Tell Congress: 'More Americans Support Legalizing Marijuana Than Oppose It'

In the wake of Monday’s watershed Gallup poll showing that for the first time more Americans support the notion of legalizing marijuana than oppose it, I have a new op/ed online at’s Congress Blog.
As many of you know, this is the website where Washington DC insiders, members of Congress, and their staff go to blog.
Want to send Washington, DC a message that the American public is fed up with the criminalization of cannabis? Then click the link below to read my entire commentary and the be sure to leave a comment (polite, respectful comments only please) on The Hill website.

More Americans support legalizing marijuana than oppose it
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[excerpt] Since 2005, public support for legalizing cannabis has grown among every single demographic polled. That’s right, today a greater percentage of Americans of every age, political ideology, and from every region of the country back marijuana law reform than did just six years ago.
… Gallup pollsters analyzed the data and concluded the obvious, “If this current trend on legalizing marijuana continues, pressure may build to bring the nation’s laws into compliance with the people’s wishes.”
Of course, public pressure has been building for some time now. Since 1996, 16 states and the District of Columbia have initiated statewide laws to allow for the limited legal use of marijuana when recommended by a physician. Laws are also changing in regards to the broader use of cannabis. In fact, in 2011, four states – Arkansas, California, Connecticut, and Kentucky – enacted new laws significantly lowering the penalties for marijuana use and possession. In California and Connecticut, lawmakers took the dramatic step of making such activities non-criminal offenses.
Nonetheless, federal officials don’t yet seem to be hearing the public’s message – even when it is made clear to them on the White House’s own ‘We the People’ website. … But the Administration’s failure to heed public opinion is a gross political miscalculation.
Rather than rebuff the public’s calls for cannabis policy reform, the Administration ought to be embracing it.
… The bottom line: marijuana law reform should no longer be viewed by federal legislators as a political liability. For those lawmakers willing to advocate for common-sense reforms, this issue represents a unique political opportunity. The public is ready for change; in fact, they are demanding it. Lawmakers can either get with the program, or suffer the consequences.

After you have done so, please also take a moment to contact your members of Congress and urge them to support HR 2306: The Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2011. You can do so quickly and conveniently via NORML’s Take Action Center’ here. You can also contact the White House here.
Get active. Get NORML!

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  1. Why should parents and educators and health professionals and employers support legalization?
    1. Becausedoing so makes it possible to establish appropriate and accountable conditions for the distribution of marijuana to adults thus
    a) creating an additional barrier for minors being able to get it
    b)it sends a message to kids that some prvileges and rights are reserved for adulthood. Our society is full of them already.
    c)creating a safe source of a safe alternative to alcohol, thereby possibly decreaing the incidence and duration of alcohol dependence
    d) because in states where marijuana is tolerrated through lower penalties or medically legalized, incidents of traffic accidents and fatalities is actually lower than “dry” states that take a hard line to marijuana use.
    e) because there’s no risk of using marijuana that even approaches the consequences of arrest and court costs even if not convicted.
    I could go on and on as we all could, butt that should be enough argument for anybody.

  2. I hope every director of ONDCP,DEA,NIDA and every spin-off bureaucracy in our government that has helped spread lies or blocked legalization efforts has to have a star branded on their foreheads,,so they will never be forgotten,even if they get old and uglier.

  3. Please legalize marijuana! It is not a gateway drug. I truly believe I would be a raging alcoholic like the rest of my family if it was not for pot. By jailing these people who are not hurting ANYONE, you are destroying their lives!

  4. Keep running the economy into the ground until cannabis is legalized.
    The only way they’ll legalize is if they have no other choice.
    Cannabis prohibition is a fraud perpetrated on the public, the world by means of international agreements.
    It’s waste, and it’s abuse of the public because it’s war by their respective governments on their own people.
    Get those U.N. fuckers to attend the cannabis conference in November, and make sure they clear the way for legalization.
    If you advocate American Exceptionalism, then the U.N. must conform to clearing the way for the U.S. to legalize cannabis.
    Get the supercommittee to slash all funding for cannabis prohibition, and get them to put wording in the legislation allowing for regulation and taxation of cannabis, at reasonable rates, not dumb-ass astronomical tax stamp bitch rates!
    Free Marc Emery and all the others imprisoned for non-violent cannabis offenses/non-crimes!
    Send camera crews to record America’s finest politicians, judges, prosecutors and ONDCP and DEA employees and get the public to take cell phone footage, and put their most assholish [sic] moments on the web and on the air!

  5. Marijuana saved me from staying an alcoholic. Funny thing is I lost most all of my desire to use marijuana also. I have no desire to see it remain a criminal activity. Marijuana is NOT physically addictive. Please stop jailing people for using a benign herb.

  6. This is a battle we cannot lose. We have to be diligent, keep working hard we can’t let the fed’s think they can break our spirit. Write letters to your representatives. Get your friends and family to join you in this battle.
    Congradulations Little gypsy #9 on your recovery from alcoholism. I met people who told me the same thing.I just met a young woman who was hooked on crack. She found out she was pregnant. So she had to act fast. She started to use marijuana to get through withdrawl and she had lost a lot of weight, But the marijuana helped her to be able to eat properly. I’m glad to say the baby was born perfect no signs of crack or marijuana in his system. She had beautiful,healthy baby boy.
    God bless you and yours.

  7. I feel this would be a step in the right direction toward making Pot work to help our damaged economies. Marijuana is the safest drug with actual benefits for the user as opposed to alcohol which is dangerous, causes addiction, birth defects, and affects literally every organ in the body. Groups are organizing all over the country to speak their minds on reforming pot laws. I drew up a very cool poster for the cause which you can check out on my artist’s blog at Drop in and let me know what you think!

  8. it does no good to tell congress we want marajuana legalized i wrote congressman boehner from ohio and i always get the same response he is totaly against it according to him it is highly addictive and and it could possibly cause people to drink more alcohol what a hipocrit they arent interested in what people have to say they dont want to . if 90%of the peole wanted it legal they still would not listen

  9. The US is very aware of ALL THE MEDICAL BENIFITS of MMJ hence the reason they patented it to corner the pharmaceutical market for it. Oh you didnt know ? Peep this:
    See without that, they ( THE USA ) don’t stand to make money off of it, and if you grow it it will cut into profits. So they have to stamp you out now while they develop the next big drug. So they have to play deaf and struggle by until its released next summer.

    HAVE 4,392. MUST HAVE TOTAL OF 5,000 BY OCT. 23.
    upper case P

  11. The politicians who favored cannabis prohibition are grossly underestimating the will of the people who are sick of being treated as criminals.
    Put an end to this criminating foolishness that is tearing the United States Apart. End cannabis prohibition!

  12. Spread the word,
    copy and paste this into business/economy discussions where people that are looking for answers (but unlikely readers of are likely to be:
    Spread the word, please
    now is the time…
    I don’t want to spend any more time in trouble with the law for something they have no logical business bothering me for.

    They should consider the revenue of undoing cannabis prohibition:
    ~50% of the visible public are for it, in spite of its vilification and stigmas
    the largest organization of doctors (35,000) in California wrote this about it:
    take a few minutes, hit the link and scroll down and watch the few minute clip
    read about it, and comment, here:

  13. We have to keep on the federal level. Local cops will never back it as it brings in the potential for so much money. Did you see how much Indiana made last week on a bust? Over 4 million dollars in cash. Basically one gang stealing from another gang. Before trials or any convictions on anything they have already incorporated it into their budgets for several years they said. It just makes me sick to my stomache.

  14. I am a chronicly ill patient in a southern state that is mostly elderly baptist members. I could benefit from pot for medical needs for a better quality of life that i have left. I am so sick + tired of worrying about getting arrested + being a criminal ( in their eyes) that i am afraid to use a unharmfull plant to make my time of life i have left better!Alcohol will kill me!The use of marijuana is safer than the very dangerous alcohol!!I hope the goverment will soon see the light that it’s use and medical help WILL BE LEGALIZED BY THE PEOPLE ONE DAY SOON and they either go with it or suffer the consequences!!!!!!!!

  15. I am 53yrs. old and have been insulin depandant for almost forty yrs.,this has caused severe chronic pain in my whole body and has also caused severe chronic insomnia which cannot be controlled by sleeping meds. because all of them cause me to have nightmares and sleep walking which in 1993 caused me to be arrested in a sleep walking incident(the only time ever arrested in my life)I have refused sleeping med. since that date and the only way I get any sleep at all is with the help of marijuana which does not cause the nightmares or sleep walking,I think it is very sad that an honest and law abiding citizen has to risk prosecution for doing the only thing I can do to live.The criminalization of marijuana is causing much unneeded suffering on families and individuals and greatly enriching the cartels.It is past time that this issue is resolved to the best interest of grown individuals who should have the right to make their own decisions what they do in the privacy of their home.Seriously look at the relationship of anger problems created from alcohol verses marijuana.I have smoked thirty+ years and have never once seen a person want to fight or harm anyone after smoking.(just a personal observation)I do not know how anyone standing in the way of an individual who is chronically ill to in some way improve their quality of life can lay down and go to sleep at night.Maby they can do it after a few drinks of alcohol…PLEASE VOTE TO LEGALIZE MARIJUANA USE FOR RESPONSIBLE ADULTS.

  16. It is really sad that in areas such as where I live at and many others in the USA could not speak out for legalization as I would be pulled over by LEO every time I was driving down the street and due to medical reasons I do take, millions of others are vulnerable but do not know it.
    Many of the legally prescribed medications make people vulnerable if LEO checked ALL controlled substances and not just the 10 or so they now check for.
    If LEO tested people for Lunesta, LYRICA at the same rate during traffic stops, after accidents and for employment as well as all other excuses for drug testing the drug companies would loose BILLIONS and millions of people would look at drug testing in a different light but to be truthful LEO target certain people by not applying the law consistently.
    We all know this as does the DEA just as they know weed is safer than any prescribed medication; there are always a few people who make it more difficult for a conversation about legalizing weed more difficult as when someone is arrested for meth possession or cooking meth and during other criminal arrests people have weed and other drugs when arrested.
    This gives weed a bad name and I often cringe when the news comes on and it is announced that John Doe was arrested for XYZ and marijuana possession; for goodness sakes if someone plans to do a crime leave your weed somewhere else, under your dog house in the back yard or somewhere as responsible pot smokers suffer as people laugh about the Dumbest Criminal of the Day, just go to jail for the stupid human trick and don’t take the millions of responsible pot smokers with you.
    Most of us could go to a city council meeting when different Leo’s are sworn in by the Mayor and we can look around at responsible people in government who do smoke but would loose it all if they were truthful and spoke out about legalization.
    Please ask those you know to contribute and ask those in the “Dumbest Criminal of the Day contestants’ to leave their stash at home.
    Sadly many people are afraid to write their congressmen as many would notify LEO and most of these same people believe that using something to relax is against their religious beliefs and will never vote to allow others to live their quiet law abiding life if cannabis is involved; one of the few political issues that IS USED to quiet FREE SPEECH.

  17. Suffer the consequences: Means voting you out of office. IF YOU ARE NOT FOR THE LEGALIZATION OF MARIJUANA; YOU WILL NOT GET MY VOTE!!! That goes for democrats and republicans alike. We, the people need to clean out Congress anyway. To all marijuana legalization supporters – Please vote against anyone who does not support legalization. It is time to take out the garbage…

  18. I am a very old lady and I think that these laws against marijuana is just like prohibition of alcohol.
    Let the American people vote YES or NO for legalizing marijuana. Thank you

  19. It appears to me with all the information available to the public concerning the benefits of marajuana, the only politicians that would be against letting the people vote are the ones being paid by the lobbyist from the alcohol and pharmaceutical companies

  20. “If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so.”
    –Thomas Jefferson

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