This Week in Weed: August 14th-20th

Now streaming on NORMLtv is the latest edition of “This Week in Weed.” This new weekly video series covers the most newsworthy stories shaping the marijuana law reform world. This week President Obama fumbles another marijuana question, Hempfest takes over Seattle, and the NORML Women’s Alliance seeks answers to the cannabis gender gap.
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  1. It sure did look like Obama would make a change back in the day but you can see what happens when you sit down with too many advisers…

  2. Time to get rid of this golden child and hire someone who will actually do something about the failed drug war.

  3. Contact your legislators do it NOW send letters! They don’t have to be perfect just try to get your point across as well as you con.
    Raise your voice it is a Powerful thing!
    Here is another letter I sent to Senator Mikulski. . If you like it feel free to copy & paste. Add your personal touch.
    Honorable Senator Barbara Mikulski
    WASHINGTON, DC 20510
    Dear Honorable Senator Barbara Mikulski
    I have been a staunch supporter of your political career for years; since your time as a councilwoman for Baltimore. I commend you on all the good work you have done.
    My request today is for you to support HR 2306 bill which is for the decriminalization of Marijuana. My hope is that you get it on the floor to have it voted on. I believe it is time. We can’t afford to let marijuana be illegal any longer.There are some political leaders that have a complete deluded concept of marijuana user’s. Most marijuana user’s are just like you and I. They have a job, maintain a home and are hard working,tax paying,and are otherwise law abiding citizens.
    We need something to help pay down our national debt; and Marijuana is the huge key to our financial rescue. Marijuana is going to create millions of jobs and will reap billions of revenue. I am counting on you to see the bigger picture. I know this is something most Americans want. and we have been trying to get marijuana legal for many years.
    Thank you, and God Bless you and yours

  4. President Obama knows that the wayward government has no real evidence to support their position on Cannabis. He knows that the Cannabis law is based in the Jim Crow Laws of the past. He knows that the government has acted in a way that “shocks the senses of fair play.” when it come to this issue. He knows the law on cannabis is a Constructive Fraud placed upon the people of this country.

  5. I had cancer surgery and the pills i got to take every day of my life is just killing me faster and if i could smoke pot i could have a much better life what i have left to live.I love to smoke pot even befor i got sick so now i started back to smoking pot and fill 100 times better then i did taking them dam pills that the dr gets me hooked on.pills will kill you and pot dont hurt me not one bit.I know sence i started back smoking pot it has saved my life.people just dont under stand those pills will kill you the ones for pain but pot wount hurt you not at all.i have smoked pot off and on for 35 years and love it but now i need it to just help me live a way better life then the pills where giveing me.truthfull the pills where just killing me and i desided its better to break the law and live then take pills that kill every day,I hope you can read this for i did not get to finish school i had to get a job and work at a verry young age.Even with out school i did not ever ask for a hand out and i made a great liveing and raised 3 wounderfull kids thats grown now and i worked all my life till i became disabell and had to sign up on my s.s I am now going to join norml and i live in ky so please keep fighting for ower wrights so i can smoke in peace if pot was legail in ky i would not worie as much useing pot for my medican but i am not going to ever stop smoking pot no more for now i need it to live for medican,If i go to jail for smoking pot then the goverment will be out thousands on me just for the pills for medican i would have to take.I just pray for GOD to help me smoke my pot and not get cought for i know GOD dont care for me useing what he put on earth for me to smoke,GOD bless all you good people fighting for ower wrights and i called the ky norml chapter today and left them a message for them to call me for i am going to join the mnoney i give will help fight for all ower wrights,david from ky

  6. 9. Nancy Lee Garrett Says:
    August 19th, 2011 at 8:46 pm
    Honorable Senator Barbara Mikulski
    You must have some really good shit – because – there’s absolutely “nothing honorable” about Barbara Mikulski.

  7. The Road Runner – Meep! Meep! Says:
    August 26th, 2011 at 9:32 a.m.
    Hello Road Runner
    I am sorry you feel that way about Barbara Mikulski. However, no one is perfect and everyone is entitled to their opinion. I don’t agree with you. I wonder about people who are so negative about others. I think you are not able to give even a part of your real name because you are suspect.I think she has done as good a job. She deserves the respect anyone else does. As far as addressing her as Honorable Barbara Mikulski, that is the proper way to address a letter or communication to one of our elected officials. FYI:
    Thank you and God bless you and yours
    Nancy Lee Garrett

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