Angus Reid Poll: 55 Percent Of Adults Support Legalizing Marijuana

Fifty-five percent of American adults support legalizing marijuana, up from 52 percent in 2010, according to the results of a new Angus Reid Public Opinion poll.
Pollsters conducted an online survey of a representative national sample of 1,003 American adults. A solid majority, including 63 percent of Democrats and 61 percent of Independents, said that they endorsed the legalization of marijuana.
Forty percent of those polled said that they opposed the idea and five percent were undecided.
The margin of error — which measures sampling variability — is +/- 3.1 percent.
The Angus Reid results are slightly higher than those published by other polling firms, such as Gallup, which use random digital dial sampling.
More men (57 percent) than women (53 percent) voiced support for legalizing cannabis. Respondents between the ages of 35 to 54 were most likely to support legalization (57 percent); however, a majority of respondents from every age group polled – including those age 55 and over – said that they backed making marijuana legal.
No more than ten percent of respondents said that they favored making any other illicit substance legal.
Read the full poll here. Then contact your member of Congress and inform him or her that a majority of Americans support HR 2306, the ‘Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2011,’ and that it’s time for them to support it too.

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  1. While that’s encouraging, the fact that the poll was an “online survey among 1,005 American adults who are Springboard America panelists”, may have an element of self selection the affected the results. Which isn’t a big deal, and maybe it didn’t too, but at least it’s heading in the right direction.
    The fact that the same poll had legalization of other drugs down at 7-10% is interesting too. People obviously still believe in “prohibition” as a policy concept, but feel the pot is actually “OK” enough to lift the prohibition on it, while continuing other prohibitions. That is certainly worth doing but it would MUCH better if people understood how bad prohibition itself is. In order to really end the Drug War and begin to heal society from all the damage, we have to end prohibition generally and put in place well crafted regulations for each substance. People are still a ways from understanding that. I guess if we could get pot legal then they might begin to see.

  2. People are saying “yes” with confidence and without fear.
    Also, it makes perfect sense.

  3. Wow! That 3% is above average for the recent yearly support growth! I have to say it, public support WILL tip in favor of pot. Seriously a very large majority of people that I know have either tried pot, still use pot, or support pot legalization (with widely varying age, gender, even sexual orientation, and this is in a very conservative, un-supportive State [Georgia]). Another thing: to say pot is a literal gateway to hard drug usage is like saying a pretty girl made you want to have sex with her and get her pregnant. It just doesn’t add up! GO REFORMERS!

  4. Right, all these substances are different, have different affects and therefore should be differing policies set by scientific evidence, not superstition–which is where we are now.
    Unlike cigarettes and alchol, marijuana is non-toxic. So it should not be treated like it is toxic. Save that behavior for some material that is toxic/dangerous.

  5. 55% is a grand old number for total legalization – and – would win if put to a vote. However, this number doesn’t reflect that percentage that remains in the closet [with damned good reason]. If asked what % favor legalizing medicinal cannabis – that number increases drastically. Either way – if put to a vote – legalization in both cases would prevail. How does one explain that to one’s voting base? Right! – they don’t – they just lie their asses off.

  6. Yes, that’s very encouraging, and should be something politicians/lawmakers already are aware of, however, if our country’s lawmakers were polled, 95% would most likely say penalties should be increased; especially for casual users, that the drug war itself should be made more of a national priority, with cannabis as the prime target of focus, “being the scientific fact it is the gateway drug and primary source of the drug problem in America”; that to legalize cannabis would mean NEW TAXES, and teh Tea Party Republicans have made themselves very clear – “No New Taxes, No New Revenue Sources”.
    Besides, if cannabis is legalized what the hell are they going to give the nation’s law enforcers to do for work? Stop Human Smuggling??? Enforce financial regulations and fraud??? Enforce underage use of tobacco or alcohol??? Where’s the sense and profits in that???
    Cannabis prohibition isn’t about a free or safer America, or about the rights of adults, it’s about control… the same control that lets domestic abusers get off with a slap on the wrist because there’s no profit in dealing with the issue on a national level.
    The real question is… what makes these lawmakers like Rep. Lamar Smith so out of touch with reality???
    Thank God, there are a few stable, reality minded lawmakers in government like Ron Paul and Barney Frank!!!

  7. This is the result of years of effort from people at NORML and so many other groups that realize that prohibition is bad policy. Isn’t it great to see a plan come together?

  8. Now, all we have to do is get that 55% off their ASSES and VOTE for Cannabis FRIENDLY canidates.

  9. 40% of our populace still opposed? It’s easy to presume that with an online poll most of these people have utilized the information age to begin thinking rational thoughts and learning something. But no, the Reefer Madness/DARE insanity is still rearing its ugly head for some people. It’s a shame for those people who still fear this plant, most likely utilized generations ago by someone from their own families. It’s medicine that we’ve used for centuries, including our founding fathers. This prohibition was built on lies, propaganda and greed. As a people, we can and should do better.

  10. This government simply does not care what a majority thinks. The horse’s ass leadership in we have in Congress can’t even bring themselves to talk about legalization.

  11. It’s going to take at least 65 to 70% in favor of legalization before dumb ass politicians support changing the law. We are going to keep hearing “Children will have it. It is a gateway drug to harder drugs. We already have enough problems with alcohol and tobbacco. Do you want your pilot or brain surgeon operating on you under it’s influence.” 1) Children have easier access to it now being illegal. 2) Cannabis is not nearly as bad as either alcohol or tobbacco. 3) Buying cannabis from a dealer IS the only reason cannabis might lead to harder drugs 4) Pilots and brain surgeons are professionals who should not and do not use drugs before work. …..Prohibition does much more harm than good. Legalize Now!

  12. I don’t believe everything i read and if you believe everything you read your either dumb, stupid, brainwashed or living in a Dream World .
    If the majority of people truly did believe in legalization it would be legal . I’m sure more people that believed in legalization of Marijuana
    ( California’s Proposition 19 ) voted on Proposition 19 & less people voted for it to remain illegal .
    What i mean is there were more people against legalization that did not even bother to vote and those favoring legalization turned out in masses .

  13. The reason for this all-time high percentage probably has more to do with how most people and levels of government are hurting for money, as selective as the persons polled may be.
    The Arab spring can flower with instant jobs based on female cannabis flowers. The angry mobs in England can be pacified with cannabis jobs. That kind of destruction can be duplicated throughout the U.S., regardless of whether U.S. police have guns or not. Poor Bill O’Reilly commented that something like that couldn’t happen in the U.S. because our police carry guns, however guns are easily available in the U.S. and you can bet that the roving mobs in the U.S. will have them, too.
    Legalization means instant money, and a lot of it. It’s money you didn’t have before, and without raising taxes on people who don’t want to pay new taxes or more for existing taxes. It’s instant jobs and revenue here in the U.S.
    Where are the libetarian-leaning tea partiers like Rand Paul, the politician Reason magazine touted as teh gadfly of the tea partiers and successor of his father’s principles? Kentucky is renowned for it pot plantations. Kentucky is basically one of the poster states for poor, rural Appalachia. Fuck McConnell; Kentucky needs the money. Few people will care what kind of dirt comes to light about McConnell and cannabis dollars after legalization. Same goes for the rest who are on the take…few people will care that their good reputations are tarnished.
    When you consider all the gruesome killings in Mexico and in the U.S., the unnecessary score settling, the destroyed families because a parent is jailed, the pillaging of asset forfeiture, racial aspect of the cannabis Jim Crow laws, livelihoods destroyed, people forced forever to beg and to be on public assistance because a conviction prevents them from getting a job, there is not much less for people caused to be down and out to lose.
    There is so much evil, misery, and waste linked to cannabis prohibition that, as much as pain as it may cause those with a piece of the American pie, they need to keep running the economy into the ground until somebody, anybody has the balls, the chutzpah, to put legalization on the Congressional radar and agenda, put it up for a vote. It doesn’t matter if it’s this so-called commission or Rand Paul or some other obscure tea partier, cowards as all but a few seem to be.
    Want your pension saved? Want your roads and bridges safe? Want your school funded? Want to be able to apply for a job if you don’t have one or if you have one a different job without getting popped for pot on a piss test?
    Keep running the economy into the ground until cannabis is legalized!

  14. I wish these studies would prove in the elections and actual legalizing laws, because I know they have to know the truth. Pot isn’t dangerous.

  15. still wondering where the fight for legalization of hemp and weed is during this economic turmoil….
    mpp and norml are jokes…they erase and censor what they want…
    they dont want legalization

  16. Unfortunately, there are no cannabis-friendly candidates to vote for in my city or state, and which of the next presidential candidates will be?

  17. 10. BobKat
    It’s all too simple…If the lawmakers don’t vote the will of the people – we the people [all of us] don’t vote for them. One hand washes the other. It will only take one election for them to get the point. The Tea Party proved their point in one election, and there’s no reason why we can’t with full participation. “Nothing happens unless you make it happen.” These bone heads think that it’s the money that puts them in office….Wrong!!! It may keep them in office – but – we the people elected them.

    When all you have to consider is the “lesser of two evils” – which will it be? Would you rather have your child try to get weed from a:
    1. Pharmacy.
    2. Back alley drug dealer.
    Don’t hand me that “neither” shit. That wasn’t an option. Then too – would you rather handle the problem from your home – or – go visit your child in prison.

  19. federal decriminlization is on our back door step.i smoke on my porch after work an nobody gives a f@#@ out here in southern ohio except for polticians & radical christan evangelist.Im very blessed to live in an extremely decriminlized state that allows only a civil citation up to 100 grams thats almost a quarter pound.Now rural southern ohio is in the bible belt an is no different then that of bordering kentucky & west virginia & shares alot of the same economic crisis.people are starting to grow personnal pot (5-10 plants)much more out in the open an cops look the other way but in many cases the especially appalachia ohio sometimes whole counties are completely over their head so they decide to make money with the growers.

  20. It`s a war on a plant!!! $15,000,000,000,000 debt!!! HELP!!! That pot plant is growing in my neighbors garden. AHHHHHHH!! What if my child goes over there while I`m drunk on alcohol and prescription drugs??? How many trillions of dollars does it cost to wipe out a plant? LOGIC is a 5 letter word.

  21. Tell all the faint heated prohibitionists who always use children as a prop; The only way to keep marijuana out of the hands of minors is to take it out of the hands of Black Market Dealers. The War on Drugs hasn’t been able to do that in 40 years and after wasting a TRILLION dollars. Now they want more time and more money. It’s time to take a new tact. Legalize and regulate, EXACTLY as we do alcohol. The model is in place.
    Dems and Reps, different pages from the same bad book! MP, NYPD ret.

  22. In Reply to Bobkat@10 .. If you believe in ending Prohibition, Ron Paul can use your help in the coming Year. We are getting ready for a Money Bomb on Sept 19 also, We can use your help. Ron Paul will get this done but only if we get him there. Come to and help us along. and come talk to some people who agree with you.

  23. What is the official name of that bud you keep showing in the picture above? I say it’s Blueberry, but Sebastion said it was’nt,If it’s not Blueberry, then I definetely owe Sebastion an apology.

  24. An example of activism:
    Last night I went to a concert at the Mann Center in Philadelphia. (RTF and ZPZ) I went with 3 friends who all planned on drinking. I volunteered to be the designated driver as I don’t drink unless I have no weed.
    I was not familiar with the route from Media, PA to the concert but the other 3 were. I had been stoned all day having burned about 2 grams of Mex earlier in the day and now we shared 2 more joints. Of the 4 of us, me and this other guy smoked the most. His wife didn’t smoke at all, and the other guy drinks beer for breakfast. Get the picture?
    HERE”S THE POINT: While I was driving I pointed out that “I am now living proof that driving under the influence of weed is A NON ISSUE”. When my friends all realized what I had said and and that I was backing up my words with my actions – FLAWLESS DRIVING WHILE UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF WEED – I reminded them that everything the government was telling them about DUI was ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT!
    That’s not the end of it: The guy who drinks beer for breakfast, remember him? Well he’s one of those who thinks pot really does destroy braincells. In the middle of a conversation, he had his usual drunken brainfart, you know the type “Wait, what was I talking about man?” I then pointed out to him that HE WAS LIVING PROOF that BOOZE destroys brain cells and that I WAS AGAIN LIVING PROOF That pot certainly does NOT DESTROY BRAIN CELLS, it might even grow em.
    He was speechless for the next hour………………..
    Now THATS activism!!!
    Now, ALL OF YOU – get off your asses, come out of the closet and do something similar!

  25. We the people can put the issue on the State ballots as a Referendum Item,just harder to accomplish in states such as FLORIDA, where the Republican Majority & Governor just made all voting add ons, or just even voting, very, very much more reduced in possibilities.

  26. 55% is a nice number but the way this country is going politically i don’t see any major changes federally for a long long time. If 80 to 90 percent of the voters in either party wanted legalization then it would happen even if the opposition gave no support what so ever. I hate to say it but Ron Paul and Barney Frank are on the far left and right fringe so don’t expect anything to come out of their efforts either. Sorry for being so negative but our leaders and their sheep are to easily swayed by the experts in blue. I see a lot of people disgusted with Obama and the democratic party but they are our only hope of ever changing for the good. A vote for the conservative 99.999% of the time means a step backwards. That is with a few exceptions.

  27. This prohibition is keeping us from finding our lost children, prohibition money better spent on looking for them not a weed.

  28. Hairy–er, Harry Butt, re 17,
    I don’t agree with you at all my frend. Whereas before, it did seem that the majority of people I talked with (especially older people) were afraid of MJ legalization, now, it seems, at least in my experiences, that the majority favor legalization.
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again–it’s a simple matter of demographics. The generation that didn’t smoke MJ–the oldest generation, the “pre-pot” generation of the 1940s and 1950s–is passing on, and giving way to generations that smoked it. It’s purely a matter of time. I firmly believe that.
    Back in the early ’70s, as teenagers, we used to say to each other–“Wait till our generation is the old generation–we’ll make pot legal.” I believed it then, and I still do.

  29. 41. Puff
    I don’t think that there is a generation gap anymore. We’re talking [realistically 75% plus] in favor. It’s now a matter of the pot-phobic prohibs keeping their grip on the pot-phobic sheep through moral propaganda. I think it is and always will be a matter of who one follows. The followers will never have enough backbone to stand up for what they know in their hearts and minds as true. It’s that old “Feed me Master mentality.” Ba! Ba! Ba!

  30. Hey Manford,
    I agree with much of what you say. And I do know oldies–the pre-pot generation oldies–who no longer “fear” the bud. But most of them are still brain-washed from the decades of propaganda they were fed.
    But it’s true–some people who actually smoked back in the ’70s and ’80s are now against it–the “new brainwashed” I guess you could call ’em. (‘Course some of them also feared Harry Potter when that book first came out, so what can I say?)
    Then there are those back-stabbers who voted again MJ legalization last year–that’s another story–a whole ‘nother level of sheep! Baah! “We can’t grow 2,000 square feet legally!” Baah! “We shouldn’t tax and regulate the bud, man!” Baah! What if they take away our Med MJ?” Baah! “I won’t be able to make my obscene black-market profits!” Baah!

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