DEA raids Washington marijuana dispensaries in cities that set marijuana as lowest enforcement priority.

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Multiple news outlets are reporting DEA and local officials raiding over a dozen dispensaries in the Seattle-area counties of King, Thurston, and Pierce in Washington State.
The Olympian reports:

The Thurston County Narcotics Task Force served search warrants at five medicinal marijuana dispensaries Tuesday morning and shut them down, according to a police spokesman.

The News-Tribune reports:

Five dispensaries were targeted in Thurston County and five in Pierce County, law enforcement officials reported. So far, no arrests have been reported from the searches in Pierce and Thurston counties.
The warrants targeted locations that are suspected of not complying with state law on medical marijuana, Pierce County sheriff’s spokesman Ed Troyer said.
“The places we hit are not compliant with state law so we initiated enforcement,” he said. “There are facilities and people that are in compliance with the law that we did not hit.”

KOMO reports:

Medical marijuana activist group ‘Sensible Washington’ tells KOMO News searches have been conducted so far at Seattle Cannabis Co-op, Game Collective, Tacoma Cross, Lacey Cross and Seattle Cross among others.
KOMO News asked DEA spokeswoman Jodie Underwood if agents were serving search warrants on dispensaries in other counties as well and she acknowledged agents were serving several search warrants locally.

Remember, these raids are taking place in Tacoma, which just had an election last week on this very issue of marijuana law enforcement:

(Seattle Times) Tacoma voters easily passed citywide ballot Initiative No. 1 — the measure seeking to make “marijuana or cannabis offenses … the lowest enforcement priority” of the city.
After Tuesday night’s count, 65 percent of voters favored the measure, while 35 percent cast no votes.

And Seattle, which had made marijuana law enforcement its cops’ lowest priority in 2003 by a 58% vote:

(Seattle P-I) Since Seattle voters famously made the Emerald City a bit greener by mandating that cops mellow out when it comes to marijuana possession busts, a funny thing has happened.
Nothing. Nada. Nil. No crazy hopheads running amok with “reefer madness.” No groundswell of support to legalize the drug (at least no more than usual), and no discernible protest by law enforcement that a pro-drug message effectively has been sent — or received.
“I’d say it’s had little to no effect,” said [former] City Attorney Tom Carr, an outspoken opponent of Initiative 75, the 2003 ballot measure that directed Seattle police to make low-level pot busts their lowest priority. “And that’s good. It hasn’t been a problem. You can tell by the numbers.”

Seattle is so accepting of marijuana that the new city attorney, Pete Holmes, won’t even prosecute you for personal possession and believes marijuana should be legalized, as does the mayor, Mike McGinn.  Even the Seattle City Council is unanimous in their support for medical marijuana dispensaries.

The people of Washington State don’t seem to have as much problem with marijuana as the people of Washington, D.C.

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  1. Understand this – total legalization stands at 50% [that’s 50/50]. Medical legalization stands at 70%. The two are working hand in hand to bring about our demands. To those who choose to separate the two – can the body live without the head and vice versa. We are now the majority – MAJORITY. But here’s the deal – “Who in their right fuckin’ mind would oppose 70% of the people’s will – that’s total insanity.” So – there’s a fly in the ointment – and – the answer lies in our vote in October of 2012. Now go do your duty as an American and vote these flies out of office.

  2. It is not enough for local enforcement to stop co-operating with DEA. Work to pass a law similar to the healthcare law in New Hampshire. If federal agents enter the state and attempt to prosecute state citizens. The federal agents should be arrested and charged like any other ordinary human being who attempted to interfere with a legal enterprise.

  3. Local enforcement needs to stop prevent co-operating with the DEA. Try to pass a law like the health care law in CO. If federal agents go into the collectives and try to prosecute medical marijuana patients The police (protect and serve the people)should help to stop them.
    The government agents ought to be arrested and billed like every other regular individual who tried to hinder a legitimate enterprise. Keep this shit up at your own peril I will now collect canabis seeds/a> and grow my own!

  4. Just read of further aggression in the state of Washington. Let us not neglect to thank Bambi’s and Bush’s head witness coach for trampling a most modest exercise of personal freedom. Thanks for nothing! Thanks for nullifying years of pounding pavements at the crack of dawn, by this hack appointee!

  5. The DEA is, has always, and always will violate the Constitution. Why? Because no one will stop them. They are trampling on state sovereignty – but then – that’s their objective. But – no one will stop them.

  6. I sure am getting tired of these DEA/FED stories! The Revolution is here folks! It’s now or never! Stand up and make sure your voice is heard. And please contribute to Norml and!

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