Oh The Irony (Part II): Obama The Home Brewer

Oh to be governed…by hypocrites.
Last week the nation watched President Obama bestow a rarely presented Medal of Honor to former Marine Sgt. Dakota Meyer. News reports indicate Mr. Meyer requested to have a beer the night before with his former commander-in-chief before the formal ceremonies.

The two men were in fact widely photographed enjoying a beer on the White House back porch.
Where did the beer the two men consume come from?
The same news reports reveal that our President has become the first ever home brew resident of the White House, brewing a “White House Honey Blonde Ale”.
Is it not painfully ironic to the point of disgust that the President of these United States of America–an occasional tobacco consumer and home brewer–along with the Speaker of the House John Boehner (a well-known tobacco and alcohol consumer), can responsibly engage in these adult-oriented activities, while at the same time providing ample public resources and rhetoric for continuing the nation’s farcical and long-suffering Cannabis Prohibition (74 years as of October 2nd!)?
Next time you hear one of these two elected policy makers spout off about being ‘anti-drug’ and not being in favor of cannabis law reforms…just remember that both men are just selective Prohibitionists…and hypocrites.
Really! Who wants to be governed by hypocrites who possess this ‘Good for Me, but not for Thee’ mentality?

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  1. George Washington was the largest distiller of Rye whiskey in the colonies, the Confederation and the United States…he grew a lot of hemp too!
    [Editor’s note: Both points are entirely correct.]

  2. I find it unconscionable for our President to allow Congressional leaders to continue prohibition, meanwhile, he enjoys the same luxuries that we want for marijuana consumers. I am tired of hearing how I am wrong, while they are right. I think that any politician who refuses to uphold the truth about marijuana should be ousted from office. Replace each and every single one of them. If law enforcement officers refuse to uphold these new laws, replace them as well. It is time for us to stand up and be counted as responsible citizens. We are not “crack heads”, or “meth heads”, we’re potheads. That means something to me, I am an herbal consumer that makes good decisions. Marijuana is my recreational drug of choice and always will be. Power to the potheads!

  3. Yea he’s a tool alright. I bet he sneaks one hits of tobacco in the oval office bathroom. Think we need to just start referring to alchohol as a deadly drug. Headline. Obama pushing drug (alchohol) on our kids before he sends them off to die in his wars.

  4. As a fan of beers, I bet that beer is delicious.
    As a fan of Cannabis, this is stupid. I believe Obama knows it and has his hands tied, though. He must be thinking to himself “the stoners must reaaaally not be liking me much anymore.” It’s all so unfair. They’re rubbing it in it feels like.

  5. You can’t put anything more in the news to discredit Marijuana, the President and Government Agencies till the Presidential Election is under way. We’ve all been convinced that we made a truly big damn mistake voting for this nightmare life style we have. For our punishment for voting for Obama and believing the crap there’s a built in self scolding for our lack of intelligence in a choice for President. Are you enjoying your little vacation on unemployment?

  6. I’m sorry but I don’t see the hypocrisy in this situation. What does drinking or smoking tobacco have to do with pot? If they were sitting smoking pot in the photo THAT would be hypocritical.I’m a pot smoker and a home brewer and I can’t say I like the angle this article has taken. Attacking alcohol to justify marijuana just makes you look very one sided and unintelligent.
    [Editor’s note: NORML is NOT attacking alcohol and tobacco products or their consumers. The point of ridiculing Obama and Boehner is that they choose to use far more dangerous and addictive ‘drugs’ while trying to maintain Cannabis Prohibition with a straight face.
    Both men are clearly hypocrites for using alcohol and tobacco products while claiming that the use of cannabis constitutes a moral turpitude worthy of violent law enforcement intervention, arrest, prosecution and possible incarceration.
    Citizens need to call out hypocritical politicians who don’t deserve the voters’ respect.]

  7. About ten years ago I’ve chatted with people online who works at a beer brewery, and they are totally against home brewing as if it was a threat to their jobs.
    I would be so nice to legally grow your own victory garden.
    Please VOTE in the primaries!

  8. I got to make this stupid remark:
    President Obama is home brewing his own beer?!
    OH no …. what about his children!!!

  9. If anyone has the opportunity to ask these guys (Obama or Boenher) a question, please ask “Do you support the prohibition of marijuana? And if so, can I get you on record to say you would support the prohibition of alcohol and tobacco since they are more dangerous substances?”

  10. Yeah hypocrites nothing new in Washington. I find it funny how the public watches this and thinks nothing of them sitting there drinking a beer but if they sparked up a joint the entire world would fall apart. I personally would rather have a stoned president than a drunk president. I don’t really think it matters that much anyway. I doesn’t seem like the president has much of an affect on anything, for the most part, he is just there for public viewing and to take the blame when things go wrong.

  11. Do i get these rules right? So people can home brew but yet distilling to get a purer form is a felony..Let alone alowing these hypicritical pricks to segregate against its own people like a bunch of lower class nothings.. Science isn’t running our future..Corporations are..sickning that the DEA is supposidly giving out corporations the right to grow commercially.. WTF is that?? So basically instead of the masses gowing a couple plants to make a couple bucks and smoke for free they want a few select companies to be able to grow n charge whatever to anyone who wants to buy it..Little guys lose again..Smoke on!!

  12. If Obama can get the so-called Super Committee to ax the funding for the war on cannabis, I’ll vote for him. If not, I’ll be looking for an alternative. If I don’t find a Gary Johnson or Ralph Nader alternative, I just won’t vote for the Prez & VP, just other people running for an office.

  13. The hypocrisy alone should be enough to have cannabis legal, but if we were to delve into the vast devastating effects of alcohol to society then it’d probably be the largest joke in the last century. Problem is people don’t take us seriously. Too bad, they’re highly missin out!

  14. I think Presidet Obama smokes marijuana on the sly. He just doesn’t talk about it and his dealers know if they rat on him they will be taken out by the CIA.

  15. If Obama had been caught possessing marijuana (he has admitted that he smoked it) he would not be President, no question about that. He probably would be working an unsatisfying job paying not much more than minimum wage. The same is true for Bush, Clinton, Gore…and all the other politicians who have smoked the herb. When you brand someone a criminal, you remove their ability to make a positive difference in their communities.

  16. LG, I rather doubt it. He’d be a better President if he was toking. I don’t care for making a big deal about Obama brewing and drinking. It’s part of our freedom and as long as the drinkers are acting responsibly, criticizing them for it just sounds like sour grapes to me and has no traction.
    Franky, beer and wine are natural products, just like maryjane. It the hard liquor that is made via industrial-sized chemistry sets. The more love to put into growing your trees, but better they turn out. Beer and wine are very similar in this regard.

  17. Here ye, here ye, here ye. Then will you here me now?
    Here it is in a nut shell [by definition]. “If you believe in God and pot you’re a Genesist.” It’s just that simple. Now that’s something you can hang your hat on.

  18. I have only ever made one prayer to God, a very short one: O Lord, make my enemies ridiculous.
    And God granted it.

  19. “The true hypocrite is the one who ceases to perceive his deception, the one who lies with sincerity.”
    André Gide

  20. It’s not hypocritical because home brewing and tobacco consumption are legal, and marijuana isn’t. That’s it, it’s an open/shut case. I’m not saying it -should- be illegal, just that calling him a hypocrite for indulging in legal activities and not indulging in illegal ones is more than a bit reactionary.

  21. I’m asking this legitimately,and hear me out, if I was President, and I wanted to legalize cannabis, would it be easy for me to go against the wishes of congress and fight them on it, go through a media circus, insulted by everyone who either thinks I’m not trying hard enough and they know how easy it is, not getting it passed and then not only reading insults online but hearing them on the news? Or would it be easier to just ignore it and at least attempt to finish up what I came in office to do?
    I don’t think people voted in Obama for “legalization”, but for what he wanted to do. The AMOUNT of crap that he has to go through every day, the backlash from biased news, the people who think that being President is the same as being a Dictator and whatever you say goes, and all the other nonsense that most people think about. Being President is RIDICULOUSLY hard. I honestly think that even if Ron Paul was President, the same crap would be pulled, limiting all the things he would completely love to do.
    If anything I said is wrong, talk to me, tell me, correct me, teach me. I’m always open to knowledge, just annoyed at why people don’t get that there is a group of men and women called “congress”. They are supposed to be “the voice of the people”. Watch what they do, and tell them what you want, and if they don’t do it, work on either talking to them some more, or don’t vote for them to hold positions.

  22. I don’t know if O’bama and and Sgt Meyer know this,but,Hops(contained in the ale) a close cousin of Cannabis,Is one of the most Estrogenic Plants on the Earth,containing a very potent hormone called Estrodial that interferes with testosterone production in the testes…
    O”bamas nipples are probably lactating by now… lol
    But seriously, since the Honey Ale is in part made from a honey hive on the “South lawn”.Perhaps the next step for self sufficiency would be to grow some Hops on the White House estate.
    And if they want to grow some balls like a real man> (George Washington or Abraham Lincoln for example…They could cultivate some mid-latitude hemp in the garden.
    But,oh well, I guess they don’t make Presidents like they used to:)

  23. Hops are what is used in the brewing process of almost all beers. Hops are in the Cannabaceae family which is also the smae family cannabis can be found in. So, Obama consumed beer containing a cousin of cannabis. “Oh no Obama! You better spit that beer out before you look like a marijuana supporter” lol.
    ~Drinking Beer Is NORML~
    ~Smoking Pot is NORML~

  24. “It is because people drink “to have fun” but they smoke marijuana “to get high.””
    Richard Nixon

  25. Please legalize cannabis. If sugar, caffeine, alcohol and nicotine can be taxed, which all are a drug by definition effecting the nervous system. Cannabis should be taxed and given to We The People to be used by adults and sold in liquor/drug stores. The drug Alcohol has already killed so many(not cannabis)in it’s use and mis-use(drunk driving/liver disease/alcoholism).
    Stop the hype of the world coming to an end due to mass hysteria created by the minds of the paranoid politicians. Legalize and let us be free to choose as adults. If one can’t handle the truth, just know that the truth will find and absorb one anyway. Truth avails and cannabis was created to be used by mankind, our bodies may need it for change. We have so many Cannabinoid receptors in us!
    And with the help of science we may one day achieve cannabis at 35% THC 11% CBD. That to me would be one of the greatest testimonials to Cannabis! Science has stimulated the growth output of the potato with electrostimulation. Could it enhance Cannabis as it grows?
    Just sayin!

  26. Young Smoker:
    It likely varies from state to state, but here in TN we are allowed to distill and have in our possession, up to three gallons of homemade liquor. Most of us simply don’t do it, because it is a tedious process that can be circumnavigated by swinging by a local liquor store.

  27. I find it funny that so many people mention how George Washington “grew hemp” Granted, he did. But, was I the only one who has seen both documentaries on History about him (one being about him exclusively, and the other being about the founding fathers) That clearly quotes a diary entry for him that calls the FEMALE hemp plant as having “God’s little miracle” due to its ability to relieve him of oral pain, a symptom he was well known to have? Yes, he grew hemp. but he also smoked Marijuana.

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