This Week in Weed: August 7th – 13th

NORMLtv is pleased to announce the newest addition to its programming lineup, “This Week in Weed.” This new weekly video series covers the most newsworthy stories shaping the marijuana law reform world. Our first installment covers Israel’s growing acceptance of medical cannabis, which states in the US have the highest use rates, and new polling on support for legalization.
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Don’t miss out on our previous content including a new PSA, Willie Nelson supporting HR 2306, and coverage from DC’s Drug War Victims Vigil.

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  1. Great video!
    Ok, so I just read that New York Times article, about the US expanding their role in fighting the cartels, while I was high and I have to say I almost had a panic attack. They were saying “it’s going to get worse before it gets better” (sounds like something the DEA has said before, ehhem *cough* *cough* Michelle Leonhart!). Sounds like somebody [insert desired division of Dept. of Justice] got Great media press from NY Times. Not so good. We have to do something folks! I can’t be having panic attacks reading the news about drugs!!!! HELP!

  2. What happened to the weekly legislation roundup?
    [Paul Armentano responds: The weekly legislative round up focuses primarily on pending state legislation. In most states, the legislatures on meet from Jan/Feb to May/June. So in most states their legislative sessions for 2011 are over. A few states do remain in session, and where marijuana friendly bills remain pending NORML has updates available here:

  3. This week in weed: you just smoked a fatty in spite of prohibition. Long live the herb! Legalize, tax, and regulate!

  4. Israel implementing medical marijuana protocols….mmmmm…now we know what that UFO was doing at the Temple of the Rock in January – alien mind control! Now we just need a big one over Washington, D. C. 🙂

  5. Israel is not just the Temple of the Rock. It’s a shame there wasn’t even one stock video of Tel-Aviv (where most Ents reside) or any other location for that matter besides **one** location 😛

  6. well Paul got second in Iowa..keep up the good work people, spread the word..all the other facist are saying Paul is too extreme..we need extreme, we need our soldiers to quit dying sensless deaths in some foriegn country, we need our treasury to quit printing more money devaluing what little money we have we need our goverment to quit selling us Ron Paul 2012, he is the only one who has kept the same message for yrs..he doesnt change at the drop of the hat..special interest gotta go..downsize the DEA, be a soverign nation..come on we can do it

  7. I’m glad that Ron Paul got a close second. What also is good news is that the republican wahoo’s are going to thin out some more because Rick Perry has just joined in the race. Ron Paul is very consistent on his policies for many years. For those who say that he is too old, what’s your point?
    I like to see Gary Johnson to be vice-president.

  8. Thanks prohibition for making cannibis grow by putting the pressure on. Please put more pressure on it because it will explode , and then what? You can’t beat what’s been around countless years. If it is money , try selling . It’s way too big for you to fight and it will never stop,ever.

  9. I just found out that the boy that killed his self in the “kids for cash” scandal was in boot camp for a pipe. Yet a another since less death from MJ Prohibition…

  10. 11. Jeff couldn’t be more right – and – his statement is correctly extreme. The Luciferian Party has sold our country down the river. It can’t be said any clearer than that.

  11. If the dea would put as much attention with our children that our missing at an alarming rate like they do on marijuana,they would find them a real criminal to arrest. Anyone can find a plant,but they can’t find or prevent our lost children from disappearing? I can see what means more to them,can you?

  12. Can you get Paul Krugman to toss the subject of marijuana legalization into things as a way of freeing up money and taxing it, you know, as a means of getting money you didn’t have before?

  13. The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office was assisted by the Department of Justice Campaign Against Marijuana Planting (CAMP) with the eradication of marijuana in Humboldt County. Between Aug. 8 and Aug. 11, officers eradicated 42,402 growing marijuana plants from open fields. The plants were seized from the following locations: Redwood Valley off State Highway 299, Baird Road, Hoopa, Bridgeville and Garberville. There were no arrests .
    Ahhh, another day in, Humboldt .

  14. This does not mean to come out to, Humboldt County to grow Marijuana .In fact, i don’t encourage it . There is a mandatory federal law imposed of no less than 10 years imprisonment to anyone caught growing large quaninites.
    Law Enforcement is still making arrests for mere possession of Marijuana and you can still be fined, jailed and put on parole or probation to lenghtly terms if caught .

  15. To bad Humboldt county didn’t support legalization last election. I hope you guys don’t get busted.NOT!

  16. Government should get on the back of a horse wagon and spew their shit so when they realize no one is listening to them we can just haul their ass out of town.

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