Arrived: DOJ Memo On Medical Marijuana

The Star-Ledger in New Jersey published the long awaited ‘clarifying’ memo on medical marijuana last night from the Department of Justice.
It appears from the letter that the Obama administration’s DOJ is going to continue to walk the fine line between allowing ‘self preservation’ for medical cannabis patients (i.e., a patient can possess and cultivate a small amount of cannabis for their personal use) and prohibiting what they call “large scale” medical cannabis cultivation and sales.

Deputy U.S. Attorney General James Cole, in a letter addressed to every state attorney general, reaffirmed “it is likely not an efficient use of federal resources to focus enforcement efforts on individuals with cancer or other serious illnesses who use marijuana as part of a recommended treatment regimen … and their caregivers.”
But the large-scale growing and scaling activity seen in some states troubles the Obama administration, according to Cole’s letter.
“There has, however, been an increase in the scope of commercial cultivation, sale, distribution, and use of marijuana for purported medical purposes,” according to the letter. “For example, within the past 12 months, several jurisdictions have considered or enacted legislation to authorize multiple, large-scale, privately operated industrial marijuana cultivation centers. Some of these planned facilities have revenue projections of millions of dollars based on the planned cultivation of tens of thousands of cannabis plants.”
The earlier memo “never intended to shield such activities from federal law enforcement and prosecution, even when these activities purport to comply with state law,” according to the letter

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  1. So how many will vote for Obama this time? Don’t do it just because your “liberal” friends say it’s cool! Obama isn’t a liberal, he’s a centrist that leans towards socialism.

  2. “It only takes one to form a line.”
    The reformation of the Genesist Faith and Sacrament will come from an “endless line” – started by “One Individual Genesist.” It’s time – to form that line. It’s time – for Genesists [who believe in God and God’s Sacrament] to claim “Religious Use” – under the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment of the Constitution – and – the Holy Bible. The First Amendment proscribes preemption of federal law – or – any law that prohibits “The free exercise thereof.” Compelling Justification , and Prior Competing Governmental Interests prohibit “the free exercise thereof.” It’s time – it’s critical – for Genesists to reject Compelling Justification, and Prior Competing Governmental Interests [as] Abusive Governmental Authority – and – an untenable preemption, in that it “violates” the Establishment Clause in Article I of the U.S. Constitution, and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act by “substantially burdening our religious belief and the free exercise thereof.” It’s time – it’s critical – for Genesists to declare and invoke a “Conscience Clause” [a law exempting those who’s religious or moral principles forbid compliance]. Genesists “refuse to comply” with any law that prohibits our Faith and Sacrament..

  3. Fierce #51 is right! I turn 56 this year, both parties have been a huge letdown, it’s July 4th today, are we any freer today, not at all. I really beleave I will not see cannibis legalized in mine or my son’s lifetime. Both parties are corrupt and disfunctional. I will be voting Libertarian in 2012, you might say I’ve seen the light, and not one of those mandated twisty ones either.

  4. 53. jimmyd
    I believe that you find the Libertarian platform, the republican platform, and the Masonic platform surprisingly familiar. There I said it “Mason.” No big deal – they say it proudly.

  5. American Genesist, you would be absolutely correct—if our government honored the Bill of Rights. But they don’t. The Fourth Amendment is gutted, so is the Fifth. The First Amendment has been regularly violated as when Cindy Sheehan was arrested for daring to show up to Congress wearing an antiwar t-shirt. See also the “free speech zones” to make sure protests are kept far, far away from events or politicians. The President can order the assassination of an american citizen under the aegis of “national security”.
    We need to start voting third party. The Republicans and Democrats always say “Don’t throw your vote away!” Yeah, well, we’ve been throwing votes away for decades now, electing these same cookie-cutter shitheels to office.

  6. The democrats will try and get Obama re-elected.
    So the very best strategy is to vote out the bad guys in the Republican primaries. The best hope is still Ron Paul to win it. I don’t trust statistics until it’s over.
    I will never ever again will vote for Obama, and I hope I will not end up throwing my vote away during the main election. I don’t care if Obama has a sudden change of heart just days before the November 2012 election, I will not vote for him.

  7. The governor of Arizona here still doesn’t accept it and is proceeding with her lawsuit anyway. Meaning the dispensaries cannot open and the very future of MMJ in Arizona is still in question. She has financial ties to the private prison corporation here, too. She’s willing to buck the feds on immigration and kicking people off Medicare, but when it comes to MMJ (which she opposes) then suddenly she cares about hurting the feds’ feelings.

  8. 55. 56. Guys
    Then take back America – and – as Louie from Vegas says – “Trow dem bums out!” Although they think they’re Kings and Queens with all the power – they’re nothing more than
    “pieces of meat.”

  9. Police in Kent, Wa. Raid dispensaries seizing product, phones and computers. 7.6.11- Thanks Obama, Thanks Holder! don’t have anything better to do, like find the guns you sent to mexico. WTF!

  10. I have to comment Medical marijuana laws must be passed in every state in US. Marijuana has more than just physical medicinal purposes, it treats many, many mental issues as well. If it wasn’t for the helpful effects of marijuana on mental function and cognitive ability when it comes to bi-polar- manic depressive disorders I would not have graduated college three times and I would have been institutionalized and experimented on, With the help of marijuana I have been able to live a normal life other than being punished by unconstitutional drug testing.

  11. Mabey the President is waiting until the very last second to legalize Marijuana. Then he would be sure to be re-elected. Otherwise, you can vote America!!!! They may steal the election, but you have a right to vote until they take that away too. God have mercy on us, because our govt. will not. Lord if you can’t help me, please don’t help that Bear!!!!

  12. 62. Robert Vetter
    Anyone who votes for the Luciferian Party – is one. The only thing is – “I’m getting fed up” – sacrificing my life – to protect their right – to do that. They’re using our patriotism against us. Maybe they ought to go straight back to where they came from – HELL!

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