Legalization Week: Oregon, California, Colorado, Washington Activists on Ballot Initiatives for 2012

This week on NORML SHOW LIVE we took a look at four states where activists are proposing multiple ballot initiatives to legalize… or “sensibly regulate”… marijuana for all adults, even healthy ones. We covered Oregon, California, Colorado, and Washington, click the Full Story link below to get the lineup of interviewees and videos.
Join us online for our live coverage this weekend at Seattle Hempfest.  We have interviews scheduled with Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn, Councilman Nick Licata, City Attorney Pete Holmes, Washington Rep. Roger Goodman, Washington Rep. Mary Lou Dickerson, and US Congressman Dennis Kucinich, plus all the activist luminaries and performing artists we can snag!  Check out our NORML Stage Schedule for more info.
Watch the Legalization Week interviews here.

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  1. Hello
    I some how lost the email for volunteers for hempfest. Are you still in need of any volunteers?

  2. Good work to four states.
    Maybe my state listen to you.
    I hope and pray my home state,Alabama need to listen.

  3. Where can I get a Joe McCarthy T-shirt? The poor man was absolutely correct. The Luciferian Party has encroached our government, education, religion, and most of all – the rest of the world. America is the last remaining vestige of “freedom” on this planet. Once we fall – we will fall forever – and – it will be 1984. Luciferians boldly lie, cheat, and steal [steal our freedom]. The sad thing is – we can’t tell them to go do their shit someplace else – they’ve already done it. God bless America – and – God save America.

  4. it wont be legal anywhere in the next 10 years. you are being lied to and misguided all the while forking money over to people who never get any real change accomplished. A million people a year go to prison for pot, so don’t even begin to tell me we’ve made progress, you’ve done nothing but back peddle for 40 years!

  5. ^no your wrong actually we have made significant progress to the point where bills have been made to legalize on a regulated state level and more than a million people go to prison for pot and millions of tax payers dollars are spent doing it.

  6. When I visited Amsterdam and selected varieties of marijuana at Coffeshops I realized just what Legalization might look like. I was smoking at a table. The local Police came in, looked around, and promptly left. What a feeling. You don’t have to be treated like a criminal for using marijuana. I have never forgotten that feeling. Freedom requires work. You have to work to get it….you have to work to keep it. Support the RE Legalization of marijuana ANY way you can. It’s only right morally, spiritually, intelectually, scientifically, socially, biologically, and even politically.

  7. Does anyone know who is organizing here in Colorado for the State ballet for legalization of Marijuana. I want to be apart of that change.
    [Paul Armentano responds: There is a coalition of local and national groups, including SAFER, Sensible Colorado, NORML, MPP, SSDP, LEAP, and the DPA, leading this campaign under the banner: The Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol. You can learn more at:

  8. im a sixteen year old guy who believes marijuana should be legalized for all and i being one who has smoked it one time feels that it should be because it makes you feel better about yourself and makes u sleep a lot more because my mother has a sleep apnea or however u spell it and only sleeps one to three hours a night but the time i saw her smoke it put her to sleep for eleven hours straight and she felt so great and cheery in the morning it was unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!! LEGALIZE FROM OHIO!!!!!!!!!

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