This Week in Weed: September 11th – 17th

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This Week: a congressman calls upon Drug Czar Kerlikowse to reschedule marijuana, per se THC limits for drugged driving stall out in Colorado, and the biggest marijuana rally on the east coast is about to commence.
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  1. So California doesn’t have electronic voting currently, so that pretty much eliminates the e-vote fraud possibility. I’m confused on whether there’s other methods of impacting the final vote. I would hate to see something like Prop 19 in California be inappropriately impacted by government/business organizations with vested interests. A vote of 53 YES / 47 NO sounds like the real California opinion!!!

  2. this is why we need to VOTE RON PAUL in office in the 2012 election. I have faith that he will actually follow through with supporting the legalization of marijuana, not just talk about it and then back down once in office like our current president did. OBAMA IS A LIAR! VOTE RON PAUL!!

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  4. i can remember when Obama said he would not mess with the states where THE PEOPLE voted m.m.j in. That was a BIG LIE!!He has really disapointed me …

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