New Study: Crohn's Disease Mitigated By Cannabis

The federal government steadfastly refuses to acknowledge the therapeutic utility of the cannabis plant, stating as recently as this past July that it possesses:

“a high potential for abuse; … no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States; … [and] lacks accepted safety for use under medical supervision. … [T]here are no adequate and well-controlled studies proving (marijuana’s) efficacy; the drug is not accepted by qualified experts. … At this time, the known risks of marijuana use have not been shown to be outweighed by specific benefits in well-controlled clinical trials that scientifically evaluate safety and efficacy.”

Yet, almost daily, scientific journals from around the globe expose the absurdity of the administration’s longstanding ‘flat Earth’ position regarding the medical use of cannabis.
Below is a just published abstract from yet another scientific study establishing the safety and efficacy of cannabis. Your government will state categorically that studies like these don’t exist. Your government is lying to you.

Treatment of Crohn’s disease with cannabis: an observational study
via PubMed
Isr Med Assoc J. 2011 Aug;13(8):455-8.
BACKGROUND: The marijuana plant cannabis is known to have therapeutic effects, including improvement of inflammatory processes. However, no report of patients using cannabis for Crohn’s disease (CD) was ever published.
OBJECTIVES: To describe the effects of cannabis use in patients suffering from CD.
METHODS: In this retrospective observational study we examined disease activity, use of medication, need for surgery, and hospitalization before and after cannabis use in 30 patients (26 males) with CD. Disease activity was assessed by the Harvey Bradshaw index for Crohn’s disease.
RESULTS: Of the 30 patients 21 improved significantly after treatment with cannabis. The average Harvey Bradshaw index improved from 14 +/- 6.7 to 7 +/- 4.7 (P < 0.001). The need for other medication was significantly reduced. Fifteen of the patients had 19 surgeries during an average period of 9 years before cannabis use, but only 2 required surgery during an average period of 3 years of cannabis use.
CONCLUSIONS: This is the first report of cannabis use in Crohn’s disease in humans. The results indicate that cannabis may have a positive effect on disease activity, as reflected by reduction in disease activity index and in the need for other drugs and surgery. Prospective placebo-controlled studies are warranted to fully evaluate the efficacy and side effects of cannabis in CD.

NORML will have a detailed summary of this study in next week’s NORML News. (Sign up to receive NORML News updates here.)

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  1. P.S. With respect to God – Americans have full respect for science and those who believe in science.

  2. If Obama means what he says in his lastest speach,than prohibition should be lifted off marijuana as a revenue source . Plain and simple!

  3. Separation of church and state is absolute -and – so is separation of science and state. Religion is hands off [and vice versa]- and – science is hands off. In other words – politics should tend its own biscuits.

  4. I’ve been following NORML since my college days. That back in 1972 when NORML’s news was 1 page in Playboy. Its now 39 years later and I read the same stuff over and over again. More studies showing pots is good for you, especially when ingested.
    The TRUTH is, Washington will never legalize it, no matter how many medical reports show its medicine and safer than asprin. There is too much money to be made keeping it illegal and that blood money pays for their elections and cozy lifestyles.
    And to all you who things THEY don’t know its medicine and good for you, I’d bet they are safely puffing away, laughing at all those dummies who voted for them, as they deposit their blood money in the bank.

  5. One more thing, I am disabled with multiple problems, not Crohms, but I did read in NORML’s medical section that Marjuana does help in 4 of my aliments. Its not available legally in my state, so I spend $170 a month at the local pharmacy for my 7 legal medicines.

  6. “” The need for other medication was significantly reduced.””
    Here we have one of the main reasons for keeping weed illegal. We’re all starting to see the major greed involved in every day life here in America with our corporate politics leading the way. Drug companies will just lobby that much more knowing they stand to lose money. They know they will lose millions of customer$ if weed is ever legal and they don’t give a shit if it’s safe with no side affects. They just care about the margins which is okay if you’re making cars or kool-aid. Drugs and health care should be free (zero dollars) for all even for rich assholes. And no, I’m not a Socialist but non profit health care should be our first priority with prison reform following a close second.

  7. “Just an observer”,
    that may all be well and good, but ALL WE HAVE TO DO is VOTE in the Republican primary in Feb., Mar., or April and get Ron Paul IN as the republican candidate. Obama will have to sh*t or get off the Pot re: the legalization of mj. And, if Obama goes down, Ron Paul will legalize drugs (at the federal level) pretty quick.
    And I am also a one (1) issue voter. I will not vote for anyone who wants to send people to jail for possesion of drugs.

  8. I have had Ulcerative Colitis for 6 years now. I can truly state that in the last 2 years I have not had any flares with my UC. The last 2 years I have been using MMJ on a regular basis. The first 4 years I had flares on a regular basis even with the medicine I take to control UC, since I have started using MMJ no flares…What does that tell you? Why do the feds refuse to look at the facts? Having UC is not any fun but if I can stop the flares with MMJ thats what I am going to do.

  9. I understand where you are coming from Tom. At only age 18, I was diagnosed with several to many ulcers due to stress related instances and was prescribed medication to rid myself of them. After my first dose had been used I could no longer obtain my medication as I changed insurance companies and it no longer help my cause in obtaining the medicine. I then started using MJ and now at age 20 I have had no problems from my Ulcers what so ever.

  10. Hello . “Crohn’s disease” is the inflammation of the
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    Chrons disorder {c-h-r-o-n-s} however is the similar
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    lesser disorder about vitamin deficiency and newer
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    Chrons is often associated with Terretes disorder . .
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  11. I have IBD for over a decade now. Without medical cannabis I would have had to get many operations and take nerd that make your condition worse in the end as well as mentally insane. If IBD patients don’t know about it already, look at the phoenix tears website and try the oil treatment. It really works 100% of the time. All my symptoms are gone with my regiment, it has been a blessing and allows me to leave the house aand function again. Anyone trying to stop.and hold this information from patients are not only ignorant but evil. Ps high cbd cannabis is were its at for meds!

  12. Yes. I am glad for this article, it should be brought to the FED all they do is spend our money and print more they dont give a fuck about us and that’s why it is so hard and we are in another recession!

  13. Hey this is a really great post! I’ve been doing some personal research on various treatment methods for crohn’s. Cannabis is one of the more unorthodox methods to treat and there are others. Taking part in a crohn’s clinical trial is another option that can give people access to medical treatment that they can’t get anywhere else.

  14. I was just diagnosed with Crohn’s and the only way I was able to function for the past couple years when it was acting up before I got meds was with cannabis. I honestly believe that the anti-inflammatory properties not only kept me pain-free enough to keep living my life but also preventing the disease from progressing or doing any serious permanent damage so far.

  15. I have been a regular/light smoker for many years and I also have been diagnosed with crohn’s disease for 24 years. I have been in remission for almost 4 years until recently. I was applying for a new job and knew that I had to pass a urine test so I stopped smoking for 1 month. Almost immediately, I became sick…severe abdominal pain and severe rectal bleeding. I began to loose control with my bowels, I was feverish and was sleeping most of the days away. Well, I passed my test and smoked again. Honestly, the next day my symptoms of Crohn’s was half and now one week later, I am almost back to normal and pain free. I had no idea what benefits I was having from smoking approximately three nights a week near bedtime had on my body. We have to get the laws changed to at least decriminalize it. What can I do?? I will vote Ron Paul but I am in Indiana and need some serious changes here and now.

  16. Ive had chrones for 15 years. The only medication I get relief from is weed! This is a serious disease that can get fatal if you let it get out of control. What kind of government are we allowing ours to become when we have to risk punishment for treating our illnesses? Anyone who doesn’t understand should be stabbed repeatedly with a huge knife then afterwards should be told to man up it could be worse you could have chrones! This disease effects all areas of my life, not just a part of it. Oh and what is this bulshit about not being Abel to pick up my medication at a true pharmacy? How safe would it be to send patients that need pain medication to an industrial non safe area to pick up their meds? We shouldn’t be sent across the damn train tracks to get our meds! I pay 400 a month for my meds and still out of weed a week a month. We need to make pot more affordable. Take the money out of the crop and the violence and trafficing will stop. They price pot as if it were gold.

  17. I was recently diagnosed with Crohn’s, and have tried all different kinds of medications, and nothing helped relieve my symptoms. I tried marijuana for the first time about a year ago. I immediately noticed a tremendous difference in the way I was feeling. Any time I have a flare-up, I take marijuana, and I am completely relieved. Literally NOTHING else works. I wish it were embraced in our society, God put it on this earth for a reason! We use so many other plants and herbs for treatment, so why not this one?

  18. Without marijuana I would not be able to funtion and go to work. I have Crohn’s disease and it makes me violently ill 🙁 I thank the plant gods everyday.

  19. There is a way around smoking its a pill called drianobol or something like that that contains thc.

  20. I was diagnosed at 15 with IBS, but now am having tests done to see if is Chron’s at 25. At 18, i started using marijuana to control the pain and inflammation due to CD. I had to quit using mj in December due to legal issues, and now my flare ups are worse than ever. I am living proof that mj works to ease symptoms related to cd. It needs to be accessed to those of us who trulyneed it.

  21. I dont have crohns but know people with it. I have IBS and had no trouble getting a med mj card. I preach to people all the time about the benefits of med mj. With it a card holder can grow their own med mj specificly for their condition something i had never realized until getting my own card. Plus it solves the price problem, and your not forced to shadey ways to get it. I’m so glad Michigan woke up i wish the rest of the US would especially the fed gov.

  22. That is great to hear that people with Crohn’s disease could achieve some level of benefit from the use of cannabis. This can be a pretty debilitating condition if it is not managed well.

  23. I was diagnosed with Crohns 5 years ago & was prescribed several different(& expensive) drugs since. Some worked for a little while, none long term. Now I’m really, really careful about what I eat but that’s not 100% either. I hadn’t thought about marijuana until a coworker mentioned it so I started looking it up & I’m willing to give it a try. I’ve smoked it in the past but not for this reason. My question is, with so many varieties of marijuana, is one better than the other?

  24. I’m pretty sure I have Crohn’s… I’m on Entocort. I’ve been in pain for nearly 10 years. I’m allergic to chicken, turkey, fish, shellfish, seafood, ( <—all that I can DIE from within minutes) bell peppers, eggs and oats (stomach hurts like hell). I was misdiagnosed with Celiac disease. WRONG. So I'm following the rules, assuming I have it. Just waiting for the test to say YES. I'm also allergic to dust, mold, perfume, etc.. I have Mondini's syndrome as well, TMJ, low iron levels and hypoglycemia plus more. My mother was labeled with fibromyalgia. Life sucks like a bitch. Sometimes I wish I could die. Marijuana is the only thing that kept me going, without it I would have committed suicide long time ago.

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