This Week in Weed: November 6th-12th

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This week, lawyers from the NORM Legal Committee bring lawsuits against the federal government and a new study looks at how medical marijuana laws affect youth drug use.
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  1. So, I have a question for all the admins out there or really knowledgeable fellow potheads out there. I am currently enrolled in a public speaking course and for one of the speeches we need to inform people about something. I was considering talking about marijuana in this country and the waste of tax dollars put out there to try and snuff us out. Any advice on where I should start? or what I should focus on?

  2. focus on the original Constitution and how the criminalization of marijuana came to be. specify how men in power used their influence and propaganda to vilify all cannabis and continue to do so today. elaborate on all the industrial uses for energy, food, and textiles. then encourage them to consider the many medical applications the individual citizen could use medical marijuana for, at home, for pennies. then tell them the lawyers and politicians are robbing them blind and destroying mother earth to fill their own pockets while they enjoy their power trip and the common citizen goes hungry in a world that is killing itself so the military industrial complex and big oil, big pharmacy, big alcohol, big tobacco, and big food can get bigger bonuses, and buy more lawyers and politicians. All in the face of the Constitution of the United States of America, and your vote.

  3. Well, I guess the U.N. prohibitionists were NOT at the big cannabis conference in L.A. Otherwise, there would be reportage about how they are clearing the way for countries that want to legalize cannabis for adult recreational use, as well as for medicinal use.
    Sitting in Vienna, Austria, they are obviously not feeling the economic hurt enough to cause them to make the change, since they Germanic countries are doing better economically than Greece or Italy or even the U.S. I mean, the Germans are the powerhouse bailing out Greece and propping up the euro. A lot of the multinational pharmaceutical and chemical countries are owned by Germans, so Big Pharma there is in an ideal position to resist cannabis legalization.
    Unfortunately, ladies and gentlemen, the dismantling of the Eurozone will have to take place to get their attention and to get them to take action, or at least acquiesce in cannabis legalization.
    Get ready for the double dip of the recession that will have to be orchestrated in order to cause the economic climate for the European public to become in favor of legalizing cannabis for the jobs and tax revenues.
    Sorry, Germany.
    This could be avoided if the supercommittee in D.C. would recommend cannabis legalization and the U.N. would take quick action to allow the U.S. to do it without being held back by archaic international treaties based on archaic international laws based on old scientific and sociological research.
    There’s just so much misery and waste in cannabis prohibition. They need to be made to see that and take action on it.
    American exceptionalism is more than just the use of military might to achieve objectives.
    Also, I saw and listened to Gary Johnson on MSNBC this morning. Would someone please give him some coaching on English? Criteria is a plural form. Criterion is the singular. For is a preposition, so the word me is the object, and objective case is required rather than using I, such as in “for you and I” which should be “for you and me” and so forth. I make my far share of mistakes, and use such colloquialisms occasionally, too. However, I can speak correctly when I put my mind to it. I’d like to see Gary get into the polls and get into the debates. Even if he doesn’t I want him to be a better public speaker.
    The worse the economy gets, the more support for cannabis legalization increases.
    Keep running the economy into the ground.
    The only way to get the politicians to legalize cannabis to leave them no choice.
    Wishful thinking hoping they’ll do the right thing hasn’t worked.
    Supercommittee, go for American exceptionalism and recommend legalization!

  4. Kees VanBergeijk,
    I agree with disvet13, just try to not sound radical. Stay completely factual in everything you say. One issue I think makes a great argument is that medical methamphetamine is not only accessible in all 50 states, but it is mainly prescribed to minors for ADHD. I think this is a good point because nobody can honestly stand up and say that creating 8 year old meth heads is sound medical practice. To drive the point home, add that the feds are doing nothing to stop this, but are pouring a lot of bucks into stopping state approved and regulated Medical Cannabis programs.

  5. I wonder how one can sign the petition. Is there a site with a form to fill out or an email address that counts as a signature?

  6. Kees:
    There is also an interesting comparison between the drug war and the witch craze at this link that may be worth mentioning.
    you may also want to inform/remind your audience that the latest Gallup Poll shows that 50% of Americans favor legalization and look for other issues throughout our history where equal or lower numbers achieved desired results.

  7. This is for Kees. In 1961, the U.S. Departmen of Justice told the U.N. at the Single Convention that drugs would be illegal world wide. Today, because of the American cops and judges (cause and effect), 50% of all dead and wounded U.S. soldiers fighting the war on terror and in Iraq die because of what drug money can buy, such as bombs and bullets and the food and clothing the enemy wears and the gas they use to ride around in etc. This means any cop who arrests anyone for drugs or any judge who senences one for drugs, is breaking the law and its called treason. Osama Bin Laden loved American cops as much as he loved his country and religion since the cops made sure to keep drugs illegal so 80% of 9/11 could be done with drug money and the 50% of our war dead and wounded. There is no law allowing cops to arrest one for drugs in America during a time of war, when the act of ‘illegal drugs’ and the enforcment of it creates drug money for terrorism etc. In short because of 9/11 and our two war fronts: its illegal for a cop or judge to arrest or sentence or charge or jail a drug offender. If I’m wrong, then 9/11 and the two war fronts were big jokes and were not real.

  8. I am 70 years old and hooked on BIG PHARMA for my maladies that pot would take care of. I know for a fact that it would. I will not go into the maladies I am being treated for but I will tell you all that pot will never be legal state wide because keeping it illegal brings in too much money and the government cannot take the hit! THAT IS THE ONLY REASON!

  9. Why doesn’t NORML and the DPA sue the feds for outright legalization?
    [Editor’s note: Been there, done that. The federal judiciary, notably the appeals and US Supreme Court, are totally deferential to the will and intent of Congress’ Controlled Substance Act (CSA).
    The federal courts, including two trips to SCOTUS in 2002 and 2005, don’t even have the moxie to rule in favor of outright medical access to cannabis for sick, dying and sense threatened patients who possess a physician’s recommendation.
    If past is prologue, federal courts are not going to end Cannabis Prohibition.
    The only effective way to end Cannabis Prohibition–beyond states creating de facto legalization (or non enforcement)–is for Congress to substantively alter what it created it 1937 and re-affirmed in 1970 with the CSA.]

  10. There are so many viable topic points on legalization and regulation that there will never be a resolution for it.
    $hakesphere wrote, “I doth think he protesteth too much!” as to say, legalization would require bold and fearless determination to stand in the path, our version of Tiennemen Square, as we get mowed down by the tanks driven by wheels of oppression.
    What can we expect from our government? They pay off banks who decieved TOO MANY HARD WORKING PEOPLE out of their piece of the emerican dream. And besides we killed the biggest dope man in the world! They didnt give a speedy and public trial to Osama, like we gave to every other war profitier or warlord. Slobadan Milosevich, Saddam Hussein, Nazi officers who were just doing what they were commanded to by their SS. At age 75, put up on trial, to hear the facts of why their actions lead to genocide after genocide, but not Osama. They merc’d him before he got a trial.
    Im just sayin that government will be there no matter whos president or whos senate majority whip. The same cocamamie people, who passed and then legislated, out to the finest point every detail, to corral anyone who doesnt “think” the same as my grandpas generation which brought us many of our generations leaders to shackles, in the same boat as any other felon. Not like the oxycontin fiend who can still purchase guns to rob me of all my hardworked possessions to keep on poppin pills, while i cant get a .22 pistol to defend my home and family, why should I be restricted of my 2nd amendment right to be a well armed militia of 1 protecting my family from these oxypimplepads! Rx means Rx right? oxys can still get DOJ approval for ASSAULT RIFLES AND WEAPONS OF EXPLOSIVE DAMAGE. EVEN AFTER POLICE INTERRACTION. NOT SO FOR ME THOUGH. I have LEGITIMATE REASON TO CONSUME CANNABIS, even get prescribed “skittles” 80 mg and I watched my mother, God-bless her heart, pop her painpill and become the lump laying in bed,all day till she finally died 62 years young. I never cried in my life ever, till the day my mother fou

  11. I would explain first now that the people of the State of California voted yes to medical, use. If we all do not stand and unite together and demand that all county and cities,
    Rural areas. protected from the abuse every county is causing. I believe the state, county and cities have No Respect for our Rights. I believe this is our own faults because they intimidate us. Even in the Courts in Riverside county and Butte County is even worse.. these people in government have got it wrong this is not IRAQ and WE THE PEOPLE are not stupid or below yourselves if the bill was legal to be put on the ballet .the enforcing it is what we demand . OH and can someone help me understand something. How can the police allow a dispensary to even open the door if it is not legal .they aren’t very smart and when the feds to get involved I think there is going to be a whole lot of county cops and code enforcement officials in jail because when the feds get all the records on the amount of money being paid to the county via code enforcement,I kind of feel sorry for code enforcement ,I don’t really think they understand what the cops are putting them in the middle of . There is no county or State allowed to P Participate criminal activity in any manner. Well officials II hope you all like jail .because when we all band together and demand the arrest of every single one of you for Conspiracy to commit a crime. This is not how it is the county nor can code enforcement collect 1000 a day in fines and then allow you to continue to commit the crime. Also you can not collect taxes on illegal money. Hello it is called Government Money Laundry a FELONY.

  12. if the Federal Government knew the location of God, I’m sure they would try to arrest him and charge him with contributing with the delinquency of minors world wide. They would put him in solitary confinement and give him a number and take away his name. They would have a phony trial and not allow science or anything to deter them from punishing him. They would accuse him of putting a plant that they do not like on our Planet. Then one day the Politicians dies, opps… I forgot I was not supposed to remind them that one day they will be in God’s courtroom and He will use every word that has ever come of of their hipocritical mouths as evidence against them. He will also use all the science that we have known for years against them.

  13. Politicians, You make it so hard for us to love you…..Politicians, you make it so easy for us to hate you…. Politicians you make it so hard to forgive you…… Politicians, do you know that I am sick and hungry and looking for a job, and you make it so hard for me to survive on this Planet.
    Politicians, I beg you to stop punishing me for smoking Marijuanna to ease my poor tired and eventually dying body from it’s pain. Politicians, Please take a stand for your eternal benefits are dependent on who you know and what you know. Save yourselves and me also, before it is too late. I am Lazarus and you are the Rich man. Be well.

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