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NORML is getting a new website makeover! We have been working hard on developing a more modern, user-friendly internet destination that will integrate all of the information presently stored on, our two popular blogs, and our all-important membership and online donation platforms.
We will be gradually rolling out this new platform over the next month, starting first with the brand new informational website and donation system, and then integrating all of our blogs into a unified blogging platform. With the site relaunch visitors will be able to readily find the nearest NORML chapters and legal committee members in your area with geo-targeting, conveniently find any state’s current marijuana laws, browse NORML’s immense research library, and check out the revamped NORMLshop (the brand new documentary film “A NORML Life” will be available to purchase when the page launches).
If you have any questions about this transition, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Keep your eyes on in the coming days to see what new things we have in store.

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  1. Wow, the new website is really modern! I like the changes! It definitely adds to the legitimacy to the campaign! Go NORML!

  2. make the social parts like huffington post and keep millions on your site with lots of facebook, twitter, etc linking, which really gets the msg out! I do link norml there a bit :+)

  3. I just tried to use an action link to email my congressman and it didn’t work. I am sure you’re working on it now, but wanted to make sure you knew.

  4. Wisconsin drugged driving laws have changed you just might want to update them. 1st offence is carried for life, 3rd offense is a felony, and fines are also tripled.

  5. I really like the layout! The animated banners really make the site look more professional and attractive now. In a way the site is more “fun” , LOL

  6. Might be nice to integrate some kind of campaigne to seek volunteers to start local or county then local groups. Tieing them in with regional and state. this would help pin down more membership and support getting the word out and providing local news watchers for the cause. this would be a good way to gather news for the NSL.

  7. That’s great news, NORML.
    One suggestion, though, if it’s not too much trouble. On NORML’s new website, it would be wonderful to have an on-line and zipped PDF available no more than 2 levels down of every British/Indian, British, Canadian, and USA study regarding the harmless nature of cannabis, including of course the Siler Report (Panama Canal Zone), La Guardia Report (NYC), Le Dain Report (Canada), and the Shafer Report (USA/Nixon).
    IMVHO, it would be useful to have all these government funded or sponsored reports handy, if only to point out the absurdity of the USA government to insist on yet another commission or report to ascertain the harmless nature of cannabis, either to the individual or society. It’s already been done, ad nauseum, and anything else is redundant and risks new government censorship.

  8. Sorry ya all, this is a bit of topic, but if you want to end the war on drugs…get out there and do something about it. Protest!
    Just found this article this morning.
    I encourage you all to go read it…then go to comments and straighten out the morons and trolls.
    I went to a local protest in my area last nite. I was a bit discourgaged.
    The were only about a 100 or so people(better than no one). That just means not enough people around here have woke up. That just means those 100 and myself have alot of work to do.
    Theres lots of negitive people out there saying this is just a bunch of lazy good for nothings that want everything handed to them.
    Yes there are lazy good for nothings that do want everything handed to them. Just as there are racists in the tea party.
    That doesnt discredit the message.
    I dont mind working hard for what I have….as long as I can keep what I have.
    You shouldnt have to work your whole damned life to pay for a house, just so when you retire and cant afford the tax they put on you and come take it just because your old and cant work.
    You shouldnt have to work your whole life, be taxed to death just so they can make war and enrich themselves on your dime.
    You shouldnt have to work your whole life, pay into SS jsut to depend on government to decide if you should get a C.O.L.A. or not, mean while they give themselves a 17% raise.
    You shouldnt have your life sucked from you in the form of taxes and have said life wasted by people that dont give a rats ass about you or your needs. I should be able to decide what to waste my life on.
    Theres a reason America exists. It exists because people got sick of being taxed to death and treated badly by a government.
    We got no where to move to people! This is it, all or nothing!
    So, all you 1%”ers that put me down, call me lazy? Take your trash down the road.
    All you 99%’ers that havent figured out that you are the 99%, get your heads out of the sand or your ass and do something for your country other that putting down those that are trying!
    Corruption: A disease that spares no one.

  9. I like how it makes the important parts more prominent. I used to go to for the blog, but it’s better with all the information links for newcomers. I just changed my bookmark to
    I hope going into the near future, the most prominent features on the front page will be educational things. Marijuana legalization is gaining popularity, and when people come to they need to immediately see why weed should be legal.

  10. New site looks nice. . . but lags all to hell. Noticed the new site, wasn’t even gonna read the article. . . but the lag forced my hand.

  11. Phew, making a new website is a huge job, especially when you have so many critical threads of information. It appears that your new site was created by attorneys for legal issues. Certainly, this is a key component of the cannabis story.
    What concerns me after my first waltz through your new pages, is I couldn’t find the fantastic list of diseases it moderates along with the supporting documentation. That’s a dissapointment. As a health-care provider, I sent lots of folks to your site for that information. I also bragged about it at countless professional meetings, in the hope that other clinicians and patients would avail themselves of the data. If I can’t find it, I can’t get others there. Would you please consider making a shift so this is more readily available? Thank you.
    [Paul Armentano responds: This information appears here: It is linkable from many prominent places, particularly from the front page banner link, ‘About Marijuana, Medical Use.’ It’s also prominent under the category ‘Library, Health Reports.’]

  12. Could really use your help getting medical Canibis legalized in Illinois, one of the most backwards, prihibitionists, progresive, Liberal ,Socialists States in the union.

  13. What happened to the state by state / penalties map?! That was my favorite, and most used, part of the website! Geeeeez.
    [Paul Armentano responds: Simply click on the front page banner, ‘State Info.’ The map is here:

  14. Nothing with weedmaps attached screams “legitimate” to me.
    [Editor’s note: WeedMaps is part of one of the few profitable and publicly traded companies that specialize in cannabis commerce:
    Also, the company and it’s staff are very supportive of NORML’s law reform efforts, making significant financial and in-kind technological donations since 2009.]

  15. Paul,
    I’m not blind, bro. No offense, but I can see where the new map is. i can read ‘state info’. I meant, what happened to the old, useful map. The one where you can see, at a glance, all the states info at once. Where you can see which states were decrim, which were medical, etc etc. This new map, you have to click twice on each individual state to get the individual information. How am i to compare states?
    It almost defeats the purpose of the map if I have to reassemble all the info into my own visual map (offline) to contrast and compare states.
    I realize times are tough, and in order to, perhaps, drive up web hits…and therefore ad revenue, you need us to click 3 times to get at one states penalties data, but what if I promise to click on 15 ads per visit? Can ya bring the old, useful map back?
    Thanks in advance.

  16. I see no reason to come to this site, without the old map.
    Sorry, but that was ‘de facto’ NORML home page for me.
    Easy, at-a-glace, comparisons of all the states, very user friendly way to look up news links for each state. Etc. Is ease of use not equal to ‘legitimate’? Anyways, without that map, frankly, I see no reason to come here. Maybe it’s just me, but I expect I’m not the only one and your numbers will prove what I’m saying.

  17. Thanks (for responding).
    It was a cool place to daydream …of moving to various places and also get info on different news blurbs from around the country. Kinda test the waters before you visit. Not that the write ups here aren’t cool, but, it says a lot that the op eds & news articles in Texas were very few and far between, and very conservative in their call for legalization / decriminalization, while in Massachusetts and elsewhere … there was more news stories on the matter. And I liked that I could find the online site of whatever conservative newspaper write up in Bug Tussle, Alabama and (at least) post a comment on their comment section.
    Also, as mentioned, at-a-glance map of all the states and what level of decrim/medical/etc.
    Anyways, *we’ll see* I guess…

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