much better than this years. VIP passes for $100.00 ??? The “215” outdoor area is so crowded that walking is a feat !
    We also had a booth this year, but after spending about a 1/2 a day on Saturday…we left and offered it to the vendor in the next one. A COMPLETE WASTE OF MY TIME & MONEY !!! H.T is a just a money-making business !!!!
    MOST OF THE “PATIENTS” in attendance looked as though they need adult supervision !!! KIDS !!!
    I won’t be participating in, or attending another H.T event….EVER !!!

  5. Wow, some times I read these comments and it makes me shake my head..Take it from a Guy in Missouri, you have it good in Cali. Gerry sorry it didnt work for you, but it looks like it worked well for others, it was packed, that’s a win…..And a company that has a payroll to meet…. sadly there are many things in life that are not straight forward. We live in the world of the pill, to help you sleep, to help you relax, to make the pain less and the pill list goes on. The youth of our nation have always been big at looking for alternative… You may disagree, but when climbing to the top of a mountain, you grab hold of areas that let you advance in that climb..its been a 40 year climb with many an odd route, lets not fall now.

  6. “maryjanesuncle”…hmm..speaking of climbing a mountian…go take a hike !! Your response is what I expecteded from someone a “HT”. I’d like to see their payroll…starting at the top ! The youth of our nation have many other more important things they need to worry about changing. Let’s call it like it is…. the youth of our nation isn’t interested in “medical MJ”. It’s the same as it was in my youth… and still is…let’s be “real”

  7. To Donna:
    I can answer your questions. I am a man in my mid-40s. I suffer from Anxiety Panic Disorder and have for eleven years. I’ve suffered with chronic nausea and wasting for eleven years as a result of APD. While I take a prescription drug for APD, the nausea wasn’t fully treated by it. So they gave me Xanax to take on an as-needed basis. In December of 2010, I started having severe panic attacks and then severe cachexia as a result of them. They upped my dosage of the prescription medication but had nothing for increasing appetite and prescription medications for nausea are not long-term solutions. My family physician who is in no way affiliated with medical marijuana suggested medical marijuana to me. At risk to his own career, by the way, because the office he practices at is vehemently opposed to it.
    Look, I’ve tried everything mainstream to stop the nausea and wasting. I’ve tried every herbal remedy under the Sun, too. I’ve tried meditation, relaxation techniques, and on and on for eleven years. Medical marijuana works. Medical marijuana gave me my life back. I can eat and gain weight. I’m not constantly suffering from nausea. It has also helped greatly with other APD symptoms. Look, when you suffer from severe APD as I do, you will do anything to stop the pain. There is no cure for this, by the way. You can only treat the symptoms and hope for the best. Marijuana is a miracle for me. I wish I had known how well it works for this eleven years ago!
    I want people to understand that we cannot base medical marijuana on how a person “looks”. I “look” like an average guy. People with APD and PTSD “look” like average people. We don’t look “sick”. But we are—and there is no cure for us. Try going through the gamut of prescription drugs for these conditions and see how much your life quality is on top of the APD and PTSD. Marijuana works. No one has the right to judge who “needs” it based on how someone “looks”. You’re not a doctor. A doctor wrote my recommendation. Have compassion and don’t judge.

  8. Yes, yes, they know it’s failed policy. They know that good people are victims in this war. There’s too much money in it though. Time for the American people to grow a pair not a plant. Time for the thugs in government to go. By any means required. Any. That is the future. That is the change we can count on. Evil’s days on our planet is numbered. The people have had enough and when the sleeping giant rises to greet the day once again, his resolve will ensure the ultimate destruction of failed policy, and the inevitable destruction of those who support it. Change is near.

  9. Don’t fear the system. Fuck the system. Fear is the only thing stopping us from expiriencing freedom.

  10. Yippee, Thanks Gerry for getting me hired at High Times…oh I don’t work there..I was just stating a opinion…Grab a hit bud, your a grouch

  11. Gerry,
    I’m sorry you have such a negative impression. But you might read what I told Donna above. I’d also like to add that I’m a United States Army veteran and, yes, jumped out of aircraft in flight. I’ve worked hard all my life and still do. I never asked to have Anxiety Panic Disorder. It came as quite a shock to me and I spent a lot of time in emergency rooms because of it. I don’t “look” sick. But there is no cure for what I have. I have to live my life day-to-day as best I can. I have had to come to terms with the fact I will have APD for the rest of this life. So, am I not deserving of Medical Marijuana because I “look” healthy? Not all of us are in wheelchairs, you know. That’s a misconception.
    I’ve had a prescription drug prescribed to me that caused me to shed all my subcutaneous fat and I lost a lot of muscle. I was literally not digesting food. It’d pass right through me. Another one made me gasp for breath and I thought I might suffocate in my sleep. This is the mainstream “solution” to anxiety disorders. Some people end up much worse. When you have a three to six month waiting list to see a psychiatrist to get anxiety medication, you tell me how much better that is than medical marijuana where the wait is a couple weeks. Yeah, be the Honest Abe and do it “their way” and see what it gets you. This is why a lot of “young” people prefer to go the medical marijuana route.
    And, yes, I am very happy and ecstatic about medical marijuana. It has given me my life back. And if I was at a medical marijuana convention, I would be laughing with the rest of them. Because I COULD. I served this country. The least this country can do for me is not accuse us of “faking it”.

  12. I say make it legal. After all these women who want abortions legal use the argument it’s my body. Well it’s the pot smokers body. Who does the government think they are trying to control people who smoke pot, and charge them with a crime. These people even the repentant ones can not move on with their lives because of a pot charge. They lose their second amendment right, yet you can have 10 abortions and still carry a firearm. Get real government. There is nothing criminal about smoking pot. It’s less dangerous than alcohol. Pot is natural, alcohol isn’t.

  13. (Paul….Paul..)
    Im not against you Paul. Ive given my share to NORML over the years. I just do not understand this devotion that NORML has with medical marijuana; if you follow it to its end it will make legalization nearly impossible.
    Plus you will be establishing a false patient population and the cost that will insue will only stir great oppostion.
    The Prop 19 that you refered to was nonsence. It was written to fail. No responsible adult would have (IMO) voted yes – it was too far reaching. This washington movement is a responsible approach to legalization and (IMO) if was presented in stead of Prop 19 could have had a much better chance at passing.
    So Im not against you Paul but I really would like to see more posts regarding legalization and less MM posts. Plus, WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO THE MOMS FOR MARIJUANA. I was very interest in their doing. What have they been up to? What topics are they discussing.
    [Editor’s note: NORML is not focused on medical cannabis and it never has been…you’re confusing NORML with ASA, MPP or DPA (they’re the ones focused on medical cannabis initiatives and lobbying, notably ASA, which is medical cannabis-only. Who bought and paid for all previous initiatives? NORML? No. Fact is that DPA/MPP did as conduits for Soros and Lewis funding). Also, you’re totally wrong about Prop. 19 being written to fail as it only lost by three little percentage points! Compare that to previous ‘legalization’ initiatives that came in from 34% to 44%.]

  14. Seems like a lot of haters on this blog. This event was meant to bring together great activists in this medical community. To promote knowledge and a greater union of humans who have a common interest. The power of the amazing plant called Cannabis. We the people need to have a party once in a while. With all the fighting and bashing Cannabis gets can we please have a weekend to celebrate the great accomplishments that all of us in this industry have made progress at over the years. Anyone on this website should be a positive individual fighting for freedom. If you do not have anything positive to say about this plant than be like the rest of the sheep in the herd. Follow the leaders to your demise.. Knowledge is power above all. and the truth will prevail.
    So back to the Cup. All in all it was an excellent event and I for one had a great time. It seemed like the mass of other people attending the event had a great time as well. California has one of the best vibes in the world for this beautiful plant and I am proud to be apart of the movement. There were a lot of great new products on the market. Alot of great strains, and alot of great people at this event. This needs to be done every year and bigger and better every year. We need more media attention and more scientific facts to give to the media so we have our voices heard as well.. We the people need to start being responsible and allowing people to feel good with the medicine they choose to use.
    Now to comment on one question that someone was grilling Paul about.. As per the question of why the younger generation seems to be the ones who use this medicine the most.. Well let me start out by saying that I am very proud of the younger generation for not following the leader.. This younger generation is tired of all the false information the government and the elders have been force feeding us since we were little.. With the rise of the internet and the amount of knowledge that is at the younger generations fingertips it is only right that they have taken the alternative medicine approach to feeling good. Let me just put this one amazing fact out there for the haters.. NOT ONE HUMAN HAS EVER DIED FROM CANNABIS IN ITs 5000 YRS OF MEDICAL USE. THE CHINESE HAVE BEEN THE LONGEST RUNNING CIVILIZATION ON THIS PLANET AND THEY HAVE USED THIS MEDICINE SINCE THAT TIME.. WHO ARE YOU GOING TO BELIEVE? SCIENCE IS THE TRUTH!! If you cannot grasp that than you can not have a valid opinion on anything real in life.. keep watching the TV and believing a group of individuals who have only been in power for a few hundred years whose interest is in your pocket rather than whats in your mind…..
    Simple fact:: Peak Oil Has past.. we are on the down slope of oil production.. We use more energy to pull crude oil out of the ground than is in the ground. Fossil Fuels are limited to what our earth has provided for us. WE are almost out. By 2050 there will be no more petroleum fuel for the common man. So why are we killing the people in the middle east when we can grow biodegradable oil? HEMP!! Why are we saying we cant afford to feed people and cloth them? HEMP!! Why are we lying to our own kind and separating ourselves because of made up races? HEMP!! Stop the madness people and lets get back to HEMP FOR VICTORY!!!! NORML is about promoting positive truths about this plant CANNABIS.. I am a General in this fight and if anyone wants to learn from me you can reach me at Or stop by the shop.. Igzactly 420 SAN FRANCISCO..
    I hold a bachelors degree in automotive technology from Penn State.. Alterantive fuels are part of my extensive knowledge of the automotive industry.. I spent alot of time doing research on this plant along with many other truths that keep this world running..
    As I part
    Think about this how do all goods get moved from place to place in the world?? Boats, Trucks, Rail.. What kind of fuel do they use? Diesel fuel!! Diesel is one of the least refined of all fuels but yet at a time when our economy is in a down slope it is now the most expensive fuel.. Gasoline is refined many more times than diesel.. Therefore diesel should be cheaper.. Wheres the bio-diesel? Wheres the HEMP Fuels?? Ask Questions and question the answers… Together we can make this world better for all mankind with the Cannabis plant.. The leaders of the world are doing human beings an injustice by keeping this plant in the dark.. Bring it into the light and watch life improve for all!!!

  15. I attended this event, and indeed it was full of love, not hate. In fact, if the medical marijuana community is the alternative to violent drug cartels, give me more of it. And, let’s have less Facebook, more face-to-face.

  16. Here is something that is real.
    Using the conventional vaporizer, set it on 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Pack the glass on the whip with herb. Leave a 1/2 to 3/4 inch gap between the heater tube, and the herb inside the glass tube on the whip. This prevents the herb from igniting in this process. Pack the whip glass with herb, I use a wooden dowel to pack the herb, not to tight, allowing air to pass through the herb. Attach a vacuum pump to the whip hose. I changed my whip hose to surgical tubing. Run the vacuum pump, connecting the whip hose to the vacuum pump. When the glass on the whip reaches 120 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit, check the dryness of the herb in the whip glass. If the herb is hard and dry it is ready, to smoke, make hash from it, or use it to season any food, it grinds up to consistency like fine ground pepper. You can grind it with your fingers. I just dig it out of the whip glass, and it is like smoking dry broken buds, or I sprinkle it on cheaper herb and it enhances the cheap herb. The darker the color of the herb the better the enhancement becomes. I promise this will at least double the potency of your herb. They say this heating the herb is temporary, lasting 5 hours or so. I am telling the vacuum pump locks the effect in. I have herb that I did this to more than nine days ago, and it seems to be getting more potent. I don’t care it you try it or not, when this becomes known it will become the norm. All my friends call me Mr. Vapor. See another vapor I created on You Tube, White Gasoline Vapor,by iambillythekid (me). Read everything.

  17. I forgot to mention. This process also tells you if chemicals are still present in the herb. The process enhances the natural taste of the herb, but the chemicals are also brought into the taste, and the first toke you will know if chemicals are present. A good way to not smoke chemicals to.

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