Write to Women Behind Bars for Marijuana

The NORML Women’s Alliance has teamed up with the webzine Freedom is Green to encourage reform advocates to write letters to women serving time behind bars for marijuana-related offenses.
Several studies suggest a prisoner’s mental health is dependent on their contact with the outside world. For many, mail correspondences are their primary contact with the public.
Many of the women incarcerated for marijuana offenses are isolated and alone.  Receiving any outside communication from the public can be the highlight of their week or month.  These small gestures let them know that they are not forgotten, and that the NORML Women’s Alliance is here to support and comfort them.

Recently, the NWA and Freedom Is Green collected letters for Patricia Spotted Crow, a first time offender from Oklahoma who was sentenced to 10 years behind bars for selling $30 worth of marijuana. Here is her heartfelt response to this small gesture from the outside world:


Want to write a marijuana prisoner?
Beth Mann of Freedom is Green provides some guidelines for individuals who are interested in writing to women (and men) that are in prison for marijuana-related crimes: “What should you write? Anything. Prisoners benefit from seemingly mundane letters about your daily life to words of inspiration to pieces of creative writing to news or current events. The important part is simply reaching out.”
[Note: We are focusing on one prisoner at a time. Right now we are sending letters to Patricia Spotted Crow. Please send a letter appropriate for her.  Soon we will focus on other prisoners.]
Please keep in mind that all of the prisoner’s mail is read by authorities.
– Please send text only, no images or attachments
– Put the prisoner’s name in subject line of email
– Send separate emails for each prisoner
– Up to 1,000 words per letter
– By sending a letter through freedomisgreen.com we may contact you and ask that your letter be posted on the site to bring awareness to victims of prohibition. You may decline and we will still forward your letter directly to the prisoner.
– Send your emails to marijuanaprisoners@gmail.com
Questions? chris@freedomisgreen.com


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  1. The four who deserve to be punished and locked up are Joyce Nalepka, Calvina Fey, Karen Tandy, and Michele Leonhart for conspiracy and terrorism against citizens of the United States.

  2. The judge is an idiot for doing that to her. If I was her husband, then I would protest. I think we need to protest more because weed is illegal and do it harder. America is the best country but we are not totally free.

  3. Do you have to use your real name to send a letter? And do you have to put a return address?

  4. @Joel – you’re a real piece of RWNJ work, man. I have to speculate after hearing your screed that you are a devout “Christian”, too, right? You JUDGE people all you want to fellow – you do it to your own peril in the future. Remember, no matter WHAt you THINK, Jesus is there, sitting beside these women in chains over a plant The Father put on this earth for a purpose. I hope you find peace sometime in your lifetime, and the Love you seem to be devoid of.

  5. That judge scares me. The fact that people like that can so easily gain such a position of power in this county makes me want to leave. How much is property in Portugal these days?

  6. I sent her off an email, with my name attached. Hope it brings her comfort.
    Also – if her library (ALL prisons MUST have libraries- it’s the law) is sub-standard, we can get a copy of their rules and regs and send books/magazines there. It’ll make things better for her, as well as the other folks incarcerated there.
    I used to be a librarian, and we supported the local prison with slightly dated magazines.
    Often it has to come right from the publisher, but if you set up an Amazon wish list (again – be very careful to follow the prison’s rules EXACTLY) it can be very easy for folks to help her out. One credit card transaction, and Amazon takes care of the rest.
    If you’d like help with this let me know. I’m unemployed (in 2008, they let 1/3 of the staff go because of the tanking economy) so I have plenty of time.
    What a goddamned shame. This is a travesty.
    Maggie Ahrens

  7. Anyone who tells you the US is a free country just hasn’t been paying attention the last 20 years.This type of travesty is all too common. How many are in jail based on an obviously crooked trial? Innocence or the fact that your actions do not hurt anyone is not a protection from draconian punishment.

  8. You have no clue on who these women are that I have mentioned on Comment #1.
    What a surprise. Do a google search and find out if they are worth your blessings?
    From Comment #5
    [NativeSonKY Says:
    August 11th, 2011 at 1:19 pm
    @Joel – you’re a real piece of RWNJ work, man. I have to speculate after hearing your screed that you are a devout “Christian”, too, right? You JUDGE people all you want to fellow – you do it to your own peril in the future. Remember, no matter WHAt you THINK, Jesus is there, sitting beside these women in chains over a plant The Father put on this earth for a purpose. I hope you find peace sometime in your lifetime, and the Love you seem to be devoid of.]

  9. I hope everyone knows about the Regulate Marijuana Like Wine act that was co-authored by Judge Jim Gray. It is brilliantly crafted, does just what the title says, and needs our monetary support to gather enough signatures.
    They have a website: regulatemarijuanalikewine.com, where you can see videos, read the text of the bill and donate.
    With marijuana legalized and regulated in at least one state, the snowball will be unstoppable, and women like Patricia Spotted Crow and her children will no longer be fodder for the Prison for Profit system.

  10. The phrase “deserve to be punished” was misused on those four infamous people that I have mentioned on my first reply. I would like to see them behind bars, but as we all know; they are free from guilt because they have full support from our federal government and our elected officials from state government.
    During the 2008 Democrat National Convention, if Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois says that he will re-appoint Michele Leonhart to become the head DEA administrator instead of saying that the “drug war is a failure”, would he still become president. Would you still vote for him?
    I’m just a RWNJ who believes that cannabis can save the world.

  11. @Joel – okay I admit I didn’t have nor take time to look those women up, but that doesn’t matter. Jesus didn’t say “Love only those who deserve love” did he? No, he said “Love your enemies” which is a most radical thought for most. I know it’s unpopular to even mention his name in a lot of places, so let’s also quote a great author; “Do not be too eager to deal out death and judgement; Even the very wise cannot see all ends” – Gandalf.
    Tolkein makes the same point without offending those who don’t believe The Bible. But it is the same point, and I will take back the RWNJ thing I said here and now. At least I have been able to reply and make a point while discussing it with you, and that’s better than a RWNJ!

  12. NativeSonKY, it will be great to smoke a peace pipe with you and talk about philosophy, religion, and politics. Smoking cannabis can keep the mind open for a better understanding.
    I would really enjoy doing that. Honestly. 🙂
    I use the term “peace pipe” awhile back many times because I still believe that cannabis can save the world.
    Cannabis is good medicine.

  13. @Joel,
    Yes yes my brother! Ah but I so wish I could still smoke with you these days – I truly do as well. I’m glad we could see eye-to-eye finally, and if the powers that be ever stop firing me from jobs for coming up with dirty pee, I will pack the first bowl for us! I support all the MJ initiatives and I see through the hypocrisy of those who wage a War on a Plant and the People who choose to use it instead of much deadlier forms of recreational substances! This land and its people have been systematiclly beaten down at every turn and our economy is in the pits from sheer arrogance and rampant stupidity from the greedy hand. I hope the younger people will Carry On the legacy of those of us who have fought for 30-40 years to put a stop to this madness and try to find real solutions to our problems. I hope you and yours see it through to live in those days!
    Peace to All!

  14. I wonder how her kids are and if there is any way we can show support for them as well. Is there a fund, or other resources for these children? As a mom and grandma, my heart breaks for Patricia and her family. Our tax dollars fund this travesty of justice. How can we help?

  15. If ya don’t mind takin some time and processing the rantings of a reluctant ozark hillbilly’s experience and understanding, the king james writings include a quote “If a father does not love a child he doe’s not love him” ok paraphrazed, but accurate to the KJ interpatation. my point you guys bickered about the statement “they should be punnished” He was accurate in that, because our creator / father does love it’s creation as I do mine. So by the love statement it would be vile selfish statement to wish them other than the loving punnishment our father blesses us each with. P.S. If you get in Dad’s way hem ay allow you a circumstance to realize you shouldn’t do that . It get in the way of a fathers love. ya cant stop it you can just get in line…

  16. I want women to write me and ask me nosey personal questions.I grew up on a ranch listening to rock and roll on a radio station 100 miles from the ranch.I like birds nature ocean waves,lakes and sight seeing.I’m looking for friendship but not a relationship.

  17. It appears you really know a good deal related to this subject and it all demonstrates via this specific blog, given
    the name “Write to Women Behind Bars for Marijuana | NORML Blog, Marijuana Law Reform”.
    Regards -Carlo

  18. This is the big issue with cannabis. It is a gift from nature but somehow, the “rulers” invented reasons to prohibit it. People are dying from pharmaceutical poison labeled as “medicine” because it is “legal”. On the other hand, people are getting jailed for using a natural cure from Mother Nature because it is labeled “illegal”. Talk about living in a controlled society.

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