President Obama advertises on NORML's YouTube Channel

Remember when we were told that “legalization isn’t in the president’s vocabulary?”
Remember when Mr. Obama laughed off a suggestion that marijuana legalization could help the economy?
Remember when he emphatically stated he would not pursue a strategy of decriminalization of marijuana?
Yeah, we do, too.
So imagine our surprise at NORML to find an ad for President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign nestled in the prime ad spot on our YouTube channel: NORMLtv (
What’s the campaign strategy for the marijuana smoker vote, Mr. Obama?  Keeping at the head of the DEA one of Mr. Bush’s administrators?  Maintaining the Bush-era policy of raiding medical marijuana providers?  Escalating numbers of marijuana arrests on your watch?
Or will it just be, “Look, you think I’m bad, imagine what happens if (fill in GOP nominee) wins!  I just want to force pot smokers into costly rehab they don’t need on the threat of prison.  (Fill in GOP nominee) wants to (fill in terrible threat we’re already experiencing now)!”
You want the absolute guaranteed votes of 90% of the 25 million American adults who use cannabis annually in America?
Convince Congress to pass and then you sign Barney Frank and Ron Paul’s Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act.
It doesn’t cost you anything.  Marijuana is still illegal in all fifty states and 99% of all marijuana arrests take place at the state and local level.  It just means marijuana is no longer a federal issue; states are free to set up any marijuana regulations they choose.  The people in marijuana friendly states will support you more and the ones who hate pot still think you’re a secret Muslim agent from Kenya anyway.
Well, I take that back.  Your contributors from Big Pharma might not like you endorsing the competition.
UPDATE:  Apparently, based on comments below, I should’ve explained how GoogleAdSense works. NORML didn’t “accept” advertising from the Obama campaign.  We offer up a piece of screen real estate to GoogleAdsense.  They sell advertising packages to third parties, like the Obama campaign, which promise to place their ads on websites matching certain demographics and content keywords.  So we don’t even know who or what is going to appear up there as an ad (within limits; obviously there isn’t going to be a phone sex ad or Klan rally promotion going up there… we can limit certain types of ad content.)
It’s possible that the ad algorithm just saw “within 50,000 on Alexa”, “large youth demo of readers”, and “Congress / House / Senate / Obama”  on our website and automatically placed Obama’s ad there because he wants to reach young politically active people on popular websites.  In fact, I seem to recall some “Marijuana: The Anti-Drug” ads showing up on our BlogTalkRadio page in the early days of NORML SHOW LIVE.  I’ve seen ONDCP ads show up on other pro-marijuana sites.
We’re not a 20th century newspaper; it’s not as if Obama’s campaign team called and said, “Hey, NORML, how about we support you by advertising and you support us by accepting the ad.  The day the ad appeared on NORMLtv was the first time we saw it there and probably just as shocking to the president.

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  1. Michelle Leonhart should have never been re-appointed – and – who ever confirmed that appointment should get their come-uppin’s as well.

  2. Is the president asking for help from us? That is like a rapist asking for the victims of rape to elect him to rape us again. I am sorry Mr. President my ass hurts too much to let you have a second go. Perhaps you might want to pick on blind people next.

  3. 97. Sean Haddad Says: Is there any way any anybody can prove that Obama does not want to legalize marijuana. (?)
    Absolutely, YES!
    Just listen to his words, and then the actions of the Obama regime regarding Cannabis, whether it is Medical Marijuana OR Re-Legalization.
    Look at how Obama ‘groomed’ his CV: a black northern Democrat with a background as both a community activist and a
    Constitutional Law Scholar, as well as a long time parishioner of Reverend Wright (liberation theology) — on paper he looks like the perfect foil to the NeoConservative agenda and candidate. If Obama had actually started politics by running as a black conservative Republican in Chicago, would he have ever advanced beyond perhaps Precinct Captain or Alderman? I think not!
    Obama is yet another ‘War President’, who has assumed / inherited the same illegal unconstitutional powers that Bush-43 seized from Congress which became known as the ‘Unitary Executive’, and then embraced and extended those dictatorial powers far in excess of Bush-43. With this vast power, Obama could direct the DOJ to pursue the financial terrorists on Wall Street, or order the DOD to exit Iraq and AFghanistan within 6 months, or order the HHS to direct the DEA to remove Cannabis sativa entirely out of the CSA Schedule of drugs, effectively ending Prohibition 2.0 and most of the ‘War of Drugs’ with just one Executive Order.
    He’s been serving as President since January 2009, and he has done none of the above using the tremendous power and authority of his office, as the single most powerful individual in the world. THAT is your answer …

  4. I just have to wonder why Obama would even need big business money at this point? He’s already got the nomination for his party, he’s got the “bully pulpit”, and he already a millionaire. I say we just hammer him when he hits the campaign trail. Bring up legalization as a job creation strategy and throw some hard numbers out there. Possibly figures for the jobs created in states where medical is legal and tax revenues brought in by those states etc. Then throw in industrial hemp for fuel, food, and fiber at the end just to really get the gears turning.
    BO is obviously a charlatan and I will not vote for him, but on the off chance that he wins we should still get him to commit to this issue. He rammed through unconstitutional health care and ended DADT, two things thought impossible with the current legislative makeup but it happened. No reason why HR2306 which was introduced by OUR #1 CHOICE FOR PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE RON PAUL shouldn’t be passed immediately. Perhaps paperclip it to the back of an appropriations bill or something, whatever it takes to get it passed. This farce known as cannabis prohibition, which was originally debated for all of 5 minutes and opposed by the AMA, has gone on long enough.
    BTW when/if you talk to Obama at a Town Hall, mention that THC Cures Cancer then follow up with why is it illegal and see what kind of a response you get.

  5. Obama brings “no due respect” to the presidency. We gave him a chance – and – “he failed.” Not only did he fail miserably – he disgraced his office, the country, the Constitution, and we the people. I, personally, can find “no logical reason” to re-elect rogue representatives – and – I can name more than a few – starting with Joe, Nancy, and Harry. How these people ever got elected escapes me – but then – will wonders never cease to amaze me.

  6. #71 Oh, this made me laugh. Thank you! I feel the same way; and you said it beautifully! I especially liked the last few sentences because it echoes my own angst.

  7. I’m curious how many people actually read the whole article and not just the title. F*c<ing lazy people you are making the rest of us stoners look bad. When was the last time the peoples voice was really heard? When was the last time that you felt you lived in the land of the free ? The home of the brave ? You haven't? Wow I wonder why, could it be that our nations future lies not in our hands but the hands of greedy warmongers that don't care about incarceration or marks on their record because of the silver spoon in their ass. Where did our balls go ? That's really what I want to know where is our million man march for marijuana? where is our sense of power? When are we gonna get fed up with this bull shit pursecution kick the doors open and blow the blunt smoke in the hostile little faces that just want to opress and control? So here is what I want to know when are we going to kick down the doors to a certain white house and impail a certain muslim spy with a flag of a newly liberated america ? What would our fore fathers think of what they fought so hard for , and what it has become? They would kick asses, blow tree, and show us what a democracy should be…. so what I'm trying to say is let's stop bitching about being victims and fight like our lives or rather our freedom is at stake, let's give america somthing to be proud of …………..smoke weed everydayyy!

  8. #104 My Representative, Devin Nunes, (R) Visalia, CA gave me what I call a ‘pre-excuse’. He says HR6203 has to go through 2 different committees and sub-committees where he expects vigorous debate.’Considering the thousands of bills both committees have to review, it should come as no surprise that HR2306 is still pending review.’ How reassuring. I told him I tried to send an email to Smith, but was rejected from his site because my zip code was in Nunes’ District. The Congressman noted he would share my support with his colleagues who sit on both committees. How reassuring can he get. I have sent Congressman Nunes another email to nail him down on which side of this issue he falls. Wish me luck!

    92 Executive Orders to date. BHO could sign an EO to end the prohibition of cannabis or remove the schedule 1 status but won’t touch it. It’s plutonium. No cuts to the organizations that continue the war on drugs. In fact an increase in money was allocated to these organizations to fuel their purpose. The proof is in the “puddin” so to speak. Remember the letter to the AG? Stating that the FEDS wouldn’t interfere with states if those said are compliant? What are they doing to this day? Raiding dispensaries, unless you donated to the BHO campaign of course. So to say that BHO is taking a serious look at ending the prohibition of cannabis is laughable. It’s all about money. Sell your soul to the highest bidder but you can’t even do that cause it was done for you while you were sleeping! Funny thing is that it’s not funny and you all know what I mean. Nothing funny about any of this. They wonder why “the people” have lost their trust in the government and it’s ability to govern? More about control and less about freedom. I’d be questioning the motives as well if a was capable of rational thought. They don’t care nor do they value the benefits and qualities of this commodity known as cannabis. Of course one would question that as well since, as stated before, the government has a patent on the genetics. Ok, then I have a patent on oxygen and this government owes me a mountain of money. See how that works? This is but one example of the corrupt nature in which this government continues to control “it’s” people. You work for us! You forget that. The moment you expect EO: The Establishment of the Council of Government to offer protection for your deceitful actions, it won’t. If cannabis is such a non-issue and it’s importance is one of absolutely no regard and it’s illegality is surrounded by “suspect” motives then why is it we cannot get straight, honest answers from our “leaders” and get it legalized? They want to downplay it but even their choice to dismiss it completely proves that it is a larger issue than one would believe. Me: “Oh cannabis isn’t what they said it was and it can/will positively effect our nation.” Sign and Good day.
    Freedom applies to those willing to shed light on those who are born to restrict the will of those they control, for one day the freedom in which we believe it to be will at first become an illusion and then non-existent.

  10. I am very happy to hear that NORML is taking advantage of Google AdSense on its YouTube Channel; it can definitely be a nice source of income! I have voiced my opinion in the past concerning NORML looking into Social Media PPC/CPM Advertising Platforms as well as Google’s AdWords PPC Advertising Platform. The editor responded and said that NORML has already experimented with Social Media Advertising (namely Facebook) with great success!
    Once again, this is great to hear! Keep up the good work NORML!

  11. If you support marijuana, and you live in america, it’s your God given right to register to vote and support RON PAUL. If all of us cannabis supports come together, JUST THIS ONCE, and throw all of our support whole-heartedly behind Ron Paul.. we can change the world. Sure many don’t agree about some of his other stances but seriously, we’re talking about legalizing marijuana here. That one move alone would completely revolutionize the economy. Remember, he’s a libertarian.. that means regardless of his personal beliefs, he would never give the federal government the power to enforce them. Whether the issue is abortion or gay-marriage or any other social issue, YOU WILL HAVE A VOICE because it will be handled by the state government.. where ur voice actually matters. Lets do this. And Norml, High Times, all yall.. it’s time to back up Paul. Peace out. rLOVEution

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